Giveaway: Fanurio Licenses

We’ve teamed up with Fanurio, a time tracking and billing desktop app for freelancers, to give out 10 licenses to this awesome tool.

For a chance to win a license, simply answer the following question in the comments: How will you use Fanurio?

This giveaway ends on August 23, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Aug 16, 2011


ddjjmm Aug 16 2011

Being a freelancer and designing websites, programming plugins and more i use fanurio to help with my passionating work :)

Steven Fowler Aug 16 2011

I currently don’t have a time tracking system in use and with upcoming work it may come in handy. Great way to try out a tracking system. Thanks for the offer.

sheena Aug 16 2011

Great giveaway!! I really need a better way of tracking my time on various projects and this looks fantastic! Count me in :)

nice product!
had been looking for an easy way to track my work time for my clients.
thats how i would use it. track the time and create billing for my web design business.

Justin Givens Aug 16 2011

That is crazy, my wife and I have started looking for time tracking software. We would use it to make sure we are billing enough time on our projects. Keep us in check.

Jonathan Aug 16 2011

For work managing time for each project/task.

I haven’t been disciplined managing my time but this looks like it will help me a lot.

Tim Lee Aug 16 2011

I would love to use Fanurio to track time and generate invoices for my clients. Please pick me!

WIll use it for tracking time on client project. Thanks!

Yury Hamolka Aug 16 2011

Good news! I’ll give it a try ;)

Desire Aug 16 2011

Fanurio sounds amazing! I’ve been really needing something like this.

Agile Scout Aug 16 2011

Need. Would use to better track blogging time!

I’d love to have free license! I’d use to track all of my clients (the couple that I have)…it would be great!

Andrew Aug 16 2011

This would be so great, as I’m about to kick my freelancing career to the next level.

Jeff Whitfield Aug 16 2011

I currently use On The Job to track and bill the time I spend on freelance projects. I welcome the idea of trying something new. If it works better than On The Job then rest assured that I’ll speak loudly about it and provide plenty of recommendations. :)

Victor Andrei Aug 16 2011

Great program for tracking time, great design and functionality.the billing system and invoice it’s a must in my work as a web developer.

Felecia Aug 16 2011

I would use Fanurio to keep track of all of my project hours and bill clients with my own html template.

Colleen Cole Aug 16 2011

This would be a useful app – keeping track of time is my biggest challenge. well, that and invoicing!

jshez Aug 16 2011

I work in a small team, with two designers. Thus, we normally have two designs running simultaneously for two different clients, meanwhile I do the coding. So far it’s been….problematic, remembering/keeping track of what I’ve been working on and which client to bill etc. Fanurio seems like the answer. I’ll wait and see how this competition pans out, might get it for the designers too.

Erwin Aug 16 2011

How will you use Fanurio? How about simply tracking my time and getting payed for those hours ;-)

Adewale Aug 16 2011

Great tool! Fanurio will be used to time my web projects and also invoice my clients based on the time spent for their projects. Looking forward to be one of the winners.

Markus Schober Aug 16 2011

Hey, I’ll use Fanurio for my Web Developer Freelance Business!

Nate Arnold Aug 16 2011

Been looking for a time keeping option for our agency. I enjoyed the trial and would love to get this service for free.

Jonathan Domanus Aug 16 2011

I manage a small team of web and graphic designers and would use Fanurio to integrate all of our time-tracking and billing tasks into a single place. Right now, we use email to coordinate time. We’ve tried a variety of other time trackers and this seems to be the most user-friendly. Especially the cross platform compatibility.

William Aug 16 2011

I would actually keep track of time in web development or in photo editing services. Now to find ways to make mods, like when I get up from my chair (stop).. and sit back down (start) :)

I’ve been tracking my time with various free systems and figured it was about time to step up to a pro system, so good timing.

Sarah Kettell Aug 16 2011

This would be awesome. I’ve looked at their software before, but wasn’t in a place to pay for it until I had more steady work coming in. Just starting out as a professional web/graphic freelancer, so this kind of thing would be a huge help to keep me organized. Especially like how it keeps track of billing and such, which would save a lot of time and effort. :)

jonny Aug 16 2011

My free trial just ended and i need to track my time to buy a full version. thanks for oportunity (o;

Melanie Aug 16 2011

I would definitely use it for my freelance web design business and recommend it for my clients who also freelance!

To track my time :-)

Matt Zimmermann Aug 16 2011

At times, I get called on for freelance work that must be tracked very carefully. This application would make that function a lot cleaner and more professional.

Dan Pallotta Aug 16 2011

Looks good. I’d use it to track time more accurately on my freelance projects.

Jasmina Stanojevic Aug 16 2011

It would be nice to have such a powerful tool to track time on the freelance projects. Amazing giveaway!

Janet Hoover Aug 16 2011

Oh my gosh! I would LOVE to win! I’m starting a design business and need something to keep track of time, projects, etc! Thanks!

Chandra Aug 16 2011

I will make better billing for my client.

I currently don’t have a time tracking system in use and with upcoming work it may come in handy. Great way to try out a tracking system. Thanks for the offer.

sanjay Aug 16 2011

Being a freelancer that has to manage my billing and time tracking task manually is a lot of pain, Fanurio can help me being into one place to process all of this. My clients would also love this. Great to add this kind of software on my side.

I could really use this to track time and bill clients. The multi-currency feature would also be awesome as a lot of my clients use different currencies. Pick me :)

Looks amazing! Such a better way of tracking my time.

Heesang Aug 17 2011

I’m freelancing on website building. I’ll use this for tracking my work time. “Without measurement no progress”. I want to progress my work quality.

Grady Aug 17 2011

I just got into freelancing, and have been looking for a good time-tracking and invoicing tool. Fanurio looks like a great tool that I would be able to put to great use in my future of a freelance web design career. I would use Fanurio as an efficient and simple way of tracking the amount of time that I work on projects, calculate the costs of projects, formulate invoices, and much more.

Danie Aug 17 2011

Great giveaway. Will use it for client projects.

Mario Hernandez Aug 17 2011

To control the time to expense for your projects, is a great idea.

Monie Aug 17 2011

This will be useful for my future freelance project!

Junnar Aug 17 2011

this is a very useful tool for us!!

Fanurio looks like an ideal tool for my everyday duties as a freelance developer. This is an amazing giveaway and would love if I get lucky to have a license.

This will help a lot, most free time trackings aren’t good enough.

Still looking for a good invoicing system.

Chema Martínez Aug 17 2011

I was looking for a time tracking software and this seems perfect for me! I’ll use like freelance to control the time, and do all the things I need to show to my clients later :)

From ever since I charged the clients a fixed rate for the work they want me to do. With Fanurio I could start dealing with the clients in a more professional way with time tracking and proper billing.

Alex T. Aug 17 2011

I’ll use it to track my work, to make sure that I’m not making $2 per hour when charging clients a fixed project cost!

Radoslav Aug 17 2011

It would be nice to track my freelance activities. So I think I can try this software.

Jesse Pocisk Aug 17 2011

This would certainly help with consistently underbilling my clients. :)

Andrew Margolin Aug 17 2011

Managing my time easily for clients.

Kristina Aug 17 2011

I would absolutly love to use the software.

unrealreality Aug 17 2011

I’d use it to manage my freelance projects. Excel is not cutting it anymore.

I am a freelancer for photography and a webmaster. I would use it for longer photodocumentation about few months or printdesign and copywriting.

This is exactly the sort of thing I need. Here’s hoping I win something this time :)

Gerard Aug 17 2011

Im just about to begin freelancing. So this software would be amazing to get started!

Management and efficiency Funario, thanks!/ha014/status/103873897107177473

stoddtrac Aug 17 2011

Client time management and invoicing.

I can finally replace my ExpressInvoice and Excel spread sheets for time logs. This will be quite beneficial. Thanks for the opportunity.

Stfan Aug 17 2011

Hi great giveaway. Need a better way to manage my schedules and billing. Fanurio seems like it can do the job. My tweet is:!/k1922h/status/103810067542978560

SteffenS Aug 17 2011

I’m working part-time on a project for a work-group at my university and totally fail to keep track of my working hours. I was looking for an app a while ago that would help me to get this mess sorted out, but I eventually gave up. Today I saw this giveaway and it sounds pretty sweet. ;)

This is extremely useful! It will help my workflow and organize my studio.
Thanks a lot!

Sharon Aug 17 2011

I’m realizing that I’m “under-billing” on project time – so I could use this to keep a much better tab on my time. Great idea. I’m heading over to download the free trial!

Tyler Aug 17 2011

I would use Fanurio to keep track of time spent on projects so I charge my clients accordingly. I would also use Fanurio to keep on top of all my projects and project tasks.

tomelk Aug 18 2011

I would use to better freelance track time!

pseudonym Aug 18 2011

I currently use Abstract Spoon’s ToDoList for time tracking, but I think Fanurio could be more convenient.

Fanurio I will use to monitor computer use time and time writing my blog. So I need Fanurio. So please give me a license. Thanks.

suresh Aug 18 2011

I would like to use this Fanurio time tracking software for one of my clients and take 15 days trial period.

This is going to help me track / bill the time I spend for my clients..atleast my conscience will be clear that I am not over-charging them just because I do not know how much time I spent on what..

Havilson Aug 18 2011

I’m a Security Consultant and work as a freelance, this type of app is what I need to help and leverage my career. I would really be thankful if I could win. Great giveaway!

Best regards.

Chanel Smith Aug 18 2011

I would love a desktop method to track time and produce billing invoices. Fanurio would certainly simplify my life.

It will useful for tracking time and expenses for my freelance design activity.

Antivirus Aug 18 2011

I will make better billing for my client.

Rosendo Aug 18 2011

this looks like a good tool to track the time, that one of my biggest issue right now how to track the time that i use while developing websites

Saeed Aug 18 2011

I’ll use Fanurio to know How much time I spend On writing one post!
I don’t need it very much, But I’ll be happy if I win.

Peter Aug 18 2011

Currently tracking time on paper and then creating invoice using word. Fanurio would same me time which can be used to get more clients.


I was looking for something like this, i realy need this to managing my precieus time when im working on clients from hell. Give it meeeeeeee

Shawn Aug 18 2011

I’d use it both at home when working as a freelancer (and to create invoices) as well as at my full time job which requires tracking work by client.

Emily Aug 19 2011

I’ve looked through tons of different invoicing software. Fanurio would be perfect! I’d use it for tracking design time and invoicing my clients in one fell swoop! Yay!

soulmenj Aug 19 2011

i will use this one to track my personal project and client project. this is awesome :). cross finger. i don’t have invoice software right now so this must be one that i need most :)

Through all the different options out there this has been one that sparked my intrest.. just have never had the chance to try it due to its cost.. Maybe my luck will pull through for me!

David Aug 19 2011

I would use this in my webdesign company for managing maintenance time spent.

Joni Strömberg Aug 19 2011

I will use fanurio to track my 4 month challenge starting 1.9.2011. I will work 19hours/day during my uberman sleep schedule.
Goal is to make enough money to buy a house I lived my whole childhood in.

A-train Aug 19 2011

Been using StudioBoss for too long and it’s no longer supported. The upgrade to Lion drops support for Rosetta and then I’m stuck!

Naresh Aug 19 2011

I will use this app for tracking my development work. This will clearly project the timing statistics for each module.

Nathan Burnett Aug 19 2011

really need this to keep track of all my projects!

Brittany Rubinstein Aug 19 2011

I’m a new grad starting to get into some freelance projects. This would be a great tool to help me get my career started on the right foot!

Josh Bartolomucci Aug 20 2011

We will use it to help manage our company’s finances.

Caedmon Aug 20 2011

I hope this will help me get paid on time! :)

Andrew Newhouse Aug 20 2011

I’ve been searching for both time-tracking and invoicing software to use for my freelancing business.

Paul Tumialan Aug 20 2011

I will use it for tracking time in my work (graphic designer). Thanks!

Peter Joseph Aug 21 2011

I do freelance writing, fanurio sounds like the perfect tool to organize how much i should be writing.

Marie-Aude Aug 21 2011

I will use Fanurio both for my professional and personnal projets. Being a freelancer, and working at home, I really need a tool to keep track of my time, and also to help me organize it. With a time tracking tool, I can follow the time I spend on my different customers, and invoice them, but I can also track how much time I spent on self promotion, social networks, or just on “procrastination” (reading documentation instead of working, for eg.)
An easy tool like Fanurio is perfect for that : not too much complexity, but a lot of information.
Tracking my time, including on non-billable projects, helos me to assess better how much time I really spend for a customer.
For each project, I make a detailed spreadsheet of estimated effort before sending the proposal, and comparing this estimation with time tracked helps to deliver better proposals

Rob Simpson Aug 21 2011

This seems to be the most full fledged of the systems that would allow me to work within 1 program and not have to keep track of time in one program and invoice in another. Not only that, but the best interfaces that I have come to see are internet based which I would prefer to have one that is desktop based. My hopes are that I can win a copy of this software to streamline my time management and billing.

Cheryl Aug 21 2011

I’m a freelancer and have had trouble getting paid right by one client, so this piece of software would be a big help in getting paid right in the future.

After trying a few different methods of time tracking – from systems of my own devise to commercially available applications – I believe the feature set of Fanurio to be the answer to my time tracking/invoicing dilemma.
I know that I too often get paid far less for the work I do than the hours I actually spend, and winning a copy of this software will definitely change this!

This would definitely help me narrow down the amount of hours a project will take. It would be especially useful for RFPs and other contract jobs. My freelance mind would be eased.

Christian Aug 22 2011

I will use Fanurio to get paid exact, I will never gift my job again!!!

Being a freelance developer, I tend to have too little time to make sure I calculate and count time spent on items correctly. I’ve had too many issues with not being paid for the amount of work I’ve done, simply because of not tracking time correctly. By using Fanurio, I know I can change that pattern, and be able to provide higher quality and more products that I am truly proud of!

Yashodhan Deshmukh Aug 22 2011

Grate stuff it will get added to by app collections and will help me a lot

Andrew Champ Aug 22 2011

This is some awesome software. Throw it in your Dropbox account and access it from anywhere. If you have doubts download the trial, you won’t be disappointed.

Maciek Aug 22 2011

I’d use it for keeping tabs on all my projects – not only billable, but personal too. It’s always good to know where your time goes.

Freebiesbuzz Aug 22 2011

time tracking will always be beneficial to me in spending my time correct in a proper way..

Crunchynow Aug 22 2011

looking forward to win as it would allow me to manage my most of the time task work.. :)

Digital Imagination Aug 22 2011

Will be useful for my company finances.. :)

aijay Aug 22 2011

being going to have my own blog i would be use it to track & be sure with the payment matter with client.

Andrew Aug 22 2011

Trying to expand my consulting business has been hampered by the amount of billing and invoicing time the paperwork takes away from actually working on projects. Would love to have my weekends back instead of preparing invoices.

Sigfrid Aug 22 2011

I will repliche Billings 3

Courtney Aug 22 2011

I would use Fanurio to keep track of time spent on client work as well as time spent on my projects,

Joshua Romero Aug 23 2011

I plan on using Fanurio to help me keep organized and on task and keep the accounting part of my freelance business in check. God knows I need all the help I can get. :)

Chaitanya Aug 23 2011

I’m a freelance programmer and will use it to track time spent on specific projects.

Penina Moise Aug 23 2011

Have seen it being used by my colleague.Would like to give it a try.

Denis Aug 23 2011

I design themes and can use this to charge clients on time basis.

This software could save my life as I frequently threaten to delete myself when frustrated by hours spent on tracking projects, invoicing and follow up.

Great product.

Great tool! Fanurio will be used to time my web projects and also invoice my clients based on the time spent for their projects. Looking forward to be one of the winners.

Nicole Aug 23 2011

until now I use klok2 but Fanurio seams more comfortable…
I would realy like to use it in Future to get a better overview for my working time

I can use to log my blogging activities and calculate my hourly ROI.

Sebastian Aug 23 2011

I Would use it to better track my task time in my company

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