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This was published on Aug 25, 2009


adone Aug 25 2009

I’m singing very good words on this cms. I like learning cms platform. CUSHY CMS its chance in new skills for me.

Alex Crooks Aug 25 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Simplicity, few options for the end user, plenty of hints and guides throughout the system.

Shawn Aug 25 2009

The ability to get up and running very quickly is important to me.

Mohsen Aug 25 2009

IF I win, I will use it for my company website.
Usability and the level of management are the most.
My current has no serious prob now.

Kumar Saurav Aug 25 2009

I would use CushyCMS Pro for my new website

Hasib Aug 25 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Easy maintenance and simple to use.

Kolin Aug 25 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?:

The ability for non-technical users to manage there website without much configuration from the designer

Adeline Aug 25 2009

I have clients who would benefit from its simple editing provided by CushyCMS. I have no problems with the CMS I currently use but I like to challenge myself and explore other options out there, including CushyCMS :)

webbografico Aug 25 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

simplicity of use, roles (and possibility to eliminate the features I don’t need from the admin backend for the final client), cache system, great community to ask for help

Thomas Aug 25 2009

1. Our new website to a new small company
2. I don’t need to learn a new programming language. I can set it up fast
3. No need to tweak my CMS tool I used today

# What issues do you have with your current Content Management System?

# I’m too dependant on patches and revisions by the community whenever I find bugs; open source CMS.

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Quick set up time and ease of integration are very important to me. I find CMS’s can sometimes be daunting so I would be very happy to use a great and well developed CMS like Cushy.

Synthetic Tone Aug 25 2009

If I won, I would use the pro subscription to replace my Joomla site for my graphic design and photography portal. Ease of customization and upgrades is important to me. Currently, my CMS is slow, bloated and under constant need of security upgrades which are time consuming because of no easy method for upgrades like WordPress has.

Dennis Stevenson Aug 25 2009

What a very odd coincidence, having this contest at the very time I’m looking for a CMS.
I have reviewed CushyCMS, SurrealCMS and a couple others in an effort to supply an upcoming client the ability to edit their own website content w/o opening them up to a blog style software like WordPress.
If I won, I would be able to put CushyCMS to use almost immediately on 2 clients websites!
The most important feature to me is simplicity. I don’t want to spend hours learning new code just to allow a client the ability to edit a single page. After that I find it important to be able to customize content and appearance.
My current CMS is very simple to use and install but lacks many of the additional features such as the ability to customize the appearance or use my own domain name.

What features of a Content Management System are important to you? For me personally ease of use for my clients this is the main priority!

Koodoz Design Aug 25 2009

Providing it’s as ‘cushy’ as it looks, it would allow me to develop CMS driven sites for my clients within quicker time frames, allowing me to makes sites for less than I currently do and pass on the savings to them ;)

It would also be great to promote our work as being built around a CMS developed by Australians (Melbournians to boot!)

David Aug 25 2009

I thought there was supposed to be no programming with this CMS? I saw the tut and you have to immediately start editing the CSS just to start.

One day there will be a CMS with REALLY absolutely no coding required.

Until then…..

Dustan Franks Aug 25 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

I currently love using cushycms and continue to use it a content management solution for clients who require the ability to edit current content live on their sites. For a more powerful CMS, the ability to add/edit pages as well as manage navigation menus.

My customers love the free version of CushyCMS, I would love to be able to let them have the opportunity to use the Pro version. The part I like about CushyCMS is that when a customer comes to me with an already decent website that is static, I can give them a low cost option to be able to update their site whenever they want.

Troy Peterson Aug 25 2009

If I won, I would use the pro account for client work, where a full and complex CMS system is not required.

Justin Aug 25 2009

I’ve been looking into Cushy for a while. Thanks.

stefano Aug 25 2009

CMS is very important for dynamic content and data interoperability in internet. Feature I want is:
– completeness: data must be free to implemented as I want, not limited by CMS feature. Possibility to create new settings. Completness about user setting and rights
– simplicity: along with first point, what I put on my website must be instant ready for common way-to-use (es: writing blog, video upload)
– external 3part and upgrading: possibility to implemnte with clear API new feature
– documentation: no more “what is this????”

CushyCMS is an interesting platform. I’m lookin’ for flexibility.

higgins Aug 25 2009

I am finding the cms I’ve used often is a little too complicated for the average user – styles get mixed up, can’t place photos where desired. Need simpler, easier…CUSHIER!

Chris Aug 25 2009

If I won, I would implement Cushy CMS on my current sites, and my sites that are in Development. If anybody asked what I used to manage content, I would say “CushyCMS Pro”.

The ability to add images, but also be able to resize them is one of the most important things on a CMS to me.

It is a self built CMS that I currently have, so sometimes I will have an issue that comes up that takes hours to resolve because I forgot to write the instruction manual to this thing!

I’ve used CushyCMS in the past and have considered the pro option. As a web developer, it’s important to have a light-weight and simple/fast to implement solution for clients who want to have the option to do some periodic editing.

Nick Plekhanov Aug 25 2009

> CushyCMS is great way to allow my clients to edit static sites
> Allowing me to take any website and add editing functionality and management to it using a very simple and easy to use interface
> Produces standards compliant, search engine friendly content
> The simple way that allow me to template my websites. It involves just adding a class to each element you’d like editable

Desides I have a few clients who are not at all tech savvy and things like Joomla, Drupal or even WordPress freak them out. I love how easy the control panel is of Cushy CMS.

Justin Aug 25 2009

If I won then I would use it for my upcoming website. I am hoping to start my own business by the end of September. :)

Daniel Apt Aug 25 2009

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?

I would definitely use it for more sites I create. I’ve already been using CushyCMS for a while, and I love it, however clients don’t like seeing cushycms instead of the name of their site. So I’d most definitely start using it for more clients.

rafaelpampoch Aug 25 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Support, usability, simplicity, user frendly, easy implementation and low coast, of course…

Marius Aug 25 2009

My Joomla installs are too cluttered, use tables for content, and templates are quite nasty to build.

Matthew D Morgan Aug 25 2009

The features of a CMS that are important to me are those which I think are also most important to the client. These include how easy it is to set up initially as a developer ie how long does the client have to wait to get started using it and then how easy it is for the client to use. From experience I feel that the ease of branding and customising the CMS for the Client is also important as it makes them feel a greater sense of ownership.

Eric Granata Aug 25 2009

I’ve admired ChushyCMS for a while for its simplicity and ease of implementation.

If I won, I’d use my CushyCMS Pro subscription to offer robust, CMS features to my clients. I can keep costs down because integrating the CMS is wicked easy.

An intuitive editing process for my client is important to me. And if that is not available, good, white-label documentation that I can point my clients to if they need help.

Issues aplenty. I love my current CMS, but am getting frustrated with their reseller program, server downtime (it’s a hosted solution), and lack of flexibility.

Matthew Achariam Aug 25 2009

As a new web designer I’ve only heard good things of Cushy CMS and would love to try it out.

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?

I would use CushyCMS Pro to update a few sites I have made for clients, to give them a better and more professional experience with editing their site.

Stacy K Aug 25 2009

Q. What issues do you have with your current Content Management System?

A. Although there are many good CMS’s out there, I really want one that is light weight and would give me the flexibility I am looking for. Instead of trying to build a site to fit the CMS, I prefer the fit the CMS to the design.

SpookyET Aug 25 2009

1. If I win, I’ll use CushyCMS for my next website.
2. I’m looking for simplicity for both the admin and the user, as well as a good looking user interface.
3. The problem with the current CMS is that it’s overly complicated, ugly, and very hard to use for both an admin and a simple user. It is pretty much unusable.

Amanda Aug 25 2009

It’s important for a CMS to not be intimidating to end users, so they will take the initiative to make small revisions themselves and keep their site content up to date.

Anson Kuo Aug 25 2009

Ease of use while still having a broad range of features is what’s most important to me. =)

Dan S Aug 25 2009

I’ve used Cushy in the past because it really is drop dead simple, and will use it again, epically if I can brand it with a pro account.

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Well… it’s not really up to me. My clients have to love it! There’s no point having a CMS if it’s to complicated for the client to use.

I’ve heard great things about Cushy.It would be great to try it out!

Roberto Aug 25 2009

Quick setup time and ease of use.

Niice. I use Drupal and WordPress. Would love to give this one a go.

Manuel Hidalgo Aug 25 2009

Muy buen articulo , no conocía este CMS , espero ganar , gracias!!!

Amaiko Aug 25 2009

# If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?
I would use it for my new website.

Christian Sjøbeck Aug 25 2009

My subscription would be used on my blog.

The most important features would be: Being able to easily control your content, without 5000 different options. It has to be clean and easy to use and keep up with.

Drupal is too complicated and complex. The different features is spread around many categories and is at times hard to find.

James Aug 25 2009

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription:

We are software developers, quite a small company, we have quite a few customers who use our software and they often ask for tweaks to the interface so they can change it for themselves. We just don’t have the time to do it for them.

CushyCMS would allow us to give our customers the ability to make their own changes to our software, we could restrict their changes to just ‘visual’ elements of our software whilst keeping the functionality intact!

Great combination.

Marissa Aug 25 2009

As a web designer I’ve built dozens of sites for business and individuals, and the biggest headache almost always comes after the project is completed. Websites are meant to be fluid and flexible, and so there inevitably comes a point when a client wants to change the content.

Unfortunately, the biggest issue with our current CMS is that it’s too complex for the average joe to use. What appeals to me about CushyCMS is its simplicity: you cut out all unnecessary irrelevant features and, in doing so, cut out all the hand-holding as well. Sign me up!

Jim Arthur Aug 25 2009

We are a private school and are lookinginto revising our website to allow each of our teachers to create a page. I need a system that is easy to use and after looking at CusyCMS believes this highly qualifies for the task. I cannot comment on our current cms system for we do not have one. I look forward to learning more about CushyCMS

angemy Aug 25 2009

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?

I would use it to set up my new website business. I have used a few cms’s before but from using cushyCMS, I know this is one of the better ones, and which would help to showcase it off to potential clients

roughson Aug 25 2009

I have used a lot of CMS, this one really looks nice and prmising. Would definitely like to try it

Dr. Zeuz Aug 25 2009

I had a common trouble, a lots of sites and different CMS, thats because many of my clients alreasy had a service contracted when I got to them. This resumes 2 things, A CMS like CCMS, Will help me to unificate My Sites without having to do tons of coding for the changes, and my aprentices will be able to help me in a more frendly enviroment. For me this is important in a CMS because many of my aprentices are Designers and not coders, so is not so easy for them to deal with a complicated CMS.

So having a Pro acount on CCMS wil solve my current problems with CMS, besides will make our life easyer!!

Christian Markley Aug 25 2009

The ease of use and its being a hosted CMS are huge features for me and my clients.

What features of a Content Management System are important to you? Being able to brand the CMS and having an easy user interface for clients.

Lara Hansen Aug 25 2009

I have seen Cushy in use and am very impressed with the ease of use. I would use Cushy for both myself and my clients, I have been getting non stop requests for a CMS and cushy looks like the easiest to use.

Brenelz Aug 25 2009

The most important part of a CMS is ease-of use!

What issues do you have with your current Content Management System?

I do not currently have a content management system I prefer to use. I typically design static sites or use Code Igniter as a framework to build a custom CMS. That said, the flexibility that CushyCMS offers allows me to make content of websites editable AFTER the website has already been created. This flexibility would prove very useful to me as it would allow me to offer clients the ability to edit content on a website which was originally a static website.

I played with CushyCMS and it is nice and flexible. It makes my job easier and my clients happier.


Chris Aug 25 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Community (forums) and user (profiles, PM) features are a big helping hand for me. Having users blossom into a community and that community chit-chat about what they love gives me pleasure in what I design.

Alexander Aug 25 2009

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?

I am creating a website for my father and this would allow him to update the site easily.

Alan Houser Aug 25 2009

I just love the Cushy concept. No-use using a bloated CMS if all you want is to edit little chunks of content on a site. I would use it on any site (even large/dynamic site) where the client needs to get-in, get-out and get-on with their lives.

I would use cushy CMS to power a site devoted to the newest website trends and latest analysis statistics.

Edwin Orellana Aug 26 2009

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?

I would deffinitly use it to start a project I’ve wanted to start for a long time, and CushyCMS is the perfect CMS, I’ve tried others, but they are too cluttered and very complicated to use, I think CushyCMS is the perfect option for me, and of course, I want to win the subscription.

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Ease of use – I’d like to get-in-and-out as quick as possible!

Dries Aug 26 2009

Cushy as sitting in a couch and loving to give my clients the best

Matty D Aug 26 2009

I would use the subscription to finish off the final touches to the redesign of my fathers website, – it is my year long project for Design & Technology course here in Australia

Obviously ease of use, its a sterotype, but when I leave I just know my father will be asking me a thousand and one questions on how to edit this, or that, and a content management system is easy enough for him to understand.

I have many errors popping up all the time, something does not edit correctly, some images are not aligned the way they are supposed to be, frustrates me a lot.

Kyle Mellander Aug 26 2009

I’m always frustrated with creating a UI for customers that is really easy to use, and yet does not require hours and hours of work to create. Cushy does that job for me and allows me to make simple websites for customers in minutes that they then have control of. Thanks!

Caro Bush Aug 26 2009

To answer question 3….I’ve been using cushy for low budget sites for clients and while its super easy to set up and use, some of my less computer-savvy clients do have problems with it, the free version that is. So my issues with the free version is that it doesn’t yet take on the CSS styles I have defined and is very sloppy in assigning classes on its own, i.e. it can easily bugger up the overall design of the site if left to clients to use. If they don’t know HTML, which they usually don’t, then I’m the one left to “clean-up” their changes, which defies the point of having a CMS to begin with. This obviously wouldn’t be a problem with the pro-version, so I’d love to try it out!

Twice Aug 26 2009

I would try Cushy for my clients and see if it’s good enough to keep. Aug 26 2009

Form me the most important feature for a CMS is the possibility to use all part of page like widget to move in a personal theme.

nuno costa Aug 26 2009

I really need to ditch word press, CushyCMS seems to be the way to go

We would use the Pro account to let our clients make their own updates, which keeps them off our backs.

I believe a CMS must be dead simple on the user side, but at the same time useful and deep on the developer side.

We use different CMS software depending on who the client is. I think the main issue with any CMS is explaining to the end user how it all works. So I think excellent documentation and general help is key.

Melek Aug 26 2009

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?
As a web designer/developer, I’m constantly being asked if the clients can update their own sites. So I’m in dire need of a good CMS. I’ve been using Adobe InContext Editor, which is great, but i like the idea of being able to customize the CMS to have my logo/branding on it.

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?
Customization. Security. And definitely ease-of-use.

What issues do you have with your current Content Management System?
I dont like that in using InContext editor, the clients have to setup their own account and send me the info. I also don’t like that if the client is using SFTP, that InContext has LOTS of issues with it. I had to change servers at one point bc we couldn’t get it to work.

eatsleepwork Aug 26 2009

What issues do you have with your current Content Management System?
90% of the issues I normally have problems with is image uploading, resizing and organization.

Taz Carper Aug 26 2009

I like to design my websites without using a pre-existing framework, such as WordPress. I’ve used Cushy CMS before and I really like the ease of adding one div class that allows my clients to edit text without going through any kind of complicated process. CMS needs to be simple and not just “blog” oriented.

Keehun nam Aug 26 2009

If I win CushyCMS, I would use it to start the website for my little restaurant start-up. So exciting!!!

Tom Hebert Aug 26 2009

If I won I don’t think I’d use it. It’s nothing at all against CushyCMS specifically. It’s a fear I have of all outboard CMS solutions. It’s the idea that I’d work myself into the position of having the heart of 15 sites I’ve designed all depending on the proper functioning of a third party site. One single point failure and I’d have 15 angry site owners (not right away, because presumably updates would be inoperative, but the existing content would still be there). If there was a good solution to this problem I think the third party CMS’s in general would get more traction.

Better to load Typo3 on 15 sites and have no single point exposure. Just my feeling.

anjrea Aug 26 2009

I’d like to use CushyCMS in the future for upcoming website projects. I’ve checked out CushyCMS before and I liked what I saw.

Andrew Aug 26 2009

The current CMS I use is rather difficult to skin. I had never heard of it before today, so either way, I’m starting up a free account.

Philip Downer Aug 26 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Most important is ease of use for my clients. Since about 90% of the contracts that I accept are for small businesses, it’s important to me that the interface is not needlessly complex.

I’ve been using WordPress for the majority of CMS needs, but often it just feels like “overkill”.

The element of a CMS that is most important to me is also that which I love about CushyCMS… the fact that you don’t have to structure your site around making it a CMS, you can implement ‘sections’ of CMS-able content! This makes for a beautiful thing when a client needs to just be able to edit a few key points of their site, so you don’t struggle with an entire Drupal or WordPress Theming nightmare!

Darryl Aug 26 2009

I would use this great solution for some clients because it’s to configure and easy to use for the client without a large learning curve.
Features of importance would be, ease of use, and ease of being able to add new content/images to a page.
Current issues with other CMS’s would be the learning curve, while I’ve used CushyCMS before it did not have at the time some features that some clients wanted but I was aware they were working to improve certain features.

Ashok Aug 27 2009

CushyCMS is a awesome tool for small and medium website operators, and very easy to use. even a novice with no computer programming language expertise can use it. excellent and A+ rated. All the best CushyCMS Team

AdamJ Aug 27 2009

If I won, I’d whitelabel the editor, and start using it for clients who have a basic site and need to be able to update their work easily.

Cheers for the competition guys!

Daniel Aug 27 2009

Use Cushy for 2 sites now. My clients and i love the simplicity of this nice system.

Would love a subscription to Cushy CMS as many of my clients are not so tech savvy and the likes of WordPress or Expression Engine would simply confuse them. Cushy’s simple editing process is probably it’s best feature.

I am using DNN as my CMS

I like to use this new one….

John Holtgrew Aug 27 2009

I’d appreciate using CushyCMS. Simplicity is a huge factor for me me with my clients. In this day in age a lot of people are still web illiterate and having to teach certain clients a content management system can be very time consuming. Being able to specifiy a fixed area that someone can only make changes to would be a huge time saver.

Amy Kurtz Aug 27 2009

If I won, I’d love to set up a personal site, experiment with the CMS, and try new web design techniques.

Brian Cassidy Aug 27 2009

I have only dabbled in making my own very weak content management systems. If I won CushyCMS I would use it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and skill set.

Andy Murphy Aug 27 2009

I have used cushy CMS in the past and was blown away at how much flexibility I have over my design’s and still keep my clients happy with a simple way of editing their website content. At the time very few of my clients required content editing. Currently any of my clients who require content editing are stuck with complicated CMS’s that are just a hassle to them.

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?
IF I won the CushyCMS subscription I would re-develop my business plan to include Cushy as my main selling point. Making my clients well aware of its potential and the simplicity of editing their own web sites.

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?
I like my clients to have full control over how their copy looks, it’s whats most important to them, so a WYSIWYG editor is a major feature to have. They should also feel comfortable with the surroundings of the admin panel which CushyCMS has mastered. Sign in, quick edits and sign off… its that easy.

What issues do you have with your current Content Management System?
Current CMS systems I use are to complex for my clients, they want something simple that takes only a few minutes to update on their own. Other CMS’s have a huge learning curve, both with skinning and modifications… with Cushy this is not the case. I have full control over the placement of editable regions with many simple options. CushyCMS really makes the designers job easier and allows them me be more efficient in my planning and development of each site.

To list only a few problems I have with content management systems but not CushyCMS would be: Massive learning curve, monthly or even weekly system updates, server-side vulnerabilities, time-consuming website changes, system update causing design flaws and the list goes on.

By keeping my design and CMS simple, the process is therefor simple for my client.

> If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?
I’m using Drupal but I’ll use CushyCMS for building less complicated websites.

MicheleB Aug 28 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Ease of use, not needing to repeat information in multiple places

Joren Rapini Aug 28 2009

I’m an avid user of CushyCMS already. I use it for almost every project where a full blown CMS like WordPress is not necessary. It’s great for simple website that are not going to have any new websites created, and it’s so quick and easy to get up and running.

I would love to have a pro subscription, so I could brand it for my own.

Zach Williams Aug 29 2009

I am 15 years old and run my own website design company. I currently have no CMS however, I seem to be loosing clients because I can’t offer a Content Managment System. CMS is very important as most of my clients don’t live in the local area, and they don’t want to keep contacting me to update their websites. If I won CushyCMS then my problems would be solved and clients could update their websites themselves. We’d be happy all round.

Scott Foley Aug 29 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Something simple for my clients to use. 99% of all my clients are not web savvy. They need something that is not only simple but intuitive. Cushy is both.

Prashant K Aug 29 2009

I would use it on many of my client’s websites. It offers a more simplistic method to update content, without building a site in wordpress or another more complex CMS. Easier for user and easier for the designer.

andrew Aug 29 2009

I would use it for the new Sophies Gift website (charity), I need simplicity and speed, with an adoption of standards. Current issues, are complex layouts, bloated code and complex and steep learning curves for designers as well as users…

Michael Aug 30 2009

What a great contest!

In choosing a CMS, the features that I’m looking for are the ability to theme and skin the software VERY easily, such as the ability of CushyCMS to just add tags. I’m looking for a balance of features between something that is bloated with components (Joomla!) and something that needs to be hacked so much that you could say that you actually made it (WordPress).

Andrew Champ Aug 30 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?


thirteen82 Aug 31 2009

My problems with CMS is that I have never used one before…and I call myself a web designer….CUSHY CMS – Help me be a well rounded web designer…woo woo

James Aug 31 2009

I’d use it to start my new small business!
Easy updating is important to me.
I’m having such trouble getting a CMS to work on a local webserver! So many various errors, install after install.


Keith D Aug 31 2009

Cushy is a great CMS for clients who just want to alter a few bits and pieces, but, and this is a big but… you have to hand over your FTP info. That’s why I’ve never used Cushy CMS.

The idea is great, but then I read this from their Terms and Conditions:

CushyCMS accesses and stores sensitive website login data as part of its daily operations. While we will take every reasonable precaution to secure these details (including the use of database data encryption), we will not accept any responsibility or liability for actions that may result from this data being intercepted or accessed by an unauthorized third-party.”

That made me think twice!!

A big issue with many content management systems I have used is ease of use for the end user. Sure, they may have many features, but if the client has a hard time managing their sites it makes it counterproductive.

One thing I like about CushyCMS (I have used the free version) is how easy it is to teach a relatively ‘web illiterate’ person to maintain a simple site. With CushyCMS Pro I look forward to continuing to provide clients with a greater user experience in maintaining their websites.


Shaun Aug 31 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

One of the important features that I really look into is the ability of the CMS to withstand stability. I appreciate CMS’s that are built of iron and adding extensions or added extendability with add-ons have very little effect over the integrity of the CMS. I hate when I work with third party functions and the website crashes and has to be repaired rather than projects like word press who can seamlessly add or remove the plug ins without having much worry if its going to crash.

Connor Aug 31 2009

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?

Learn how to use it first!

NetSet Media Aug 31 2009

The issues that I have with my current CMS, mainly wordpress, is that it is too complicated for the basic functions most are looking for. Cushy CMS is great because it makes it simplified and offers white labeling!

Ewan Lauder Aug 31 2009

My ideal CMS is the hub of my clients communication network. Its functionality concerned less with content creation and more with the logistics of re-using, moving & managing content around the web.
Connecting to other online solutions with truly integrated plugins. A dashboard and media library helping my client to monitor and aggregate social media activities and brand across the web.
This CMS will also feature astute page navigation, a refined, engaging user interface and a template I can theme with ease.

I think I might have missed the deadline,, that’s UK time for you :)

Dan Mowchan Aug 31 2009

As a web designer who is just beginning to take new clients, I would like to make life easier for them and myself as well. With CushyCMS I am already doing this, but the pro subscription would allow me to make the experience more legit to my clients.

With my CMS I like it to be powerful and easy to use. I like CushyCMS because it is the absolute simplest way for my clients to update their websites.

I have no issues with my current CMS but I would love to improve it for the clients with the pro version!

Dean Butler Sep 01 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

I like a cms system to offer a WYSIWIG user interface so all my clients can easily use it. Cushy ticks this box!

Sasha Freedom Zea Sep 01 2009

If you won, how would you use your CushyCMS Pro subscription?

way too wisely for you to understand

Mariella Sep 01 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Actually, the ability to use it in as many sites as I want to and yet be simple enough. I’ve used WordPress MU and MovableType and none of them fulfill my spectations

Justin Lancaster Sep 01 2009

What features of a Content Management System are important to you?

Smplicity and usability. As a freelance web designer more clients are asking for a CMS these days. Problem is they don’t want something that is too complicated to use. Plus, I don’t want to have to spend a ton of time training them on how to use it.

I’ve only just discovered CushyCMS but the simplicity of it looks fantastic. Looks like a great, really easy to use solution for me and my clients.

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