Giveaway: Subscriptions to Depositphotos

In this giveaway, we’ve teamed up with the amazing people over at Depositphotos to give away three 1-month subscriptions to their site.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question in the comments below: How would you benefit from the 1-month subscription to Depositphotos?

This giveaway ends on June 26, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jun 19, 2012


marcintosch Jun 19 2012

Hey guys (;

How I would benefit of the subscription? Well, I’m a busy designer for both web and iOS/Mac Apps. The subscription to depositphotos would allow me to add the highest quality of stock photos to my and my customer’s projects. The range of creativity is amazing on depositphotos and I could add up to the best 300 of it to the web or app projects (;

Good luck to ev’ry1

Pixelless Jun 19 2012

I would use it for my new web/blog project in near future. It will be a website about football team from London, I would love to use some pictures from Depositphotos to push the work faster.

schwooba Jun 19 2012

I would benefit by getting some professional images to use on a website that I’m starting. Need some background images and embellishments. Thanks!

Jesica Jun 19 2012

I am a blogger and this would help me. Thank for posting. I am surly going try it.

Jennifer Jun 19 2012

“How would you benefit from the 1-month subscription to Depositphotos?”

I would use this wonderful resource to help my clients!

Rishi Luchun Jun 19 2012

Well it would be nice to use something instead of iStock for a change!

Pablo López Jun 19 2012

Depositphotos looks great for searching cool photos for my new business site :)

It’d be nice to have 1 month suscription for free ;)

Silke Jun 19 2012

I am starting my own little businesses, Webdesign and Grafikdesign.
So I would benefit with professional Photos on my BusinessSite and professional Photos for my work/clients

thanks for chance to win
Silke (silke.hi(at)gmx(dot)de)

wolny strzelec Jun 19 2012

With the subscription, you will gain the photos to blogs, web designing and flyers. You can also start to collect pictures. You can create artistic works, montages.

Ivan Zidarov Jun 19 2012

A-ha. here is a chance to win a nice collection of stock photos. Well some of my websites need redesign and there is a website which can help me choosing the next new look.

Mark Kanninga Jun 19 2012

This would be the perfect oppertunity to find the graphics high quality graphics to design my niece’s wedding invitation and my own babyshower invitation :-)

Andre Jun 19 2012

I won´t use my family members for photo model anymore!

i will use it in my webdesign and graphic design projects. :)

Karl Fitzgerald Jun 19 2012

I would certainly be able to use a lot of the high quality images at Depositphotos for my graphic design business.

Yuni Ardita S.D Jun 19 2012

Sweet! It would be useful for all my design projects!

daniel Jun 19 2012

It would help me save a few $ ;)

Ron Sly Jun 19 2012

Access to high quality photos will improve the media efforts of several small organizations which I work with.

Michael Jun 19 2012

Teaching myself to code and trying to build a new website, and I know that I need to enhance it with some great, relevant photos, so I would certainly love to win this!

Tina Mailhot-Roberge Jun 19 2012

Hey there! Nice contest (and blog of course). I’m interested in DepositPhotos because I’m a blogger like you. I enjoy trying new services and providing for my readers reviews, just as I did previously for the photo stock website for 123RF. I also use photos on a regular basis for my blog articles. Good luck to all the other participants :)

Wesley W Jun 19 2012

I could finally stop giving money to iStock Photo for the same stayed, overused stock images.

Rahul Joshi Jun 19 2012

I’ll be using the stock images in the clients site I work on. DepositPhotos has a great collection of images. I had a subscription with them which expired last month. Getting another one month would definitely be a value addition to my website development work.

Francois Jun 19 2012

I would use it for a new website, to get better profesionnal pictures.

Nice giveaway !

Hello Jacob,

As a marketing intern, I am woking on many design projects for my company. I would love to use Depositphotos to give back to the company that has given me this awsome oppurtunity to learn and experience in the real world!

Tracey Jun 19 2012

In addition to using the month long subscription for my “day job” as a corporate designer, I would LOVE the opportunity to use it for my side jobs – ones that I can’t usually afford to spend any money on stock imagery. This would be like hitting it out of the park for a whole month! Thanks for the chance to win an incredible prize!

Adeel Jun 19 2012

I think I am the first one to participate:) I would love to use these images for enhancing my clients websites and ethically whenever I would need to refer then I will refer Depositphotos to my community. Thanks in advance

Colleen C Jun 19 2012

I would be able to populate my new site and blog with some awesome photos!

Diana Jun 19 2012

I would use it to improve my work

Petreau Jun 19 2012

I’ll be using THE stockphoto’s for my company in graphic design. And to make some beautiful posters! So pick me. I would dig this gift!

Ching Ya Jun 19 2012

As a blogger, I’m all about adding visual content into my blog posts. Depositphotos can be a good fit in my content strategy besides screenshots from my social media reviews and tips. Love to be selected as the winner. Finger cross.

James Jun 19 2012

I would use the photos to improve the look of my website.

I will collect the most photos i can get :D..

Gino Orlandi Jun 19 2012

I am starting up my web design business again and could really benefit from using their quality stock photos for client websites and design projects.

isnowe Jun 19 2012

This is very helpful to me , thank you

Suneel Jun 20 2012

I would use this wonderful resource to help my clients! and spread Depositphotos website for good resource to clients.

Nice giveaway.

James Walker Jun 20 2012

Awesome info. While reading this post I feel like eating my favorite ice cream. Thanks for sharing

Linda Jun 20 2012

I am looking for high-quality images. not only as in size but as in creativity and professionalism. You guys fit perfectly!

I would use this award to refresh my agency site, yey :)

Vincent Jun 20 2012

I’m a communication and multimedia design graduate student and starting my own web agency next month. This would be a great resource.

Mikolaj Jun 20 2012

I am one man army, desinging coding, etc., striving to bring westerns design standards into, a eastern europe, mainly Poland. I giveaway would enable me to make rapid jump in terms of offered product quality which will make my biznes grow due to word-of-mouth marketing, which will make me, my family and my clients very happy people. This one little thing can be an impuls that will change life of generations! And mayby, just mayby we (Poland) will finally beat Germans in soccer ;PPP

Kinda Jun 20 2012

This is really awesome. I’m a web designer, and these photos will definitely make any website attractive!

Odaku Jun 20 2012

A month of free stock images! Wow. This will help me in my web work immensely. Thanks for the opportunity.

Pedro Regadas Jun 20 2012

I use the photos from depositfiles to creat a background library for my renders and design works. It was a great and usefull prize, now I need some textures for rendering an object :)

Imran Jun 20 2012

I am a web Developer and I have more than 3 projects in hand. I will use this give-away to get some pretty photos for my projects and will please the clients.

karansinh Jun 20 2012

I would use the photos on my clients websites to improve visual pleasantness of the website.

Federico Jun 20 2012

Finding images to use when I am designing its not an easy task. I will benefit very much with this prize.

Peter Steven Jun 20 2012

I love digital illustration, so this would be a grate improvement to have the chance to use professional stocks! :)

Thomas Wessel Jun 20 2012

I would use Depostphotos to “refresh” our companies website. Thanks!

Prayag Verma Jun 20 2012

With Depositphotos large archive of images , I will be able to add a captivating visual flavor to all the content that is currently on my blog

Alejandro Carrillo Jun 20 2012

Wow! I’ll use them in my websites and also in my clients websites! really looking forward to have a bigger stock of photos for any need!

LW Design Jun 20 2012

The benefits would be that they would add visual appeal to work, make websites more lively, make reading copy less boring, attract attention and create a good first impression before reading any text, helps explain a point in the text of a website or brochure and I think makes a website more inviting to browse all pages. There are many more benefits but these are what come to mind first and foremost!

Zachary Winnie Jun 20 2012

The subscription will help me gain access to tons of stock imagery I would use on a daily basis for all kinds of print and web projects.

proje Jun 20 2012

Hello Jacob,

As a marketing intern, I am woking on many design projects for my company. I would love to use Depositphotos to give back to the company that has given me this awsome oppurtunity to learn and experience in the real world!

Rasmus Frederiksen Jun 20 2012

Would be very nice for my studies and job.

Gr8 site!

Robin Jun 20 2012

I would use it to download pictures of beautiful stock women and photoshop myself next to them.

Just kidding, photos for my sites n’stuff.

I would be really very handy. Ta.

Silvio Jun 20 2012

Well…to use some vector images in all my sites :-)

I would use the photos in my current work in magazine and in voluntary service that i contribute.

Hernan Silva Jun 20 2012

I’m a web designer and developer from Colombia, my clients often need cool photos for their businesses’ websites. I would come very handy if I could offer my clients stuning photos for their projects.

martin Jun 21 2012

How I would benefit of the subscription? I will seriously improve my img database with some quality depositphotos images.

Priya Jun 21 2012

How would I benefit? I have so many ideas itching to get out of my head in form a design but I lack resources. Depositphotos is a treasure trove of great images & they will brighten up my portfolio.

wesselhouse Jun 21 2012

Update our newsletters and blog for sure…Thanks for the opportunity.

I’d benefit greatly by having images on my site that look professional.

Lee Drozak Jun 21 2012

Who would not like to have quality images for free? This would help me improve my library of images that I draw from daily for my current business and my clients.

Kopiarki Jun 21 2012

I’ll use it in my future projects;)

Catalina Jun 21 2012

I will make better sites with access to this stock photos. My clients will be happier.

I’m crossing my fingers..

Tomas Jun 21 2012

I’d use it for making photo manipulations.

Ole K Jun 22 2012

I would use it in the blog for our new website!:) thanks SIX!

Goran Jun 22 2012

I will use this great pictures to improve my website.

Geoff Jun 22 2012

wow this will help me a lot, just finished uni and trying to kick start my career as a freelance web designer/developer,this resource comes really handy I would appreciate if selected

SongsDrive Jun 23 2012

i will change the look and feel of the website… This graphics could make my website impressive…

Mohsen Ghiasi Jun 23 2012

A nice image can make a post more worthy!

Gradius Jun 23 2012

I am new front end web designer and looking for new resources every now and then especially photos so this will introduce me to this site as their future customer definitely

Joelesign Jun 23 2012

As a junior web & graphic designer, a one month subscription on Depositphotos will be verry usefull for me for my differents personals jobs and school projetc.

Thank’s a lot! (•‿•)

Eniak Jun 24 2012

It will add life, love & passion to my existing and new designs.

GameZone Jun 24 2012

This is really awesome. These photos will definitely make any website attractive!

cyrus Jun 24 2012

Sound good, very good.
If i win, i create lot of beautiful content with this source.

Maciek Jun 25 2012

Im trying to switch my career from full time programinig to web developement. Free one month subscription of high quality pics would be great for building up portfolio

Taylor Jun 25 2012

I am working on launching a new multimedia magazine website and I could definitely use it – during the day I work as an SEO as well. I would love to try something other than iStockPhoto!

A one month subscription on Depositphotos will help me kickstart my freelance business!

james Jun 25 2012

Brilliant offer! This will help me to improvice my projects and will introduce me to depositphotos as one of my destination for resources.

Katie Jun 25 2012

I’m trying to start up my new design business! A month of free stock photos would be a huge blessing in cutting costs!

Howie Nguyen Jun 25 2012

I would benefit from the 1-month subscription to Depositphotos by getting photos I can use to make landing pages and squeeze pages to build an email list.

I would love to use this to freshen up my blog design!

GothamTommy Jun 25 2012

Would defiantly help with posting some pop culture articles.

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