Best Web Design Gallery?

Apr 6 2009 by Jacob Gube | 187 Comments

There are a ton of web design galleries available on the web, and we’d like to know which web design, CSS/XHTML, Flash gallery you frequent the most to get inspiration and your creative juices flowing.

SnobbySlice leading image. Click to go to SnobbySlice home page.

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Two prizes to give away!

To make things interesting, SnobbySlice, a top-notch PSD to XHTML service for coders and by coders, is offering two lucky winners a 2-page PSD to XHTML/CSS conversion service, a $498 value. Two participants of this survey will be selected at random to win their excellent PSD to XHTML service. You can see the SnobySlice prices here.

How to vote

To vote, simply leave a comment below in the following format:


For example, my personal favorite is The Best Designs, so my vote would be: vote:

The details

  • You must leave a valid email address when filling up the comment form so that we can contact you if you’ve won.
  • You can only cast your vote once.
  • Contest ends on April 13, 2009, after which comments will be disabled.
  • Winners will be selected at random using a MySQL query similar to other contests.
  • Format your vote as specified or you risk the chance of not being able to participate.

About SnobbySlice

SnobbySlice takes your design, in many formats, and then converts it into “code” which makes it ready for the web (XHTML/CSS). They promise high-quality, rapid, timely, and very competitive prices for all projects they partake in: here’s where you can learn more about their services.

Sup dawg, we heard you like polls, so we put a poll in this poll so you can vote while voting!

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