FreshBooks Giveaway Results

Last week, I posted a giveaway of a FreshBooks one-year subscription giveaway.

The winner is Mattias Gunnerås. Mattias is a developer who works for Poke London, where he does (and I quote) “all sorts of web related goodness.”

This was published on Nov 4, 2008


Danny Tatom Nov 04 2008

Congrats Mattias!

Danh ba web 2.0 Nov 04 2008

Thanks post. keep up !

insic Nov 05 2008

congrats to the winner.

Rayanne Langdon Nov 06 2008

Congratulations to Mattias! And thanks, Six Revisions, for your awesome post and for hosting this contest.

iInvoicing Apr 22 2009

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Dillanger Jun 27 2011

I thought finding this would be so arduuos but it’s a breeze!

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