Best In-browser Development Tool?

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All you have to do is vote for your favorite in-browser web development or web design tool.

The contest ends on November 14, 2008 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Nov 7, 2008


eric wolfe Nov 07 2008

firebug by far

Feabionsu Nov 07 2008

I definitely vote Firebug! :-) And I love your blog, and have already been a long-time subscriber. My email address is dmytromuzychenko/at/gmail/dot/com. Thank you for hosting such a fantastic contest!

Frank Nov 07 2008

I’ve been a long time fan of Web Developer toolbar so that gets my vote.

chazzuka Nov 07 2008

vote for Firebug, it helps me a lot especially when debugging ajax scripting

I vote Firebug, great tool to help see some tricks of the trade for CSS.

My email is tad.ward/at/gmail/dot/com

Eddie Nov 07 2008

Firebug is king. It saves me tons of time!

mitchell Nov 07 2008

i (shamefully) have to use the IE developer’s toolbar on a daily basis for my 9-5 job. however, it is actually a very useful plugin and easily saves me hours of time a week. has all the stuff i need with few things i don’t.

milestogofromhere Nov 07 2008

On this one it is almost a tossup between Firebug and the Web Developer Toolbar. I think I will have to go with Firebug since you can expand it to use FirePHP and YSlow though in the end even though I use both of them extensively.

CreamScoop Nov 07 2008

Firebug is definitely a must for any web developer, my vote is for it :)

Jerad Hill Nov 07 2008

I am a huge fan of Firebug

Tastyfrog Nov 07 2008

Firebug is the way to go. It makes it soo much easy to debug javascript.

sharpski Nov 07 2008

Firebug. Might be a boring contest because I can’t imagine a more useful and necessary tool…

Bloodylag Nov 07 2008

Firebug should be installed on every web development machine, its practicality makes it stand out from the rest.

Firebug + YSlow is unbeatable. My productivity at work is zero without Firebug.

Vince Nov 07 2008

Another vote for Firebug, although I use the web developer bar quite a bit too.

But firebug plus firephp! WOOOOO

Firebug is essential. It breaks down the switching between Firefox and your editor of choice to a minimum.

Definitely “Web Developer” – it is lightweight and ideal for experimentation and developing sites.

Fatal Nov 07 2008

Firebug, because AJAX rulez and there is and never will be bug-free programming out there ;-)

Eric Norton Nov 07 2008

Toss in my vote for Firebug…just like practically everyone else.

Web Developer!

& the second: HTML Validator (

thecancerus Nov 07 2008

Firbug is the best webdev tool

Garrett Fidalgo Nov 07 2008

Totally Firebug all the way. I use it every day.

Enrico Nov 07 2008

Do you remember when you wrote your first javascript code at the end of the last century? Do you remember the pain when you had an error somewhere? :)

Firebug on Firefox, Web Inspector on Safari and a couple of bookmarklets: XRAY ( and Design (

Andrew Odri Nov 07 2008

I am going to go with Firebug too.

That said, the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar has some very nice, on the fly HTML, CSS and Javascript editing available…

Kevin Bondelli Nov 07 2008

I am going to have to go with Firebug here. It is great at helping isolate individual elements.

Michael Nov 07 2008

I’m not sure if it qualifies as an in-browser web development or web design tool, but my favorite tool has to be the Picnik image editor.

Phil Brangers Nov 07 2008

I often use the Web Developer toolbar not only for debugging my own sites, but for figuring out how other people do stuff. I often am surfing around and see some technique that blows me away. So I sift quickly through all the id and class info to figure out where the code is and how its done. Its also handy for quickly resizing the browser window to view sites at different resolutions so you know what others see.

Firebug is prolly a close second only because I have been using WebDev Toolbar longer and they are amazing when used together.

To a lesser development degree I have come to love Adobe Kuler for creating and finding attractive color schemes

verowhite Nov 07 2008

I would have to choose Firebug. Web Developer really close though!

Another vote for Firebug. Essential!

Marco Nov 07 2008

Firebug + Yslow :0) i love them!

Johan Forngren Nov 07 2008

firebug for sure. The editing features, javascript debuging + firephp/yslow is a killer

Davide Nov 07 2008

Firebug is the best

Steve Nov 07 2008

Firebug get’s my vote. I’m just starting out in web dev and it’s invaluable.

Dennis Nov 07 2008

Firebug FTW! :) Just love it.

Bruzli Nov 07 2008

Firebug gets my vote

Andrew Gatenby Nov 07 2008

Firebug, by an absolute mile. I couldn’t imagine being half as productive without it!

Contenders for a runner up in my eyes would be Web Developer Toolbar, HTTPFox and Colorzilla.

Rishi Luchun Nov 07 2008

oooh tough choice, I personally use Web Developer toolbar, but I can see why Firebug is favourite. so I think my vote will go with firebug. I think its going to win the vote like Obama!!

nibbo Nov 07 2008

Firebug! I do however find the web developers toolbar to be easier to use for specific tasks.

roughy Nov 07 2008

FireBug for me

Mini0n Nov 07 2008

FireBug is awesome!

zedzdead Nov 07 2008

Firebug is unbeatable, but if you ever have a need to develop for the Opera browser, take a look at Opera’s Dragonfly

Blaze Nov 07 2008

Firebug for the win!

txarly Nov 07 2008

Seems everybody’s thinking in Firebug and I agree.

Yes, firebug, yslow, web developer tool bar they are great development tools.
If it must be a real in browser tool, than I would vote for firebug.

But if we are also allowed to pick development tools that use a rendering engine of a browser, than I will vote for Dreamweaver CS4, especially the Live view function. Its runs on webkit, and allows you to use see what is happening during the development of your application.

Its basicly firebug for webkit ;)

jujudellago Nov 07 2008

Firebug by very far, I couldn’t live without it

well for me maybe its IE Tab ( Save me time to see how my web / blog looks in IE.

amrelgarhy Nov 07 2008

I vote Firebug

Jakob Buis Nov 07 2008

Firebug is the sole reason I’m using Firefox to build websites, instead of my favourite browser Opera, which I use for everything else. Nuff said :P

Steve Judd Nov 07 2008

Firebug is tops!

Felipe Nov 07 2008

Firebug of course!

Johan de Jong Nov 07 2008

Firebug (as Firefox extension) and FirebugLite (as in-site plugin).

Though, I can’t live without the Developer Toolbar, Delicious extension and the ScribeFire extension either…

Milan Nov 07 2008

Firebug is all I need right now :)

Siddharta Nov 07 2008

Another vote for Firebug ;)

Steve Nov 07 2008

Another vote for firebug, it’s extensibility with yslow and others makes it by and far the best tool.

Bram Van der Sype Nov 07 2008

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Firebug. I couldn’t live without it anymore!

Paulo Nov 07 2008

Web Developer toolbar rocks!

Erlend Nov 07 2008

Firebug, no doubt!

Razvan Pavel Nov 07 2008

firebug and webdeveloper toolbar at the same time, depends on what i have to do, sometimes i kinda write half the site in firebug

I would have to go for firebug. By far the best tool.

Firebug roxxx!

roberto Nov 07 2008

Firebug. It changed my web developer’s life.

Nasim Nov 07 2008

Firebug is definitely the king!

Firebug really helps out a lot!

Oli Kenobi Nov 07 2008

Web Developer Toolbar is the most useful.

Martin Nov 07 2008

Firebug always!
Thanks for this contest.

teraOm Nov 07 2008

Being a firefox user and an extension developer, i should probably give the edge to greasemonkey over firebug.

Though greasemonkey is a bit technical and little favoring the developers over designers, i should still say that greasemonkey is really powerful when used together with firebug.

strong vote for greaasemonkey

Marcus Neto Nov 07 2008

Firebug rulz ;-)

Steve Nov 07 2008

Firebug for sure!

Frederic Nov 07 2008

Firebug for sure! The best I ever used…

Steve B Nov 07 2008

IE developer’s toolbar is extremely useful, but Firebug has made me a faster, more capable developer over the years. I pity the fool that debugs without it.

I have to give the nod to Firebug on this one. Brilliant tool and extensible!

Web Developer Toolbar

Rodrigo Nov 07 2008

I love both Web developer toolbar and Firebug, but my vote goes with Web Developer Toolbar”

Max Stanworth Nov 07 2008

i like web developer best, has ton of handy features and short cut keys that you can use quickly without entering the source, but also allows for editing css and xhtml in real time ( fire bug has the advange over this feature ) allows you to anable and disable a bunch of browser settings to see whats going on behind the scenes, has quick links to the validator services and allows you to add your own quick links should you need any. plus shed loads more

Web developer gets the vote but fire bug is useful at times.

also the color picker tool addon can become very useful to quickly grab hex values from web elements.

Web Developer toolbar

Gabe Diaz Nov 07 2008

Hands down “Web Developer” for Firefox. Edit inline CSS, HTML, review JS, hide images, outline Divs the lists goes on and on!

Emmett Cooke Nov 07 2008

Greasemonkey gets my vote :)

Casey Nov 07 2008

Definitely firebug.

I’m a full time developer on a large scale rails application, and page reloads locally take a looooong time. If I’m doing something front-end oriented firebug is an invaluable tool to be able to edit CSS without reloading.

Aaron Irizarry Nov 07 2008

I am really partial to firebug, and probably web developer toolbar

Gilbert Nov 07 2008

Firebug is by far the most used.

I absolutely love FireBug! It has awesome functionality!

Danny McClelland Nov 07 2008


Great competition! I vote FireBug!


Robbe Nov 07 2008

Firebug always helps me so much.

Eric Granata Nov 07 2008


Juan Ortega Nov 07 2008

I love both, but i prefer firebug, he saved my ass on every project im in. lol

Greetings From Nicaragua

Kieren Nov 07 2008

Definatly firebug!

Ahmed Amanatullah Nov 07 2008

Web Developer Toolbar

Kevin May Nov 07 2008

I love firebug the most, web developer toolbar second.

Firebug is the king of all in-browser tools!

AdrianMG Nov 07 2008


My vote goes to the web development toolbar but you gotta love firebug.

DArel Nov 07 2008

Web developer tool is great, but I find firebug to be far more useful in my everyday development.

FIREBUG for sure.

Raphyy Nov 07 2008

Though web developer seemed fine at first, firebug handles much more of the complicated web tasks like AJAX preview and all, not to mention the cookie editor and the PHP extension it has available.

Steve Tolley Nov 07 2008

I Love Firebug! Very useful when looking at CSS and finding out why something won’t do as it’s told on my website :D

And also ColorZilla is great when looking for Hex codes from websites…

Lonnie Nov 07 2008

Firebug rocks for sure.

Josh Drake Nov 07 2008

I’d have to go with Firebug, just because it has really good debugging features. I do like the Web Developer Toolbar for some of its cool features, but it just doesn’t do everything I need it to.

Rob Schultz Nov 07 2008

This one was a no brainer to me. Firebug. It’s quick and it works exactly as expected.

Dan Harper Nov 07 2008

Firebug definitely saves me loads of time, but I’m going to have to vote for the ‘IE Developer Toolbar’ as it’s saved me my sanity on numerous occasions :)

Gary Storey Nov 07 2008

Firebug is one of the greatest tools ever made for web developers.

Davide Espertini Nov 07 2008

firebug is the best!

Tim Larsen Nov 07 2008

I use Safari’s internal web development tools. Web Inspector is great.

clarklab Nov 07 2008

I’m a working web professional and I seriously would not be able to do my job without Firebug. Its easily the greatest web dev tool of all time.

Tam Cao Nov 07 2008

Firebug got my vote.

weblizzer Nov 07 2008

what i like most is the firebug, it almost has everything, i love the tools itself, all the features involved. It makes more easier to debug most specially for javascript.

Mike Brisk Nov 07 2008

Web Developer is by far the easiest and best Dev Tool.

Definitely Firebug!

Joe Mako Nov 07 2008


simon Nov 07 2008

Have to go Firebug.

JamieO Nov 07 2008

Without Firebug you could not have YSlow so to an extent a vote for YSlow is also a vote for Firebug. But I am definitely voting for Firebug!

FireShot – – is also another useful one for those who are still using Print Screen + Photoshop.

Benjamin M. Strozykowski Nov 07 2008

Web Developer Toolbar. I use this multiple times a day, and really enjoy the resize window feature.

Wow, I’ve never heard of or used Firebug, but I will certainly be checking it out after all of this good praise.

mdmaulana Nov 07 2008

Firebug, great tool to help see some tricks of the trade for CSS. Brilliant tool!

Russell Heimlich Nov 07 2008

No contest, Firebug! I don’t think this post will uncover any hidden web development gems.

Buzzlair Voufincci Nov 07 2008

i am a web developer toolbar heavy user for years. voting for it.

Shawn Nov 07 2008

One more vote for Firebug here!

Emanuel Felipe Nov 07 2008

Firebug, that tool is just great.

C. David Dent Nov 07 2008

I use Firebug far more than Developer Toolbar. While I couldn’t do half of what I need to do without Developer Toolbar, Firebug’s cross-platform logger has changed my development routine.

Firebug gets my vote.

Garro Nov 07 2008


cory monteiro Nov 07 2008

firebug riles!!!

Spencer Barfuss Nov 07 2008

Definitely Firebug for CSS/XHTML work, and then Y-Slow for performance. You can’t get much better than that…

Glen Erickson Nov 07 2008

i figure firebug will get the most votes, but for us less-programmer-more-designer, the Web Developer toolbar is amazing.

I use it to scan CSS style information, disable styles, view outlines, the ruler, view passwords, etc – all a hundred times a day. its perfect.

ne-design Nov 07 2008

There are lot of good tools, but the best one for me is Firebug.

Brenelz Nov 07 2008

I would definitely say firebug. On top of firebug you can add many great tools such as YSlow, FireCookie, FirePHP, etc…

Mark Bowen Nov 07 2008

I vote for FIrebug first for Firefox on the Mac but I also love the Web Inspector on Safari as I prefer the browser.

Best wishes,


Firebug all the way!

chris maynard Nov 07 2008

If Firebug went private and started charging a monthly fee, they could not name a price I would not pay for it’s greatness.

Milan Zivkovic Nov 07 2008

My favorite, Web Developer toolbar!

Firebug has saved me so many times. It is definitely the best in-browser development tool.

Hannah Hu Nov 07 2008

Firebug, through and through. Web Developer Toolbar is a very close second, though.

Jannek Nov 07 2008

Firebug of course!

AndrewE Nov 07 2008

Tough call between Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar, but I would have to go with Firebug b/c it saves development time.

Sorin Stefan Nov 07 2008


BroOf Nov 07 2008

I think Firebug is the best one ;D!

Mayur Somani Nov 07 2008

Firebug, of course!

Agentfacebook Nov 07 2008


George Mandis Nov 07 2008

Firebug, easily. You can do everything from deduce bottlenecks to debug scripts.

Firebug! firebug! FIREBUG!

Did I mention I like Firebug.

Alison Nov 07 2008

Firebug, hand down. MeasureIt is also a tool I use a lot as well.

Permana Jayanta Nov 07 2008

Web developer toolbar … it has many features … and useful ..

Mastergreed Nov 07 2008

Sorry, I can’t be different – Firebug ;). I started to use it after some tutorial on netTUTS, since then I can’t imagine my work without it, not mentioning how much I learned with it…

Ryan C. Karp Nov 07 2008

Firebug for me!

Although I’ve heard great things about Firebug, I must admit I’ve stuck with my trusty Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox!

Richard Davies Nov 07 2008

Firebug. Firebug. Firebug.

Brian Nov 07 2008

web developer toolbar, with firebug as a close second

After using Web Developer for so long, I recently decided to start using Firebug and Firebug is definitely the winner.

Here are, in my opinion, the ultimate in-browser dev tools for web design.

– Firebug (
It simply does everything…great for poking around your html and even better for debugging JavaScript.

Internet Explorer: (That browser that everyone hates)
– Developer Toolbar (
Browsing a page’s markup, DOM layout, clearing cache, etc.
– Fiddler (
Monitor HTTP requests in realtime. Great for debugging AJAX applications, troublshooting browser caching problems, etc.
– Microsoft Script Debugger (
The most basic way to investigate JavaScript errors in IE (without this debugging js in IE is basically impossible)
– Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition (
An even better way to debug a site’s JavaScript.

And then for IE you can also get stuff specific for your programming language. Visual Web Developer will of course also be good for ASP.NET debugging. NuSphere offers a IE toolbar for PHP development as well.

Anne Latham Nov 07 2008

I use all and like all three, but the one I would not give up is definitely YSlow, as page loading speed is one of my monster peeves.

Of course, that means I can’t live without Firebug, too, but I do have to vote for YSlow.

Justin Nov 07 2008

Got to be firebug!

Firebug is by far the most useful. Not only does it make debugging a website a heck of a lot easier, it’s also useful when coming to a site that has an interesting plugin or script. It allows you to examine the script. Go firebug!

Brad Frost Nov 07 2008

Web Developer Toolbar.

Ctrl+Shift+Y is my best friend.

Google Chrome’s Inspect Selection (like firebug, but on Chrome!)

Firebug. Werd.

Marcin Nov 07 2008

I vote for Firebug

Jason Nov 07 2008

httpFox for monitoring requests, firebug for everything else.

Roderick Solans Nov 07 2008

I use Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar a lot, and is actually difficult to choose just one as the best, because they kind of compliment each other.
Well, I guess that if I have to choose one it will (probably) be Firebug, it is essential while coding, finding nested CSS problems, and that inspect button, what a delight.

dominique Nov 07 2008

I also vote Firebug. didn’t know that there is such a handy tool for firefox :)

Manuchill Nov 07 2008

Can’t live a day without firebug
sometimes web dev toolbar is handy aswell

lyndsi Nov 07 2008

i love using firebug, but after all this praise for it i guess i’ll mention another good one that hasn’t been yet: x-ray by westciv

the ability to change the code on the fly isn’t there, but it does show you exactly what you’re working with

Josh Taylor Nov 07 2008

Firebug has no equal. It is my favorite.

Web Developer toolbar, it’s there it’s in your face it’s great.

Chris Nov 07 2008

Pretty much a tie between Web Developer Toolbar and HTML Validator (

The latter saves me a lot of time and hassle, especially on intranet pages that can’t be accessed by the W3C validator.

Mehdi Nov 07 2008

I’d choose both Firebug and Web Developer toolbar.

They don’t replace each others, Firebug offers a lot of debugging and parsing (in code), whereas Web Developer toolbar heps parsing in a visual style and provides tools for validating and more.

Kevin Nov 08 2008

Firebug is the best for me. Has best integration of CSS, HTML, and Javascript in one convenient package.

I’m gonna have to go with Web Developer Toolbar.

Grewal Nov 08 2008

Firebug for sure. When coupled with Ftp addon FireFTP.

Eric Wendelin Nov 08 2008

Firebug all the way. It reshaped the way we debug the web UX

John Sanders Nov 08 2008

One word… Firebug. If I was forced to live on a desert island and I could only bring one in-browser development tool, it would be Firebug. The only way this tool could be better is if they developed an ActiveX version of it for IE.

Craig Nov 08 2008


Joefrey Nov 08 2008

Web Developer Toolbar is a great tool for web developer…

Stefan Matei Nov 08 2008

Web Developer Toolbar.

Dirk Hermanns Nov 08 2008

Firebug with FirePHP, YSlow, Webdeveloper-Toolbar and HTML Tidy. Works Great for me.

Stevens Nov 08 2008

I have tried all 3 of them,and I can guarantee that Firebug beats everything else.

Firebug for sure!

Firebug is indispensable. works like a treat and great as a learning tool (“how did they do that?”) and a development tool

weblizzer Nov 08 2008

i love firebug simply because of the multi uses, such for debugging for javascript, viewable source code for both html and javascript.

Souljacker Nov 08 2008

I can’t live without Firebug.

jonatan Nov 08 2008


Valuediz Nov 08 2008

Of course firebug! I’ve learned html and css only from it.

Firebug is legendary =D

Drew Douglass Nov 08 2008

Hands down its firebug for me, I just throw in my css declarations, then do all the editing using firebug as a sort of WYSIWYG editor, then just copy and paste :)


Daxion Nov 08 2008

Firebug is the top dog, I use it daily and even if I’m not working and I want to see some code of an interesting page, Firebug is my choice. The IE Developer Toolbar is a few steps behind but it certainly does a great job.
I also use WebDeveloperToolbar and ColorZilla on Firefox.

SE7EN Nov 08 2008

Firebug is the best!
but Web Dev Toolbar is essential for me too :D

Ishaan Nov 08 2008

Firebug, definitely.

firebug baby ;)
the best for me

Fire bug by far is the best… however the IE developer tool bar is useful when diagnosing those pesky IE bugs

jarkko Nov 08 2008


Jonas Nov 08 2008

Firebug !!!

Abhijeet Mukherjee Nov 08 2008

Firebug is the one !

Dark_Night Nov 08 2008

Firebug definitely. Speeds up my workflow so much. As I am learning at the moment it gives me a great insight into how some techniques are coded.

Kimberly Nov 08 2008

Firebug for sure, a great tool

Bernat Nov 08 2008

Firebug of course…

firebug is the best!

Arun Kurian Nov 08 2008

I like Web Developer Toolbar

Josh Crowder Nov 08 2008

Firebug is the one for me, I love the fact you can edit away in the css and it dynamically loads.

Firebug and web developer combined for me. The two complement each other nicely.

Mr Sun Nov 08 2008

Definitely the web developer tool bar

Robert Nov 08 2008

Firebug would be my most used tool followed by Web Developer Toolbar (which was my first love – ah the memories).

Zach S. Nov 08 2008

Web Developer toolbar for me. I have Firebug installed too but don’t use it that much. I use the Web Developer toolbar pretty much every day.

Firebug and Developer toolbar notwithstanding, LiveHeaders and Aardvark have always treated me very well.

Firebug every time.
Although I also use MeasureIt, ColorZilla and FireFTP to get my full bit of developing done.

I’ll take Web Developer toolbar for $100.

Duane Nov 08 2008

Web developer has been a help for me.

MikeB Nov 09 2008

Web developer is a big help for me.

Of course Web Developer Toolbar. But my personal favourite is Aardvark :)

Jignesh Nov 09 2008

Firebug is daily use and IE developer’s toolbar sometimes for silly IE bug fixing.

system32 Nov 09 2008

firebug as far as i knew and its helps me a lot for developing website.

definitely firebug

Going with the crowd…Firebug

i can live a day without using firebug, its agony in internet without web developer toolbar – web developer toolbar, definitely

Chandra Nov 09 2008

Firebug of course!

Fred Bliss Nov 09 2008

Firebug is a killer app. Easily the best time-saving tool I use.

Marti Nov 09 2008

Firebug! Really helps someone brand new to css learn:)

Connor Nov 09 2008

I really like Firebug. Especially the visual representation of padding and margins.

henri Jeret Nov 09 2008

Web Developer toolbar is far most the best thing I know :)

It does a lot of work for me :)

definitely Firebug, although Web Developer is a can’t live without also.

Emily Nov 09 2008

Firebug for the win! Nice to use as an aid to building websites, and also helps with learning how to use both CSS and HTML.

Leesy Nov 09 2008

Firebug has to be a winner for me too. I just couldn’t work as well without it nowadays. As Connor mentioned aboved – the visual representation of margins, padding etc. on the layout tab is really helpful. It’s also extensible with extra plugins like Jiffy ( Muchos helpful!

Adam Winogrodzki Nov 09 2008

Firebug for sure. Its the bomb of web design.


XHTML, CSS and Javascript, it’s almost perfect :D

The debugger saved my life uncountable times…

Darren Pangan Nov 09 2008

Firebug gets my vote.

I’ve used Web Development Toolbar too. It’s pretty useful but nothing compared to Firebug. I haven’t used YSlow but I read it’s features. I think even without that plugin, you can accomplish the same just by analyzing the data Firebug generates.

insic Nov 10 2008

firebug of course.

James Nov 10 2008

I vote for Firebug because out of all the available web development plugins/extensions Firebug is the most useful and saves me the most time, especially when trying to debug some other developers sloppy work.

I’m all about the Web Developer Toolbar.

Jason Nov 10 2008

Web developer toolbar is by far the greatest tool, its much more user friendly than Firebug and can manipulate web pages quicker and easier.

Nicolas Nov 10 2008

My vote goes to firebug without any doubt.

almotqen Nov 10 2008

vote for Web Developer toolbar.

almotqen at

Thank you

Csaba Nov 10 2008

Firebug is the best tool out there!

Argam DerHartunian Nov 10 2008

Firebug is the best from the bunch.

Eric Hill Nov 10 2008

Firebug. Without a doubt. What did programmers do before Firebug?

Michael Martin Nov 10 2008

Web developer toolbar! :)

Lorenzo Nov 10 2008

I use Firebug: some bugs, little slow, but can do everything!

Danny Nov 10 2008

I vote for Firebug, its awesome for troubleshooting CSS problems while developing a website.

Tad Chef Nov 10 2008

IE Tab.
CSS Viewer.

Melanie Nov 10 2008

Basecamp by 37signals… can’t run a web business without it! Indispensable!


mtsandeep Nov 11 2008

Actually i am not a designer or coder but now i am working to build my own BLOG which will be a multi-author blog. so i need to customize the themes. Atfirst i used notepad to see the codes and edit the style sheets. It was very difficult and i wasted hours in figuring out the codes.
Theo i heard about firebug and its very easy to use and saves time.
so i go with FIREBUG.

mtsandeep Nov 11 2008

I will go with Firebug.

I am not a designer but i am now working to build my new multi-author blog. so i need to customize the themes to fit my needs. It was very difficult to edit the stylesheets with notepad. but after using firebug, its really easy and saves lot of time.

Agahmemnon Nov 11 2008

only Firebug it’s amazing tool

nicholi Nov 11 2008

I use Web Developer toolbar more so I vote for that.

Milner Nov 11 2008

Firebug +1

Joren Nov 11 2008

Firebug is positively the most amazing tool to have ever happened to CSS/Javascript/XHTML web development!

Nicole Nov 11 2008

Web Developer toolbar for me. While I use both, I use the toolbar about 10 times more often than Firebug (which is also useful). To me, that means it would hurt more to live without the toolbar because it’s more frequently used and I could use other things in place of Firebug.

Firebug. In-browser, pops out of the browser too ;)

Scott GM Nov 12 2008

I would be between, Firebug (firefox plug-in) and the W3C validator.

Combining the two would create a superb app. Firebug is great for tweaking your site, making it taylor made and the validator comes in extremely useful when troubleshooting or you’ve forgot a closing tag, etc.

I think it comes down to Firebug, for my personal choice

James Nov 12 2008

Ok, so the title of the post was “Best in-browser development tool”, it must be obvious by now that Firebug IS the best in-browser development tool. I tried quite hard to think of something different, but to be honest it’s a tool that I use constantly on my javascript development. Others that I thought of posting a comment about look great and have a bit of WOW but I just don’t use them constantly.

Firebug without a doubt rocks!

Michael Nov 12 2008

This comment thread would be much shorter (and much more interesting) if Firebug/Web Developer Toolbar wasn’t allowed in the answers!

Science Tech News Nov 12 2008

My vote for Firebuf. It’s very useful and powerful.

Darren McPherson Nov 13 2008

Firebug! hands down.

guova Nov 13 2008

I agree with Michael, … still Firebug gets my vote:)

cornnery Nov 13 2008

firebug it’s the best tools for a developper web 2.0 it’s complete , so I vote for that .

Gerard Nov 13 2008

My vote is for

This app generate quickly the swf file to use SIFR. It’s perfectly but only function with ttf fonts.

Danijel Nov 13 2008


Mike D Nov 13 2008

web developer toolbar
(firebugs great but i still use wdt more day to day)

Robert Nov 13 2008

Firebug like a mug!

Adrian Nov 13 2008

Firebug most definitely

Dulce Nov 14 2008

I’m using Web Developer. It has my vote. :)

SneakyWho_am_i Nov 14 2008

Firecookie. Ha!

epicurean Nov 14 2008

Firebug because it makes my code much more handsome


Justin Woods Nov 14 2008

Firebug and Web Developer toolbar… the two essentials.

cornnery Nov 14 2008


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