Giveaway: Free Subscriptions to Depositphotos

Up for grabs are three 30-day subscriptions to Depositphotos.

How to Win

For a chance to win a 30-day free subscription to Depositphotos, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the their royalty-free stock library
  2. Find a stock file that you really like
  3. In the comments section at the bottom of this post:
    • Mention the URL of the stock file you found
    • Discuss why you like the stock file or where you’d use it if you won a free subscription

Giveaway Details

This giveaway ends on May 27, 2013 after which the comments section on this post will be closed and you will no longer be able to leave a comment. Please leave a valid email address when filling out the comment form so that we can contact you if you’ve won. Please only comment once. The winners will be randomly selected using the same method as previous Six Revisions giveaways. The winners will be announced on a separate post. Please note that comments are moderated and so your comment may not show up right away. Please also note that comments that do not follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published, or may be removed later on.

This was published on May 20, 2013


Peter Steven May 20 2013

I love this sporty / perspective / dynamic photos. I like this type of photo because they can give you a nice boost to come up with really nice photo manipulations artworks.

Joao Oliveira May 20 2013

Use it for a VoIP solution project, as a “professional support” image. :)

José Eduardo Biasioli May 20 2013—fresh-juice-pours-from-fruits-and-vegetables.html?sqc=3&sqm=1917416&sq=v6es7

I would use that photo to start the section about home made juices in my blog about recipes and places to eat in my town.

why you like the stock file: Beacause I am building an application for mobile devices that I will use this user interface.

Ashley // Our Little Apartment May 20 2013

I LOVE this gorgeous photo:

I’d use in wedding invites or thank you cards or as a graphic on a post.

Anya Breton May 20 2013

I’d use this image on my blog and/or author web site: because it’s eye-catching and would appeal to my visitors (who are predominantly romance readers).

Vangelis May 20 2013

I would use this file for many website as it features many usefull icons, vectors and graphics!

Karl Fitzgerald May 20 2013

This quality background would be a great asset to our graphic design company clients.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Doug Phillips May 20 2013

I’d like to incorporate this hot press type image in my personal portfolio Web site. It’s a really nice shot for describing one of my creative services.

Steven May 20 2013

I work constantly on a client’s website who sells gift cards for grocery stores and restaurants. I’m always looking for stock photos of food like this:

A subscription would give me a nice repository of some food photos!

Mike Hale May 20 2013

I would use the metal sculpture image at for an upcoming presentation

I work for a non-profit and we could really use stuff like this when discussing stress in daily life.

Anthony May 20 2013

I liked the categorized sections, and when I saw this image ( in the retro and vintage section, I thought that would be great for background image for a website. that was looking for a natural look or more country western style site.

Chris May 20 2013

I would use this for our next ad in our field’s industry publication journal.

Nice, clean, and plenty of space for text.

Iceburg May 20 2013


This image has potential to be used as a video frame-up, or really anything. It would make a great start to a custom menu set as well.

I would be very happy to test-drive depositphotos. We are using stock images daily for creating indesign templates at

For example, right now I’m designing a spa brochure, and images in ‘wellness’ category like this one would be just perfect to illustrate the template.

Ryan Conley May 20 2013

Starting an entertainment company, specializing in high end karaoke… this would be on our website and flyers. :-)

Edyta May 21 2013

I love this seemless background – could use it on a client’s background at the moment I can think of a client that wants a re-design of her site and think it would work really well for it.

Shack May 21 2013

I am a web designer and I always find myself in need of stock photos. Because I am working for a medical digital company, I tend to search the web almost everytime for medical&health related pictures. This giveaway would really help!

Pedro Regadas May 21 2013

Hello, I´m a designer and this image is perfect for a future poster design I gone made for an wine harvest fair: And other images gone give me great inspiration for my graphic design works.

Verónica- Estudio y Diseño May 21 2013
I love this vector because is very versatile and I could use it in my next craft project… :D

Francois May 21 2013

I’m doing reviews of all kind of stuff on my website, images would definetly help.

One section I’d like to add more stuff is a trecking section, and I have no images to help me out. This sort of image I would use :


José May 21 2013

i’m starting a travel blog, and this photos are much better than mine. I want to use this house of parlament photo to create a post 5 thing must see in london.

Candace May 21 2013

I like this photo because is combines the hope and vision involved in farming (the sunset) as well as the hard work (the bales in the foreground). I would use this photo on one of the pages of our extranet.

Lots of great photos for my foodie website.


Lauren Wolff May 22 2013

This image is exactly the kind one finds difficult to find, a unposed,natural looking business scenario. It’s refreshing to see and a photo I would definitely use for my brochures and websites.Thanks!

This would be a terrific image for our website and marketing (we sell art supplies). We use a lot of stock images – thanks for the new source.

David May 22 2013

I like:

I often need animal photos and this would be a great site for that.

Prayag Verma May 22 2013

I will use in my blog redesign , I am looking for cute monsters and this stock file would come handy in that . Would use it as the banner for my donation link

GMLGeek May 22 2013

I am building a new, responsive website for our library system and need a colorful, book-related background to put there. This one: fits the bill perfectly!

Jason May 22 2013

My wife & I started a nonprofit a year ago, and we’re still updating & improving the website. Right now, it’s very graphic light, and we want to start adding imagery that will help ease the minds of women suffering from postpartum depression. This is one of the images we could use in either the blog section, or as a feature image for one of our events.

what I like most in this photo is the possibility of reusing various parts.
Such application is for flyers from various nightclubs.

Colleen C May 22 2013

I love this image for a blog article I am working on.—Customer-Support-Service-Solutions.html?sqc=9&sqm=10152&sq=1a8y79 It is a bit of a call to action and it is eye catching!

Sydney Miles May 23 2013

I love this photo by Ramon Grosso Dolarea because it is evocative of a country garden. I would like to use it for my future blog about gardening and landscape designing. I found it on .

Hein Zaw Htet May 23 2013

I am a web designer and i need stock photos for my design.

I like –
Good to put in my future design’s slider. :-) nice and simple.

Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi May 23 2013

Well, Deposit photos has high-quality stock photos. I love this image
As freelance designer, i always need stock photos,currently i’m working on IT Consulting ‘s website project, so i need kinda picture related to technology, business people and etc.If i won, it will really useful for me.
I hope i win this time. Hope for the best.
Thank you.

Karl J. Gephart May 23 2013

I really like My company has a lot of realtors as clients and we post for them on their blogs and these photos would be a real asset to have!

Ashley Drake Gephart May 23 2013

I like I run a fitness blog at and these photos would be great to have!

Honde May 23 2013

I would use:

For a background image in one of my future designs, it’s a wonderful fit! May 23 2013

I would use:–i-pad-and-phone.html?sqc=17&sqm=401975&sq=1avoe3

My current website uses CSS3 Technology and responsive web design. I would use this image on my home page or in a blog post describing the work that I do.

nicola tudino May 23 2013

I like this clean and beauty web template that i’d like to use as start point for my personal website

Artem May 24 2013

I am the leader of a small ad-company, so we are making a lot of reports for our customers. I’d like to have some pictures like this for making or advertisement strategy propositions, or some kind of reports. There are lots of good pictures there, so I am already a client for about a year. Hope to win! )))

Paula Noah May 24 2013

Thanks for generous giveaway! I’d love to use –—tree-with-education-icons.html?sqc=13&sqm=323634&sq=v6kch
One of my friends is struggling to build a website for her daycare center. I’d like to help and polish her website with quality images from DepositPhotos. Thanks to Jacob and DepositPhotos for such kind giveaway.

Jahangir May 24 2013

I would need images for my upcoming web hosting project, something like this and related photos.

I hope I would be lucky to get the subscription plan :)

Matt Rasmussen May 25 2013

I would use this sunflower for my wife’s website. She has her own yoga studio and she uses sunflowers as an ornament on her site.

Valeria May 26 2013

I’m a web designer and always in need of good textures. Right now i’m looking for a good grass texture, like this one
Quite often I use depositephotos to get images I need. I would love to get a free subscription so i can use it in my multiple projects!!!

michalis May 26 2013
well i could use this in many contests talking about the joy of biking, or about free time, about summer, outdoor activities etc. so it pretty useful, and its a beautiful photo and set also.

BJ Adkins May 26 2013

I have been looking for some “dancer” images for several photoshop tutorials that I am wanting to do. My granddaughter is really into dance already at age 3 and I’d like to do several really nice images to turn into posters for her room and to encourage her to pursue dance as long as that is a passion for her.


sagar May 27 2013

This is fantastic : thank you for this information I love to read this post because it is very useful and easy to understand,
after reading this page I will see see the other pages of this web hopefully have a lot of good information

Kevin May 27 2013

I’m gonna use this in my client’s website. This would be a great help in lessening costs if I win! :)

Jmgmg May 27 2013

I am web designer as well as developer.
I likes .
Really excited to win.

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