Are You a True Photoshopper? Take This Quiz!

SnackTools, a suite of rich internet applications for creating web content, has a Facebook quiz that tests your knowledge of Photoshop. By taking the quiz, you could be awarded with licenses for up to 10 months depending on how well you score!

This was published on Mar 18, 2010


Duuude Mar 18 2010

I’d like to take the quiz, but I do not have a Facebook-Account, also I don’t want one.

I’d prefer if it were for everybody, not just everybody at Facebook …

got 7 answers right, I’m a goodish photoshoper.

Another quality and informative post. I agree with your views completely

twe4ked Mar 18 2010

“As you answered 8 out of 10 questions right in the “Are you a true photoshopper?” quiz, you won a BannerSnack license for 8 months.”

Nice, thanks Jacob :)

Jacob Gube Mar 18 2010

@Duuude: Good point, we’ll take that into consideration next time.

@paul and @twe4ked: I haven’t taken the quiz yet, I’m afraid I’ll score low. I’ll post my score here after I take it.

Jordan Walker Mar 18 2010

I am merely effective with Photoshop, nothing extraordinary.

John G Mar 18 2010

Hmm, I only scored a 6 out of ten. Some of those questions like “what’s the simplest way to…” are relative to the person.

What’s simple for me may not be the most simple way for someone else and vice versa. Especially when there’s myriad ways to accomplish the same task.

Oh well, still not a bad idea to get people over to the site. I never heard of them until now.

julio Mar 18 2010

just won one oo yea :)

I’m afraid I’m in agreement with Duuude. I am among those who do not want a facebook account for very good reason, and this just cuts us right out.

Not Cool.

Duuude Mar 18 2010

Thanks Jacob!

Andrew Mar 18 2010

I’ve only ever seen it spelled “photoshopper” with 2 P’s in “shopper”

Jacob Gube Mar 18 2010

@John G: All of your feedback is valuable to us so keep them coming. I agree with you though, I’ve found that in Photoshop there’s a million ways to skin a cat. I always read techniques that I personally would find more difficult to do versus my own method, so there’s a lot of aspects in Photoshop (or any software, for that matter) that is relative to an individual’s style and workflow.

@julio: Well done!

@Cam: I understand completely where you’re coming from. This quiz does have a prerequisite of having a Facebook account. We’ll keep this in mind for any future giveaways such as this.

@Andrew: In my opinion, it could be Photoshoper, Photoshopper, Photoshop’er, or Photoshop-er. It’s tricky since there really isn’t an official term to describe “a person who uses Photoshop”. I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts/opinions on this, out of curiosity.

Shop -> shopper
Photoshop -> photoshopper

makes sense

Young Mar 18 2010

Aww, I got 6 right but two of them I confused myself, like the sponge question…

Jacob, the general rules would support Photoshopper with two P’s. Because the O before the last P has a short vowel sound (as opposed to the long O, “ou”), you double the consonant after… or at least that’s what I’ve been told in Korean schools before I came to America and stopped giving a hoot about what the grammar Nazis say ;)

Jacob Gube Mar 18 2010

@paul and @Young: Good explanation. I was on the fence with this one. I’ll update the title of this post and the graphic by tonight.

Adoniram Mar 18 2010

I disagree with one of the “correct” answers, though I don’t how large the set of questions is or if they’re randomized, so I won’t give it away. But “fundamental” should mean “highest order”. If it weren’t for that, I’d have net a perfect score. Drats.

Seven Grey Mar 18 2010

I believe Photoshopper should be spelled with two letter ‘P’s rather than one. Other than that, I very much enjoy your posts.

Hey, I got 9 out of 10, but I think its because I guessed really good on a couple

DaftViking Mar 18 2010

@Jacob: I haven’t used Photoshop for 3 years (don’t do enough graphics to justify the the price tag, Gimp works “good enough” for my purposes), haven’t used half the features mentioned in the quiz, and I still managed to score a 7/10. Don’t be afraid of the quiz. :-)

7/10 Goodish photoshopper.

Not bad for a self-taught highschooler. Haha. I’m looking forward to playing with bannersnack. Thanks.

Mike Brady Mar 18 2010

Sweet, got 6 right! That’s better than I thought I was going to do. =] Thanks for posting this!

Jacob Gube Mar 18 2010

@Adoniram: Still, 9/10 is very good. Great job!

@Seven Grey and others: I’ve updated the title and the graphic of this post.

@Lonn: Nice!

@DaftViking: I’ll take it today, thanks for the encouragement!

@Sara: Good job, keep up the great work, and enjoy your prize!

@Mike Brady: You’re welcome!

Lost 1 point in a very basic question though i know the answer. :-(

Lost just 1 point in a basic question :-(

Greg Babula Mar 18 2010

That HDR question seems a bit out of place, none the less this was definitely the best quiz I’ve taken on FaceBook

I don’t like the fact that when you get to the store front you have to sign in with your details or facebook then – rather than just giving you the licence, you’re signed up to be billed for the next full payment automatically when it expires – this is a really intrusive give-away.

Devin Mar 18 2010

I got 7/10. I actually learned a few things from the ones I missed though.

Raul Popa Mar 19 2010

@Kat, there are no credit card data or any payment information registered to login so there is no possible automatically full payment happening. At ( you need the login information to be able to use the apps, to create banner ads, photo slideshows or audio playlists (so far), that’s just the way the apps works, …especially when you are a premium user. This quiz was NOT meant to be intrusive or to make money out of an automated billing.

We (SnackTools) give the licenses in accordance with your photoshop skills, since we believe that one of our most important target audience is photoshop users/designers that lack the ability to make flash banners in Adobe Flash, but with a little bit of Photoshop and BannerSnack they can achieve professional results. Take the license just like a gift, a reward for your proven photoshop skills, that’s pretty much it.

You can use those gift points in PodSnack, just launched yesterday in beta phase (

Alin Dogar Mar 19 2010

@Kat – We do not bill our customers automatically. We do not keep the payment information on our servers. The entire payment process takes place on Google Checkout, Pay Pal or Amazon. We ask you to sign in with your details for two reasons:
1. On Facebook because we need to know the e-mail address where to send the coupon
2. On SnackTools because we have to “attach” those points to one account in order to use them.

Alin Dogar Mar 19 2010

@Kat – We don’t even ask/force those who take the quiz to become fans of our page on Facebook. We really tried to give something away and not constrain people to become fans or praise us.

Photoshoper or Photoshopper that is the question!?
About to take the quiz but is KAT correct about the billing for full payment when it expires? That kind of cheekiness I don’t need…
I’m happy knowing I’m pretty good in Photoshop without getting ripped off.

Jacob Gube Mar 19 2010

@Kat: No, they don’t ask for credit card data. You don’t even have to create an account, you just sign in through their system using Facebook Connect.

@rory: No, it’s not. I’ll see if Kat comes back and can provide more explanation. You don’t even need to create a SnackTools account – you can just sign in using Facebook Connect. They’re that unobtrusive and respectful of your data.

Jacob Gube Mar 19 2010

Could people who have claimed the prize vouch for how easy it is to claim your prize to allay concerns that @kat has? As I know it, you take the quiz, you get an email, you go to the URL, you sign in (you can use the Facebook connect button which authenticates you through Facebook), and you’re done.

Raul Popa Mar 19 2010

that’s exactly how it happens, you don’t need a snacktools account nor any credit card/payment information

Jacob Gube Mar 19 2010

As promised, I’d post my score after I took the quiz. It looks like it’s time for me to brush up on Photoshop! I scored 8/10 – “Impressive Photoshopper”.

Tomas Mar 19 2010

I’m 7/10 Goodish photoshopper. Thank you Jacob.

Mike Brady Mar 19 2010

Yep, all you need to sign up for a SnackTools account is your email address and a password. They never asked for any other personal information.

9/10, apparently I’m a brilliant photoshopper.

app103 Mar 20 2010

I got 3/10 which I think is pretty good, considering I have never used Photoshop.

edMaga Mar 20 2010

9 out of 10 =( and I knew the one I failed lol

Mustafa Mar 20 2010

i won 5 months license…. yipppeeeeeeee!!!

marianney Mar 20 2010

hmm….by Q7 i had gotten one wrong and then it just crashed, didn’t tell me the correct answer and then told me the quiz was over and i only got 4 right. what? i didn’t even finish the quiz! and how did i only get 4 when i at least got 5 right before it crashed?? that kind of sucks, i really wanted to see how good of a photoshopper i am. :/

Lee Fuller Mar 21 2010

Can’t believe I only got 5… I knew them all as well, just clicked the wrong one before realising what the right answer was… ee-well still got a 6 month license. Cheers Six Revisions!

Frederico Gonzalez Mar 22 2010

WTF?!!! My browser was all messed up because of my internet probably. It kept on refreshing and the ajax thing kept spinning. I couldn’t even answer number 1. So I refreshed and now I can’t retake it

IT Freak Mar 22 2010

I agree with Duuude here. I want to take this quiz, but I don’t want it to be associated with Facebook or whatever.

Chris Mar 22 2010

I feel kinda chuffed that I just got a full score!
Though admittedly I didn’t get any questions that could have ambiguous answers, so kinda lucky there!
In any event, thanks :3

Jacob Gube Mar 22 2010

@Mike Brady: Thanks for verifying. I took it and that was the process I was given, so I’m not sure how @Kat experienced a different process. I wasn’t asked for credit card information, nor did I even have to create a SnackTools account (they use Facebook Connect for authentication, which is super awesome if you’re on Facebook already).

@John: Brilliant!

@app103: That’s not a bad score considering you’ve never used Photoshop before.

@edMaga: Wow! That’s better than my score. The level of difficulty makes a 9/10 a great score. I wouldn’t be bothered missing one (especially since you knew that you had missed a question).

@Mustafa: Congratulations!

@marianney and @Frederico Gonzalez: Could you email me (see the contact page for my info.)? I’ll contact the SnackTools team to see what happened. What browsers were you using?

@IT Freak: Understandable. I got a Facebook account as part of private beta (when it was still called “”), but I’ve considered closing my account several times since then. However, it seems that nowadays, you *have* to use it.

@Chris: Great job! 10/10 is a great accomplishment, I’ve been using Photoshop for over 10 years and I still only got 8/10.

Nice quiz. Thanks scored 5 out of 10 :( bad for me. But was fun.

Trigger Mar 30 2010


As you answered 8 out of 10 questions right in the “Are you a true photoshopper?” quiz, you won a BannerSnack license for 8 months.

Now, what in the world is this BannerShack? :D

7/10, not bad, goodish photoshoper

Cool, Definitely going to taker the test.

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