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Our friends at SnackTools is giving away 10 VIP memberships to the entire suite of tools for an entire year.

For a chance to win this sponsored giveaway, simply answer the following question in the comments: Which tool would you find yourself using the most, and how will you use it?

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This was published on Mar 16, 2011


I like the Quizsnack tool the most as it allows for my viewership to give the best & fastest feedback necessary!

Mario Awad Mar 16 2011

I will be using the high-quality flash banner the most to create flash banners for client websites. Good luck to all :)

Robert Hoppe Mar 16 2011

make a banner ;)

Jacob Mar 16 2011

I think, the TubeSnack tool would be the feature that I would use most. But the others look promising too!

Jacques Ward Mar 16 2011

It would have to be the Stylish page flip books app – i would use this to create online publications of articles i have wrote!!

Lucas Costa Oliveira Mar 16 2011

I will use the photosnack , because for my international sites that im doing as a freelancer, i will regard some points with my old , new and future clients , and that will be very gratefull for myself and my job partners

Lloyd Mar 16 2011

I would def use the custom web audio player for my website. I currently run a Ning plus site which does not include an audio feature and this would be an awesome addition to the site’s features.

Tim Madel Mar 16 2011

QuizSnack definitiely is the tool I’d use the most. The ability to simply and quickly create polls and get them published AND see results in realtime is awesome! Beats other online survery tools hands down.

Mustafa Mar 16 2011

I will use Photosnack and Quizsnack, as I am a web designer and teacher in an web design institute it will help me to make presentation and quiz for the students.

Anthony Schultz Mar 16 2011

I would use quiz snack. Being that I have a few web apps in the works, QuizSnack would work nicely along side of the user review tools that I use.

I could see myself using QuizSnack to conduct surveys following several key interactions on my site. e.g after registration, after posting, etc.. It would provide another outlet for my users to share their thoughts and ideas for improving the site.

Andrew Champ Mar 16 2011

The survey & poll tool… for sure. Those are such a pain in the bum for something that’s only needed temp.

Jason Mar 16 2011

The survey tool is great, i’ll use these tools in my blog.

Matthew Deloughry Mar 16 2011

I think I would use the “Photo Slideshow” tool the most. Since I’ve just started getting back into Photography since finishing Uni and love to show this off to the world

Harrison Brown Mar 16 2011

Quiz snack would be the clincher for me! I run a charity network website ( and our charity exists mainly to support and inspire our network of members. Having an engaging and professional looking survey system would help us get more wide ranging feedback from our members, helping us do our job better. As yet we have held off, partly due to the low quality and monotony of most survey systems.
Thanks for the contest SixRevisions.

Emmanuel Baako Mar 16 2011

Quizsnack would come in as a very handy tool for me right now. I’m undertaking a few research studies and could do with some of the premium features offered by quizsnack.

Gaele Mar 16 2011

This is a nice one i am sure i will enjoy.
Thanks Jacob for this opportunity and thank you for the great job you do.

Ooooh, I could really use QuizSnack for wine quizzes on my site!

Balys Mar 16 2011

I need high-quality flash banner maker!:)))

Jusna Mar 16 2011

I’d use the PhotoSnack the most because there are not many useful tools out there for making slideshows so this would be useful.

Perri Mar 16 2011

Since I make jewelry and write instructional articles and e-books, PhotoSnack and FlipSnack, definitely!! I’ve been stymied for a while on how to showcase my work most effectively with this type of technology – to have it all in one place is priceless. Thanks for bringing us the good news!

Joigie Mar 16 2011

Use flipsnack to produce online documentation.

baobaz Mar 16 2011

I will use Stylish page flip books. I think it can be used for showing thesis in our campus. So We dont have to come to library everyday. And we just read form website.

Good Idea ana smart.. :D

Paul Carney Mar 16 2011

I would use flipsnack so that I can turn my PDF whitepapers into something that is more engaging to the user, adding functionality that will keep them flipping!

I would use this for client feedback. Thanks.

sebastian Mar 16 2011


Asmita Mar 16 2011

I would use QuizSnack for my collage project as it has customizable skin to suit my color need + easy embedding in my blog (as per their video)

David Ly Mar 16 2011

I’ll use the photo slideshow in a wedding site I’m working on in the next few months;

Silvio Mar 16 2011

Create a great banner! :-)

Leonardo Mar 16 2011

I would use the banner maker to create interactive flah banners for every website I develop.

Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi Mar 16 2011

I would love use it to make banner :)

Candace Mar 16 2011

I would use FlipSnack for many of the author sites I do. I think it’d be a great way to present excerpts!

Sean M Mar 16 2011

I could see myself using several of the tools but mostly the bannersnack and photosnack.

Milos Mar 16 2011

I would use FlipSnack, definitely – for ePublishing of my graphics design works :)

Adewale Mar 16 2011

Whaoo! Snacktools is loaded with packages I have been looking for. It will really help me in finetuning my website outlook ( It will surely be helpful.

Jayar Mar 16 2011

We do surveys a lot so Quiz Snack would come in handy!

aniyash Mar 16 2011

quizsnack!! user feedback and opinions a must for us!

Amit B Mar 16 2011

We would use the QuizSnack and the TubeSnack features. We provide online educational content for free to thousands of students. And we are constantly trying to stay on top of the latest tools that give our users the best UI experience.

Mattias Mar 16 2011

Probably the FlipSnack would be used the most. I have a couple ebooks that would be neat with it.

Quiz Snack would be really nice to have!

Colleen C Mar 16 2011

I’d be using the flipsnack to create some cool learning content on my blog.

As a school district technology resource teacher I can see using this in a multitude of ways. I just wish there was a discount for educators. Thanks Six Revisions for introducing us to SnackTools!

Yuri Artibise Mar 16 2011

All look useful, but I have an immediate need for both BannerSnack and FlipSnack

Brendan C. Mar 16 2011

Polls to get user feedback

Tom Dempsey Mar 16 2011

Banner Snack!

ERPalmer Mar 16 2011

BannerSnack to help simplify the lives of my clients, and mine! :p

For sure the page flip PDF ! We produce several print catalogs per year and it would be great to have flip PDF’s of them.

I think I’d like to try Flipsnack, I’m often asked to provide samples for clients and it always seems to be for a different field. It would be nice to be able to create customized e-portfolios quickly with minimal fuss, I’d get my nights back!

definitely the flash banner maker

Shamsu Bhaidani Mar 16 2011

Looking forward to using the flipSnack tool to allow our users to present and get feedback on from their client bases.

Steve Mar 16 2011

I think I would use the photosnack tool the most. It seems that I am always looking for a good solution for photo galleries and this sounds like it might be the answer!

I would use the “Photo Slideshow”. I enjoy learning through photos vs. reading articles and feel that others may too.

Matt DiNino Mar 16 2011

I wish I could win for ounce.

Nugraha Mar 16 2011

I want to use the BannerSnack, because i need it to support my internet marketing business for my clients :)

madefamousby Mar 16 2011

I reckon I would use QuizSnack the most to help me work with a few Adobe Air projects and speed up their development :)

Hard to say, but I’d like to try quizsnack. Love to put some quick poll / survey stuff on our website.

I am a high school teacher, and would probably find the photosnack (photo slideshow tool) the most useful to publish student work on the web. I so often photograph student work, and prepare them in slideshows in various formats, including flash slideshows. Sometimes the process can be difficult to prepare, and I would find the snacktool to save me significant time!

I would love to use flip snack to put my academic papers online!

Oscar Brown Mar 16 2011

Definitely photosnack. For photo galleries, obviously.

Jeff M. Mar 17 2011

TubeSnack definitely. I have been looking for the perfect video player to enhance my site and this really hits the spot.

Luanigio Mar 17 2011

PhotoSnack & FlipSnack!!!

mimwow Mar 17 2011

All of them are really cool, I’ll definitely use QuizSnack it’s a very good tool for pols. Simply to use, quick to create a poll and get real time results.
Hope to win one, good luck to everybody!

Anas Abdul Latheef Mar 17 2011

TubeSnack will be my tool. I spend lot of hours on youtube watching movies, tv serires, developer tutorials and other videos. I would be using TubeSnack to organize all my playlist, so i can watch my videos continuously. I would also embed these im my video blog to create my own video library which I can share with my friends.

As a web developer, BannerSnack and FlipSnack will also be the other tools in my arsenal.

I badly need this.

Hermanet Lay Mar 17 2011

Surely the slideshow! Seen some of the examples and it looks yummy!

Melvin Mar 17 2011

Definitely QuizSnack for us – one of the simplest way to gain quick insights from our consumers on our websites :)

Paige P Mar 17 2011

This looks awesome I’d love to use this!

Erika Sentz Mar 17 2011

I would most likely use FlipSnack the most, because being a designer of magazine advertisements, this would be a great way to allow clients to combine all of their advertisements and make them electronic!

Mike Mitch Mar 17 2011

I would definitely use Quizsnack. I need to be able to gather good information from my users – this is perfect!

Jen Breuss Mar 17 2011

I’m excited about the FlipSnack tool – I’ve already been working on some projects that I know will work perfectly in that format. I’m also excited about the QuizSnack tool-very usable for quick feedback.

Saurabh Mar 17 2011

I will be using the high-quality flash banner tool the most to create flash banners for client websites.

Cheryl Mar 17 2011

I’d likely use FlipSnack the most. I’ve worked with two different flipbook options with clients, but FlipSnack looks very promising. Excited for its launch.

Toqi Tahmid Prithi Mar 17 2011

I find flipsnack quite interesting.. I will use it bye embeding it on my blog.

Amy L Mar 17 2011

I think PhotoSnack. Great for creating a photo catalog for my clothing line.

Johann Smith Mar 18 2011

The toss up will be between FlipSnack and PhotoSnack, as I think both will compliment each other nicely…

Johnny Mar 18 2011

Looks handy, count me in!

Elisabeth Mar 18 2011

I would find myself using FlipSnack the most and I will use it to create flipping books.

William Mar 18 2011

“flipsnack” to help get clients magazines online in a flip-style book

wpdestek Mar 18 2011

if I win, I want to create polls on my website with QuizSnack.

Lauren Mar 19 2011

This resource would save me so much time and add value to all my websites for sure!

karan Mar 19 2011

Bannersnack , to promote my websites in a impressive way.

thanks for the giveaway.

Erythros Mar 19 2011

The best tool of stack for me is flash banner maker. (The second best is poll tool.) And I would use it because of money. I could make my own banners and not have to pay someone to do it for me.

Brandan Mar 19 2011

I would use podsnack for audio, and bannersnack for flash banners on my site.

Scott Mar 19 2011

Looks cool

Anas Abdul Latheef Mar 20 2011

I would use the TubeSnack. Would like to keep all my playlist and create my own video library to share with my friends.

I can also reccomed this to my clients who wanted to start their own video blogs or gallery.

BannerSnack would be my next tool so that i can easily create adverts for clients and campigns.

Elizabeth Mar 20 2011

I would use the photosnack tool the most, having a ‘no fuss’ and professional format in which to publish both client’s work, as well as my own would be such a benefit. As a graphIc design graduate student, I am constantly trying to provide effective solutions for my clients and expand my own knowledge base, snacktools is the professional answer I am looking for.

Vitor Neves Mar 20 2011

i would use the flipsnack for sure

Heather S Mar 20 2011

Flipsnack hands down! I’ve been looking for a resource like this to use on my fashion site! Sweet!

like snacktools very much!! i´m desperate waiting the launch of flip book tool.

I would definitely use the flipsnack it will give my members a chance to see their work in a ‘book format’ and hopefully increase story submissions to my site.

miriam Mar 22 2011

I want a vip account!! I love snacktools!

Britt Mar 22 2011

I currently use BannerSnack at work, and I will definitely be using flipSnack once it is released.

Morten Halvorsen Mar 22 2011

I would love to use BannerSnack at work. Don’t want to use animated .gifs all over the place anymore. Please release me :)

Fluffs McKenzie Mar 22 2011

Probably would use TubeSnack for a better way to post video podcasts/events on my site.

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