Giveaway: Next Day Flyers Postcards

This giveaway is for three sets of 100 4×6 postcards printed on 14pt card stock, courtesy of our friends over at Next Day Flyers. The postcards will feature full color printing on the front, and black and white (or blank) on the reverse side. They’ll print them and ship them anywhere in the continental U.S.

For a chance to win, leave a comment below answering the following question: What would you do with the postcards if you won?

This giveaway ends on March 16, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Mar 9, 2011


WPThemeInfo Mar 09 2011

I would love to win it as it would help me in my upcoming project ( to create brochure.

Hannah Conti Mar 09 2011

I love all things paper. I’ve been wanting to create a custom mailing to ramp-up my freelance design business. 100 free postcards would be the perfect opportunity. Thanks for the offer guys! Good luck everyone!

Christian Thibault Mar 09 2011

I would do a guerilla marketing QR code auto-promotion campaign.

Andrew Osborne Mar 09 2011

I would use the postcards to kick off marketing for my upcoming freelance business. Been doing a little on the side through Elance but looking to cut ties with that place and try my hand at more local work. Some postcards to handout or mail would be wonderful!

Love Next Day Flyers, used them before for business cards and been very well pleased every time!

Christina York Mar 09 2011

I would use each postcard to write key lessons from each conference session I attend this year and mail them to UX professionals that couldn’t attend. So far, I am attending the IA Summit, UPA, and Midwest UX. I would also capture the postcards and their messages digitally and put them online to reach a broader audience.

Raymond Mar 09 2011

I would send them to the small businesses in my city that need a website or a redesign of their old website. If I was getting them tomorrow, I would hand them out at the SXSW Conference that I’m going to this week.

Susan Adamic Mar 09 2011

I would use the postcards as a self promotion tool for my freelance business.

MethodicJon Mar 09 2011

I’d create postcards for my buddy. He’s got a small business and I know he’d love the publicity.

DO they deliver to Melbourne? if so please gimme gimme

The Yo Mar 09 2011

If I won one of the three sets of postcards, I would most likely use them to help promote my younger sister; she’s fundraising money for her spot in a cross-country bike race for multiple sclerosis. The flyers would be a great way that I could help recruit sponsors to fulfill her fundraising requirements.

Nancy Mar 09 2011

hmmm, that’s tough. Probably some kind of promotion for freelance work for me!!

Colleen C Mar 09 2011

I would use the postcards to advertise an upcoming seminar I am facilitating.

Dan T Mar 09 2011

I would use them to advertise my business to other local businesses in my area.

Kristelle Toulgoat-Dubois Mar 09 2011

My business partner and I have decided to unite and form a design company. We’re still in the start-up stages, so I would use the postcards as a marketing tool, when we do our big opening launch in a few weeks.

Veronica Mar 09 2011

A client promotion.

Levon Mar 09 2011

Got to organize a special event to put these cards on use :)

Sonali Agrawal Mar 09 2011

The only thing that I will do with the postcards is market my design services.

Hexfire Photography Mar 09 2011

I would use them for my photo studio and spread some seriously needed spring loveliness to my clients in the north east!

Justin Givens Mar 09 2011

I would use the postcards by handing them out to potential clients for my freelance work. :)

Keep up the great work on the site Jacob!

JC Morales Mar 09 2011

I will promote my graphic design services hoping to find new clients.

Anthony Schultz Mar 09 2011

I would use them to promote myself as a freelancer. I’m just starting out so this would be great to send to local business to make them aware of the services I offer as well as offer a special based on referrals.

Thanks again Jacob and the Six Revisions Team!

Joigie Mar 09 2011

Marketing mailers.

tough decision but I think I would use the postcards to create warm leads for a new service I’m offering.

I’m starting a web app development company and part of my marketing plan is sending post cards to the relevant decision maker in target organizations. There’s huge overhead in personalized marketing but the upside is slow, controlled growth and brand loyal customers who, hopefully, renew every year.

I rarely comment/enter these give aways because they’re not directly applicable to me but thanks for doing them as I’m sure the community appreciates it.

Claire Mar 09 2011

If I win the postcards, I would print some drawings of trees for this brand:
That would be nice!

Nancy Chen Mar 09 2011

If I win, I would use the 100 postcards to promote my cartoon news blog ( in order to help more people read news faster!

David Gray Mar 09 2011

I would mail them to my clients to notify them when their next Detail is due. I have been looking for a way to do this, to jump start the season for my detailing business. This would answer a gaping hole in my marketing plan.

Tim Miedema Mar 09 2011

I need an advertising boost to gain more web design clients. A postcard would be excellent hand out to prospective clients. The cards would have eye catching graphics and design that would make them difficult to discard.

Synthetic Tone Mar 09 2011

Very interesting… have yet to print to postcards. I would love to use these to help market my photo prints I have for sale on my site.

Justin Moore-Brown Mar 09 2011

I am in the process of putting together some sales tools, to send personalized postcards that I can send to local prospects in the area. This is PERFECT timing for me and even more of an incentive to wrap up the design so that I can take advantage of this opportunity!

Keep up the great stuff!

caroline Mar 09 2011

Use the postcards to promote our I change I change the world campaign to inspire people to pick a personal goal and raise money for Beauty Night Society to raise money for Beauty Night’s 3 streams of programming wellness, life skill development and makeovers to build self esteem and change the lives of women and youth living in poverty.

Matthias Mar 09 2011

Nice. Either promotional flyers… or Christmas cards :)

Matt L. Mar 09 2011

I’d use it for advertising freelance web design services to local businesses.

Barry Mar 09 2011

I would go to the Farmers Market and start handing them out to business in the area.

Benjamin Charity Mar 09 2011

I’d love these! I’d use them to promote one of the startups I’m launching this year!

David Mar 09 2011

I’d mail them out to local businesses to make them aware of my computer repair company. Almost all my customers have horror stories about the other local repair companies and say they wish they knew about me sooner. These postcards would go a long way towards increasing my business’s exposure.

The perfect medium to spread the word about my startup

d|bydesign Mar 09 2011

Would get in early for christmas cards – got the design ready – just need the cards!! :)

I would promote my business.

Lindsay Mar 09 2011

I’d love to have these! They would be used to promote my brand new business. I’ve just left my day job to pursue my design work full time. This would be an awesome launching pad to get my name out there.

Kim Phillips | Lucid Marketing Mar 09 2011

I will create branded thank-you cards to send to clients.

karen Mar 09 2011

I’d use them as oversized business cards!

OLIVER Mar 09 2011

I would use them to promote some wonderful places in my country!

I’d do an email campaign for my illustrations & new website.

to promote my web biz. thanks

Amber Mar 09 2011

I would use them to advertise for my Senior Art Show just before I graduate in December.

Genevieve Mar 09 2011

I would pass out the postcards at an upcoming conference to invite conference-goers to participate in a research project I’m conducting.

Matthew Snider Mar 09 2011

I would use them to grab a few more clients for my fledgling web design company. I would do them right and possibly hang them in a Panera Bread or somewhere nice!

Mathan Vibranarayanan Mar 10 2011

Wow! Tats great opportunity… will use it for frequent newsletters to my pals…

Shylaja Mar 10 2011

Awesome giveaway! Will use it for my clients. My best wishes to all participants.

Mathan Vibranarayanan Mar 10 2011

Wow! Great opportunity.. will use for my frequent newsletters!

Luanigio Mar 10 2011

Ideal for promotion my new site.

Jawad Mar 10 2011

If I win, I’ll send them to my 100 best social media friends and make the relationship with them stronger.

Sookie Shuen Mar 10 2011

Fingers crossed, will be used to send off to nice clients :)

ibunbun Mar 10 2011

hang it on my wall :)

wpdestek Mar 10 2011

I would promote my web services.

Adil Driver Mar 10 2011

It’s been a long time, I wrote a postcard! Would love to send them to 100 of my friends whom I have not been able to write to, in the past many years.

Alessandro Marcon de Souza Mar 10 2011

I will use the postcards to promote my new site for heavy equipment. He is not ready yet, more will be coming soon! Good luck to all!

Mihla Mar 11 2011

I would create a promotional postcard for my daughter, who will be starting a career in car & truck sales.

Zack Esgar Mar 11 2011

market for camp

Jonathan Sanford Mar 11 2011

I’ve been wanting to find some really nifty postcards for a while. I’d send out one every week to a different friend in another state (I’ve got more than enough). I suck at keeping in touch with people, and this would at least be memorable.

DezVFX Mar 12 2011

Sounds like a great give away. I would use it to promote my Meetup group GraphicDesignNY and encourage artists to dedicate a portion of their time and talents to promote good social causes.


Cheryl Mar 12 2011

Ooh been looking at printing options for my wedding. If I won, I would likely use them for my Save-the-Dates! :)

I will share them with all friends and family :D

Roger Chap Mar 13 2011

I would use this for advertising my business. Thanks for this giveaway.

David Millar Mar 13 2011

I would love to get a set of cards printed for promoting my puzzle blog.

vishalpatel Mar 14 2011

to promote my website. thanks

I would send them out to clients + potential clients with holiday greetings :)

Dave Markivee Mar 14 2011

I would use the postcards just prior to the launch date of our website, which is mid-April 2011. This would give us the opportunity to advertise the launch party as well as the site itself. will start out in Houston and become the Houston area’s premier portal for nightlife and entertainment in the area. This will expand to other cities based on the market studies that we have done that indicate which cities would be most likely to utiilize the content that we will offer, which will include local area business listings, services for men and women, club reviews and comments, concert listings in the area, ticket sales, advertising opportunities galore, a community page where people can create a profile and have their own customized social page, and a blog called “The Morning After” where people can discuss their nightlife experiences around town. We even have the idea that this could become a global network of nightlife related sites, with each site taking on the culture and a look and feel that will compliment that cities nightlife. will potentially be one of Next Day Flyers biggest customers!!!

Erika Sentz Mar 15 2011

If I would win these postcards, I would use them to promote my new business venture – a sales and marketing site for equestrian ventures.

Laura Mar 15 2011

I would use them to help expand my freelancing services in graphic and web design in my local market. Right now I do really good everywhere else but where I actually live, so communication is through email. I would love to expand on that so I can get more client interaction.

( + it would be a awesome birthday present as its on 3/17 ;) )

If I won, I would use the postcards as thank you card

I’d love to use these to promote my design/coding services or make flyers for a client’s upcoming shows. Thanks for a sweet giveaway.

Nice givaway. I would use this as an opportunity to create a postcard in Illustrator. Thanks!

Elisabeth Mar 15 2011

I would use the postcards to promote my design services.

Thomas Mar 15 2011

If I won I would create postcards that tell everyone I got free postcards.

Would be awesome to giveaway postcards to member sof my gallery site. They submit their images and having a way to send some out would be great!

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