ThemeForest Giveaway Results

Last week Six Revisions hosted a giveaway giving away some credits on ThemeForest. There were a total of 260 participants all vying for a chance to win $100 in credit by mentioning their favorite in-browser web development tool.

The winners are:

This was published on Nov 19, 2008


Whoa… I’m the one of the lucky guy!
Thanks Jacob!

Jacob Gube Nov 19 2008

Congratulations Jay! I’m just waiting for the others to respond so that the ThemeForest team can credit your accounts in one go – but I won’t wait too long and will send the information to them tomorrow.

To the participants that already responded – thanks for the timely response, I really appreciate it.

weblizzer Nov 20 2008

congratulations to all the winners, too bad i was not include, but good for you guys.

almotqen Nov 20 2008

Also, I’m one of lucky guy.
I am happy for this win.

THANKS Six Revisions, ThemeForest and Envato Network.

My congratulations to all the winners.

Simon Nov 20 2008

Man, I can’t believe I missed the contest
But at least now I’m visiting the site everyday so I will know when there are new contests on :)

siteniz Nov 20 2008

congratulations to all the winners

jujudellago Nov 20 2008

Yeah !!

so happy for this win :)

thanks to six revisions, theme forest, and envato netowrk for setting up this contest!

insic Nov 20 2008

lol, i dont win, im not lucky enough. im hurt.

Michael Martin Nov 20 2008

Another lucky guy here! Wasn’t expecting that!

Thanks Jacob and the Envato guys for the prize! :D

Publicidad Gratis Nov 22 2008

Too bad i didn’t get in time..
Gonna be waiting for the next contest..


oythun Jan 30 2010

Competitors the best of success.

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