Blinksale Giveaway Results

Last week, Blinksale, an invoicing and payment-tracking web app, offered up six Silver plans for one year.

The winners of the Blinksale Silver plans are:

This was published on Nov 21, 2010


Love the SQL query, would be cool if you could do an article of random, but cool and useful SQL query for the web.

Jacob Gube Nov 21 2010

@Luke: That sounds interesting; perhaps we can focus it on WordPress-specific MySQL queries. If you wanted to learn more about the query above, though, I’ve written about it on this giveaway post announcement a while back.

Ahmed Bolica Nov 22 2010

good luck to all and sixrevisions =))


Gabriele Enoch Nov 26 2010

Many thanks :)))

Swoppers Dec 02 2010

Congratulations to the winners … I’ll make it a point to join next contest … thanks for sharing and for the sponsors of this contest :)

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