Giveaway: SlideshowBox Licenses

SlideshowBox, an HTML and Flash slideshow template, has teamed up with Six Revisions to give out 10 SlideshowBox Premium Plus licenses.

For a chance to win, please leave a comment that answers the following question: How would you use SlideshowBox if you won?

This giveaway ends on December 29, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Dec 22, 2010


miss one Dec 22 2010

oh i would love to see my over 3000 pictures i took with my iphone since august in a cool way of presentaion..

I’d use it to develop my long-due photography site.

I would integrate it in my projects, that’s for sure.

I would use it to magnify the pictures of my 2 years old girl to share them with family and friends.

Alberto Dec 22 2010

For my portfolio! I’m a photographer! :)

Great! Would be nice to get one.

That looks just beautiful and I would be very happy if a get one of these licenses. I would love to include this slideshow in some of my next gallery projects. :)

Peter Dec 22 2010

->How would you use SlideshowBox if you won?

I would use SlideshowBox for exciting new web multimedia service, that would utilize SlideshowBox at its best.

MicheleB Dec 22 2010

I would definitely use Slideshowbox for galleries on several of my websites!

Wow – that would be so great to win! My friend is a great photographer and he wants me to build a website for him – this would be perfect! Please pick me!

Pedro Dec 22 2010

This looks like a great piece of software to use for my site. I would use this to add slideshows to my blog of my wedding and personal work. This would also make it easier to share galleries in facebook.

I would use this to finally create a website for my father-in-law as a birthday present for him. He’s got fantastic images that I believe he should get out there. Incredible HDR and all around great landscape photography.

Christian Thibault Dec 22 2010

I would use SlideshowBox to publish the portfolio of my visual artist friend. Thank you.

I’ll use it in my website/portfolio!

Pablo Lara H Dec 22 2010

Great! I would use it to show my pics in a new site!

Coxychap Dec 22 2010

How would I use it? How wouldn’t I use it would be easier!

Tom Leary Dec 22 2010

We’ll use it for our home page rotator which shows images and some text of highlighted news events.

Matthias Dec 22 2010

Whoa. That looks wicked cool. I would use it to improve the look of my girlfriend’s portfolio website. Thanks for the opp!

Silvio Dec 22 2010

If i won, i use this script in my Playlist video website or in another site where i pubb. books.

Nick D. Dec 22 2010

I would use SlideshowBox to create for my client sites – this would save me a great deal of time!

Amie Gillingham Dec 22 2010

We run a website for artists and this tool could be a perfect match for showcasing our artists’ work. Happy Holidays from EBSQ!

Pedro Carbonell Dec 22 2010

Hey! I want that license!

We need very badly for several of our customers that need to show their products in a very creative manner. We have customers that sell art products and some that just need a good gallery for their portfolio!

And Maybe while we’re at it we might use it ourselves, god knows our project portfolio is not the nicest one!



Zaid Pirwani Dec 22 2010

Obviously I will use it to show off some great photographs… or maybe I will use it to make a gallery of whatever circuts and stuff I have recently started to make…

Spectacular stuff. I’d love to have a SlideshowBox license!

I work for a nonprofit and we’re about to add some pictures from our annual conference to our website. It would be nice to use something else than Flickr’s slideshow feature to display all the great photo’s we have.

Ângelo Ferreira Dec 22 2010

if you don’t win I’ll have to sell a kidney to buy it because I need to use it on my company’s website… :)

mogmismo Dec 22 2010

I would use Slideshowbox on local musician and busker websites in my city to show photographs from the gigs that I and other local photographers took. Since the sites are technically for profit (these small bands sell CD’s, mostly self printed), we can’t use the free version, though all the acts are very small-time local or regional artists.

Jacob Dec 22 2010

I Would use it for one of my clients websites. Never heard of this slideshow but it looks really promising. Hope I win this!

Cliff Dec 22 2010

If I win a premium account, I will use it to show my triathlon pictures.

Boboc Ionut Dec 22 2010

I would use it to showcase my portofolio :)

Hi SixRevisions,

I really love these slides, and hope to get one. I would like to use it on my personal blog, where I show my pictures of my family and friends.

MarkH Dec 22 2010

Would use it for my portfolio.

Vivek Parmar Dec 22 2010

looking forward to get something on this christmas festival.
Well if i win, i purchase a new domain and start using it to showcase my work, just like a portfolio site.
All the best wishes to all the participants participating in this event

Matt M. Dec 22 2010

I’ve been looking for a nice way to present my photography. SlideshowBox has always been at the top of my list.

tebee Dec 22 2010

I’m working on a site for my sister-in-law for her daughters dance troop. It would be ideal to use the lightbox on the photos page.

Micha Kroes Dec 22 2010

I would use the SlideshowBox to make some nice gallery for some customers. Als for personal use for displaying a photogallery.

I was looking for a nice slideshow last week to use for my portfolio and now, I found a great one! Thanks for the info and I hope I’ll win :)!

Jan Werder Dec 22 2010

I would use it to create a cool slideshow for our social HL2 mod. We have a lot of Contributors and it’s hard to create a slideshow for the web with the shitty free stuff

Brian Dec 22 2010

I would use this in my personal website to set up some pages to showcase my hobby of photography.

Jason Carbo Dec 22 2010

I want a SlideshowBox to show my portfolio gallery.

F. Sterrenburg Dec 22 2010

If i win I would use SlideshowBox to spice up my portfolio website. I’m currently redesigning it and SlideshowBox would make it even better. Won’t be ashamed to show the world my work in such a beautiful box ^.^

Carri Craver Dec 22 2010

I would integrate SlideShowBox in my portfolio.

Grady Kelly Dec 22 2010

I’m doing some design charity work for a group that is doing a holistic living conference. They have zero budget, hence the charity work, but i could totally use this to showcase the event, speakers, etc.

I would use it for my portfolio =)

NasirJumani Dec 22 2010

If I win, I would use these to embed slide-shows on my client’s websites, moreover, I can use them in my college presentations, to show data in some rich formats than previous ones….etc etc. In other words, I NEED THIS. Fingers Crossed! :)

Sándor Békési Dec 22 2010

I would use it for different web projects of my company, especially for upcoming photographers websites.

Gladys Dec 22 2010

I’d love to use this for a family website. Thanks for the contest!

Gord Campbell Dec 22 2010

I’ve recently started a photo blog and I’m using it to showcase particular images from my collection of negatives as I scan and archive them for digital storage.

SlideShowBox would be perfect for what I had in mind originally when I set the site up.

Anton K. Dec 22 2010

for teh win!

Graham Dec 22 2010

I have a 180 portraits from my local arts trail that have been composited into a huge panorama. I have found very few decent tools to present these images and all the individual ones for the public.

Kelsey Dec 22 2010

I would use it for the new tourism site we’re creating for our work.
It would display the pictures of our town beautifully!

Tristan Dec 22 2010

I’d create a kick a** photo portfolio.

David Meek Dec 22 2010

I would use it to help my new startup company to show a high level of design to potential clients.

David Dec 22 2010

For my future freelance projects =D

Jerome Dec 22 2010

Slidebox will be instrumental and come in time handy. My collection of HK Trips photos will be awesomely displayed with that, for the sharing of joy and fun with all my friends and relative :D

I would love a premium edition of SlideshowBox. I would use it to spruce up a couple sites of mine and add some pizazz to some of my clients’ sites.

April Dec 22 2010

I would totally use the slide show to showcase my horses for sale. Photographs are one of the main components of my advertising…what a great way to take out the pain of updating the photo links for each individual page :D

Tracy Dec 22 2010

I would have fun with pictures of my kids and their activities.

David Baker Dec 22 2010

I would use SlideshowBox to help me in designing my photography portfolio.

Luifidor Dec 22 2010

I would use it to publish the beautiful pictures my girlfriend takes, she is an architect and love photography as a hobby ( I think she is pretty talented), I am more on the coding side :)

Great blog!

Rich H Dec 22 2010

I would use it on our website to replace our current image slideshow which is basic, boring and not very user-friendly.

Will use it on my Clients web sites to make them look so much better!

Michel Monen Dec 22 2010

I would use it to satisfy my current customers who exactly need this software.

Nick Plekhanov Dec 22 2010

Wow, this is incredible stuff. Thanks Six Revisions a lot!

will certainly use that template as an awesome portfolio page for all my projects to blow visitor’s mind with such beauty that this template does provide.

Hope to win…fingers crossed.

Cristian Szabo Dec 22 2010

I would use this slideshow gallery on my friend’s – who is a wedding photographer – new website.

J.F. Herrera Dec 22 2010

I would integrated in to my Joomla template. I have been looking for a similar slide show to go on my sites front page.

alian Dec 22 2010

On my photoblog website

Andrei Barburas Dec 22 2010

Give it to my girlfriend so she can use it on her portfolio :).

Neil H Dec 22 2010

This looks excellent. How would I use it? The variety of templates and the online panel would make implementing this both easy and sympathetic to site design, so I guess I would use it for whatever a client asks for.

Naturally, I’m sucking up – but the SlideshowBox does, if fact, look incredibly cool.

Danielle Dec 22 2010

I would use a few of these for different projects that I have going on right now.

I love learning, I love technology. I would be so appreciative to be able to utilize these awesome lightboxes, to make me happy as well as clients. :)

Pick me pick me!

Jenny Dec 22 2010

I would use it for my senior project which would be a photography website. I think the SlideshowBox would be a great choice for photography websites. :p

Brendan C. Dec 22 2010

I would build a website and implement SlideShowBox.

I would rule the interwebs!!!!

Jeff Payne Dec 22 2010

How would you use SlideshowBox if you won? — I would use it to make a great first impression on my websites. Thanks!

cassandra king Dec 22 2010

Hello, would love to implement this on our Law School website!

cassandra king Dec 22 2010

would love to use this on our Law School website

Richard Schumacher Dec 22 2010

Sounds really cool. I could use this for the website of a non-profit educational group that I support.

mike cho Dec 22 2010

I would most likely use it on my new e-commerce site or wordpress blog that is currently in development.

karen Dec 22 2010

I’d make a new portfolio!

grant tailor Dec 22 2010

i will use it to post pictures of friends

jesse Dec 22 2010

To make clients sites look even better :)

David Sims Dec 22 2010

WOW! Very cool…how would I use SlideshowBox?

I can see several neat possibilities for my new blog and for some niche sites I am working on. For instance:

1–a gallery of classical music CD covers from which a site visitor may choose, with background music provided by the artist(s) of choice…could be several different artists or a collection of recordings by a single pianist or violinist, etc. with their playing going on in the background

2–a gallery of books on a given topic or by a specific author

3–a gallery of sample websites that display a certain quality, or deal with a given topic

4–a collection of stamps or coins from a country or time period would be great, nice and close-up

5–could even use a slideshow to display code for a project, where a user could jump back and forth between sections of code to see how things relate and work together…could also incorporate screens resulting from the code so you could have, say, five screens of HTML and CSS code followed by one or two screens showing how all that code “adds up” — either as explanation or, even, possibly as a tutorial?

6–I might also use one slideshow as a “mini-theater” with events and characters appearing within an online screenplay?…reminiscent of comic book progressions even…

7–I could see using an application of this as navigation, too…a visual way to “get around” a site

8–how about using one as a timeline, showing events, people, etc. as they change and develop over time?

I could go on…but instead, maybe you could choose me and I’ll try to show you some of my other ideas when I win a copy of this cool software?



Oliver Kniep Dec 22 2010

Nice tool. I would create a portfolio site with my best photographic work.

I’d use it on my website for Str8 Against H8, it’s a website dedicated to getting gay marriage legalized in the United States. I’d post pictures of rallies and things we went to.

I would use it for my portfolio,too.

Ricardo Francés Dec 22 2010

I would use it to develop my brother’s portfolio website.

Rebecca Dec 22 2010

I think I’d use it for my design blog :P

Tuncay Demirtepe Dec 22 2010

I take photos and I can make my own portfolio site with slideshow and most probably my other photographer friends will want to have same site.. it means very targeted advertisement :)

Norman Dec 22 2010

Would definitely use it in client’s projects to help provide high quality services.

Alex Flueras Dec 22 2010

I would use the Slideshowbox to display part of my portfolio.

karan Dec 22 2010

I would use it as an development tool for my website clients providing interactive elements in web design interface.

Rahul Joshi Dec 22 2010

SlideShowBox is just awesome. I am a Flash/AS3 developer and usually have projects where a client wants an image or video gallery. I have used the free component in few projects but the paid version would provide me with more flexibility and power. Besides this I am planning to update my website design with a Flash base design and this would really help me out for the portfolio section.
Great giveaway Jacob!

Ari Arsyadi Dec 23 2010


I see many options with this tool if I win. As a freelance designer, this tool will certainly be helpful to speed up my work process, like preparing presentation to a client. I also need it to showcase my products on my website.

Bottom line, I believe this tool will be highly useful for me. Thanks.

Joigie Dec 23 2010

For starters, portfolio and family blog slideshow (I think the grandparents will get a kick). I may even use to create an online book! Great app, thanks for sharing in true Christmas spirit!! :)

Excellent for portfolio site…

Create a friend’s portfolio (Artist/photographer) Merry Xmas

WPThemeInfo Dec 23 2010

Handy Stuff to grab. This one ditto fits to my next project. Hope I win that can make my project stunning. All the best to all other participants as well.

Uros K. Dec 23 2010

I`m working on a non profit project for local kindergarten and it has to be user friendly for kids. SlideshowBox would be perfect for kids to use it, because is very simple to navigate and it looks superb. Polaroid or Stack album modes would be perfect for use to them.

Joshua Rozon Dec 23 2010

Very Unique Application. I would use this product to display images for my Photographic class i am taking.

Eniak Dec 23 2010

I would use it on my family site and also for a client who would appreciate a better image gallery.

Desiree Holroyde Dec 23 2010

I would use this application to help launch a record label currently in the (preliminary) works.

rollsappletree Dec 23 2010

I will use it on my sites :)
Fantastic slideshow with stunning video effects are what i need to make my sites more and more attractive :)

Fancy Flash Dec 23 2010

Cool stuff, I would like to check it out on one of my projects ;)

Lewis Sellers Dec 23 2010

We are working on a website for a charity at the moment and i think this slideshow would look fantastic on their gallery pages!

Muzzammil Dec 23 2010

i will use one of these designs and will make my portfolio on that design :) so please give me one license

Matina Vroulou Dec 23 2010

I would use it on my portfolio!

Looks great and would use it to send slideshow as swf attachment with e-mail to missionaries in PNG where internet is a problem, so bye bye flickr, smugmug etc.

I need a professional product for portfolio web site.

Lauren Dec 23 2010

Awesome to find some different slideshows! This will set them apart from the rest out there. Great cutting edge stuff for 2011! I can be ahead of the curve if I get this tool!

Drew Martin Dec 23 2010

I can think of a ka-billion uses, but my first would be to use it on our church website! I’ve been looking for a slick way to present our photo albums from various events and this looks just like the ticket!
@Amart62 =)

Jonathan Price Dec 23 2010

I would use slideshowbox to replace all the fun I have been having watching planes on Heathrow Airport’s runway… An altogether different slide Show ;)

I’ve been looking for a format for my online portfolio, and this seems like it would fit the style I’m looking for!

timmy Dec 23 2010

I would use it to create a “playlist” of the best sites I’ve seen on the net. And I’ll put Six révisions in !
(sorry for my bad english, I’m french)

That’s awesome! I would use slide-shows on my client’s websites.

Geet Purwar Dec 23 2010

Rediscovering news ways to use it :)

Kim Clune Dec 23 2010

I would promote the humanitarian organization I work with by highlighting amazing photos of people helping people in foreign sustainable communities.

I would use it for my clients’ websites and for my own portfolio. SlideshowBox offers so many stunning options!

Hector Lee Dec 23 2010

I would use it to show my portfolio work. Screen space is a premium.

designbyarm Dec 23 2010

Used for Show my portfolio of my work.

Thanks you

Hope me lucky on this giveaway.

Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi Dec 23 2010

Awesome giveaway. Very nice for my portfolio.

greydout Dec 23 2010

I’m running a new auto startup in private beta. I’d use this to display user generated content to our users across our site!

Pedro Lopes Dec 23 2010

On my blog.

Scotty Dec 23 2010

Super cool for a portfolio!

cliff Dec 23 2010

I’d use it to display extra projects in my portfolio that have long due passed their prime.

Cosmin Dec 23 2010

nice slideshows … i would use it to display the pics on my personal site

Tony Yates Dec 23 2010

I would use it to improve two websites I built last year…this would take them to them next level!

Pick me!

Daniella Dec 23 2010

Two years ago my father, an artist, lost half of his life’s work in a studio fire. I’m creating a website for him so we can showcase his work. SlideshowBox would be the perfect tool to complete this project. Thank you!

I will use for my sites – pictures galleries, banners, like navigation…..

Renzo Dec 24 2010

I’d like to use it, Thanks for the chance!

i’d print out the source code and use it as a handkerchief!

araiza Dec 24 2010

i would use it on my blog.

Luanigio Dec 24 2010

I win if I use it immediately on my blog because I never won a giveaway!

I’d use it to display photos of my new nephew for the family

cannasky Dec 24 2010

I am a Digital Media Art student in Vancouver, the whole class has been follow you and SMASHING MAGAZINE since day one. If I win, I will use it on the school project which will be the show case website for all the students’ creations and arts projects. Another Digital Media Art school in New York wants to see our work, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver wants to integrate with us, if our web-site is set up on time, it might help our school get more funding from the school board….. We need it ,all of us, especially from you. We will appreciate it if you put us into your consideration.

Merry Christmas!

A-Bot Dec 24 2010

This would be awesome to win. I’ll definitely be encorporating it in my designs.

HADNow Dec 24 2010

I would love to use it on a couple of projects that I am working on at present. The slide-showbox would definitely boost up the way my content is presented and would look much more professional and eye-catching. The way the galleries are displayed definitely results in higher click rates and more time on the site!

Naresh Dec 24 2010

Awesome for displaying pictures. I’d use it for picture gallery on my website.

Mariella Dec 24 2010

I’m working on a site right now that could use this.

I would integrate it in my projects, that’s for sure.

Ramon Dec 25 2010

I’d use it in a pro-bono project for a friend who is a martial arts instructor. His website will really help him reach out to the community he’s working in.

echerub Dec 25 2010

I’d be using slideshowbox to finally showcase my photos online and (a) satisfy my friends who keep asking me to do so, and (b) actually use it to promote my work!

Steve Dec 25 2010

I’m off to a huge car show next week and I’d use SlideshowBox to display all of the photos I’ll be shooting.

Pavel Kotyza Dec 25 2010

I would use it to show different product pictures on my shooping website and blog.

Martin Olšanský Dec 25 2010

I would use it in the future on my site, but for now I just want to study the code. (legal way)

Allan Moreno Dec 25 2010

I would use it to enhance my educational web project.

I would use it to replace slideshowpro and slideshowpro director. As a web developer, I would use it in my arsenal of tools that I can provide for the client.

I’d use it on my site, for my portfolio, and probably on a client site or two in various forms.

Crista Dec 25 2010

I can think of several occasions where SlideshowBox would be useful. I would use it for portfolio purposes and photo archives initially, but I could see myself using this for project galleries, blogs and client sites as well.

anthony Dec 25 2010

Id use it to complete my long over due portfolio site so i can get some dang clients!

anthoula Dec 25 2010

I’d use SlideshowBox for all of my upcoming slideshow projects that would show off portfolio pieces, photography or product offerings. SlideshowBox looks very professional and fun to play with!

joaquin Gustavo Dec 26 2010

i want to use it for teach my friends that is possible to get ORIGINAL software that WORKS in México.

I would use it to really bring out designs in my online portfolio (which i am currently developing.

I would it to display my campaign photos.

PicsBay Dec 26 2010

It would make a perfectly complement our photography website

I’d like to use slideshowbox as I’m transitioning to freelance web design from teaching.

Scottie D Dec 26 2010

I would use it so that each slide would become a portal into another dimension. Just clicking on any one of them would take you into realms of splendid creativity and never-before-seen delights beyond your wildest imagination.

Aniruddh Agrawal Dec 26 2010

If i Win than I will use it to make a cool and interesting website for my growing business..I have a HR placement company here in my city…This tool will certainly help me..thanks
i have been looking for such software from quite some time….

Karen Dec 27 2010

I would use it for my portfolio and for presentations.

Thomas le Pomme Dec 27 2010

I’d like to use slideshowbox to show phostos of my little daughter

Walker Argendeli Dec 27 2010

I would use it as a classy solution for cloud-based presentations.

Chris Dec 27 2010

I would use it for my photography site that is in the works. I would use it for some storytelling ideas I have. I would love to package this in for a customer of mine who will need slideshows to show his fans and followers. I could see this being used to showcase the works of some non-profits in my area.

That’s all could think of at this time.

Thanks for the opportunity!

I will use this to create spectacular custom photo slideshows without the pains of coding.

Layne Dec 27 2010

i want it in my new portfolio

I’d finally be able to put up the vacation slides that my wife has been asking me to do for the last 6 months :)

paul rostorp Dec 27 2010

would be very useful to create a stunning homepage for several of my projects.

Kamal Dec 27 2010

I love this slideshowBox and I love to win it :)

Craigyp Dec 27 2010

If I was lucky enough to win a copy of Slideshowbox, I’d use it for creating slideshows of our dog to document his life from when we got him as a puppy so that the rest of our family and friends can see his progress in sn exciting visual way.

I would use this slide show to give my website a direly needed umakeover, with a little pizazz.

Maciej Dec 28 2010

I would use it to create slideshows for my customers

DSKVR Dec 28 2010

I would use it to document my travels & exhibit my own as well as others art works, for free.

Roberto Dec 28 2010

I would make a photoslide for my website.

Ming You Dec 28 2010

I would open it to become free sources on my site then whatever people can use it and we can share the knowledge together!

Julius Dec 28 2010

This will be great for the site I’m building to promote a local group whose aim it is to foster a relationship with seasonal tourists. Yes, this will really add to their vision.

FunkyFreshness Dec 28 2010

I’d use it for my photography portfolio site! It instantly makes any site look classy and professional.

myk1e Dec 29 2010

It would be great to build my new portfolio with this nice slideshow !

Sebastian Dec 29 2010

For my portfolio!

I would build a brilliant gallery site for my father’s photos.

Brian Dec 29 2010

I would use the slide show on my freelance site to display my work. It would really help out.

sureshpeters Dec 29 2010

i love to integrate in my college project :)

How will I use SlideshowBox? Let me count the ways…I will use it to enhance my WordPress blog with some pictures I have taken and enhanced with Photoshop. Once I have spiced-up my WP blog with SlideshowBox, I will convince my girlfriend {she will think I have became so awesome at web design} into buying me FlashEff 2.0 to create some serious text intro to my site.

Colleen Cole Dec 29 2010

I would use it to showcase my honeymoon and wedding photos!

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