Best Online Resource for Graphic Designers?


Best Online Resource for Graphic Designers?

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UPrinting, a leading online printing company that’s a well known supporter of the design community, has partnered with Six Revisions to give away five sets of 500 Die Cut Business Cards (a popular style among the design community) with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. (international winners just pay shipping costs) to five lucky Six Revisions readers. To participate, just vote for your favorite online resource for graphic designers.

How to Participate

In order to qualify to win a set of business cards, all you have to do is vote for your favorite online resource for graphic designers in the comments.

Format your vote in the following way:

Vote: URL/web address of your favorite online resource for graphic designers

Winners will be selected at random in a similar fashion as previous Six Revisions giveaways.

Giveaway Details

The giveaway will be open for 7 calendar days, ending on Wednesday, November 4, 2009; commenting will be disabled on this post at that date. The winners will be announced shortly, and the best way to stay tuned for the winners announcement post is by subscribing to the RSS feed.


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This was published on Oct 28, 2009


PatOuimet Oct 28 2009

Six revisions, of course ;D

zoe4ever Oct 28 2009

thanks for this post.


Lee Gustin Oct 28 2009

Vote: (first comment, sweet)

twe4ked Oct 28 2009

Free seamless patterns:

Jessica Aguilar Oct 28 2009

RyanB Oct 28 2009

I’m a big fan of Fresh Characters – Good for inspiration in general, but more specifically for illustration/characters.

Nicole Foster Oct 28 2009

I cannot get enough of this website. Amazing color schemes!

Angela Oct 28 2009 This is my all time favourite for me:)

Sandra Kidd Oct 28 2009

One of my favourites is It’s my first stop when working on typography for a job.

Vote: @designfeed (

I’ll go with PSDtuts


Art176 Oct 29 2009

Found this one helpful for years (2002?)

Shekhar Kumar Sharma Oct 29 2009

Jigar Chauhan Oct 29 2009

Peter Oct 29 2009


and this site ofcourse :)

I will vote for One day, I asked my friend for any Web design site. He recommended this site. I have to thanks him(or give him a kiss 555). This site give me a good experience.


PS. I’d rather skip the prize since I lived in Thailand.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but without lipsum we’d be filling our designs with x’s or we’ll end up making up our own story to fill the gap… Which would be amusing, but not too suitable.

Rocket_yaourt Oct 29 2009

Ciesiel Oct 29 2009

Vote: Smashing Magazine –

Dennis Stevenson Oct 29 2009

Robert Marton Oct 29 2009

JAwelles Oct 29 2009

(keep up the good work!)

Frank Johnray Oct 29 2009

vote: Smashing Magazine –

TimHolmesDesign Oct 29 2009

Michael Ellis Oct 29 2009

Vote: Smashing Magazine –

Lee Norris Oct 29 2009

It’s hard to deny how often this site is a great resource.

Maurice Calhoun Oct 29 2009

Smashing Magazine

Sandra Oct 29 2009 – Searching has yielded so many inspirations and resources.

Simon Willans Oct 29 2009

Chris Oct 29 2009

Vote: Smashing Magazine -

Trent Oct 29 2009

The articles are always useful.

Rafael A. Isturiz L. Oct 29 2009

Mark Boroyan Oct 29 2009

Tony Gines Oct 29 2009

Vote: Free stock photos always win me over :)

Reece Conrad Oct 29 2009

chalk another one up for

Oops…not a “dot com”


Jose Adan Ortiz Oct 29 2009

I´ve been very thankful about online resources.

Six Revision The Best

Jason Oct 29 2009

Six revisions is a great resource but since it has been mentioned before I say Blue Vertigo.

Vote: URL/

Nils Rasmusson Oct 29 2009 Great inspiration.

All for Design Oct 29 2009

Without any hesitation :
Vote :

CMDesignstudio Oct 29 2009

Jason Rodriguez Oct 29 2009

richard carpenter Oct 29 2009


“im byist”

Jamie Baughman Oct 29 2009

Vote: A List Apart, ya, really.

Ben Crowther Oct 29 2009

bitoo Oct 29 2009


good luck to all

Vote: , because I get to read the best articles across the designer community

Lauren Wolff Design Oct 30 2009

Ska Macanan Oct 30 2009


Tyler Oct 30 2009

I cheated… I combined a bunch of site into one!! Neener neener!!! :P

Anthony Oct 31 2009

Wow, tough to choose just one. There are so many that keep me from getting my work done!
I’m going to say

Mindsfeed Nov 01 2009

fruitandsugar Nov 01 2009

Jacques//An1ken Nov 01 2009


You can’t really throw all the resource sites into one boat but, Smashing magazine has most of the things you need.


Awesome resource I use to memorise paper sizes.

Stephen James Nov 03 2009


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