Giveaway: 123ContactForm Subscriptions

We’ve teamed up with 123ContactForm to give away five annual Platinum  plan subscriptions.

For a chance to win, answer one or both of the following questions in the comments below:

This giveaway ends on November 1, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Oct 25, 2011


Thomas Oct 25 2011

What feature of 123ContactForm are you most excited about?
I would love to be able to manage my event in a simple and nice way, while other solution we tested include a lot of option, they are not as easy to use as your form builder.

chris Oct 25 2011

the analytic section for this software looks sick!

nitesh Oct 25 2011

123contactform has awesome features and looks positive. The heart of it can be termed the form builder and is the most striking feature also with others. Form builder lets the user perform complex tasks with much ease and scores on the GUI front. Move them directly within the form to change their order.

nahuel Oct 25 2011

Payment integration.
Should be able to add a custom gateway.

Andrew Margolin Oct 25 2011

I’m really excited to see how I can use the third party apps feature to build into the forms. Thanks Jacob for featuring this new solution!

livne berebi Oct 25 2011

the payment integration of course!

Ashmita Oct 25 2011

styling section is impressive.

Count me in for this handy stuff.

I was looking into creating a web form by using php and it was a coincidence that I saw this post and there is a form builder that I can easily implement on the site. I like that it is easy to implement the captcha technology on the 123Contact Form

I really dig their order form! it looks very neat and easy to set up for newbies like me :)
Hope I can use it in one of my blogs soon!

Thanks for the opportunity

Gregg Maynard Oct 25 2011

Love the order form(s) and payment integration. Simple, slick and effective. Thanks for the tip.

Colleen C Oct 25 2011

I love the Event Registration Form – that could come in handy!

ERPalmer Oct 25 2011

Hi! The feature of my interest is “Rules (branching)”, can save time creating some complex forms.

Lori Hartjoy Oct 25 2011

Have been trying to find some sort of application such as this to place forms on my website. This looks like I may have finally found what I have been searching for. I’m using google docs right now, but don’t feel it is as secure as it can be and I have no way to get any notifications when someone fills it out. I will definitely be looking into this. Would love to win the package. I use paypal exclusively for payments and it would integrate well on my site. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

I Like the WP-plugin most. Hope to win:)

David Grajal Oct 25 2011

I love the artwork and I think the payment forms can be very useful

I’d use it to build forms obvi…

The form templates look really helpful actually…

This looks very useful! We can really use an easy form-building tool. Thanks.

Mihla Oct 25 2011

I’m not sure yet how I’d use the subscription if I won, but I since all my sites are on WordPress, my favorite feature is the 123ContactForm plugin.

Monique Oct 25 2011

I love the dashboard feature. This is such a great product

mymyhope Oct 25 2011

looks nice ,form builder is awsome

Patricia Young Oct 25 2011

If I won a subscription I would use the forms to create contact portals for non profit groups I work with. I am most excited about the events module and the survey utility. This is a simple solution and I am looking forward to trying it out.

Peter Oct 25 2011

oh i’m on this. i love the plugin! i would rock that with wordpress!

Martin Oct 26 2011

I really like the drag and drop interface, and how easy it is to customize the settings to match my needs.

Janet Oct 26 2011

Oh my gosh! This is perfect for my new client!!! I’m redesigning their site and one of the big things they need is a way to have their customers sign up for email and their service!

Bob Aronin Oct 26 2011

I’d test form options and formats for all our websites. The simplicity of the process of creating forms lends itself to experimentation.

Vicky Oct 26 2011

Integration with social media platforms and payment support. This tool could really enhance my future projects – I think I could learn a lot from this!

Gabriel Neuman Oct 26 2011

I love the 3 party Integration, and the translation TAB is a grate way for non english programers, love it!!!

Justin Moore-Brown Oct 26 2011

I currently use Wufoo forms, but these forms blow them out of the water.

I’d love to use these for my client questionnaires as well as integrate them directly into my Mailchimp monthly newsletters and more!

Plus the metrics the platform provides makes it easy to see what’s being filled out and what’s not!

*Crossing Fingers*

Valentin Oct 26 2011

I would use it for my own website and the order registration option would be very helpful.

Sandra D Oct 26 2011

The payment integration seems really great!

Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos Oct 26 2011

I would use it for order forms for my website, i like mostly the paypal integration and the facebook compatibility too.

zambanini Oct 27 2011

would love to integrate it as customer survey

Kavya Hari Oct 28 2011

123 contact form is one of the online survey builders and has an good support in it. Thank you so much for given up here :)

Grant Brookes Oct 28 2011

I am sure it will be of great use to me and my team, I have used it and it is pretty handy, 123ContactForm has a slick interface with drag ‘n’ drop support where form fields of any type can be easily added or removed. I personally prefer it over wufoo as you really don’t have to do all the php stuff and have their daggy logo etc.

Sagi S. Oct 29 2011

123ContactForm looks great!
I would use it for my web design blog to conduct surveys, gather a newsletter database, and maybe even manage subscriptions in the future.

I especially love the fact that 123ContactForm has so many themes to choose from and the UX way of though to have those clear loud buttons at the dashboard to make sure the user understands exactly where he wants to navigate to.

Best of luck! :)

Eniak Oct 30 2011

The Google map and payment integration is great. Could use on many a project.

Harris Oct 31 2011

1. How would you use 123ContactForm if you won?
I would use 123ContactForm for my lead generation business as well as my freelance design and outsourcing initiatives

2. What feature of 123ContactForm are you most excited about?

Mostly excited about payments and CRM integration and clear Excel reporting.

Excellent giveaway,
Thanks so much for the opportunity and good luck to everyone

The ability to connect to tons of other 3rd party apps is what i require the most. I will use this to collect data about people interested in my mailing list.

Naples Graphics Oct 31 2011

I would use these mainly for the Pro Bono work I do for a non-profit organization. These folks need a way to keep up and create forms that are WYSIWYG ready! I love everything about the analyze and monitor, and wysiwyg, and the admin dashboard! Thanks for the contest.

I’m a newbie and not much into coding. The drag and drop feature with minimal coding yet effective design options is the one i like most. Count me in.

gsprao Oct 31 2011

The payment option integration into the form is interesting. I can use this to accept payments for POC (proof of concept) work generally before accepting the original work.

Colin Oct 31 2011

I like the various options of integrating with third party tools which would give me the liberty of using it on any platform without any coding. COunt me in.

Sandeep Sharma Nov 01 2011

123contactform is fully dynamic method of generate contact forms, Order forms, tables, etc…. and nice article present jacob…i feel very lucky when will i use 123contact form. :)

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