DesignContest’s Amazon Kindle 3G Giveaway Results

DesignContest teamed up with Six Revisions to provide five people with Amazon Kindle 3Gs. Over 300 people participated!

Here are the winners of the sponsored giveaway:

This was published on Mar 5, 2011


Eric J. Gruber Mar 05 2011

I love that you put the sql query showing how you got the results. Top notch.

Taimur Asghar Mar 06 2011

Congo Winners :)

Jacob Gube Mar 06 2011

@Eric J. Gruber: Thanks! Feel free to use it (it’s for WordPress) for selecting comments at random from a certain post.

Fero Volar Mar 07 2011


FitnessKit Mar 07 2011

Too bad I missed it !

Rakesh Kumar Mar 08 2011

Although i was not in race but I heartily wish to all winners for this achievement. Congratulation.

Wow. I got my Kindle shipped yesterday. Shipment in 3 days to India with no hassle. Thanks Guys!!

Jacob Gube Mar 08 2011

@rizi: Glad it got there safely, your Kindle traveled the longest distance. :)

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