Best Web Design Tool?

There are plenty of amazing web design tools out there that help designers get the job done.

We’d like to know what your favorite web design tool is. To entice you to participate, the awesome folks over at JumpeyeComponents are giving away five licenses to their advanced Flash effects component called FlashEff.

Cast your vote in the comments as follows:

vote: name of web design tool

Voting concludes March 9, 2009 to leave your comment, after which commenting will be disabled. You can only participate once.

Five winners will win a FlashEff Premium license. The winners will be randomly selected via a similar process as the last Six Revisions contest/giveaway.

This was published on Mar 2, 2009


SirCrumpet Mar 02 2009

vote: Coda

Adobe Photoshop

Phil Cook Mar 02 2009

vote: firebug

Rus Mihai Mar 02 2009

vote: Adobe CS3


I think I already said enough :) .

Nick Smith Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug

vote: photoshop

Chris F. Mar 02 2009

vote: CSSEdit by MacRabbit Software

Kyle Williams Mar 02 2009

vote: coda

WEBBOgrafico Mar 02 2009

vote: Macromates’ TEXTMATE

digiboy Mar 02 2009

vote: Fireworks

Steve Robillard Mar 02 2009

vote: since everyone will say photoshop I am going with pencil the firefox extension.

If I were allowed multiple votes I would add my Red Hat Linux development server, with subversion.

vote: panic coda

vote: macromedia flash 8

Patrick Lightbody Mar 02 2009

vote: IntelliJ IDEA

Sean Ansari Mar 02 2009

i use adobe photoshop and macromedia dreamweaver and i consider them as the best

azumafuji Mar 02 2009

vote: Rapidweaver

Stefanos Hadjisoteriou Mar 02 2009

vote: Stripe-generator 2.0

Alexis Giorgio Mar 02 2009

vote: MeasureIt

vote: Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

Ashish Bogawat Mar 02 2009

vote: pencil & paper

Josh Canfield Mar 02 2009

vote: Aptana Studio

vote: Flash and RedBull

Vote: Coda

2ks - Web Design Cornwall Mar 02 2009

vote: firebug

vote: firebug

Vote: Coda, by Panic

AxFactor Mar 02 2009

vote: Photoshop CS4

vanweerd Mar 02 2009

vote: css

Philip Downer Mar 02 2009

vote: Adobe Photoshop

Dimitry Z Mar 02 2009

vote: Eclipse

vote: Firebug

vote: firebug

vote: JumpeyeComponents Flash effects component called FlashEff.

Oh come on, it was worth a try ;)

KevinBrown Mar 02 2009

vote: Espresso

Raul Popa Mar 02 2009

vote: BannerSnack

Normally, everyone would say Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Eclipse or whatever general products. I’m supporting other new-age product since I really think that this is one of those that make magic happens without an interface that takes tens of days to understand and use.

Also I would love to vote a few others Aviary, Picnik, of course FlashEff, Wix (great zui interface) anything that is easy to use.

I have to also add a few votes for iLife and iWork 09.

Benjamin M. Strozykowski Mar 02 2009

vote: Web Developer Toolbar Firefox Plugin

binocle Mar 02 2009

vote: Expression Engine

Kuan Jian Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug

vote: Firebug

Jeromey Gaudreau Mar 02 2009

Call it throwback, but it’s still a really effective coding tool


vote: Aptana

vote: Web Developer toolbar

vote: coda

sharpski Mar 02 2009


Andreas Johansson Mar 02 2009

vote: firebug

stefano Mar 02 2009

vote: coda

CyberFox Mar 02 2009

vote: firefox web browser

fonsogfx Mar 02 2009

Vote: Creativity

Vin Thomas Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug

Corey Kliewer Mar 02 2009

Dreamweaver – A tool that is a MUST!

vote: Firebug

Vote: Dreamweaver CS4

vote: THE GIMP

Jen Shanahan Mar 02 2009

Web Dev Toolbar for Firefox

vote: Coda

But I gotta tell ya, Safari 4 beta is lookin real nice.

Csaba Illés Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug

Robert Lewis Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug

Dani Botond Mar 02 2009


Dani Botond Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug

vote: the mighty grid

daredanger Mar 02 2009

vote: Adobe Photoshop

vote: Coda

vote: Photoshop

Stephen Allred Mar 02 2009

vote: Coda


AndrewE Mar 02 2009

Firebug & Dreamweaver have been wonderful time savers for me with development, but design wise I’m an Adobe fan and that means Photoshop.

AndrewE Mar 02 2009

vote: Photoshop

vote: Coda

William Ludwig Mar 02 2009

vote: firebug

Chris Wallace Mar 02 2009

vote: me

Michael Ellis Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug (with scope)

vote: Firebug

James Longhini Mar 02 2009

vote: music

Tixz - Emil Melgaard Mar 02 2009

vote: aptana

Wesley Walser Mar 02 2009

vote: firebug

vote: pencil & paper

vote: gimp


vote: code collector pro – it is a tool to save the daily snippets.

Wade Jackman Mar 02 2009

Vot: Coda by Panic

vote: Coda

vote: GIMP

(can’t argue with the price or anything else really)

Shaun Walker Mar 02 2009

vote: firebugs

vote: firefox

I wanted to write firebug, but it came because of firefox addon. So I want to give a credit to FF. Without it I can’t do anything.

Sylvadoc Mar 02 2009

vote: Fireworks

Jesse Korzan Mar 02 2009

Sketchbook and pen.

vote: photoshop

Brandon Martinez Mar 02 2009

vote: TextMate

DogEared Mar 02 2009

vote: firebug

Second Vote:
Color Schemer Studio

techwiz Mar 02 2009

vote: Internet Explorer

Without, life would be boring :-)

Adobe CS3, esp. Dreamweaver

Caroline Mar 02 2009

vote: firefox firebug

but also…colorzilla, abduction, measureit, photoshop, illustrator….and oh so many more…oh and my laptop!

giuliano Mar 02 2009

macrabbit cssedit

vote: Gimp

Joren Rapini Mar 02 2009

vote: firefox

shin makes a good point!

Kaiserlino Mar 02 2009

vote: Adobe Photoshop

Todd Leach Mar 02 2009

vote: Flash CS4

anthoula Mar 02 2009

vote: flash baby

vote: firebug


Aleksandras Mar 02 2009

vote: Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

vote: firebug!

vote: Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

Mike Smith Mar 02 2009

vote: wordpress :)

Badia Daamash Mar 02 2009

Vote: jQuery Library

vote: Firebug

vote: Adobe Flash

Ricardo Mar 02 2009

vote: gedit

vote: firebug

vote: Coda

vote: Coda and RapidWeaver

vote: coda

hellboy Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug

vote: Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

vote: Coda

vote: Adobe Photoshop CS4

David Radcliffe Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug – hands down

vote: Coda

firebug, jquery

Chandan Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug

Firebug – use it daily

pedrom40 Mar 02 2009

My winning combo: good coffee, loud music, DW CS3 and most importantly NO INTERRUPTIONS.

vote: photoshop for web layouts

Vote: Notepad++

Marie Poulin Mar 02 2009

Vote: Textpattern!

Photoshop. There are lots of other text editors if I couldn’t use Homesite, but without Photoshop it’d all look like crud.

vote: Photoshop

vote: Firebug

whatgoodisaroad Mar 02 2009

vote: Firebug

Isaak Kwok Mar 03 2009

vote: Coda

Cesar Noel Mar 03 2009

Active State Komodo Edit

Kristina Mar 03 2009

Vote: My brain, without it all the rest is a bit useless!

ajax, kuhler, web developer, adobe creative suite

Muslim Meskeen Mar 03 2009

vote: Notepad ++

jujudellago Mar 03 2009

vote: Textmate

vote: Adobe Photoshop CS4

vote: Firebug

vote: Adobe Dreamweaver

vote: Firebug

vote: adobe photoshop cs4

Cindy Sue Causey Mar 03 2009

vote: These Fingertips poised in front of a freshly opened, blank Notepad window..

vote: Fireworks

vote: PHP Designer 2008

Leventhan Mar 03 2009


Anne Jan Mar 03 2009

vote: Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
vote: Adobe Fireworks CS4

vote: Firebug

vote: Firebug

Sean Nieuwoudt Mar 03 2009

Macbook, coda, coffee


Beniamin Pop Mar 03 2009

vote: Adobe Photoshop

vote: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Juarez Filho Mar 03 2009

vote: Coda

Noel McG Mar 03 2009

vote: Fireworks

vote: Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007

DanielCorreia Mar 03 2009

vote: Coda

Silverthan Mar 03 2009

vote: Adobe Photoshop

vote: Firebug

ali nasri Mar 03 2009


Jim Miller Mar 03 2009

Vote: Firebug

Jônatan Fróes Mar 03 2009


quantie Mar 03 2009

vote:Dreamweaver CS4

Julian Young Mar 03 2009

vote: Photoshop CS3

With so many amazing tools available for web it is hard to pick just one that makes my workflow. Over all I would say it would be much more difficult without FireBug. Since the release of Safari 4 beta, I have made some changes in my workflow to using Safari Developer toolbar. The Safari toolbar allows for a few options that Firebug does not support such as JavaScript debugging for example. Along with these tools, one of the most useful tools I use on a daily basis is SixRevisons. Not to kiss ass, but there are many sites I visit everyday to see the new trends of the web. Sites like webdesignerwall, faveup, gotoandlearn, and bestwebgallery. I think really overall the best tool for me is:
vote: Google…
To search for people having the same issues I am having!


vote:flash cs4

vote: photoshop

vote: Photoshop

vote: Coda & Coffee

Dreamweaver CS4

Vote: Adobe CS3

FireBug,I love it very much!~~

Coda & Firebug

vote: photoshop

vote: fingers, for transforming ideas to code!


vote: Photoshop for design, Litmus for testing that design

eric wolfe Mar 03 2009


Phillip Palmieri Mar 03 2009

vote: textmate

Steven M. Mar 03 2009

Vote: Visual Studio 2008 w/ SP1/MVC/Jquery addons

vote: Blueprint CSS

vote: Dreamweaver CS 3

vote: Firebug

vote: Firebug plugin for Firefox

Adobe Photoshop

vote: Firefox (add-ons)

vote: Adobe Creative Suite CS3

for design i use ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS4 and for development ADOBE DREAMWEAVER CS4

Paul Cormier Mar 03 2009

vote: Firebug

Casco Viejo, Panama Mar 03 2009


My old school pen & paper

Vote: CSSEdit!

Vote: Firebug

morozgrafix Mar 03 2009

vote: Firebug

purplevan Mar 03 2009

vote: Web Developer Toolbar

vote: Firebug

jhd_itfc Mar 03 2009


Dnyanesh Mar 03 2009

vote: coda

Andrew Champ Mar 03 2009

vote: Notepad++

Ryan Grant Mar 04 2009

vote: Adobe Illustrator CS4

my vote : firefox addon > firebug

Stanley Wood Mar 04 2009

Vote: Fireworks

vote: Adobe Photoshop

Adam Kirkwood Mar 04 2009

vote: TextMate by Macromates

vote: firebug

It’s gotta be you or me if we are talking bout me! Wanna make sure that doesnt read as I am the best tool for web design – ha – so best tool for web design is the old grey matter! Next up, pen, paper, photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver and ofc the old Web developer toolbar in that order!

CS4 master collection – Photoshop and Dreamweaver

vote: Adobe Photoshop > DreamWeaver > Mozilla Firefox

vote: Aptana Studio

mecaniqueorange Mar 04 2009

Vote : Firebug

Scott Petrovic Mar 04 2009

vote: Firebug

on a side note, I know IE is terrible and everything, but their web development tools for IE8 are looking pretty promising, as are the new Safari tools that are in beta.

vote: coda

Danny Batista Mar 04 2009

vote: Firebug

Delon Summersett Mar 04 2009

vote: textmate

vote: Lots of coffee

Joel Kidd Mar 04 2009

Vote: jQuery Library, Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Mohammad Mar 04 2009

Aptana IDE . Notepad ++

vote: Halo 3

vote: Dreamweaver


Evan Riley Mar 04 2009

Vote: Panic’s Coda

Adobe Dreamweaver

vote: Firebug

Justin Smith Mar 04 2009

Illustrator (for hi-fidelity)
Omnigraffle (for lower fidelity)

vote: coda

Vote: Firebug

Fabrice Mar 05 2009

vote: photoshop

vote: photoshop

vote: Photoshop, Notepad++

vote: firebug

As I am in the world of Open Source, these are the tools I do web design and development:

1. BlueFish to code
2. Inkscape for vector design
3. GIMP for photo retouching

I recommend Open Source!

vote: coda

vote: google

alfonso Mar 05 2009

vote: Firebug

Adrienne Mar 05 2009

vote: Firebug

vote: Jing by TechSmith

Allows me to create screencaps easily as I go, and share revisions without having to save a new file every time.

Geoffrey Mar 05 2009

vote: Photoshop CS4 + Eclipse PDT

@CW lol;

vote: firebug with Inkscape a close second.

Anparasu Mar 06 2009

vote: Web Developer Toolbar Firefox Plugin

Branden Silva Mar 06 2009

I’m going to have to vote: Kuler for web design tool. It’s priceless in color selection. I prefer to use it directly in Adobe Photoshop though.

Jocelyn Mar 06 2009

vote:flash CS3

vote: brain

vote: Firebug


vote: firefox. (it makes life SO much easier)

vote: Firebug


vote: Coda {best hand-coding program I’ve used in a while}

threesunrises Mar 06 2009

photoshop cs4

bianchef Mar 06 2009

vote: RapidWeaver 4.2.1

omfgjeannie Mar 07 2009


vote: Firebug

Stanley Mar 07 2009

Vote: Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

vote: Photoshop

Barbara Mar 07 2009

vote: firebug

vote: Photoshop

Brandon Mar 08 2009

vote: firebug

Moqbali Mar 08 2009

Voto: Adobe Photoshop

Evaldas Mar 08 2009

vote: Firebug

poutchi Mar 08 2009

Vote : Quanta +

Powerful firebug+plugins

Efficient Dreamweaver

(PS: Buy a Mac…)


all those are great tools but if i don’t have a development environment then i don’t see the point. XAMPP from apache friends; as simple as it comes.

vote: XAMPP

Vote: (1) Coda (2) Firebug (3) MAMP / XAMPP

Ivo Ivan Mar 09 2009

vote: Notepad++

vote: Photoshop

Wayne Helpard Mar 09 2009

Vote: Graph paper and pencil

vote: Firebug

Adobe Photoshop and dreamweaver (currently on CS4)

vote: pencil

if it has to be software; vote: Adobe Illustrator


firebug 4 life

John Fredrickson Mar 09 2009

Safari 4 Web Inspector

Vote: firebug

Timothy Hatcher Mar 09 2009

vote: Safari 4 Web Inspector

Klaus Nielsen Mar 09 2009

Vote: bespin from mozilla labs

vote: Firebug

Bradley T Herman Mar 09 2009

vote: web design sketchbook

here is a psd file to use :)

Vote: Firebug

… which has been voted for multiple times. :D

vote: Adobe Fireworks

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