Giveaway: MailerLite Subscriptions

MailerLite, an email marketing tool designed for small- and medium-sized businesses, has teamed up with us to offer 10 lucky Six Revisions readers a 1-year membership to their web service.

For a chance to win a subscription to MailerLite, just answer this question in the comments: How would you use your subscription to MailerLite if you won?

This giveaway ends on August 9, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Aug 2, 2011


Christopher Aug 02 2011

I would give it to one of my customers, who currently needs an email marketing tool.

Arlathan Aug 02 2011

I’d use it to inform our customers about our promotions etc in this way. We are using way to old tool for this…

afiq aiman Aug 02 2011

I want to try email marketing using MailerLite.

I’d create badass emails to skyrocket my business :).

giantJELLYFISH Aug 02 2011

Surely a sorely needed tool amongst all the permutations of emails/programs/email clients/errors that there seem to be… MailerLite seems to get the job done, and done well.

M. Yasin Erdogan Aug 02 2011

Hi everyone,

If I win I will use my subscription to my antivirus knowledgebase community site.

Good luck.

Simone Bozzato Aug 02 2011

I’ll use the subscription to promote my band (gigs, news and merchandising)

Aurelien Aug 02 2011

We are going to send emails from now on for our website that is in private beta now and that will be open to the public early september.
Thank you,
Best Regards,

Alex T. Aug 02 2011

This looks cool. I used CoolerEmail before, but this might be easier and better. Would email my clients with special offers.

Imre Tömöri Aug 02 2011

I would try to give a kick to our business by starting a newsletter.

Alfredo Arriaza Aug 02 2011

Thanks for the giveaway

y use this for my email marketing design whit my enterprise

S.M.Mahmoodi Aug 02 2011

I Would use to distribute my Creations…

Probably use it for my non-profit as the other board members have such a hard time with mailchimp.

I Would like to use this to maintain my subscribers list and also the analytics would be helpful in analyzing my readers in better way. Thanks for the giveaway sixrevisions.

Daniel Aug 02 2011

To explore it as possibly a new service I offer to my clients :)

Peter Rattew Aug 02 2011

I recently developed a very nice html email for a friend of mine who is setting up a holiday company for people who enjoy horse riding. The company will be working in conjunction with local Argentine families to help boost wealth in the local areas. I would gift this subscription to her so that she can email her subscribers without worrying about underlying costs.

Finally somebody has done it(email marketing) the right way.
Looks like it has all the features but simple to use.

Brent Giesler Aug 02 2011

I just started planning a new online business earlier this morning and was expecting to use a competitors service. If I won this prize I’d be starting fresh and powering my business with this one instead. It sure looks simple to use. Pick me! Pick me!

Joke Tribe Aug 02 2011

I’d love to have the chance of growing the subscriber base for my daily jokes emails.


Dan Denney Aug 02 2011

I would use this for a client, with the hopes that they could use it to send emails on their own. They usually have last minute needs and even with templates, I end up needing 1-2 hours to get their emails done.

This looks very user-friendly, so they may be able to make the emails on their own on the day of, as they need it.

Lester Hein Aug 02 2011

I have been curious about the effect off adding email to the marketing efforts of extremely small businesses – the take out place on the corner, newsagents, etc.

A subscription to the Mailer Lite service would allow me to offer email marketing to a few test businesses for free and then study the results and publish them for other small businesses to learn from.

Jeremy Aug 02 2011

We’re a video production startup, specializing in books videos.
We’d love to try MailerLite as a way to reach even more potential customers by communicating our current projects, specials, etc. to our mailing list.

MailerLite looks like a simple and easy way to set up email marketing, and we’d love to give it a try!

I will use this service to send newsletter to my customers.
Hope to be lucky.

C Lewis Aug 02 2011

I would use the tool to enable my company to reach further afield in area’s such as knife defence, knife crime awareness, along with the chance to increase peoples sight of my company when it comes to working with kids with disabilities and the dis-advantaged.

Amr ElGarhy Aug 02 2011

I need a way to communicate with my website users and hope to send them some newsletters or top news or about the new website features.

Colleen C Aug 02 2011

I would use the subscription to build a list for my biz.

Deepak M Aug 02 2011

Wow. I would put Mailchimp to some rest if I won MailerLite. Mailchimp won’t be happy!

Levon Aug 02 2011

I would use it on my new site for our subscribers so this is just I was looking for!

I have a new small business distributing low-voltage wire and cable, so mailer lite would be extremely useful as I begin sending out email newsletters to our customers.

Abhishek Aug 02 2011

How would I use MailerLite –
First I will analyse the design decisions made in creating the product. Second I will figure out if the experience of using MailerLite is awesome. Then I will gush over the simplicity and the beauty of its User Interface. Then I’ll enjoy my time after work because I will get things done quicker

Eniak Aug 02 2011

By using to update clients with monthly emails.

ERPalmer Aug 02 2011

Hi! If I win would use this tool to support my clients in their marketing campaigns. Good luck to all!

webmasterdubai Aug 02 2011

wow i was thinking about email marketing for my freelance company. and i will be really happy to have mailerlite account to market my business, and also will use this for my clients email marketing.

To FINALLY start our company’s email marketing and tracking!

Jenni Aug 02 2011

I’m an affiliate marketer so i will use this service to make more, more money online :)

Interesting…. got a Coupon Site client I’d like to try this out with.

Cathryn Hahn Aug 02 2011

I’ve been considering using email marketing to keep in touch and upsell my clients, as well as inform prospects, but entering subscribers can be a hassle. It’s something I only want to do once when I find the right tool.

If I win, I’d like to send a monthly newsletter to all my subscribers, then perhaps a bi-weekly mailing featuring a design promotion. As a freelance designer, I can always use something to help drive sales.

Kristina Antic Aug 02 2011

I am the owner of a small web design agency and would use MailerLite to create and send an email newsletter to my clients that will consist of useful tips for businesses in managing their website, search engine visibility, and social media presence. I currently use MailChimp for emails but am always open to testing out new tools!

Ellen Aug 02 2011

I’d use my subscription to finally get around to publishing an e-newsletter. Long overdue.

Ashmita Aug 02 2011

It would be a booster dose for my blog.

Josh Bartolomucci Aug 02 2011

I would use it for one of the many organizations and ministries we work with.

Alessandro Aug 03 2011

Ehi guys! I’d really like to have this opportunity!
I’m a graphic designer and I’m beginning now my own business. This subscription would be helpfull!

Jan-Pieter Zoutewelle Aug 03 2011

I would use my subscription to get a better attachment with my customers trough a nice decorated and easy to use mailing. Trough experiencing it myself I can advise them to do the same.

Karki Pramesh Aug 03 2011

I would use the software, to update and send newsletter to my clients and subscribers. And yeah, I will surely use it for email marketing also

Sebastian Aug 03 2011

this would be great support for the launch of my interior design firm that will be founded with 1st of september. i am still looking for a tool for mac that makes me really happy. as i am preparing my launching campaign this could be a perfect moment for your gift.

Ole K Aug 03 2011

Mailer light seems great, I would use it on a cool project I am creating for a Norwegian client. Thanks Six!

Crazyhunk Aug 03 2011

that is a really good app, I am thinking of starting a blog, in a couple of weeks. this could come in handy for someone starting out like me. to get my known followers from twitter, fb etc onto my blog.
would be a sigh of relief

Sookie Shuen Aug 03 2011

I would be on top of the moon if I were to win this, as I would want to start doing our own email marketing and not depending on our web developers to change our templates according to different seasons in the year.

Dave Stoltz Aug 03 2011

If I win I will use it to promote and let home sellers improve their real estate feedback!

Peter Joseph Aug 03 2011

I’m currently working on a new social networking website that’s under development. I would use mailerlite as a means to introduce people to the network before launch day to help build exposure. :)

Melita Aug 03 2011

I would use it in our Church website to manage our mailer subscriptions which we are doing manually.
Good Luck :-)

Tri Nugraha Aug 03 2011

definitely will use this as my business’s marketing tool! :)

Matt Zimmermann Aug 03 2011

I am currently working on giving my freelance business a facelift and it would be great to have a service like this to contact former and potential clients.

Sonali Agrawal Aug 03 2011

I have started engaging myself in writing articles targeted at my current and prospective clients. It’s really important to send newsletters, hence, this would just be the greatest opportunity of all if I win!

I’d use this to manage my listserv, The Teacher List. I hope I win!

Patricio Bustos Aug 03 2011

I want a MailerLite suscription, because i have some litle clients who need mailing service.

Also, i have not good experiences with others services.


Tomas Aug 03 2011

I’d use it with my new project.

Interactive Aug 04 2011

I want to try email marketing using MailerLite.

Pierre Aug 04 2011

MailerLite would be an awesome way for me to start some marketing campaign about my new web design business here in Brazil. Gathering clients and other people, and tell them more about some of my offers!

Abdul Aug 04 2011

We’re in the process of launching a “daily deal” site and are int eh process of building up a subscriber list and refining our needs as far as an email client goes. Before we go with one of the “big boys” we want something lightweight that will let us experiment.

Hassan Raza Aug 04 2011

I am new at web development business. This tool would really help me overcome the hurdles here exist in 3rd world countries

Pascal Aug 04 2011

will use this as my busines marketing

rafaelpampoch Aug 04 2011

I’d use this to promote my website.

Vivien Sin Aug 04 2011

I am interning for a startup called Udemy, developing my own startup Timable (, and founded a non-profit called envisiondo ( Would be happy to try this product for all/ any of the three!

Robin Jennings Aug 05 2011

I’m setting up a Yoga Studios website in the next few weeks and they were so unhappy with their last email program they stopped using it 6 months ago.

I need to bring them back to connectivity!

Karl Fitz Aug 05 2011

I am always looking for ways to promote my business and this would be valuable tool.

Vasileios Aug 05 2011

I’d use this for a startup newsletter campaign.

I will use MailerLite to promote a startup small home grown business for a disabled person.

Nate Arnold Aug 05 2011

Thanks for offering giveaways like this. We are a startup web design business and have currently been searching for the best (and least expensive) way to keep our clients up to date with us. Free is always attractive to us as we are just getting started.

Renuka Aug 05 2011

I will use this to promote my affiliate links in newsletters to the subscribers.Thanks for the giveaway.

Jorie Bell Aug 05 2011

An email marketing tool adds a more professional feel to your blog and helps in more user engagement through email. Wish to win this.

I would use it to promote a small 40-room resort in Boracay, Philippines. Currently we use another e-newsletter service provider but we are always on the lookout for more efficient providers. I would also recommend it to my other clients who may want to maximize their newsletter subscription base. People dont want a recurring monthly fee on their bill. A one-time affordable billing statement is best for subscribers 10,000 and below.

I’d use this to promote my website.

Gerhard Heinrich Aug 06 2011

I want to try email marketing using MailerLite.

Affinity Aug 06 2011

We are looking for a mail program, we are looking at verticalresponse and aweber now, will love to check this out.

Moysh Aug 06 2011

I have actually toyed with the idea of a targeted weekly announcement/weekly deals newsletter to a specialized community and have actually came across mailerlite at one point. if all goes well i would think of upgrading to the larger list if needed. A free subscription would really let me test this venture….

kelly Aug 07 2011

I will use it to send info to my clientele.

Gareth Hedges Aug 07 2011

I would use the MailerLite email marketing tool to send useful anecdotes and tips to my budding list of colleagues, friends and business acquaintances to brighten and enlighten their days, making myself an indispensable part of everyones morning.

Shogun Aug 07 2011

I would use it on my new website as a powerful tool for email marketing to keep my clients updated and get new ones.

I’ve got a startup I’m working on. Seems like a good tool I could use to keep in touch with new members.

Gabriele Aug 08 2011

It is perfect for my marketing activities :)

curdaneta Aug 08 2011

I would use it to promote a client’s surf trips

Lucas Rolff Aug 08 2011

I would use it for my upcoming business, our budget is low at the moment, and an email marketing tool would be awesome, to send out info about our news, products, statuses and so on

there’s no doubt this could be really helpfull for anyone trying to promote a new website. for me, as a newbie, it could mean a lot.

Antivirus Aug 09 2011

I want to try email marketing with MailerLite.

Sai Chaitanya Aug 09 2011

I would like to start my email marketing campaign with this.

Laura Aug 09 2011

A perfect choice for small bloggers like me to stay professional yet get it cheap.

Prakash Aug 09 2011

I’m planning to start a freebies and giveaways info blog and so will use this to send out newsletters to subscribers regarding new freebies and giveaways.

GSP Rao Aug 09 2011

I would use this to send out newsletters with creative ideas directly to the mail boxes of users so as to build a subscriber list. WIsh to win this.

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