Giveaway: Mindomo Subscriptions

Mindomo, a mind mapping application for brainstorming,  has teamed up with us to give out 10 Premium Account subscriptions for one year.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would you use your subscription to Mindomo if you won?

This giveaway ends on January 25, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jan 18, 2012


There is only one good answer to that; I would ditch all the programs I normaly use to do this kind of stuff and start using Mindomo because it gives me the statisfaction what I’am looking for. Besides that real good work on Mindomo!


Niki Lin Jan 18 2012

I will use it to mindmap ideas for winning future Six Revision giveaways, ultimately winning them all!

Wojciech Korsak Jan 18 2012

1st of all, as an experienced visual mapper, I think the solution to be very interesting. Especially that it is a real-time solution. That’s why, I would use it to drive my consulting projects in management area. It would be excellent to manage all important topics, documents, links to see BIG picture of the project. In my opinion, it is great way to show linear-thinkers, that there is another (visual) highway to success.
all the best from Poland

Stewart Jan 18 2012

I would use this software to help my organisation plan and implement new products and websites. Currently I do it all on paper. Paper! Like its the early 1990’s.

Shevonne Jan 18 2012

I would use MindMomo to plan my fundraising events and online social media campaigns for my non-profit organization.

Guenichon Jan 18 2012

I would love to use it when brainstorming on project ideas… or to create a global overview of a project.

Brinton Jan 18 2012

After stumbling onto this mapping application just today, I have already shared it with peers and co workers. It appears this is the perfect medium for assembling software architecture or planning development strategies.

Mindomo appears to be extremely flexible, I look forward to using this tool.

Justi Jan 18 2012

If I win, I’m gonna use Mindomo to plan my selfdevelopment. It’ll help me list every discipline or knowledge area in which I want to go deeper. I believe such creative minmaps are a great motivation to start doing sth, to make things happen.

border line Jan 18 2012

i would use it to mindmap/brainstorm for a book i’m writing. could be useful to save some trees and place in the trashcan…


I’d use Mindomo for better planning the new awesom personal launch assistant. It’ll be the perfect tool for making the new concepts for the still missing modules.

With this subscription, we could cross-user ideally brainstorm across the table / office / city.

Thanks in advance for considering my comment :-)


Matthew Johnson Jan 18 2012

I would love to win this! I believe it will greatly help my growing graphic design business.

Mindomo looks excellent! I could see using this for our team to collaborate on existing and upcoming projects.

As a teacher, I would use Mindomo to teach students creative thinking and how to use mind maps in their project presentations. I would use Mindomo myself when I write teaching proposals, because mind maps can graphically integrate my ideas!

Brock Cline Jan 18 2012

Our company is currently increasing the number of web design projects that we take on and I would use the Mindomo subscription to synthesize our client’s idea of their site with our own idea of it. Having a tool that allows real-time collaboration would be invaluable and would vastly improve our productivity.

I’d love to use Mindomo for collaborate storyboarding and visualization exercises with clients, team members, and stakeholders. Looks great!

Colleen C Jan 18 2012

I have some writing that I need to do this year, and I think this would be useful for that, as well as for product design, which I also have on the agenda for this year.


Tomas Jan 18 2012

I’d use it for my personal and commercial projects.

Mike Averto Jan 18 2012

I would use Mindomo to try and organize some of my thoughts on project management. It looks like a unique way to visualize the project vs a traditional gantt chart.

Tony Gines Jan 18 2012

It looks to be one of the better mind-mapping apps out there. I would surely love to try it out restriction-free for a year. Thanks!

Gabriele (Over The Haze) Jan 18 2012

I would love to use it for most of my projects.

I’d use it to visualize my various project roadmaps, providing a clear view of the things I want to achieve.

Angelo Jan 18 2012

great tool!!!!! i ll use it for sure..thanks

Pavel Gerega Jan 18 2012

As a web designer if I would win Mindomo, I would use it to create mind maps and site maps.

Lewis Sellers Jan 18 2012

Mindomo looks awesome! I’ve been trying to find a piece of software that does this and actually looks nice. I have literally hundreds of ideas floating around in my head and I usually just use pen and paper. Though, using something like this would definitely lay the ideas out better, allow me to improve things further and hopefully improve my productivity / creativity! Hoping I’ll win a sub!

anthony Jan 18 2012

I would, and do use it every do to map out the ui framework my team is creating for our SaaS app. It is a vital part of our process and the maps are great resources for our developers to reference when implementing our UI features.

Fitryan Jan 18 2012

During this time I am having trouble going to do a project. Moreover, in making a concept takes a long time. The problem has not finish yet because of difficulties also come at the time showing a concept to clients. No media that interactive and easier for me to demonstrate the concept that they need. I wish by using Mindomo all my problems could be resolved. And I’m sure of it.

Victor Foster Jan 18 2012

I would use Mindomo to collaborate on new startup business ideas with other fellow designers and developers.

Mahendra Jan 18 2012

Mindomo will make my project discussion more easier and interesting as something new and exciting features are available.

S. Sharma Jan 19 2012

From My Side It’s a Great Opportunity For Everyone ( including me ). so let’s try luck.

Jerome Jan 19 2012

I would use my subscription for testing the production and compare it with the leaders Mindmeister, freemind …

Fabiola Jan 19 2012

Is it possible that Spain could win a subscription? Technosite is a company that works for the web accessibility. I would like to test Mondomo!

Craig Walsh Jan 19 2012

Aside from use in my day to day work creating e-learning I would use for two very important things:
1. Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse
2. Help everyone else to get ready when the robot overlords come.

Vinayak Jan 19 2012

I would use Mindomo to plan and write my non-fiction book. I think that mindmaps are the best way to organize thoughts around the different aspects of any complex subject. Mindomo looks like a brilliant tool to do this.

Marin George Jan 19 2012

I would use Mindomo to try and organize ME,are one of the most disorganized person:)

Sumon @ WPCypher Jan 19 2012

I will use their service to let me remember the ideas and aims I want to complete in future.

Patricio Jan 19 2012

I will use it for work whit my job team

Stephen Hart Jan 19 2012

As a strong believer in cloud services and cloud computing. I would use the subscription to migrate my activity away from native apps and expand the spectrum of cloud applications I already use. The benefits of which can be seen when considering the need for collaboration, whether with clients, partners, friends, or the public in general. Not only that but it will provide me with resources I can recommend to organizations in my community that are trying to work towards a more cloud based solution for their software needs.

Jennifer Elliott Jan 19 2012

With a subscription to Mindmodo, I would fully develop the mock ups for the design of an augmented reality sign language program that I am working on. Additionally, it will help me clearly articulate the process through which learning can be improved with immersive visual technologies for education stakeholders in my community. Many of my ideas cannot be understood by others without the assistance of a visual framework. Lastly, I study learning of complex systems with simuations, and this would be an excellent tool for my students to demonstrate their understanding of complex systems.

I would use this to brainstorm site structure and navigation as well as brainstorming plotting a novel. Actually, I’d probably end up using it for all sorts of things.

Karl Fitzgerald Jan 19 2012

I would no doubt use Mindomo in working with clients to storyboard new site projects. Thanks for the offer!

Kevin Jan 20 2012

I’ll use Mindomo for our “mini” business. I believe it’ll be a big help in organizing our thoughts.

Michael Jan 20 2012

I would use Mindomo as a means to describe to clients (finance) the procedures I use step by step while handling/investing their securities. I would also use it as I learn website development to seek out truely creative ideas for new sites/designs.

Philipp Jan 20 2012

I’d use it to brainstorm ideas for my website or for school…

I’d use it for strategy and content ideas.

Edward Jan 20 2012

our startup would use mindomo to create an awesome sitemap

Eniak Jan 21 2012

It would allow me to plan and develop on a more professional level, while also allowing myself to present to clients at all stages of planning development.

Georgiy Jan 21 2012

I would use it for further improving my approach to new projects and hopefully giving me more free time to pursue my hydroponics hobby.

Brent Jan 21 2012

This software would replace multiple physical project folders piled on my desktop now, several thousand post-it notes, hundreds of yellow and white legal pads, and several dozen apps that I currently use to track bits of information, webpages I monitor and review, research references, and the various complexities of the many project meetings, brainstorming sessions, task assignements, and ideas for future research and reference. All to the end of making my data available when I need it, where I need in, and show me visually dotted line (secondary) and direct connections with all the other relative bits, pages, notes, and ideas. I need my effenciency back in finding my information and a new perspective on its interrelationships.

Toby Roberts Jan 22 2012

I would use this software to aid me in my Graphic Design coursework, as a student with many different learning objectives to cover in my degree. I hand draw my own mind maps on most cases to plan out projects of any type. This software would help me keep my plans digital so that I can include them with the digital files I hand in.

I’d use Mindomo for working with clients to identify content and structural needs in web development.

sijeesh Jan 23 2012

I would love to use Mindomo for my projects.:)

Cristian Galletti Jan 23 2012

I will use it to assist my plannings. Currently I use MindNode but it’s too poor… I’m very exited to work with a strong and powerful tool as Mindomo.
I thing my projects will gain a lot as improvements and efficiency.

Yuni Ardita S.D Jan 23 2012

This mind mapping application definitely useful for me,awesome! would love to use for my design graphic projects. thanks for nice giveaway!

I’d use this to create a to-do’s and ideas heirarchy for project specific tasks. Mindomo can help to keep track of them in a better way than the one i’m using

Paramaguru Manickavasagam Jan 24 2012

I will use for my projects and my friends projects

Nathan Burnett Jan 24 2012

I would finally have one tool to fully plan out projects instead of killing 3 trees per project

I think the solution to be very interesting. Especially that it is a real-time solution. That’s why

Tom J. Jan 25 2012

I’d use Mindomo as a ‘the’ way to comunicate with new clients as I build my business in 2012. The UI is delicious, too, so it’d make for nice things to look at while breaking through those creative blocks!

Heesang Jan 25 2012

I use mindmap everyday. With Mindomo, it will be more effective experience. I use mindmap for personal to do list, work planning, recap of studies and so on.

Natalia Jan 25 2012

I am just about to join new company, becoming the UX specialist for consumer segment to support the e-shop/e-commerce business. Since I will be working a lot on optimization of the purchase flow and overall customer journey in order to increase the revenues it will be great to be able to use Mindomo mindmap app for my and my team thoughts and ideas of possible improvements :)

Wedding Magician Nottingham Jan 25 2012

I have tried Mindmo upon recommendation from people on this site and find it very very versatile – thanks for sharing!

Scott Schlee Jan 25 2012

I would use Mindomo for streamlining my web and design process with my clients.

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