Giveaway: Stockfresh Photo Credits

Stockfresh has teamed up with us to give away three stock photo accounts pre-loaded with 100 credits.

To win a Stockfresh account preloaded with 100 credits, follow the steps outlined below.

Browse Stockfresh’s collection of images and vectors. In the comments below, answer the following question: Which resource would you download first if you won 100 credits? Provide the URL in your comment.

This giveaway ends on March 20, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Mar 9, 2012


The first resource I would download would be this billboard picture:
I feel this image could be useful for a project I’m currently starting to work on.

I’d download something like this cute dog:

juan luis blanco Mar 09 2012

If I won I want to download the fliying business man! Nice shot! – because this is what I feel like.

I found this picture, which would suit us perfectly since we work with visualizing deficiencies within administrative organizations!


I would download this picture first. It’s perfectly fits the project that i’m working on.

I would download this one: for a project I am working on right now.

I will download the following Image :

#359389 Music Wave by lenm I would download this image first as it looks awesome and would go really nice in a website im building :)
Has some great elements that I pull apart and reuse, the quality of the images is fantastic, I was getting bored with some of the competitors, so here is hoping I win!

Rachel Reveley Mar 09 2012

I really like this grungy photo I reckon it would work pretty well as a website background.

Designer Thom Mar 09 2012

Great stock site! This would be my first download because it looks great and I am currently working on a website that uses similar images, but this one is perfect:

Del Putnam Mar 09 2012

I’d download this great wood texture:

I have posted my projects in, and benefited by the support and services offered by the site. They help me in cost, effort estimate, and project management. They help in testing the project also. Thanks to the Hireprogrammers I got the right people to complete my work on time!

As a designer working with an NPO who connects youth with careers in the green economy, this image would be useful:

Rosaria Lucchesi Mar 09 2012

My website is about Travel niche, so, if I won 100 credits I would download images from

Hope to win!

Alexander Mar 09 2012

I’d definitely buy this picture first:

and make it my background image on all devices. Then I’ll probably take a huge bite of my iPad and…

Another question: Are you planning an iPad giveaway soon?

Ariel Ferro Mar 09 2012

#987695 Happy mother with a baby by AnnaOmelchenko
Cute ´n pro picture, really!
I think it could fit perfectly on a variety of topics.

Alvaro Nistal Mar 09 2012

I would download this:

Love those funky chickens! Great for original twitter links on websites.

giantJELLYFISH Mar 09 2012

StockFresh, finally a fresh stock website that brings refreshment to my web projects!

The most popular pictures buy mainly for collectors. For customers trying to choose among the latest, less popular images. I do not like the pictures are repeated in graphic design.

I like the crazy pictures . Although I admit that it is very tempting

Zach Winnie Mar 09 2012

I would download this image: For my job I need good quality images that also have a high level of uniqueness and conceptualization to them, and it look like Stockfresh has many fresh, new photos that fit my needs nicely that I haven’t seen on other stock image sites. Great giveaway, too!

if I won 100 credits i’d download this nice texture for a webdesign i’m currently working on:

Javier Mateos Mar 09 2012

Hey there! Thanks for the chance. I’ll probably download this resource ASAP!

Cheers & hope to win!

IndianFood Mar 09 2012

I personally would get some vector images for my recipe site. For example this one:

Which resource would you download first if you won 100 credits?

Veronica Mar 09 2012

I would get this one:

I am working on a child care site. :-)

Jennifer Mar 09 2012

As a designer, I am always looking for great stock photography. Browsing Stockfresh I found alot of images that I would love you use, but since I need to pick just one, it would be this one;

I would buy this one first: as it’s perfect for a project I’m working on creating prints based on the seasons.

can never get enough hip-hop dancer photos…

Luis García Díaz Mar 09 2012 that would be a one of the many i would download. nice education section.

probably something like that:

because I just love watercolor textures :)!

Because fun and colours are my life :)

Saffron S. Mar 09 2012
This is the perfect image for a website I’m building for my Mother. She’s a writer, and this year for her B-day (58) she finally dropped the day job to write full time (I am so proud). This would be perfect for the page about her new novel.

Federico Mar 10 2012

I’ll download this one. It fits one proyect I’m working on right now.

Mathan Raj V Mar 10 2012

I would preferably go for

Florinel Gorgan Mar 10 2012

This would be the first image I’d download, because I need a business stock:—individual-business-woman-smiling

Probably this one would be first:

Because it’s amazingly perfect for a project I’ve been thinking about . . .

Pedro Regadas Mar 10 2012…eco, nature and textures are allways good material to my design works.

Boitsov Mar 10 2012

Need’em right now for my current project:
So some of this photos i’ll glad to download first of all.

if i won the first thing i would download is this :

i hope i win ^^

I would download this image –

The girl in the picture is very pretty and it’s a great shot.

This will be my first one:

my afro girl! Good luck all!

I’ll buy this one as it will be perfect for my photo manipulation project :) This would be a great background pattern for a web site.

Alfredo Mar 10 2012

I’d download this and use it for a fresh design :)

I’d download this image – it could be used in a number of different ways – and it has such a playful side:
I would download this one. I love the crystal clarity and could use it for a few project purposes.

Maggie McLeod Mar 10 2012

There were a number of interesting images. When I search for stock photos, I consider the colors, the demographic of the people, how current the ‘props’ are, and how that image might help portray my message. Since I do the majority of my work from home, this image struck a chord in me. To me, it represents the change in how we approach work, and when and how we work:

Bright Red Shopping Bag

I been looking for something bright and bold. Thanks for the giveaway!

Hmm we like giw’s thats would be my choice.

I would use this:
for a template i’m making!

Roseli A. Bakar Mar 11 2012

I would download this awesome Twitter bird image –

This photo would match my template.

Mark Simchock Mar 11 2012

I’m not yet sure what resource I would use. Can I get back to you?

In the meantime, I think it’s worth mentioning that I am certain that their (listings) Per Page dropdown should go down to something lower. Perhaps an option for 18, or even 12? On my 1600 x 900 laptop I have to scroll to see the bottom row when I try to use 24 p/p. 18 (or less) would keep everything above the fold.

I’d also like to suggest they make that grid responsive. Not because I want to use their site from my phone but because I might want to resize my browser to half-screen (or less) so (for example) I can browse them on the right while I have something else open on the left.

(Without getting into detail) I believe that if they used a (properly styled) list and set the width of each “cell” (read: li) that list could fill in the wrapper div. For example, if the width of the cells was 100px and the width of the wrapping div was 1000px, there would be 10 across. If the wrapping div was 500px, there would be 5 across, and so on. You get the gist, right?

Perhaps they’d be willing to award me for my insights ;)

Guy Einy Mar 11 2012

This would compliment a medical presentation I am working on…

Awesome stocks!

I would use ( to blog and tweet about how me and the team feel about having won this contest!

I think this one would be great for a fan site i’m making

Renu Kumar Mar 12 2012

I have found nice collection in Stockfresh, as a designer i m feel good browsing for images, almost all i can use in future.

This is the perfect image for a scroller background.

I would use this to use as a base for my holding page while i re-design my website.

Steve Robillard Mar 12 2012

I would download this image first
It is perfect for our DR/continuity consultancy it speaks both to how things change and that one size does not fit all.

Karen Ang Mar 12 2012

I would download this cute kitten stock image

I would grab this image: – it’s fun, and would look perfect on my website!

Jennifer Perrin Mar 12 2012

I would first get this:

Perfect for the current site I am designing!

Bob_Moon Mar 12 2012

I like very much this one:

Good luck (to me + 2 more :P)

I’d have to grab something along the lines of for possible use on a new site for a natural sugar substitute we’re working on.

I would download this:
It would work well for a band flyer with some sweet 3D text ontop of it. Look at that depth! Thanks for the opportunity.

Pedro Juan Criollo Romo Mar 12 2012

If I won I want to download this one,

I’ll probably grab this photo as one of mine: We’re looking to build out our careers page and this seems like a friendly group to show off our team.

I would download this bad boy! Way better priced on here!!

I am looking for images for my latgest project ….. so my first would be this one

I am interested in downloading images from this category :
I can use them on my blog.

The first picture I would download is this one:

Because it’s high quality and exactly what I need for my project.

Karl Fitzgerald Mar 13 2012

This image would be useful for targeted variable data campaigns:

This one would be nice to make a digital illustration

This one is so clever.
Website worth knowing, thanks.

Prajwal Rao Mar 13 2012

This is the first image I would buy..

Jomar Sadie Mar 13 2012

I’d download this one Really awesome graphics. And maybe something related: or

They’d look very catchy and amazing in the PowerPoints that I do.

Yingying Mar 13 2012

I would download vectors:

I’m a sucker for cute animal photos. Might have to print and frame this one:

Annamalai Nagappan Mar 14 2012

I would like to download this picture

I would download something from

Justin DiMucci Mar 14 2012

We do a lot of work with active adult communities so this image would come in handy

Jen Breuss Mar 14 2012

The first download that I would make if I won, would be the happy couple: It would be perfect for my wedding invitation website.

Nice new photo resource! This would work perfectly with the project I’m working on at the moment and would be the first I’d download –

I like this very much and would download it:
A very good stock…
All the best Guys :-)

Dreff Aguilar Mar 15 2012

one of the things i will need to design a poster

I will go for this first.

David Millar Mar 15 2012

I’d be tempted to get—window-sunlight-and-coffee or something similar to add some photography on my puzzle blog and spruce it up a bit.

I think this would be my first pick…

I would definitely download something to help my business. This is cool.

I would get this: because it would be suitable for event posters.

David-Z Mar 16 2012

I will soon need a picture for my Euro2012 site:

I would definitely download this picture.

Believe me, photos like this are extremely hard to get for free online. You either have to buy them online or produce them yourself.
Plus she’s funny! wich can add a little humour in my projects!

Thank you you guys!!! You guys rock!

Scott Schlee Mar 16 2012

It’s volleyball season and I’m about to be adding new graphics to one of my clients websites, so the first thing I’m grabbing up is: Very clean photo and will work perfect for what I need!

Well it is very difficult to decide which picture to download because all pics are awesome. Nevertheless I like this one to download first for my new project a village site.

I am always looking for beautiful shots of beer, like this one –

Von Ferrer Mar 17 2012 – this will good on photo manipulation project :D

I would purchase some images for my company’s website. What I am in need of right now are some social media images. I like this one:

I would download this one first:

i would download this one first i would love to have this piece of artwork printed to hang on my wall.

melandria romero Mar 18 2012

i’m a busy working mom but still finds to blog my thoughts, this one

would be a perfect header on my blog, hoping to win.

Szabo Marius Mar 18 2012

This picture would be great for a health related website I’m doing in the future

I would download these vectors in order to decorate my daughter’s room (to be born beginning of july 2012):

I especially love artistic backgrounds. I’d like to get this one without the Stockfresh lettering on it.

Bryan W Mar 19 2012

I could definitely use this one on a website that i will be working on in the next couple of days. I would also like to use it as my laptop background due to the calming nature of the picture :)

Yes, are you kidding me? This looks awesome:!

I’d go straight for a beautifully illustrated, aged background like this:

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