Giveaway: CU3ER 3D Licenses

CU3ER, a highly configurable 3D image slider, is giving away 10 Pro licenses.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment answering at least one of the two questions:

This giveaway ends on November 10, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Nov 3, 2010


krike Nov 03 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

I would include it to several premium wordpress templates I’m currently developing :) the slider would be a great addition

Glen Wheeler Nov 03 2010

I’ve used cub3er in the past on project and have always wanted a license! It’s great for web project’s, it adds that exceptional finishing touch!

Geet Purwar Nov 03 2010

1. Use for slideshows creations.
2. Cu3er makes is look cool and easy without need to learn flash.

Thats all for me.

bobmartien Nov 03 2010

Cool Giveaway !

I would like to use Cu3ER for my blog or my portfolio, and the most exciting feature of CU3ER is the easy customisation of (awesome) 2D/3D transition.

Reza Haghighi Nov 03 2010

For me, the most exciting feature is “cManager”.
I can customize CU3ER myself in my favorite shape :)

Van T. Nov 03 2010

I would love to use CU3ER to spice up my web design portfolio!

Aleksandar Nov 03 2010

I’ll use it in my next project for local wifi network operator.

What is the most exciting feature?
3D, no Jquery plugin or html5 can do this visual effect. It is perfect for ads panel. I love it!

adham Nov 03 2010

1- gonna use it to bring my web site to life
2- customization & full tailoring abilities.

Jônatan Fróes Nov 03 2010

I”ll use it in my new website:

Juansal Nov 03 2010

Very interesting image slider.

Ioannis Belegrinis Nov 03 2010

I would use Cu3er in any portfolio needs animated presentation. The latest version is as flexible as I would want it to be.
The most exciting feature is its configurator!

Joachim Nov 03 2010

If I won I would defiantly use it on my new portfolio to show off my work. The slider really stands out from the crowd and makes the part of the web site that its placed on very unique and rememberable.

The 3D-transitions are mind blowing! They look really awesome, and I never seen anything quite like it.

I will use CU3ER as a part of usability testing to see how a user reacts with 3D image gallery vs simple gallery, well, if I won :) And, of course, the most exciting feature for me would be the 3D rendering :D

Julien L. Nov 03 2010

I’ll be using Cu3er for my webdesign projects. It’s an awesome slider with many great effects, with customization.

Ionut Nov 03 2010

nice giveaway

i would use CU3ER on my site to present site features, on photo gallery etc

Larry Lim Nov 03 2010

I would use CU3ER to showcase my portfolio! I’m in the process of updating it :D

pceasies Nov 03 2010

I would build a lightweight image gallery using CU3ER and either Flickr or Picasa (to host the pictures). It has a good basic interface that’s very expandable

Simon Goellner Nov 03 2010

I think for me the most exciting feature of Cub3r is the way it can be controlled with javascript API. The way it looks and works is amazing but giving the freedom to control it how and when you want with (for example) hidden events such as field blurs or navigation tabs gives it something extra!

Andrew Welch Nov 03 2010

Finally figure out a way to have image sliders on drupal!

jamie Nov 03 2010

I would use CU3ER to change my site design from simple 2d to 3d madness. I would also like to find a way to adopt it into a stereoscopic solution to give that extra cheese factor =)

Antonio Stoilkov Nov 03 2010

I would use the CU3ER for website or for AIR application.
The most exciting feature of CU3ER is the 3D switch effect of the images.

Pedro Nov 03 2010

If I win i will use cu3er in my website…

Harsh Nov 03 2010

I have already used CU3ER on some website. It is pretty exciting and nice tools to show banner, ads etc.

If I win I will used it on my site to display my web development portfolio. It makes my portfolio looks awesome.

The most exciting feature of CU3ER is the 3d transitions. The horizontal and vertical transition with different image slicing looks very nice on any website.

Renato Mesquita Nov 03 2010

Man, this tool would definitely make websites much more unique and awesomer.

Valen Nov 03 2010

Cu3er is used only by inserting a simple code on your website and linking the images from the configuration file where you can modify all aspects and possible transitions.

If I win I’d use CU3ER for a couple of websites I work on to impress my clients and improve my portfolio.

Alain Nov 03 2010

Nice Cu3er overview ! As a 3d design freelancer, I would use Cu3er as a Welcome web page… being able to display my 3d renderings… in 3d !

I would be glad to use its deep possibilities to create a nice-looking, catchy and personal slide-show !

Chris Nov 03 2010

I’m really looking forward to the new cManager. I don’t think it was available in previous versions.

Hey .. :) I m gonna use it on my personal portfolio .. I like the whole thing .. i mean i like it all :D

I will use it to showcase some of the hardware projects we have been working on recently.

PremiumThemeClub Nov 03 2010

Lovely stuff to win, The most exciting thing about the CU3ER is it holds my visitors as it is very attractive slider and a a kind of effects it has is simply unmatched. I would love to use it in my existing project.

Chris Morata Nov 03 2010

What a great giveaway! I think the most exciting feature of CU3ER is the cManager feature to configure it. Allowing for quick and easy Flash configuration is great, especially when working under budgets!

Patricia Young Nov 03 2010

Thanks for the opportunity to win a license for the Awesomeness that is the CU3ER. If I had one to call my very own I would use this amazing software to create meaningful media projects. Projects that are both inspirational and “moving”. The Cu3ER will give me the WOW factor to make my presentation the one that causes folks to say “how’d she do that?” and I will tell them all about the CU3ER.
Thanks again for the opportunity to win a license.
Patricia Young

zeroSignal Nov 03 2010

Having just launched my own startup, CU3ER would be an excellent tool to help me enhance my portfolio and bring even better websites to my clients. It seems like an awesome bit of tech, and I’d love to be able to explore it even more.

As to what I like most, it would have to be the transitions between slides. They look fantastic!

I will use the CU3ER in an upcoming project. I will make a website for free for a charity group. They need a phototour for there projects they support.

Liwko Nov 03 2010

I wish I won those. It would be awsome to build a portfolio on those, main as a graphic and alongside it a photo one. Cheers for You mates for releasing such a nice giveaway.

Goodluck to all.

Tasha Nov 03 2010

If I won, I would love to use CU3ER in my WordPress CMS designs as an engaging content-sliding solution, to showcase important imagery.

Diego Betto Nov 03 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
Uhm… to finally finish my “never-ending” portfolio :)

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
The unusual & realistic way it displays infoz.

Mali Studio Nov 03 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
It’s obvious that CU3ER is very useful for display of featured content, but I think it can be successfully deployed for mini galleries and flash styled presentations. I would love to experiment with different types of backgrounds.

Ingo Knietho Nov 03 2010

in case i win this nice piece of software, i would use it for my own website. this looks like the solution i was waiting for to be able to do a webdesign off the ordinary.

the bst feature of all cu3er features in my opinion is the 3d distortion of everthing: the displayed pictures AND the transition effects – all with a correct 3d effect applied.

WOOWwebID Nov 03 2010

Thank you…This is a very attractive offer. If I can get the licenses I’ll use it for my website and of course for some projects that I was working. And I’m very And I am very interested to use CU3ER because it will enhance the visual display on a website.

Rodrigo Chijner Nov 03 2010

I love this plugins! I would totally use them to finish my company “Suite” website, which is a company I’m making with some of my best friends here in Chile! , it would be awsome to finish it with this amazing plugin!!

Alberto M Nov 03 2010

The most innovative and fun part of Cu3er are the customizable transitions and styles, I would use the licence to create my personal website and step up my game a lot! Also it opens the posibilities for a lot of UI experiments

Shannon Noack Nov 03 2010

Looks like a pretty awesome image slider, count me in for the contest! If I won, I would use the slider for a client site I design, when I need something really cool to jazz up a site. Thanks for the giveaway!

olimin Nov 03 2010

For me the most exciting feature of CU3ER is all the possibilities to personalize the presentation and animations with the cManager :) Impressive !

I would use CU3ER to make my company’s online design portfolio awesome to a degree of previously unknown 3D awesomeness. My favorite feature would have to be that it’s easy to develop, since I’m a front end designer with little 3D software experience. Thanks!

Leo Merlo Nov 03 2010

I’d use it for a photograph studio website i’m actually making, this will def’ rock the client’s world

mohammed Nov 03 2010

i will use it in my commercial work . let`s hope this help me find new clients .

thank you any way :D

Tomas Nov 03 2010

I’d use it in my upcoming portfolio.

Peter Lakanen Nov 03 2010

By far, the most exciting feature of CU3ER is that it is driven by an XML file, which means that once you have your animation working the way you want, you can simply manipulate the XML file to switch out images/slides. Very cool.

Janus Nov 03 2010

1. On my new portfolio site
2. The crazy animations and the easy setup

mor4ee Nov 03 2010

I will use the CU3ER on my personal blog, and for few future projects.
The most exciting feature of CU3ER, it’s how it looks, it is awesome.

Jackob Nov 03 2010

– I would use on my portfolio page, to create stunning visual portfolio
– cManager which is really unique tool and quite user friendly :)

Faraz Shah Nov 03 2010

I think this is a fantastic aesthetic that’s a modern take on traditional image sliders!

Prakash Ghodke Nov 03 2010

I will use them in my new wordpress theme project.

kcmartz Nov 03 2010

the most exciting features would, to me, be the easy management of the slideshow, and its 3D effects. I would use it on client sites if they want it.

my web design site (under redesign)
my portfolio:

Michael Trang Nov 03 2010

I would definitely use it in redesigning my portfolio. More specifically, I would use it on my home page to display my work.

Brian Nov 03 2010

This bad boy would make our rotators much more user friendly. Love it.

davide Nov 03 2010

i will use CU3ER for my new portfolio site and if my works in my portfolio give me some new clients i’ll use this great tool for some new web projects.

the more exciting features are the variety and realistic 3D animations!

Christa Nov 03 2010

Would love to be able to use this :)

mondo Nov 03 2010

Would use this for portfolio

Chad Huntley Nov 03 2010

The most exciting feature of cub3r to me is the cManager. It is the best slideshow editor I’ve ever seen, and is something I could easily hand-off to people who do not understand code (XML)

How would you use CU3ER if you win?: I would use CU3ER as a showcase to show my media students work. It combines amazing 3d effects with a simple but impressive interface which would compliment any portfolio.
To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?: Without a doubt the Starter Templates, it’s so useful to be able to experiment with the look and feel of an image slider without getting bogged down with coding from the very beginning.

Aaron Nov 03 2010

Well, I suppose this counts as my post. Been toying with the idea of using CU3ER for a little now, as it is the slickest rotator out there, however I was a little worried that it’d make my sites look bad :oP

Matt M. Nov 03 2010

I’d use it for my portfolio and possibly some client’s portfolio.

Glad you guys highlight utilities like this. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m looking for until I see it.

Yes, I will use CUB3R for my next project,
I like the 3D effects of CUB3R, very elegant.

Nathan Olmstead Nov 03 2010

I am currently working on a dog grooming website and looking for an awesome image slider for the gallery section. CU3ER would be perfect to show off all the sexy dog hairstyles. My client would love it his companies motto “Hairstylist Meets Day Care”.

Aaron Nov 03 2010

Cool. I would use this for adding that extra pizazz to an online photo gallery.


Wow, hopefully I could get one as this image slider is the best on the web as it feature both speed and effects (3D).

If I win, I’m planning to use it for my portfolio to showcase my designs and projects.

Panchordenes Nov 03 2010

I tried Cu3er since it began as a simple gallery.
It is quite attractive and simple to use, always use with WordPress and my clients are really happy ..

If I win this contest, use the gallery Cu3er in the top of the page of my digital agency, I’m doing now ..

great post, as always ..

Greetings from Chile.


Rami Abraham Nov 03 2010

Wow! Excellent timing! One of my clients is a 3d modeling artist, and I think this would be perfect for his portfolio site. I feel that tasteful use of cu3er will be really beautiful and relevant for some of the guys’ work.

I think one of the greatest features of cu3er is the cManager – it looks to be a real time saver, and it’s a browser app. Saves me the trouble of editing the xml, cropping and re-sizing photos, etc.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Derek Nov 03 2010

I’d use the Cu3er starter license to produce a beautiful website for a client.

Timothy Nott Nov 03 2010

I would use CU3ER to build my daughter’s graphic design portfolio website

Samar Nov 03 2010

I’d use CU3ER to stand out from the crowd. To give my website a feeling of cutting-edge technology that no other website is able to match.

Thanks :)

matt bucceri Nov 03 2010

A slick presentation like this is perfect for my portfolio and some others I am working on for friends trying to get into graduate school.

Summer Nov 03 2010

Ever since I saw CU3ER used on another site, I fell in love with it. I’m in the process of redesigning my site and would like to use it as a slideshow. The most exciting feature of CU3ER is the transitions. The first time that I saw the transitions, I kept staring.

Yakim van Zuijlen Nov 03 2010

I use it to show my design work. I love the simplicity and the 3D part of it!

Alex W Nov 03 2010

I would use CU3ER for my portfolio website! It’s awesome!

Travis Spencer Nov 03 2010

The most exciting feature (to me), is its overall ability to grab the viewers attention with its nice transitions. Many web users will not stay on a site long enough to view any content if the design doesn’t “grab” them. A tool like this could certainly help with getting the viewers attention.

Callie McGinn Nov 03 2010

I will use CU3ER to update my portfolio site!

I love the combination of 2D & 3D in their transitions.

Tim Lee Nov 03 2010

I would love to win this, Please pick me.

I would use it for my portfolio and for my photograpphy. I really like the ease of use and the 3d aspect. Really cool.

LOVE CU3ER! It looks great as a header image, and really makes a web page come alive. Also love all the customization options!

Daniel Easly Nov 03 2010

“How would you use CU3ER if you win?”
– Seems like and awsome way to display your work. I would most likely use this to display my portfolio pieces in a new and interesting way. Although it is in flash it does some amazing 3D transitions that you just can’t achieve by using only javascript & Html. I might use it to display my photographs as well as i will be building myself a photography site to display my hobby.

“To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?”
-The greatest thing about CU3ER is the fact that it is amazingly easy to set up. Also being able to create a lisint of items using cManager makes it that much easier.

Great post. I think this tool needs more shouts because it is just amazing.

Daniel Nov 03 2010

My company uses picture slideshows all the time and this would be a great asset to have around the next time we update them. I would use CU3ER to create better looking and functioning websites for my company.

kevin Nov 03 2010

To answer the 1st question i’d say it could be fun for an art related website, something with enough freedom to play with a different layout and a an original way to show works/paints/elements…

Adam Haynes Nov 03 2010

I’d use it to offer a fantastic feature to add to a clients site. The cmanager feature is really exciting.

Chris Ellison Nov 03 2010

To me, the most exciting feature of CU3ER is the availability of image transitions and navigation options.

Rolando Nov 03 2010

What’s up?

My web design would skyrocket if I could integrate CU3ER into my designs.

I would use CU3ER to make a web app slide show for authors. I’m doing it in jQuery currently but I’d love to use CU3ER.

adechriz Nov 03 2010

if I win, I will use it to enhance my small studio website, and I will definitely put CU3ER on the homepage. I am always impressed with this slider image transitions and always wanted to play it over and over again. I want my friends and my clients know that there is something very attractive for included in their website..

James Laslavic Nov 03 2010

I’d use it as inspiration to refresh my portfolio site.

Kristy Ewing Nov 03 2010

CU3ER 3D realm of presentation transcends the viewer beyond the mundane but all too popular slide show. It demands attention!

Rahul Joshi Nov 03 2010

I like the Cu3er because of the awesome 3d effects and if I win it i’ll definitely put it on my website and showcase my works.

charles Nov 03 2010

If I was to win, i would use CU3ER 3D to help end world hunger and bring about world piece… and if i cant do that I would use it to make some seriously wicked content rotations!

As far as my favorite feature that would be the wide range of transitions available of course. >^_^<

Fernando Nov 03 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

Implement in my own website, upgrading the previous version :)

Tom Leary Nov 03 2010

I’d use it for posting photos on my daughters public school Web site from some of their trips. The most exciting feature would have to be the simplicity of having templates to work with and the ease of swapping out images.

Jason Nov 03 2010

I’ll use CU3ER to make a Jaws CMS and TomatoCMS integration for my blog.

The most exiting feature?… i love cub3er them all.

I would use cu3er to load up my fav fotos

Roland Keng Nov 03 2010

* How would you use CU3ER if you win?
I gonna use it to finaly get a beautiful image presentation.
* To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
It’s stunning 3D transitions,

Ivan Grimaldo Nov 03 2010

I want to participate!

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
Ansr: I want to use to my own site, i have a start up and im a web designer, so is so amazing the effect to show the last projects.

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
The easy way to configurate, and have a lot of transitions ton show the way you are.

Victor Edier Nov 03 2010

i use CUB3R PRO, for develop wordpress themes, awesome themes.

something exiting about CUB3R its the mix with animation and customization.

Chris Nov 03 2010

Cool! This would motivate me to recreate my personal photo gallery, and maybe use it for other projects should there be the need.

Canes Nov 03 2010

I would use this for my pictures and sketches and maybe I will finally display them somewhere on the internet.
I find most amazing the effects. All that 3D flipping blows my mind. ^^

Dan Herrick Nov 03 2010

I am redoing my own site and I would love to use it on my main page. For some reason I feel like the mechanic who drives the old broken down car! So busy making nice designs for everybody else I have neglected my own!

I have a few clients that I am now designing for and the license would make their designs top notch!

Tim Lee Nov 03 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
I would Love to use this for my wordpress theme for my Web Development Site.

Manuel Gregoire Nov 03 2010

The best new feature is the custom CU3ER preloader. That was the only bad point why I did not use CU3ER yet.

Justin DiMucci Nov 03 2010

Who wouldn’t want some free 3D flipping presentation tools. Could use this for future client projects and even personal projects if they end up fitting the need.

Martin Nov 03 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
I´ll use it when a customer wants some animation on their website to make it cool.

Haroon Q. Raja Nov 03 2010

How would I use CU3ER if I win? I will use it for presenting featured content on my website as well as the websites of a few clients, which I am presently developing.

To me, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER? The eye-candy, it’s really pretty and gets the focus and the attention of the visitor on that part of the website, making the visitor want to interact with it and thus, makes it more likely for the visitor to read the featured content.

marcelo araujo Nov 03 2010

Cu3er is very cool and can be use in all kind of websites! its very nice pra xuxu!! i hope i can get one to use in my creations.

travis j. lee Nov 03 2010

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER? : the 3D and camera effects are great!

I would use CU3ER for my Multimedia Design Senior Project class website to display visuals, and would be very excited to see how it turns out!

Marty Nov 03 2010

I’d create the most awesome & unique design :) :)

Kim Clune Nov 03 2010

I would use CU3ER to showcase my work and offer it as an option to clients. Most exciting is the user interface. Taking the work out of designing, I love that work transitions to fun.

Christoph Nov 03 2010

1. I would use CUB3R as an image slider.
2. The great thing of CUB3R is the 3D animation, when the content switches

Jeff Payne Nov 03 2010

I would love to use CU3ER!

Josh L Nov 03 2010

How strange, I just found CU3ER last night by chance and now I have a chance to win a license!

I need a centerpiece for the homepage of a website I am building now for an artist (painter) and I think this would be the perfect way to display his work.

Ann Ezzell Nov 03 2010

I would use CU3ER to enhance the attractiveness of the web site – a site that supports Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship in Scottsdale, AZ. The site has several simple, flat slideshows that have received positive reviews, but CU3ER’s special effects would really make the site pop!

Stu Collett Nov 03 2010

With a licence I would use cu3er freely and generously. I’ve been dying to use it for ages but found the lack of brand removal restricting in the free version. I want to show my clients just how impressive flash can be.

Nicolás Nov 03 2010

I work as a web developer, especially on .Net and PHP. I love web design and photos, and i think this application is just great! I think I could use it on several sites that i own, and also spread the use of CU3ER here in Argentina!
I think the CU3ER best feature is it’s stunning 3D transitions

As I am from Argentina, I will say it in my language:
Trabajo como desarrollador Web, me especializo en .Net y PHP, me gusta mucho todo lo que tenga que ver con estilos y fotos, y esta aplicación me pareció genial. Si me otorgan la licencia la aplicacría en varios sites y la promocionaría con mis compañeros de trabajo.

This is the most imaginative slider i have seen!

I would definately use this as a focal point in numerous designs, my minds already forming plans!

Richard Nov 03 2010

If I won, I’d use it to show off my photography images. The most exciting feature is the 3d transitions. It makes the images jump off the screen.

Manuel Tomasir Nov 03 2010

1. If I win, I would make very fun user of CU3ER, I operate a custom web design and creative solutions company that specializes in original, fun, custom, and graphically appealing designs. CU3ER would really fit in well with the new concept we have for our company site, the portfolio would glow with such an add on.

2. Personally, what appeals to me most with CU3ER aside from it’s obvious graphical beauty and animation amazing-ness, is the performance. I could talk for days about the variety of different sideshow apps and galleries we have used and nothing compares to this. It loads fast, switches images instantly, and this is really hard to come by with a 3d effect thrown in. Most of the other add ins i’ve used either take ages to load and look great, or load fast and are far too simplistic. CU3ER is the best of both worlds! I LOVE IT!

HeriNXI Nov 03 2010

my magazine web will be perfect with this CU3ER, and i love the incredible smooth 3D transition effect…

Vitor Neves Nov 03 2010

I would like to renew my website and i love CU3ER effects and for sure to use on my clients websites also.

Jessica Nov 03 2010

I would use cu3er for my current and future web design projects. I am always utilizing some sort of slide show.

I love the many different options available for slide shows with cu3er.

genarg Nov 03 2010

OMG! Nice Giveaway! The really cool feature is the way it can show art on canvas. It is really cool.

I am a performing fire spinner / object manipulator. Showcasing images is one of the most important things I can do to promote my performance troupe. Having a cutting-edge, jaw-dropping slider like Cu3er would be amazing and help set me apart from all the other performers in my area. PLEASE! ;)

Roberto Nov 03 2010

1. For image slideshows.
2. Ease of use.

I will use Cu3er to spice up my website and bring it some much deserving life :P

Pamela Gutierrez Nov 03 2010


For me the best features are the transitiones and the effects :)

Adim Subedi Nov 03 2010


I am a web designer from Nepal and I cannot buy anything online using credit card as the policy restricts me using credit card for online transaction. I’ve been using cuber(free) for my projects and have always wanted to have the premium to use on the websites I develop. So If I get one I’ll be happy to play with the scripts and if possible create my own 3d effects.

All the features in cu3er are exciting. To be specific I can use the slider my way for the animation. Just love it.

Guillermo Nov 03 2010

1.- How would you use CU3ER if you win?
In our community at we have many people who ask always how to get better templates in a visual way. Win a Cu3er pro account could help us to build better templates and improve our community members to use new and great apps in their Joomla! sites.

2.- To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
As CU3ER folks says… Get CU3ER, Unique & awesome 3D image slider!… CU3ER is the best way to improve a website with a flash slider without know flash.

Personally… I think CU3ER is only comparable with Animoto, both are unique and great!

I’d use for my portfolio

jeremy Nov 03 2010

I would use it to finally finish my own freakin website, instead of everyone else’s!

I like how easy it is to configure, and the smoothness of the transitions that you just don’t get with Javascript and other sliders.

How would you use CU3ER if you win? for sure on my wordpress portfolio page

Goin to use n my startup company website :)

Matthew Pritchett Nov 04 2010

I would use Cu3er to take over the world! One freelance project at a time, of course.

Sahan Nov 04 2010

I’ll be using for my new portfolio website, as a featured project slider.

Thank You

Alex Flueras Nov 04 2010

Now that’s something I’d really like to have. I’ve seen it at work on several websites and the look is simply amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.

Teh Theng Heng Nov 04 2010

We would use it for our work when given the chance.

James Rasmussen Nov 04 2010

The 3d rendering is beautiful, absolutely exquisite! If I won, I’d be employing it in a few upcoming projects.

Hannah Nov 04 2010

I haven’t seen a 3D slider as good as CU3ER. I like the 3D World effects.. On the company I’m working I suggested to them to use CU3ER for our website, multimedia presentations and such, but they said it’s too much for that one! So when I win I will give it to them and prove to them that sometimes too much is GREAT!

Oliver Nov 04 2010

Great giveaway! I would use this in an upcoming web design, and the features are amazing and would be best for the ultimate experience.


Ondraszek Nov 04 2010

I would use it for my portfolio, I,m just creating it.

Asterios Nov 04 2010

I would use it for my portfolio in my site!

Luanigio Nov 04 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
For personal use only in my personal website
To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
camera & preload

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
*I will use CU3ER on my sites.

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
*I do not know, I have not tried yet. I will check CUZER demos now.

Julio Nov 04 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

I’ll use it in some plattform i’m developing now (e-learning, galleries…). Thx!

Scott Schlee Nov 04 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
I have several clients (including myself)that would greatly benefit from the CU3ER Image Slider!

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

I will use CU3ER on my sites.

irina Nov 04 2010

I would definitely use it in my portofolio, and everywhere else i can :D

Kohum Nov 04 2010

Wow, this is quite the giveaway! I would use CU3ER to replace my Nivo slider. The 3D is just complete awesomeness! WordPress is the absolute best, so I’d integrate it into that.

I hope I win!


rollsappletree Nov 04 2010

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
the 3dimensional effects are very cool … and I love the customization options that are very simple:)

draganshadow Nov 04 2010

I love CU3ER. I’ll use it for my portfolio and travel blog.

Giuseppe Nov 04 2010

Thanks to Cu3er, your site is more cool!

Sam De Decker Nov 04 2010

First i’m going to use it to bring my websites alive and second: I really like the camera and the preload stuff..

Adi Mera Nov 04 2010

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?

3d perspective and shadow …

“CU3ER brings creativity to your web design process” – this feature explains the reason why i love to try leaving a comment :)

Steve Nov 04 2010

I’m thinking about refreshing my website so this will come handy. The cManager is awesome!

Denis S Nov 04 2010

I would you use CU3ER for my personal portfolio.
The most exciting features of CU3ER is speed and genial transitions.

cbird1057 Nov 04 2010

What a great way to add so-called “pizazz!” to a site. My clients keep asking for “pizazz! and this is a great way to satisfy their bizarre need.

Cheope Nov 04 2010

Why use cu3er? We are plenty of JQuery/Mootools slideshow effects… all the same. Cub3er is totally different. Finally some fresh 3d-air for our websites…

Dan G Nov 04 2010

I would use cu3er in several artists portfolios I’m working on and anything else I could squeeze it into really, I think it needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

From a developers perspective the cManager feature is the most exciting, from a designers perspective its the fresh style of the whole thing.

If i win the cu3er i am going to use it for my portfolio website to make it more interactive and 3D.

For designer it is easy for us to customize :)

Curtis Scott Nov 04 2010

I’d use it for client work and to strengthen my portfolio

Daniel Nov 04 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

Well.. I’m constantly battling to find an exciting new way to showcase my portfolio, and this would work great on my new site i’m designing. Plus I would like to push the boat out on my eCommerce design by using CU3ER within a new store I’m building :)

curvelabs Nov 04 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
I would use this to build the photo gallery of the website of a business consulting club i’m currently in, the website is in development and CU3ER is by far the best photo widget i’ve found!
To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
the cManager! definitely an awesome editing tool. CU3ER without the manager is almost useless.

Anson Kuo Nov 04 2010

This is awesome. Gotta love cu3er. I’d use it to showcase a number of sites I’m working on right now.

Pawel Nov 04 2010

1. How would you use CU3ER if you win?
– I’ll use it in your portfolio and projects for clients!

2. To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
– Amazing 3D effect that makes a great impression.

Himanshu Chanda Nov 04 2010

Thats a nifty plugin indeed :) And I definitely wanna get in

I am planning to use Cu3er on a site I am cooking on my self. What can be more exciting that looking yourself rotating in 3D.

The most exciting thing about Cu3er is the simplicity in which you can create slides yet the impact that it delivers. That’s truly amazing and thats why Cu3er is the big daddy of sliders.

Thanks for the round up and the contest.

cu3er is very powerfull slider , i will to use the license

for commercial website .

the koop Nov 04 2010

How would i use it? to many things come to mind, but i’d just slap it up on my portfolio homepage and use it as a gigantic banner-shocase.

as for the features, the ease of use and the amazing result would be what shines the most.

Tuomas Leppänen Nov 04 2010

I would definately use it for my personal portfolio/design site layout Im planning at the moment. Manager is also something I would love to tinker with.

cu3er looks epic would love to win :)

I would use cu3er to display my digital artwork, and I am excited to show this product to clients I am designing websites for!

Kevin Nov 04 2010

I would use it on several of my personal finance site. I think it would be a great way to feature content.

DavidClouds Nov 04 2010

I will surely use it in my portFolio to present my digital arts and Websites! xD

Ed Dempsey Nov 04 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

I would use it in a new project I am working on. A Personal Blog using html5 and CSS3. It will be basially show casing photographs I have taken around the world.

Rafael pampoch Nov 04 2010

The most exciting feature of CU3ER is easy implementation.

Zachary Lysobey Nov 04 2010

I would love to use CU3ER to add some flair to my schools CS club website.

Brendan C. Nov 04 2010

To me the most exciting feature of CU3BER is the easy to use cManager.

Monie Nov 04 2010

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?

“CU3ER – Perfect & unique attention grabber!”: Yes indeed. The first time I saw it, it just make me say “Wow” a few times!!!

1. 3D Features: One of the most interesting part with CU3ER was it’s 3D effect plus the shadows effect, making the image looks way beyond the limit. Say goodbye to 2D :)

2. Eye-Catchy Slides and Transitions: Yes, they are the the core feature of the CU3ER, these are the main key that makes the slides looks alive and extraodinary. It’s 3D Transitions, 2D Transitions and Slides is so awsome.

3. Fonts: Embed font in swf capability just brings this CU3ER Slider into another level!

4. CU3ER Manager: It’s all about “play & enjoy” while getting the best configuration to your needs.

5. Extensive documentation: With all this complex features and everything else, the online documentation was a great place to learn about all about CU3ER!

There are so many other great features and I am yet to discover them.

Jigar. C. Nov 05 2010

I have been using CU3ER in many my projects but with not any customization if i win this then it would be great to customize it and use.

Please give me :)


s4l1h Nov 05 2010

CU3ER a very fantastic slider.

e11world Nov 05 2010

I would love to win a copy so I can use it on my upcoming website

1. I’d like to use it to my portfolio web site. I need the pro!!

Gerard Nov 05 2010

I’d like to use in wordpress theme for a client project.

Aleksandar Nov 05 2010

I’ll use it for my next project.

Love this 3D effect… grat….

i’ve used cu3er (v.9) on a project in the past and it was fun. it certainly adds a “wow” factor to any webpage.

the cool “c manager” in the new version seems to take a lot of the “work” out of creating the effect(s) that you want. since i’m more of a wysiwyg guy than a coder that feature really appeals to me.

David Nov 05 2010

I’ve seen this used before.. I love it!

Juan Diego Margenats Nov 05 2010

I’m designing my portfolio right now. CU3ER would be a great improve.

eric kearns Nov 05 2010

I’d use Cu3er to learn to add 3-d graphics and banners to my sites. I’m a veteran domainer with over 500 domains, and I’ve decided to learn to develop WordPress sites after a long stalling period. I’m more interested in developing long term sites with quality content than flipping an unused canvas (domain) for a few dollars now. A month into my WP self-training, I’m committing several hours a day to bring my development skills to speed. I’m amazed at the tools that we have access to for free, and Cu3er seems like a perfect addition to my virtual tool belt.

Cosmin Nov 05 2010

I’m using CU3ER already (free version) and i love it; a Pro license will be the cherry on top.

Maximiliano Ruiz Nov 05 2010

Debería ganarlo porque soy el único que esta posteando en español y eso da cuentas de que el blog traspasa la barrera del idioma y que hay usuario como yo, que le ponen empeño para leer sixrevisions.

creo que la caracteristica mas potente del Cu3er es el nuevo c-manager.

saludos desde Chile!

Layne Nov 05 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
i will design a new website from a project

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
transttion effects are awesome.

Marcos Nov 05 2010

I would use it to create many visual effect on the sites I manage.

jlapitan Nov 05 2010

i’ve already used the free version of cu3er before..

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

of course i’ll use it for my website projects on for my clients.. i have teach how to use and edit xml data to my students on our school, if i win i would like to teach them the advanced features using the cManager..

jeannie Nov 05 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

For my website to show my portfolio!

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
The uniqueness of viewing slides, especially the 3D aspect of it.

BionicNellyWiz Nov 05 2010

This is the most amazing graphic 3D design. It brings images to life and is a brilliant attraction to business websites for visitors and for personal use. I would definitely love to have it for my own business and family websites, it’ll give it a really nice touch! Very breath-taking and exciting!

Andrew Nov 06 2010

The thing that is most exciting feature in CU3ER to me is the finished product. I love image sliders and use them a fair amount, but I don’t like spending hours tweaking code to get them to look the way I want. With CU3ER you get a very impressive product that really adds to the functionality of a website. Some designers create really clunky image sliders, but this is not the case with CU3ER.

Ricardo Francés Nov 06 2010

I would like to use this to give the extra oomph needed on a local video store.

Rebecca Nov 06 2010

My kid’s school website would look way cooler with it. But good luck to everyone.

kimon Nov 06 2010

1. I would like to use it on a project I am designing :)

2. smooth transitions, breath-taking effects, easy to use.

Vidit Kothari Nov 07 2010

How awesome would it be to have a website launched with all the magic stuffs. Yeah I would use it in my weblog aimed at graphic designing, web designing, logo designing and web development.

Jeswin Kumar Nov 07 2010

We have a portfolio website. If I won, many of the best portfolios on the web can be seen through CU3ER. We will give a link back too.

Paul R Nov 07 2010

This looks pretty sweet! I would somehow incorporate it in a store front I’m developing. Thanks for introducing us to this.

Gabriele Enoch Nov 07 2010

Great giveaway! CU3ER could be a beautiful and useful solution for my future works :)

Hector Lee Nov 07 2010

I would use it on my portfolio site. I think have cManager to manage CU3ER is a great feature.

ev149 Nov 07 2010

Q: How would you use CU3ER if you win?
A: I run a small magazine about indie gaming, and having a 3D slider on my site would be a great way of showing previews of the magazine to readers.
Q: To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
A: cManager is probably the most exciting feature, since it would be a lot easier than coding some XML.

Very nice effects the lovely Cu3er ! Maybe I install one for my future v2 portfolio :-)

clarens007 Nov 07 2010

well.. How would you use CU3ER if you win?
I would like to use it on an lover’s album or familiar’s album

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?

Brett Nov 08 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

I’d use it to enhance my company’s website, it would be a great visual hook to draw in any visitor’s on the site.

Therese Harris Nov 08 2010

Since I am about to get my BA CU3ER would possibly give the leg up I need to give my portfolio site that extra something and coolness level clients are looking for.
The feature I find most exciting is that CU3ER is fully customizable and that it is so flexible. I have worked with many other slide show “tools” and they are hard to manipulate causing very little creative freedom!

Muhammad Usman Nov 08 2010

I try to use it to show banner, ads.. I think that its perfect with ads and banners.. on my several sites.

I really like its transition effects.

Michell Nov 08 2010

A Pro license of CU3ER would really boost my freelance opportunitys, being a design student and all!

Mark Jenkins Nov 08 2010

1. We’d use CU3ER to giv our brand new a portfolio a facelift with it’s intuitive interface


2. The management side of things makes it perfect to do this!

Fotis kourmadas Nov 08 2010

I ll be using it for my corporate clients mostly car dealers and info portal because of it’s diversity , so many different views with just one tool,,, amazing

Joelji Nov 08 2010

* I’ll use CU3ER in my client’s photo gallery
* For me cManager is the great feature as the editing could be done easily via GUI.
All the best, Guys!

Philip Wallage Nov 08 2010

* How would you use CU3ER if you win?

I would use CU3ER to exterminate all those old, laggy and sloppy html using sliders! When designers would visit my site and see CU3ER, they will feel the hatred towards their own sloppy work and remove it from the interwebs. Thus making it a better world to life in!

* To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?

The most exciting feature of CU3ER is (without a doubt) the 3D animations. Posers been tryin’ to roll like dis. But dey cant ride like we do!

nauris Nov 08 2010

I’d use CU3ER for my photography portfolio website.

Olive White Nov 08 2010

1. Would use it as featured slider.
2. The best feature for Cu3er? Unique 3D smooth effects and control parameters.

Martin Wtorkowski Nov 08 2010

I’d smash my competition with ultimate visual experience for my users :) Cu3er rules!

BUHOnero Nov 08 2010

I would use CU3ER in professional projectes i will develop in the future to present a really beaty alternative to my clients, and no spend a lot of time developing flash animations

Melita Nov 08 2010

Wow… I would use it to showcase my works in my portfolio i’m designing. The 3d feature fascinates me like anything… Its cooool…

Mike Manfrin Nov 08 2010

Best feature: it looks flipping awesome. Normal sliders are old-hat, unimpressive. Cu3er looks like it’d convert more clients.

Nick Sirigos Nov 08 2010

We will create a component or module for Joomla & Elxis CMS.

Emre Alsancak Nov 08 2010

Q: How would you use CU3ER if you win?

I develop games using flash. What I have in mind is to use(try) CU3ER for UI of the games I’m developing. Honestly I don’t how much interactivity I can have with CU3ER but I believe it is an interesting concept for a game UI. Imagine 3D game menus with transitions..

Q: To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?

It looks very attractive and has a very sophisticated design. Definitely looks very professional

Joshua Nov 08 2010

I already use the beta version of cu3er, and I have eagerly been awaiting the release of the great version that is now available. We are a non-profit organization that educates paramedics, nurses and doctors who work in prehospital emergency settings. We believe that giving our educational content in a visually stunning way enhances our ability to deliver life-saving content. Cu3er will always be a part of that mission for us because of its ease of deployment. Now with cManager, it seems that implementing cu3er on our 2011 site relaunch ( we can continue our tradition of high impact delivery.

Metin Nov 08 2010

What a surprise! I got an upcoming project where I need to showcase the portfolio of web&graphic design agency in an elegant way. And I already convinced my boss to use a 3D slider for this project. Hope I’ll be among the winners!

What makes Cu3er to outstanding? For me the best thing about it would be its visual attractiveness. Apart from that, what I’ve noticed so far is that it’s quite handy even for beginners.

Kijan maharjan Nov 08 2010

Q: How would you use CU3ER if you win?

I wud set this slider to all projects that i’m doing right now instead of other slider.

Q: To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?

Transitions as window…and has got base..looks gr8 and professional…attractive

when other users see, makes wanna play with this slider..and makes users to let think how this is made…really cool and interesting that everyone wud like to have this….

and thanx for this opportunity..

Surendra Vikram Singh Nov 09 2010

I would use CUBER for Dancing & Slicing my websites banner.

Bartek Nov 09 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?
– I will use it, on my new portfolio.

To you, what is the most exciting feature of CU3ER?
– Many animations efect

Caitlin Nov 09 2010

How would you use CU3ER if you win?

I would use the CU3ER to create and enhance a unique portfolio for my graphic design work.

Fernydos Nov 10 2010

1. I want use cub3er on web projects and blogs The design for my clients is the most important part of their websites and Cuber adds spectacular design elements.

2. I love the 3d features.

Archie Nov 10 2010

Really like Cu3er. I hope to win this. Awesome application. Intend to use it in my company’s website, we are currently rebuilding the design and contents.

BTW, nice website!

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