Giveaway: MaxCDN Accounts

We reached out to our partners at MaxCDN to hook up five readers with MaxCDN accounts preloaded with 1 TB credit (for most sites, this is enough to last a year or more).

To win, simply answer the following question in the comments: How can MaxCDN help you with your projects?

This giveaway ends on April 20, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Apr 13, 2011


Danny Apr 13 2011

How can MaxCDN help me with my existing or future projects?
With a CDN of MaxCDN my webpages will load much faster. At the moment, I have no CDN and all objects of my website(s) are delivered from the same server. With MaxCDN I don’t have those problems anymore :-)

Lefke Apr 13 2011

That would be very helpful indeed, it would certainly remove some of the bottlenecks I’m experiencing today with certain not-for-profit clients!

jorge Apr 13 2011

My web ( has a “big” background image, I was just thinking to test a CDN, so this giveaway is… perfect!

Brendan C. Apr 13 2011

MaxCDN could offer my future business a professional, fast, and efficient content delivery network

Piotr Nalepa Apr 13 2011

It will decrease the time of loading images on my sites.

Richard Moss Apr 13 2011

Using a true CDN would help my personal website perform a little better… once I fix the slow db access anyway :)

Wow! I would use the 1TB of CDN to help power my new project and ensure that all of my visitors see what they’re supposed to – instantly!

Binoy Xavier Apr 13 2011

I want to improve my blogs performance and have been striving hard for the same. Moving images to CDN is what em looking forward to. Thanks for the giveaway.

gerald Apr 13 2011

would love to have one for my personal site am creating

How can MaxCDN help me with my existing or future projects?

MaxCDN will allow me to offload most of my site’s content and provide blazing fast speeds so I can save money and have a mediocre HTTP server for the site because its hardly going to matter!

It would certainly speed things up for my personal projects!

Web Programming 360 Apr 13 2011

As A PHP Developer, I have been trying and trying to get some of my gigantic applications up and running in order to make some money. The one only thing slows me down and that is bandwidth. Winning this contest could change my life!

Jan Kazemier Apr 13 2011

They can speed up my website and image loading times, big time!

Rahul Apr 13 2011

How can MaxCDN help me with my existing or future projects?

MaxCDN is very nice CDN service but it’s need some changes like
1)File Manager(Folders) type view for Purge Cache, Push Files …etc
2)Different Cache time for Different file extensions
3)Navigation is not user friendly right now.

Micha Kroes Apr 13 2011

My company is building a rating website for videos, this is temporary project, so a CDN would be very helpful. If it is worth trying we might consider a paying license

MaxCDN would dramatically help me increase speed on a rapidly growing WordPress site I run. We’ve been looking at ways to boost performance and this would be a life saver!

Great giveaway!

I will use it to decrease page loading time!

Cyril Apr 13 2011

I would consider switching my website to it!

Sverrir Apr 13 2011

I’m running a django site on a single server. I’ve been planning on setting up another server for serving static content. Of course this would be more sensible, saving me a few $ and possibly giving me more time with my family.

I’ve worked with CDNs before at my job as I’m a web application developer by day. Having a CDN would definitely speed up my personal sites and improve overall performance via a number of factors. This will have a huge impact since I’ll be able to offload any static assets to the CDN — images, static JS, static CSS, etc. In addition to just offloading the traffic, having a separate domains (such as a CDN sudomain on my site) will speed up asset access since browsers only supports a certain number of simultaneous connections to a specific domain. I would pick something such as Couple these benefits with integrating the CDN into my WordPress installations and I’ll have a seamless CDN integration with automatic uploads to MaxCDN.

mymyhope Apr 13 2011

my joomla site is slow,and i want to get this to improve my site pagespeed,thanks

Crazyhunk Apr 13 2011

when one thinks of going global with their online business, and in todays world, having a copy of your website on one server for the whole world i kind of stupid… this is where I guess a CDN jumps in…

a TB of bandwidth would surely give me a jump start for my existing website on a CDN

Chris Ellison Apr 13 2011

A CDN like MaxCDN would allow me to speed up my websites. I would use it to ensure the end user doesn’t have to wait more than half of a second to get the server respond, then even more time for the page to load.

Benjamin Charity Apr 13 2011

This would be an incredible help to me! I’m currently working on a start up for the student arts field. It will be a bit heavy on the resources side so a blazing CDN is a must!!

Using MaxCDN could help me deliver my content to users around the world as the best possible speed

Agile Scout Apr 13 2011


My next project is going to have a lot of images so unloading them on a CDN will make it a lot quicker.

Brian Apr 13 2011

MaxCDN would help some of my more image intensive sites to perform better and that makes for happy users and clients.

Muhammad Abubakar Haider Apr 13 2011

previously we are using amazon cloud front for our website. It would be better experience to use MaxCDN.

Rahul Arora Apr 13 2011

We are looking for a CDN solution for my startup. It is bootstrapped and we are running out of money. It will be awesome if we won :)

Erika Sentz Apr 13 2011

I am looking to extend my company’s range of products, including into advertisement, and this service would definitely help in the extension!

Nick Plekhanov Apr 13 2011

Nice giveaway. It would certainly remove some of the bottlenecks I’m experiencing today with my online projects. They are slow for me guys!

Jason Weilbaker Apr 13 2011

This will help with current clients, e-commerce, downloadable content, and media rich sites.

Stephen Apr 13 2011

Having a fast, reliable CDN (such as MaxCDN) would be really nice. ;)

Hernan Silva Apr 13 2011

I’m planning an education application and website which would have a daily access of more than 2000 users, to me that’s a lot of visitors. MaxCDN will help me to deliver content and information really fast to that relatively-high ammount of visitors.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Wiellyam Apr 13 2011

MaxCDN help my site load faster.

How can MaxCDN help me with my existing or future projects?

it’ll enhance and speed up the UX of my sites.

Sean Thompson Apr 13 2011

I run a photography website, delivery high-res photos all the time, a CDN would certainly help speed up my slow load times.

Cosmin Apr 13 2011

would be nice to use CDN to speed up my site

Kevin O'Connor Apr 13 2011

Would love to be able to use a CDN to distribute my code samples.

With a MaxCDN account our photoshop tutorial and freebies site will load much faster for everybody around the world and will allow us to allocate more resources towards creating new and compelling content and freebies!

karan Apr 13 2011

i am currently working on a game site, and as it need lot of load, i am sure MaxCDN can help me in lot of ways, like loading site faster and save my site from crash.

thanks for giveaway.

Alok Saboo Apr 13 2011

While the most obvious thing that MaxCDN can do is speed up my website (, I think as a CDN provider MaxCDN can do a whole lot more.
1. Provide intelligent reports. Since CDN providers have access to very granular details, they can inform me in terms of providing information that can help me improve my website. For example, they can tell us which pages can be improved and how.
2. Defend the website against malicious attacks. Since CDN is a layer between the user and the server, MaxCDN can provide some level of defense against malicious users.
3. Further, since CDNs know how the images and other components on the web page are organized, they can provide suggestions as to which pages to improve and how.

Let’s hope Max implements some or all of these and I win one of the prizes :-)

Colleen C Apr 13 2011

About to set up a site with a chunk of video on it – this would be incredibly helpful!

Yui Mousa Apr 13 2011

How can MaxCDN help you with your existing or future projects?

Well lets just say my project if successfull would rely mostly on CDN so those users can speedily see their work ;)

Aaron Whittaker Apr 13 2011

With MaxCDN I can speed up my wordpress sites.

Designbyarm Apr 13 2011

CDN network will improve my site loaded fast and faster.

How can MaxCDN help me with my existing or future projects?

A CDN would do wonders for one of my sites that is serving everything from the same server. Traffic is up and I would like to keep page load time down.

Jamie Robinson-Woledge Apr 13 2011

Search engines such as Google constantly strive to make the content they index more relevant to their users we as web developers are in an arms race to ensure our sites rank as highly as possible. One of the more recent developments has been the speed of your server. The faster your server and the transfer of your content the better your rankings, simple. This is when services such as MaxCDN come into their own. I’m in the process of starting my own company with zero budget! To win would make a big difference to me over the next 12 months!

David M Apr 13 2011

MaxCDN would help me make my personal website load faster.

Hector Apr 13 2011

As I am starting a digital learning site. The space for online video tutorials would be perfect. As I could offer higher resolution content.

Pedro Apr 13 2011

I always have the need to speed up my website. With this offers i’ll pass to cdn ready to.

Sharif Mohamed Apr 13 2011

How can MaxCDN help you with your existing or future projects?

From the giveaway of sixrevision’s 1TB MaxCDN’s CDN i can use to optimize my projects speed of rendering and make the site 150% times faster then before, so that it wont crash the servers where projects are hosted. With a CDN my existing project TUNAEFFECTS.COM which is a project where me and Friends run to get covered of Maldivian twitters online and their live-web-stream.

I hope and wish sixrevision will give me this giveaway ..


Colin Duwe Apr 13 2011

With a CDN at my disposal I could demonstrate the performance advantage of a CDN to my clients.

Galinos Apr 13 2011

It will allow me to host more projects on one server rather than have two of them!

Brian Gilbert Apr 13 2011

A little haiku:

Thanks MaxCDN,
My PageRank is higher now,
And my site loads fast!

Bijan Vaez Apr 14 2011

MaxCDN will help us provide the best experience for our clients around the world by reducing load times! Having our content distributed will solve many of the issues we face in providing a unified user experience with a world-wide customer base.

MaxCDN would be great for our startup.

Luanigio Apr 14 2011

Optimized servers for distribute the content of my site is fantastic!

How can MaxCDN help me with my existing or future projects?
– I’m currently working on the design and build of a large event and brand website for a client, 10 years ago there previous website received 2million hits without advertising, this year we are organising live-streaming, immersive content and a massive archive of image and video footage. MaxCDN – without a doubt – is essential for me to provide the highest quality end-result.

Mathan Vibranarayanan Apr 14 2011

This is an awesome giveaway. CDN will ensure me in cost cutting, would reduce manpower in my firm.

David Apr 14 2011

I’ve been planning a project since I was a teenager and finally decided the time was right. MaxCDN would make launching the project a lot easier because I wouldn’t have to worry so much about an initial burst of growth crippling the project before it becomes profitable enough to pay for large server and CDN costs.

I’m just finishing developing what should (hopefully) be a high traffic news site and was wondering which CDN to opt for, or to opt for one at all from start.

This would reduce the stress on my server, load pages quicker (which apparently also helps with SERP) making it a big win all round.

Michael Novotny Apr 14 2011

Wow, what an incredible giveaway! Would love to start using MaxCDN on some of my properties! Thanks for running this Six Revisions!

MaxCDN will allow me to build faster wordpress sites for my clients, for whom nothing can load fast enough!

mohammed Apr 14 2011

i would like to use this for what is coiming of my work ofc:D

thank you for great GA

MaxCDN will boost my site load time, especially on my upcoming portfolio page!

Patrice Apr 14 2011

we are going soon on the US market (we’re only in Canada atm) and we’ll need a lot more of resources. So MaxCdn could help a lot to reduce the load on our main server


Dhaval Pathak Apr 14 2011

Using MaxCDN could help me deliver my content to users around the world as the best possible speed

Sneha Apr 14 2011

This will play very important role in my freelance career. would be like great boost to my fresh webdesign career. Thanks for the giveaway.

Bryce Apr 14 2011

I think this is the final step in my obsession with speed lately. An optimized server makes things fast… but adding a CDN from MaxCDN would be the cherry on top!

Iresh Apr 14 2011

I think MaxCDN will be useful for our company website.

Stephanie Apr 14 2011

How can MaxCDN help me? Page speed! There’s no such thing as a website that loads too quickly.

Sinan Apr 14 2011

I can make a cloud startup with the help of MaxCDN!

How can MaxCDN help me with my existing or future projects?

As a web developer and designer, I am currently learning and moving towards giving my clients, faster loading and highly optimized websites for a better user experience. Having the ability to use a real CDN instead of a self-hosted subdomain for a CDN will definitely be a huge improvement.

One tip for WordPress users, is to combine the MaxCDN service with the amazing W3 Total Cache Plugin. It supports and helps setup a CDN much, much easier and transparent.

I could use this to have faster access speeds, saving time and money so I can focus more on my clients needs & make more sales calls.

I don’t know I never used it before, so if I use it that’ll be something new for me.

… by quickly and reliably delivering the content for my sites. Simple as that really!

Oscar Ekholm Apr 14 2011

MaxCDN would definitely help me hosting my new gaming site I’m hopefully finishing this month, for a better user experience.

Juan Mendoza Apr 14 2011

I would like use it in my new projects of database and content. I will be so great!.

ariff Apr 14 2011

I’m a MaxCDN customer and I’m using the same package you’re offering. YES it is quite a bargain. With an excellent service and speed, I say MaxCDN is worthy. You should grab this opportunity and get the package using the discount coupon before it ends soon.

Why am I still here? Simple. I would like another account for my other blog. I know it is good and I want free good stuff. I’m a student and winning this would save from cutting 2 days meal. Yeah, when you are a student you just have to cut cost. I’m gonna use this to power my blog as I know blogs with blazing speed will definitely have an increase in pageviews.

zeroSignal Apr 14 2011

Oooh, a most excellent giveaway! This would certainly help me add some stability to my business and I could offer much better services to my clients! Do want!

I host a ton of user submitted images and I’ve been wanted to switch to a CDN. This would definitely help the transition.

Breklin Apr 14 2011

I have a number of websites that include blogs, personal portfolio and a freelance social media marketing business that would all greatly benefit from having a CDN to serve the my static content, scripts and stylesheets. I am very well versed with Google PageSpeed and have been able to simulate the benefits of a CDN by placing my static content in various subdomains but the effect lacks geo-locale. I would love the opportunity to win this package as I would not only be able to improve the performance of my sites and Facebook applications but also to be able to testify to the awesomeness of your service and recommend my clients to purchase a package from you as well.

Jayar Apr 14 2011

We’ll use this on our company website for a video spokesperson.

Chris Apr 14 2011

This would be nice, I just started to research CDNs. Currently debating between Amazon Cloudfront and MaxCDN.

Justin Hubbard Apr 15 2011

With currently working on a network to help the community learn through a new kind of tutorial as well a blog, this CDN would definitely help in managing the load because we all know that the vibrant design community is filled with eager learners and those servers can get packed pretty quickly.

Thurein Apr 15 2011

I wanna to try CDM for my sites. I want to known how could it be improve site performance.

Vaskar Humagain Apr 15 2011

I wud definitely like to get the MaxCDN 1TB bandwidth for CDN on my site.That would definitely be awesome. Thankyou both six revisions and MaxCDn for the joint offer

Peter Joseph Apr 15 2011

You would not believe how much i would love to have a website that loaded just that bit faster. I could also connect it to my social network i am working on developing to build amazing speeds.

Benjamin, SteamDesk Apr 15 2011

MaxCDN can help me deliver large quantities of data to a global audience with speed and efficiency!

Good luck everyone!

Avinash Apr 15 2011

Max CDN can help make my sites load faster.I’ve tried my best to keep my loading time as low possible using W3TotalCache .. with MaxCDN I can take it to the next level on all my WordPress Blogs.

Thanks to you and Max CDN for the Giveaway.

Hasitha Prabhath Apr 15 2011

I love MaxCDN.
1.Easy integration with WordPress (via w3-total cache plugin)
2.Low Price. (First TB only 39$)
3.Support Cnames.
4.Excellent admin dashboard.
5.Trusted by big websites/apps such as sixrevisions,BuySellAds etc.

Eshban Bahadur Apr 15 2011

I want to improve my blogs performance and speed and this will surely helps me.

PCTip Apr 15 2011

MaxCDN is really cool. If I have an account, I’ll use it for my high traffic blog. It will help me to improve performance, get good Google Speed score, YSlow score and more.

Ravi Pathak Apr 15 2011

If We use MaxCDN for Liftsuggest, we will be immensely helping our customers to generate the recommendation faster.

Liftsuggest is a product recommendation API having integration with multiple shopping carts.

Since the volume and the diversity of recommendations vary from customer to customer, it would allow us to focus on algorithm improvement & provide more value to our customers and take off some time from worrying about the critical performance metrics for short term.

Zecel Studios Apr 15 2011

I would like to try out CDN, and what better than MaxCdn with 1tb… I am in.

Jan-Pieter Apr 15 2011

How can MaxCDN help you with your existing or future projects?

It can help me to kick-start a very nice and free product i’ve been working on for quite some time for software developers. Because of the easy CDN it will be a blaze to deliver a great scalable application which is not possible with my current resources.

pceasies Apr 15 2011

How can MaxCDN help me with my existing or future projects?

1) Save on bandwidth costs
2) Speed up my sites
3) Handle caching

luis garcia Apr 15 2011

I have no idea how to will help but hell i want it

Andreas Apr 16 2011

MaxCDN is perfect for my personal project that’s lag sensitive.

Geet Purwar Apr 17 2011

Speeding thing brings things more close in a short time.

Bonde Apr 17 2011

I’ve definitely been looking to get some clients on a CDN. I’ve read very good things about MaxCDN. Crossing my fingers.

hqdipace Apr 18 2011

it would help to increase speed of my site to load faster.

everlearner Apr 18 2011

CDNs are very useful when we want to speed up our websites.
I’m always trying to use a CDN for my own and for clients.

If I got a chance to test MaxCDN, I will know the features, performance and usability of the whole system.
From this valuable experience, I can use the benefits of MaxCDN in my current and future websites.

Thanks so much MaxCDN team and Six Revision for this awesome giveaway. :)

Hastimal Shah Apr 18 2011

It will be great for me to use it on my blog, and my company website.
It would give great performance improvement and cheaper cost.

MaxCDN would dramatically help me increase speed on a rapidly growing WordPress site I run. We’ve been looking at ways to boost performance and this would be a life saver!

My user won’t wait for more than a few seconds for my website to load before clicking away to another site.

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