Giveaway: 100 Custom Flyers from Next Day Flyers

We’ve partnered up again with our wonderful friends at Next Day Flyers to give away two sets of 1/4-page flyers with free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. Each set contains 100 flyers.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question: How can these flyers help you and/or your business?

This giveaway ends on January 30, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jan 23, 2012


These flyers will help my small business get its name out there. These would be a great help to getting in new business and growing over the next few months.

Randall Jan 23 2012

100 flyers could mean 100 new clients for my burgeoning freelance service.

Mario Awad Jan 23 2012

We will print product pitches to hand out to clients in our first meeting. Thank you for the great giveaway!

Peter Jan 23 2012

Oh. I’m on it.
This would totally help out our non-profit conference we’re trying to get started

Rachel Keslensky Jan 23 2012

I need to order new flyers for an upcoming convention! This would be so useful!

David Millar Jan 23 2012

Printed flyers could be a great way for me to print example dungeon maps made with my dungeon map generator, and used as a hand-out at a gaming/role-playing convention, including information on the generator’s site and a QR code to get there.

Julien Jan 23 2012

I’m launching a new service for contractors. I would love to get a few flyers to promote my business locally ;)

These flyers would help me promote the business and create excitement among potential clients!

Lindsey Bortner Jan 23 2012

These flyers can help me for my wedding! I’ve been looking for a creative way to print invitations, flyers would be great!

Malena Jan 23 2012

I am doing shows at the House of Blues, Libertine and other venues around Hollywood. These flyers would help my business so much! I am currently putting together postcards and flyers for my HOB January 31, 7:30 show. I’d love to find a printer like you that I could always use for all my PR needs.

cyrus Jan 23 2012

I think it can be very good part of portfolio.

For me its the perfect way for my imagination, for my work.

Veronica Jan 23 2012

It would help us increase awareness for our client’s brand… I have two clients who are doing major branding work now :-)

Darren Burgfeld Jan 23 2012

How can these flyers help you and/or your business?

We’re in a smaller market, and as a web design company, we reach out as far as the web will let us. However, we are just tackling upping our local marketing, including billboards, sponsorship banners, etc.
I think that a sharp, professionally produced flyer would work well for event distribution through Chamber of Commerce meetings and etc, and this would be a good start. Thanks for the opportunity!

Kim Clune Jan 23 2012

Because our new dog rescue is county specific, we need to get word out to the community on a personal level. Handing out flyers is a terrific way to drum up support by sparking conversation and providing talking points at the same time.

Richard Schumacher Jan 23 2012

How can these flyers help you and/or your business?

We can use them to promote our new facility:

Sharon Jan 23 2012

they would be a great promotional tool!

Marc Mailhot Jan 23 2012

Would be great to get some advertising out for my business.

Rhonda Jan 23 2012

Being a fairly new business and starting out on a small budget this freebie would definitely help.

LW Design Jan 23 2012

When time is of the essence and I need to get a flyer out fast, this will do the trick and knock the client’s socks off as they look so professional!

karki pramesh Jan 24 2012

i can use it as a great promotional tool for my business

Mathan Vibranarayanan Jan 24 2012

It would be… Wow!!! If i had a chance to win this… I would use for any of my client…

Best wishes for my co participants too!!!

Good Day

Imran Jan 24 2012

I run a small web Development company in Pakistan and I think these flyers will help me a lot to promote my business and generate even more revenues.

Tinjo Jan 24 2012

I would use this offer for my painting exhibition.

It would help us increase awareness for our client’s brand

Dave S Jan 24 2012

I’ve used them before and liked them alot!

S. Sharma Jan 24 2012

Next Day Flyers, A great web based printing company. 100 flyer means a freebie for middle class companies who can’t afford that type of expenses. and also get flyers from Next Day Flyers means let’s try luck to get it

Marcel Bootsman Jan 24 2012

Flyers are so 2010. But hey, they’ll help me get more attention on my business. ;-)

Josh Bartolomucci Jan 24 2012

These could greatly help in promoting our new service we are working on that helps churches and ministries fund projects.

Sandy Jan 24 2012

We’ve been talking about creating a flyer to help market our work. This would be a great way to try that out!

Lloyd Wells Jan 24 2012

These flyers would be great to send to/leave with potential new clients when we need “a little more than just a business card”. The larger size would give us room to add more information about who we are and what we do, and also give us the ability to target specific client types, and track the success of our marketing campaign(s).

Juanita Gaynor Jan 24 2012

I have a new seminar and book release coming up; this would be a great help in getting the word out.

Evan Specter Jan 24 2012

We’re presenting at a trade show and would love to have a glossy giveaway!

Daniel Severns Jan 24 2012

Putting on a conference for designers in our community. We need flyers to spread the word!!

Tomas Jan 24 2012

I’d make a promotion of my services.

Laura Jan 25 2012

I just moved to a new area. Majority of my clientele is national and I would like to improve locally. 100 Flyers would definitely help me out in that area!

Gregory Jan 25 2012

These awesome flyers would help get me get my business’ name out to others and potentially propel my customer base.

upping our local marketing, including billboards, sponsorship banners, etc.

Eniak Jan 25 2012

I would use these flyers in addition to my business card. They would show a prospective client more information on services and skills etc.

Mariano Sabas Jan 25 2012

Great for advertising and promoting photography.

One hundred fliers would equal one hundred opportunities to spread the word about my small business in style!

Daniella King Jan 25 2012

Our goal of our business is to provide a great nightlife experience to locals and travelers alike…Your flyers will help us promote a night that will help deliver just that!

Philipp Jan 25 2012

With these flyers I could win many new visitors for my Website

Scott Schlee Jan 25 2012

I want to further promote my social media management services and will be directing these flyers to specific markets in the DFW area. Hope to win them for free, but will be doing this either way!

Dipak Patel Jan 25 2012

100 Flyers sent to 100 potential clients = Great start to 2012 business campaign to give my company a boost.

These flyers will me to promote better my new website :)

I’m currently putting together a website for a business that is a little bit unusual for the web. I think that by having some flyers for when my website is finished, it will help me to get the word out there about my website/business and hopefully drive some visitors/customers there.

Ricardo Francés Jan 25 2012

If work doesn’t come to you, then you must go to get work!

This will definitely come in handy!

Daniel Jan 26 2012

They will help me save some money while trying to make some!

David Green Jan 26 2012

I live in a small town that doesn’t have many options available for local offline advertising. These flyers would allow me to target the local businesses that could turn my company around.

Sheshnath Jan 26 2012

This could help me to promote my small business that I have started last month.

Cassandra Jan 27 2012

Having a catchy colorful flyer will help promote the Public Health major at my university as an option for undergraduates to join our awesome program.

ISHOLA Omotayo Jan 28 2012

As a small business owner with limited manpower these flyers will help with cutting cost and resources that would have otherwise been used to design new flyer for publicity.

Erika Sentz Jan 29 2012

This would help me to promote my business to the ‘locals’ who may not even know business exists!

Carole Jan 29 2012

This would help us take a big leap forward in helping families and professionals who serve children with severe communication impairments, like autism and cerebral palsy. We’ve just launched a website with resources to help them learn how to help these kids. Thanks for the consideration and good luck everyone!

Cisco Jan 29 2012

Sounds like a great giveaway. this would help me start freelancing again

jim vlagas Jan 30 2012

It can help create a new advertising campaign giving to my clients new offers!

TAB Studio Jan 30 2012

I wish to give these flyers to my daughter who is starting a sustainability business and is so excited to be a new start-up
It would help her get going and be a wonderful birthday gift to boot

Benjamin Morgan Jan 30 2012

I would like to win these flyers for my web design online business. I help out my parents who are not very able to take care of themselves. With the money I make from the flyers by attracting customers, I can help my parents and save up for college. Even if I don’t win this is a great idea and is very nice of them to do this giveaway.

Sean Hong Jan 30 2012

These flyer would help promote my events at my bar/restaurant. I can also show my clients what the flyers did for my venue and they also would be interested in purchasing flyers for their events at my venue.

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