Giveaway: Pingdom Subscriptions

Pingdom, a service that will monitor the up time and response time of your sites and servers, is sponsoring us by giving 20 of our readers a 1-year subscription to their Basic Plan service.

For a chance to win, leave a comment below on why you need a Pingdom subscription.

This giveaway ends on December 26, 2009 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Dec 25, 2009


Steve Robillard Dec 25 2009

I need pingdom because I have a growing number of sites on multiple hosts, I need to make sure our up and healthy or I lose money.

Paul Clarke Dec 25 2009

I am not confident that my current host is serving my website in the manner that I expect as a paying customer. With Pingdom, I am hoping to get accurate reports to help me decide the future. I want to stay one step ahead. Pingdom might help me achieve this.

Jonathan foucher Dec 25 2009

Hi, I have about twenty web sites I host for myself friends or clients, so pingdom is an absolute must for me. Thanks for this great giveaway!

Prajwal Rao Dec 25 2009

We are planning to launch 5 new websites in January, and Pingdom Tools would be the perfect way to keep track of their uptime.

I so dearly hope I win this..

Cheers.. Merry Christmas everyone.. and Good luck too.. :)

aleksoft Dec 25 2009

To see at any moment in what state is my blog.

Jonathan Dec 25 2009

Because if my website goes down how else would I be nigh on instantly notified about it?!

Tschai Dec 25 2009

Ever since I’ve moved to MediaTemple for a host, I’m having issues with one of my site.
And the mt-helpdesk advices me to traceroute or ping my site with tools.pingdom.

So…I have to use it regularly already…and a full subscription would be very welcome.

Happy holidays.

I need pingdom because I think that my websites are going up and down like a jojo, but since I don’t have any good statistics, I don’t know if I just imagine myself or if it’s true.

Tim Schäfer Dec 25 2009

It would be fine to use Pingdom for my first own server.
Merry Christmas everyone!

DesignLovr Dec 25 2009

I just started my own blog and it would be great if I could use Pingdom to track the up and response time of it.

dizzl Dec 25 2009

As long as my sites are down, i am loosing money..
the earlier i know the better!

David Pratt Dec 25 2009

Because when I set up my world domineering affiliate empire, it would be nice to know my sites are alive and kicking!

Daniel Dec 25 2009

why not?

Amaiko Dec 25 2009

I need pingdom because I have many websites :)

thedroidworld Dec 25 2009

To monitor my site with the pingdom tool and eventually have it as THE tool for monitoring.

Ernst Dec 25 2009

I have many websites but I never had any program like this. After reading I’m interested but not sure if I would pay for a service like this.

Please convince me!

maxgabba Dec 25 2009

I need pingdom because my hosting company give me only “happy” statistics about lay down my sites

Jason Dec 25 2009

I need pingdom because I want to know what happend in my site, can track my sites health.

opistola Dec 25 2009

Because it saves me time and keep me focus in what it´s real importante!!!

bemeall Dec 25 2009

I would like to use pingdom for my server to see if it’s not down :P

David Long Dec 25 2009

I need a subscription to Pingdom, because I have a large amount of websites running off of my webservers and need to be alerted as soon as they go down or else…

Pingdom because I gather they have the quickest notification time, so that would be perfect for tracking servers and sites while away travelling :)

Rahul Joshi Dec 25 2009

Haven’t used any such service till now. If I win, would definitely give it a try..

Navjot Singh Dec 25 2009

I am already using Pingdom for 1 of my site and I want to monitor my additional sites so that I can find when it goes up or down to improve my reputation by tracking the downtime as it occurs.

Justin Dec 25 2009

I’m about to launch a small start-up and not having to worry about if the server is up would make it so much easier.

James Costa Dec 25 2009

Awesome job onthis contest, Jacob… pingdom is an awesome tool I’ve been using for my website to keep track of things, but a lot of it’s features aren’t available to the free account that I would love to gain access to, including (the obvious) multiple domain names.

Good luck everyone!

I’m currently using some free service from but it’s not enough. Website uptime is very important for me. Merry Christmas!

Shawn Dec 25 2009

My sites seem to come down relatively frequently, sometimes requiring an httpd restart. Using their iPhone app for push notifications would let me know when I need to do this.

Ryqiem Dec 25 2009

I need Pingdom because i have a very paranoid dad. He checks his website (Which i manage) every 10 minutes or so, to see if it’s online. Pingdom would let him get some sleep.

Aaron Dec 25 2009

Three times this year I updated by blog with new posts, only to have the server down when I started to publicize it. Without the money for a more reliable web host, a tool that can help me monitor my domain and collect data about its uptime would be greatly useful. Thanks Six Revisions and Pingdom!

Jagat Dec 25 2009

I need pingdom to Monitor the Up & Down Time Of my Website & based on the statistics can improve the performance of the Website.

I pingdom because I have several websites I need to monitor. Plus I’m setting up a new startup, so money is tight. A license would be greatly appreciated!

The way Kathy Lee needs Regis, and the way Kanye needs Jesus, and the Amy Winehouse needs prescriptions is the way I need this subscription.

Jônatan Fróes Dec 25 2009

who doesn’t need it?

Mike Woods Dec 25 2009

I am enjoying Pingdom’s free product, and want to extend the service to monitor the multiple websites I maintain.

Benjamin Dec 25 2009

I would use pingdom to manage my website !
It’s a great tool !

No one wants their site to be unexpectedly down – especially over Xmas. Pingdom would be a great tool to let me know… Merry Christmas!

I really need a service to control uptime of my sites, Pingdom could be really useful…

Carlos Posada Dec 25 2009

Because is a good tool for my web design work and (I´m yor father luke) hahaha it´s funny !!!… really I live in colombia and I wanna know this Tool!! thanks

Drew Watkins Dec 25 2009

I would use Pingdom to improve the performance of my website. I am going to launch soon and I really think the tool would be helpful during the testing stage, as well as making sure the site is stable during growth.

Matteo Balocco Dec 25 2009

I’d like to use Pingdom to monitor some of my websites, currently hosted on multiple servers. Some of them aren’t just personal websites and knowing in real time if they are up or not can make a big difference.

webbografico Dec 25 2009

I’ve got plenty of sites I’ve made that I fear can drop down… let’s pingdom control them for me

pimeo Dec 25 2009

It’s a good tool! Merry christmas from France! :)

Andrew Moore Dec 25 2009

There is an inverse relationship between downtime and profit.

The less downtime I have, the more profit I make (I’m in the web classified business).

Pingdom’s tools are crafted to warn you if any downtime occurs. Early diagnosis is sometimes the best option!

Kapila Dec 25 2009

Even mighty RackSpace goes down, only God and Pingdom could save me.

Metin Ucar Dec 25 2009

As the number of websites I’ve designed is growing constantly, I need a service to monitor them. However, at the moment I cannot afford such a service financially. So this service would be great ;)
Merry Christmas!

Igor Matos Dec 25 2009

I’m in! Merry Christmas from Brazil!

Jack Lucky Dec 25 2009

Pingdom can ping if my site goes down, so i need one.

David Dec 25 2009

Pingdom would get one worry off my startup

Jon Raasch Dec 25 2009

I need this to confirm my suspicions that 1&1 is total garbage.

I want to have my upcoming webapp up and running as much as possible. Pingdom would really help a lot.

Hugh Hunter Dec 25 2009

With my iPhone always within arms reach), instant notification of downtime allows me to react before my clients even notice anything is wrong. This, in turn, allows me to spend more time with my laptop out of arms reach.

SpookyET Dec 25 2009

This is interesting. Perhaps, I can monitor Twitter. It goes down often.

Gonzalo Dec 25 2009

I’d love a Pingdom sub! I use other ones but the frequency of the pings is not that good (30 min.) so this would be GREAT! :D

Chris thurman Dec 25 2009

Just launched a new blog and this would be great to make sure the hiccups are limited as it grows!

Kevin O'Connor Dec 25 2009

I work for a school district that uses multiple servers to run many different services that help the district function to its full potential.

Francisco Escoppinichi Dec 25 2009

I need Pingdom because I need to monitor several sites to provide a great experience to my customers :)

Merry christmas!

Elliott Dec 25 2009

I need Pingdom as I look after various websites and have had a bit of dire Christmas Day and it will cheer me up!

knico Dec 25 2009

The fear of my websites being down keeps me up at night! Pingdom can give me the gift of sleep this Christmas! :)

perezchapa Dec 25 2009

I need it because I’m starting this new year with new and positive things. I need it as proof that 2010 will be right fucking on ;) I also need it because Santa also suffered from 2009’s economical crisis and he didnt showed up
Plus, I’m a web developer and internet enthusiast who admins and hosts several websites.

Markus Dec 25 2009

Because it saves me time and keep me focus in what it´s real importante!!!

Any tool like this is worth its weight in gold!

Daniel Kamman Dec 25 2009

I’m creating an ecommerce website with the goal of selling worldwide. I’m concerned about uptime and response time (I’ve read concerns about the response time of some of the ecommerce software I’m considering).

Angelica Rodriguez Dec 25 2009

I would like to have the opportunity to experience Pingdom. Currently I am runing a couple of sites for a small company. But I hope we grow our number. And I think is a good time to start experimenting and be ready for next year :)

J Kitt Dec 25 2009

I manage a number of sites that I need to monitor. Pingdom would be great for this.

Michel Monen Dec 25 2009

Making a new webdesign website and want to start with a professional approach. This tool we cannot miss.

Merry Christmas! I need Pingdom so it can get me out of a ton of trouble :)

thanks! Happy holidays!

Charles Lewis Dec 25 2009

I would like to use this service because my soup cans and string just don’t seem to be cutting it anymore.

I’m getting ready to update my website to support marketing of razors I’ll be selling for the first time. I don’t want downtime to interfere with this roll-out!


Snowbird Dec 25 2009

We are running ultiple e-commerce sites and this tool is really needed.
Thanks in advance.

Paolo Dec 25 2009

I already have Pingdom, but the free version. I need the Basic Version to be able to better check for the reason of the downtime.
Thanks SixRevisions and Pingdom. You are both great!

Matthew Osborn Dec 25 2009

I need pingdom because i am just starting a new website and it would make my life easier…

Vincent Dec 25 2009

I have many sites that I would like to keep track of.

Craig McCaskill Dec 25 2009

I would like a pingdom subscription because it’s a service I would actually use but can’t currently justify the cost for.

That, and I like shiny things.

Vasili Dec 25 2009

I love looking at stats for my websites as well as knowing when my site is down. Pingdom would help me accomplish these tasks.

Merry Christmas! :)

Keehun Nam Dec 25 2009

I need Pingdom because my Rails based website always needs a reboot once in a while and it’s so random that I can never keep track. Normal offline-trackers don’t work since it’s not the server that’s down. It’s only Rails and Apache still returns a page. I need Pingdom’s feature where I can specify it a “failed” page even if there’s successful return code.

Aubrey Rhodes Dec 25 2009

I need pingdom because I am working on a portfolio website for my current job search, and recently realized it had become unresponsive for some time due to someone taking advantage of a security flaw (and hijacking 136 gigs of my bandwidth). If I had pingdom I would have caught problem much earlier and saved the money for the bandwidth and the embarrassment of having a site down for perspective employers.

By he way, I love the blog. Keep up the good work. Happy Holidays!

Kevin Subba Dec 26 2009

I need Pingdom because it will help me a lot to monitor my blog.

Tom Dempsey Dec 26 2009

I have several new projects coming in 2010 and use for hosting. I have been concerned about the speed and uptime of my current websites and need a tool to monitor reliability.

Shawn K Dec 26 2009

I’m a young web designer, in need of highly useful tools like this, especially because I don’t have money to throw at a service that might not be what I thought it was. Pingdom has had my attention for awhile, now you can help me give it a trial run for a year!

Peter Dec 26 2009

I’m using Pingdom’s free monitoring service and I’d like to use it on client sites as well.

Anparasu Dec 26 2009

Want to improve the performance of our websites.

Micah Dec 26 2009

Since I manage 30+ domains, a service like this is critical! I’d love to see if this stacks up to the competition.

Grant Schultz @grantschultz Dec 26 2009

I need pingdom in order that I may sleep sometime in 2010 and build a family of wonderful, well supported super sites.


Pavel Dec 26 2009

I need Pingdom to do all that boring dirty work for me (even when I am sleeping)…

Tomas Dec 26 2009

I’d use Pingdom to monitor my blog. I think it will help me.

WipeR Dec 26 2009

Hello, it would be great to win pingdom acc, because I never win :)

Lauren Wolff Design Dec 26 2009

I would like to find out before my clients do, and i have about 30, if and when their sites go down. It is embarrassing if they are the ones to contact me and tell me about this. I’d like to know before they do so that I can do something about it and keep up the good reliable service I offer them.

Michael Dec 26 2009

I need pingdom in order to maintain a high quality and high availability website.

sandra Dec 26 2009

I need to have Pingdom because Pingdom could help me to manage my websites’ problems.

Stefano Marino Dec 26 2009

Because it would be a wonderful gift for Saint Stephen :)

Juarez P. A. Filho Dec 26 2009

I need pingdom ;)

Chris McCorkle Dec 26 2009

Pingdom for the win! Thanks for the opportunity for a free subscription!

It is simple: I need it for everything :D

Htoo Tay Zar Dec 26 2009

I need pingdom because I hope it will let me know when my sites are down.. Santa please let me win this subscription..

This is going to be very helpful…hopefully I can get this free subscription!

Roderick Dec 26 2009

I need it to monitor the sites I am planning on doing… I’m starting a design & development business in January and this would be more than extremely beneficial to me and my clients..

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