Giveaway: Banner Snack Licenses and FlashMint WP Themes

BannerSnack and FlashMint has sponsored this giveaway.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment with your desire to win one of the 10 prizes.

This giveaway ends on June 15, 2009 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jun 8, 2009


3mind Jun 08 2009


wordpress theme ftw.

Justin Jun 08 2009

Definitely interested in the WordPress Themes! BannerSnack may be a nice addition. I need some themes to help me get started with WordPress (I’ve been procrastinating).

Davide Jun 08 2009

I’d really like to win

Julian Jun 08 2009

i would love to win this theme
great giveaway :)

I’d love to win! :-)

Eric Granata Jun 08 2009

I desire to win.

Steve Robillard Jun 08 2009

I would love to win one of these prizes, but better yet I would love to see an article on how you get the sponsors and manage these contests.

Adrian Lee Jun 08 2009

Winning a Premium License from BannerSnack would be outta this world! :)

Jacob Gube Jun 08 2009

[cdisqual] Don’t worry about that text to the left, it’s so I can disqualify this comment from the selection of winners. But to answer @Steve Robillard: How do I get sponsors? They just send me a note about their interest. I normally don’t actively look for sponsors anymore like I used to; but when opportunities present itself, such as a company sending me a press release about a product I think you guys will like – I send them an email back asking them to see if they’d like to sponsor a giveaway. How do I manage it? I’d have to say that administration and moderation is tough in weeks where there’s a contest going on. A LOT tougher. But you guys/gals are worth the added burden and if that’s what it takes to post freebies so that a few of you can win it, that’s a small price to pay.

Nicolae Vartolomei Jun 08 2009

Ok? Ok! :P

Hirvesh Jun 08 2009

Definitely would like to win one of the themes. Great Giveaway!!!

I’m still looking for a decent theme for my photoblog and can’t find any. Maybe I could find it in flashmint.. A want, definitely.

Combicart Jun 08 2009

I would love to have a Premium license from BannerSnack to create stunning Flash banners!

Chris Jun 08 2009

I want to win, too.
Can’t decide, WP-Themes looking good but the banner-generator looks also really interesting.

Yep, count me in. I desire strongly to win.

Shawn Jun 08 2009

I would be so thrilled to win!

I’d love to win!!!

Rafie Jun 08 2009

I’m in :) It’s good to test the theme with the WP 2.8 :)

I am commenting because I like free stuff.

Robert Marton Jun 08 2009

Great prizes! Who wouldn’t want one ;)? Hope I win :)

Philipp Schmitt Jun 08 2009

I’d love to win a theme…

WebUnicorn Jun 08 2009

i want a wordpress theme
thank you

I would love to win the bannersnack premium license

Roseli A. Bakar Jun 08 2009


I hope to win one of the Flashmint’s wordpress theme for my NEW blog.

Bob Dunn Jun 08 2009

Would love to win a theme for a pro bono project I have coming up for a children’s mentoring nonprofit.

Ashfame Jun 08 2009

Count my desire too :)

Pranav Shirodkar Jun 08 2009

Hi there! Great event you got going on here.. I’ve never won anything before in my life.. :P Like such events i mean, I hope i do..


Russell Jun 08 2009

I’d like to get one!!! :)

Anji Mayfield Jun 08 2009

BannerSnack, FlashMint and Sixrevisions..oh my!

Rishi Luchun Jun 08 2009

I want :)

Michael Schmidt Jun 08 2009

BannerSnack yum – want it, want it!

Martin Jun 08 2009

I’m definitely up for this.

reuben Jun 08 2009

love to win!

your desire to win one of the 10 prizes

Charlie P Jun 08 2009

I am trying to learn as much as possible to get my first website up. One of these prizes could really help put me a few steps ahead. Hopefully, a theme that can be customized for my needs. As always, thx for the info and giveaway.

I’d love to win a WordPress theme :D

lonnie Jun 08 2009

I’d prefer a WordPress theme!

song’s goood of cours I will win, I alwais love winnig!

Black Sand Jun 08 2009

I think it is time to win !!

Chad Martin Jun 08 2009

Count me in!

Martin Schmidt Jun 08 2009

I’d like to win this giveaway.

Rommel Miraflores Jun 08 2009

*I* have the desire to win one of the ten prizes… A cool WordPress Theme from FreshMint would be sweeeeeeet!

Always like to win something like this

i just want to win^^

cool! I want one!

gagahput3ra Jun 08 2009

Whoa, i really want the wordpress theme collection…..have joined maybe hundreds of contest to win those but never win any of it :(

Definitely interested.

Bruce Jun 08 2009

I’d like to win those great WP themes !

kathi Jun 08 2009

I’d love to win… well, anything!… with a slight preference for one of those very nice FlashMint WP themes :)

Brian Cassidy Jun 08 2009

I’d like to win… hopefully your random winner picker agrees with me…

Andrew Jun 08 2009

I desire to win!

Jeff Jorgensen Jun 08 2009

Thanks for sponsoring the contest. Count me in.

Would love to win one of the wordpress themes.

Chris Jun 08 2009

I want one…I want one!

spydeeyk Jun 08 2009

the Tech news flash wordpress theme look great!, i loved it.. let me know if i’m lucky.. :D

Benjamin M. Strozykowski Jun 08 2009

This seems like a pretty awesome contest.

Stevo Jun 08 2009

Nice giveaway – I’d love a subscription to get free, funky flash banners!

Jônatan Fróes Jun 08 2009

I’d like to win a WP theme.

Thanks Jacob

I would be happy to receive the gift

Rohit Arondekar Jun 08 2009

I want the Tech News Flash wordpress theme. Simply awesome!

Vikram V-H Jun 08 2009

No, no, I don’t really want to win any of this stuff. Nice of you to offer though. aha. :]

Frank Warren Jun 08 2009

I have several blogs that I am working on and trying to incorporate some nice features and graphics to them. BannerSnack has a good looking interface that looks like it is easy to use and takes very little effort and time to come up with top-notch banners, and has some templates that look phenomenal. I really would love to win either of these, or both! They would do any website or blog wonders as far as I appeal and usability.

Kaiserlino Jun 08 2009

Would love the theme collection :D

Cool, I’m putting my name in

Sam H Jun 08 2009

Both would be fantastic prizes!
Excellent giveaway, good job


Natalie Teinert Jun 08 2009

I would love to win one of these! So great! Thanks for the offer!

Shaan Bhagat Jun 08 2009

Shaan FTW!

wyeko01 Jun 08 2009
oh. i really want this theme for my new graphic design blog project

David Jun 08 2009

I would like to win something like this !

Want to participate too.

Mirza Jun 08 2009

bannersnack look really cool…

Ankur Mittal Jun 08 2009

Count me in and all the best to everyone

I’d definitely be interested in the Flash components (and templates) from Flashmint. I love these contests!

Kelsey C Jun 08 2009

Me me!! What an awesome contest =)

Courtney Jun 08 2009

Would love to win one of the wordpress themes, but the banner creater looks really cool too.

Jennie Jun 08 2009

Would love to win one of the WordPress themes OR the banner creator! :)

WEBBOgrafico Jun 08 2009

I really like to win a bannersnack premium license… trying hard to win this in every giveaway on the net!!!

Kevin M. Jun 08 2009

Ooooooooh pick me :)

I’m in! ;)

BannerSnack – I gotta have it.

Pedantic Webspaces Jun 08 2009

Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

Tara Deschenes Jun 08 2009

I would love a chance to win!

Kim W. Jun 08 2009

Ooo! Me me me!

I would love to one a theme, looks amazing!

Brandon Jun 08 2009

Put me in for the contest.

Patricia Reiser Jun 08 2009

Well this looks like an awesome give-a-way. These are soom definite “must haves” for me since I love to post to my wordpress blog. And having tools like this would help me customize my blogs and hopefully set me apart from all the cookie cutter designs.

Wishing you a scent-sational day!
Patty Reiser

Geoff in 1970 Jun 08 2009

Wow, look at all these comments. would love to drive home one of the WordPress themes.

a_usman Jun 08 2009

that is really cool offer and I surely want these wordpress themes.

Nic Brownlee Jun 08 2009

Me Me Me Me Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease !

simselmann Jun 08 2009

I find winning by posting very lame! Please make it more interesting next time!

AlmightyJ Jun 08 2009

I like BannerSnack, I like WordPress themes, and I like winning.

Metin Ucar Jun 08 2009

OMG! I’d be wonderful if I’m the winner. Because I urgently need an premium wordpress theme.

T-Law Jun 08 2009

I would love to win a Premium license from BannerSnack to create Flash banners! Thanks for this great giveaway.

thehig Jun 08 2009

woo. I want to WIN! :)

Frank Groeneveld Jun 08 2009

I hope I win!

Cyrill D. Jun 08 2009

I’d like to win those WordPress themes! :)

Roberto Jun 08 2009

Me want prize :)

Paul Radich Jun 08 2009

Great contest! Count me in.

Stephen bateman Jun 08 2009

K if you look at my website friends, you’ll realize that someone really NEEDS a new WP-Theme.

me wanty!

galeski Jun 08 2009

Count on me :) for a wordpress theme

Floyd B Jun 08 2009

Would be a nice way to present my art, seeing as I’m not too handy with WordPress themes and I still want to look distinguished from others, but just too busy with work to be able to study / learn these techniques.

This comment signifies my desire to win. ;)

James Jun 08 2009

Glory, glory, BannerSnack!

Cory Owens Jun 08 2009

Mr. Gube,

I would like to enter myself into the contest here with my first ever comment on your site. Seeing as there are nearly 100 entrants already, my chances are not very good, but they are better than the lottery (or even a slot machine).

If this is a matter of random selection, then we will see how I fare. If it is a matter of merit, I remind you that all my stars are belong to you.

Cory Owens

Ready to win ;)

Dominique Jun 08 2009

I would certainly like a wordpress theme. My site is in need of a revamp.

zeemiDesign Jun 08 2009

Wanna have!

Caren Jun 08 2009

Hooray for free WordPress Themes. I’d love one. I agree that winning by posting should be more difficult next time.

Cory Smith Jun 08 2009

I would LOVE to win! :)

windhamr Jun 08 2009

Great stuff. Would love to win.

Adrian Jun 08 2009

i would like to win

Chris Jun 08 2009

I would love to win!

I really need the banner application for all the banner ads that i’ll do..

Matthew Jun 08 2009

Thanks for the chance @ winning.

Awesome contest. I’m hoping to win.

Noel Nuguid Jun 08 2009

Sure would love to be the one of the lucky netizens to get hold of these prices!

Matt S Jun 08 2009

Awesome comp, I’d love to win the BannerSnack prize as it would save a stack of time (judging by what I read) otherwise spent in Flash. Thanks to you and the sponsors offering such generous prizes.

komang Jun 08 2009

give me wordpress theme 2379 will be nice

Richard Fleming Jun 08 2009

I am a sucker for beautiful WordPress themes…

. Randomly pick me please :)

Maddy Jun 08 2009

I’m interested! I’d love to try BannerSnack.

Javier Rivero Jun 08 2009

I desire to win a banner!

Michelle Jun 08 2009

I have an idea brewing in my head and either prize would come in very handy to get me started. Thanks, please count me in!

I’d love to win this one!

Mathan Vibranarayanan Jun 08 2009

Hello there,

happy to participate, its great pleasure for me to surf through websites like flashmint, bannersnack and still more… it just kills my time and of course makes me more enthusiastic when getting more ideas… i wish to be one among the winner…
wishing all the participants…

Good Day
Mathan Vibranarayanan

Robert Jun 08 2009

Of course I’d like to win a prize :).

tommysay Jun 08 2009

I want a wordpress theme ,can i ??

may I win???

Paul Datta Jun 09 2009

I’m helping lead my organization down the open source road and a corporate theme would definitely be useful. Saves me the trouble of building one myself and then watching it go through a somewhat painful review process (after which Ive forgotten what I built). :)

Gimme Gimme Gimme! =)

Paul rostorp Jun 09 2009

i would like to win this template:


Garcya Jun 09 2009

So many comments, but I know I’m lucky so… count me in :p

Jason Pang Jun 09 2009

I’d love to have the wordpress themes. I have some plans for the wordpress themes. :)

Winning one of these would be rad. Thanks for another great contest.

Rene Zammit Jun 09 2009


Gunarts Jun 09 2009

I’m here to win Premium License from BannerSnack :D
I like six revisions site :))))))

Rahul Joshi Jun 09 2009

Flash Mint has a great collection of premium WP themes, so definitely need one..

Robbie dela Victoria Jun 09 2009

yea i could definitely use this on my technology blog.

Lorenzo Bondioni Jun 09 2009

I’d love to win a wordpress theme…

Peter S Jun 09 2009

Free stuff is always good!

I would love to win the FlashMint subscription, I need to get a blog organised, just beyond my skills.

Akhil Sasidharan Jun 09 2009

Yaay! I’d love to win anyday!! :-)

Twice Jun 09 2009

I like!

Count me in!

theCount Jun 09 2009

Would love the chance to get my hands on a premium WordPress Theme…

Ram Sathish S Jun 09 2009

Thanks for all the gift and rewards.. I’m obliged now to serve Web 3.0

shekhar Jun 09 2009

Please i would like to have banner snack premium license, i need it for designing Jun 09 2009

I’ll be lucky?!

I can haz?

BannerSnack is for me!

chicagoo Jun 09 2009

snack, please

I would definitely like to win one of these prizes!

sylv3rblade Jun 09 2009

Do want the wordpress theme :D

gonxalo Jun 09 2009

i would like to win the banner snack premium license

Ashley Jun 09 2009

Ooooh, I want to win,
The theme will be very useful over the holidays and the flash app is a great extra !

Genevieve Jun 09 2009

those wordpress themes rock.

Ms. Soup Jun 09 2009

I’d like to WIN!!!!!

bwilbur Jun 09 2009

I would love both, especially bannersnack

Lippe Jun 09 2009

Want! WordPress Theme! Now! :)

Rachelle Jun 09 2009

I would love to win any of these!

Moritz Feierabend Jun 09 2009

I want them all!

Richard Jun 09 2009

I have the desire to win one of the 10 prizes.

Mondo Jay Jun 09 2009

Free stuff? I like free stuff…
and like everyone else around here,
I’d love to win the wordpress theme…

PCate Jun 09 2009

Would love Bannersnack!

Patrick DeVivo Jun 09 2009

Hope I win! I’d like to give BannerSnack a try.

Here’s my desire to win.

*Shows certificate to prove desire to win*

bianchef Jun 09 2009

BannerSnack and FreshMint are two tools I like to win.

Nicole Foster Jun 09 2009

I really hope I win the WordPress Theme. I wanted to be able to choose, but I think I can work with what they choose!

Jen Duguay Jun 09 2009

Would LUV to sample a FlashMint WP Theme… make my day! :)

for the win!

Teresa Jackson Jun 09 2009

I sooooo want to win, if you happen to check out my site you will understand why.. yes, it’s that bad and I can’t design my own.

Thanks for the opportunity!

@tenaciousJk Jun 09 2009

Count me in – either would be nice!

Lindsey Jun 10 2009

Sounds extremely cool too me! *crosses fingers*

Level 23 Design Jun 10 2009

I would really love to win BannerSnack!

Sech D Jun 10 2009

I sure would like to win apremium licence from BannerSnack!

Fábio ZC Jun 10 2009

Heeey! Meee! I want bannersnack license!

Sasha Kovaliov Jun 10 2009

FTW! :)

saurabh shah Jun 10 2009

I want one to make my blog. Hope i will get the one … I also wants to see more themes even i dnt win … create some cool new thems .. thnx

Charly Jun 10 2009

Definitely worth to participate!!.

Kenneth Jun 10 2009

I want to win :)

Quayfee Jun 10 2009

I’m not proud! Either would be fantastic!

William Jun 10 2009

worth a shot at the prize!

Sherman Hu Jun 10 2009

Great contest! Thanks for offering it ;-)

As a show host ( that simplifies and demystifies tech for web marketers and business owners, it would be super to teach my audience how to create their own Flash banners using BannerSnack! Looks yummy!

As I’m constantly teaching peeps about WordPress at and, it would be awesome to open their worlds to the cool WordPress themes provided by FlashMint!

Naturally, winning these apps/themes will get props & mojo from me via my show and Twitter (@shermanhu) too ;-)


EricB Jun 10 2009

I want to win.. I want to switch to wordpress.

Martin Jun 10 2009

I would love the wordpress theme. I am currently looking for 2 themes for 2 websites I am about to launch.

Cathey East Jun 10 2009

I would LOVE to win! What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

Desire here as well

Chris Gray Jun 10 2009

I’m a 19 year old Internet entrepreneur starting my own blog: (“Because Code is Art”) and would really like a cool WordPress theme for it.

I also do websites, and the ad banner software sounds great too!

Ronald Jun 10 2009

It would be awesome to win one of Flash Mint’s high quality templates. Hope I win!

WillxD Jun 10 2009

I want to win :P

karansinh Jun 11 2009

Commenting with a burning desire to win BannerSnack, FlashMint.

Nahum Jun 11 2009

I wish i could win anything!
It would be incredible!
And my website is just void!

ChrisW Jun 11 2009

I could really use both…I hope I win

Raphaël Jun 11 2009

Would sure like to win a Premium License from BannerSnack!!
That would be so cool!!

tengkubasri Jun 12 2009

i want to be among the 5 winners.

Daniel Jun 12 2009

Well, anything would be perfect, although I’d prefer the WordPress Theme

Bojan Jun 12 2009

Only wish to participate in this, I don’t think that my comment will win but…it would be great, who knows..

Wow, that banner app sounds like the coolest thing especially since I lack decent flash skills. Awesome contest.

Jash Sayani Jun 13 2009

I would love the WordPress themes!

count me in

Stephane Jun 14 2009

I like it and I want it!

Michael Jun 14 2009

Would love to win!

metin Jun 14 2009

I’m definitely in. And thanks for the opportunity.

Patrisha Jun 15 2009

I’d love a wp theme! =D

Elliott Jun 15 2009

Thanks for competition

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