Giveaway: Zyma Web Hosting Plans

Up for grabs are 15 Zyma web hosting accounts that will last for 2 years.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment answering the following question: How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?

This giveaway ends on February 16, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Feb 9, 2011


WPThemeInfo Feb 09 2011

It would be huge help for my personal portfolio website if I win this. well, all the best to other participants as well.

I would use it for my portfolio.

madhukarah Feb 09 2011

I mostly use for my project works :)

Fritz von Runte Feb 09 2011

How would I use my web hosting plan at Zyma?

I would be able to serve my tracks, not worring about webspace, bandwidth or downtime. It would change my life.

Christopher Carlos Feb 09 2011

If I win the web hosting plan at Zyma, I would use it to create my photography portfolio online to showcase my work.

jjaffeux Feb 09 2011

HI ;)

I would use this plan to offer a free Keywords (SEO) tracker to webmasters.



vicente Feb 09 2011

I’d use it for installing my lifestream, and would setup a web space for my other projects’ webs and blogs

Mario Awad Feb 09 2011

I would use it to host PHP web-based applications we develop for our clients.

Will use it to host a few small free services for the GoPro community

slammens Feb 09 2011

More hosting, always useful!

Mark Roberts Feb 09 2011

I would use the web hosting plan for a professional landing page comprised of my different web presences (ex linkedin) as well as to host a few coding projects I have worked on.

Isabellmiao Feb 09 2011

Of course I’d be getting my own domain for my website and expand my website!

And 16th Feb this year is my 23rd birthday!!! This is just great as a birthday present. :)

David Fitzgibbon Feb 09 2011

I would love this hosting because I’m looking for somewhere to expand my empire of apps and sites! Currently it’s very small but this would help me grow and to help more people because my current hosting isn’t great and it’s hampering my apps!

Matthias De Vylder Feb 09 2011

I would use it to put my upcoming clothing webstore online,
it would be awesome to win so I can use the money saved from the hosting for more printed shirts.

Arun Vishnu Feb 09 2011

I would use Zyma Hosting to host my blogs , etc. If it is good, I would recommended it to my friends.

Sudhith Xavier Feb 09 2011

With the hosting account, i would like to host my upcoming e-Commerce project for a unique, one of a kind design store. The hosting plan seems perfect for my requirements. :) Hats off to Six Revision team and Zyma for this amazing give away.

Renos Feb 09 2011

Being searching for a new host. I think now will be a good time to try out the Unlimited potential :)

MrQwest Feb 09 2011

I’ve been looking at changing my hosting recently as my current hosts have been going downhill & fast!

I’ve also wanted to start a podcast recently and the only thing holding me back is lack of space / bandwidth so a Zyma hosting acct would be ideal!


Torsten Feb 09 2011

I would host my website at zyma

Javier Prieto Feb 09 2011

A good hosting for free would be the best way to start my own projects until I have money to maintain my infrastructures by myself. I would use it to grow up and leave my current job!! Fingers crossed!

Alberto Feb 09 2011

For my personal blog! :)

Nitesh Feb 09 2011

I am a web enthusiast. I am working on a web based project for my final year engineering. This will help me in hosting my website which is based on HTML5 specifications, Ajax, Xml and PHP5. It will have very high web traffic once it is online in a couple weeks. Will be very happy to be one of the lucky few.

Vivek Parmar Feb 09 2011

Working on to launch my own social networking site. Already buy domain name and now looking for hosting. That’s comes a trump card for me. If it i will launch my own social networking site in no time.
Hope i can win.

Arturo Feb 09 2011

OMG…First of all, thank you once again for these wonderful giveaways…this actually comes in handy now that my hosting account is months to expire. First I would use it for my personal website, an eShop I am working on, and two side projects (aimed to web des/dev). Well, I do not know how else I should use it, but having 2 years It would not be possible for me to not think on something else.

Seth Baxter Feb 09 2011

I would host the website/portfolio of my new company!

Pauwels Feb 09 2011

I am actually hosted by Servage and should be intersted by alternatives

xavier Feb 09 2011

maybe sell, maybe give away to artistic or non profit organisations…don’t know yet

hanmireddy Feb 09 2011

I wish to host

Paul Sanduleac Feb 09 2011

I will use the hosting account for the several social projects that I have in mind and it will be easier for me to work on them if I will have the hosting.

Daniel Feb 09 2011

I recently changed my old web hosting with a new one, but honestly, I’m not so satisfied, so if I win a zyma account, it will remain my hosting provider even after the free period expires, if I’ll be happy with their service

Pothi Kalimuthu Feb 09 2011

I would use the hosting plan at Zyma to complement my development plans. I am a newbie developer. I’d love to host my websites at Zyma!

ariff Feb 09 2011

I’ve been using numerous web hosters for quite a while and been invited to test a cloud hosting product by a local hosting company. My blog writes about blogging and hosting companies are sometimes a subject that I write in my entries.

I plan to use this 2 year hosting to host all my blogs there. Since everything is unlimited I guess I won’t be having problems with resources. One thing about Zyma hosting is that the price is very affordable for us in Malaysia (cheaper than most of the local companies’ product) so Zyma would easily get new customers anytime soon after I write a review about it. Hopefully their performance is maintained.

Wasim Shaikh Feb 09 2011

I will use hotsing for creating online turorial websites which include html5, css , mobile sites. Hope this will help to share knowledge.

Rob Tarr Feb 09 2011

I would move all of my dad’s stuff off of GoDaddy.

Connor Slack Feb 09 2011

I would use this hosting plan to help kick start my freelance web design plans, not that my son is almost a year old, i have SOME time (LOL) to myself to design web sites, and this would be great financially too!


agustin Feb 09 2011

I would use it to host the website my friend and i have been working for the past months!

Greetings from Argentina

Matthias Feb 09 2011

I would probably either use it for a client, or launch a new minisite on it.

Beeny-man Feb 09 2011

Nice giveaway :)
I would use it for hosting the website of my own online marketing company I am going to launch within the next months.

Joel Emberson Feb 09 2011

I would use the hosting to set up a proper portfolio for my photography work! :-)

Simon Willans Feb 09 2011

I’d probably use the hosting for my blog and portfolio site. Also as a testing ground for app development.

Thomas Feb 09 2011

I’ll use it for webdev or production for my clients !
Best regards.

mdomba Feb 09 2011

Will transfer all my current sites to it… and as a backup space for one of my dedicated servers…

I would use it for hosting my photo gallery!

Anastasi Bakolias Feb 09 2011

I would use Zyma to host landing pages for my mobile apps!

Rafau Feb 09 2011

I would set up a great Portfolio of my really great work and also a blog when i win.

Vadim Feb 09 2011

I use it for my blog and some other project. Hope to win!

I would use it to host my new portfolio page with a small blog.

Terry Feb 09 2011

Will use it as a website to host and showcase photos as well as use it as a mockup site for my freelance website development.

As a starting webdeveloper I could offer more convincing image of my self as a developer if I could demo my products to my customers from hosting with my own domain rather than from my home linux box with dyndns domain and custom ports because my ISP blocks the default ones. The unlimited traffic , SQL databases and web space also would serve myself as a great “play field” where I could train my skills and test latest deployments in real world environment!

Antti Feb 09 2011

I would use the hosting account for my personal website. I would create a website for the developer-me as well as the musician-me. I don’t currently have a host or a website so this account would be a great value to me. I could even start something I’ve always wanted to do, a blog.

Kolten Bergeron Feb 09 2011

That would be great to win!

Bram Van der Sype Feb 09 2011

I would use it to expand my current business. In my spare time, I develop websites for smaller clients, but so far have been setting them up with single hosting packages. This has gone on for so long that I now have to manage 5 websites all from different control panels. With improved hosting, I’d group them together to generate a better workflow and make my “webmaster” life a bit easier.

It would also be a good start and motivation for myself to expand my own website, growing away from a WordPress blog that tries to serve as a portfolio too, towards a more mature online space for myself.

arCHer Feb 09 2011

Well, I would use it to host my new upcoming startup!

Dennis Stevenson Feb 09 2011

I am currently using a service I am moderately happy with to host my clients websites, lately slowdowns and outtages have been making me consider alternatives. Until this contest I had not heard of Zyma and now that I have had the chance to check out your services I can’t wait to give it a try.
With 2 servers hosted through this other company (bH) I could definitely use a solid alternative.

Steve Gilroy Feb 09 2011

They’re cheap enough anyway to warrant me moving to another host, but…

I would use the free hosting to build a new website for my band as my current one is still built in tables with inline code. It sucks. I need a kick up the a*se to get the new one finished and launched. This should do it!

Nancy Chen Feb 09 2011

I would use my Zyma web hosting plan to set up a website for the awesome vocabulary game iPad app that I am currently working on.

Paulo Feb 09 2011

I would move my two blogs out of hostmonster to zyma ;)

A free 2 year account would be just amazing!

Jeff P. Feb 09 2011

I’ve been planning a compelling blog forum for car nuts like myself.

To create competition in Google, with its powerful servers =)

Alex W Feb 09 2011

My subscription to GoDaddy is up at the end of February, and after having them screw up multiple times, I am looking to change hosts. I would use this host space for my personal website, my backup, and my development work I do at my job.

Andrew Champ Feb 09 2011

I’d use it so hard that digital reason would falk from the sky. I’d love to put some upcoming web apps I’m working on, on your servers.

Mike DelGuidice Feb 09 2011

I would host my personal portfolio and several side projects on Zyma!

Lecocq Feb 09 2011

I will use it for my client

Badoux Chris Feb 09 2011

I will wish to use my space, for a storage site of important documents. For all and completely free. Thanks, and good luck ^^

Patrick Ward Feb 09 2011

I would use the hosting for new websites for some great visual artists I work with.

I’ll be using this to host our school projects. And the forum that I’ll be making. It will also serve as an experience for hosting my projects on an actual server.

Rodrigo Faccini Feb 09 2011

Wow… nice giveaway… Lucky to me!

Ikhwan Burhanuddin Feb 09 2011

Nice features at affordable price. If I win a hosting plan at Zyma, I would use it to host my current e-commerce project and also some future projects. Awesome~

Ademar Feb 09 2011

ow would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?

I’d do my first web start up business in Uk. That would be great once im finishing the application this week and need host :)

Nina Haghighi Feb 09 2011

I’ve been looking around for another website hosting provider – I’ve been using GoDaddy for the past few years and it sucks. It’s way too pricey and every few months, they change the site layout so I have to write down where exactly to go to update my website all over again. And working on a busy wifi connection, it’s near impossible to try to upload any changes. I’d really like the opportunity to try something else! Oh, and Six Revisions rocks!

Massimiliano Marcon Feb 09 2011

I would use the 2 years hosting plan at Zyma to open a new .me website and give a fresh look to my online identity.

Peterpasha Feb 09 2011

I would use this hosting package to expand my design startup.

Jacob van Zijp Feb 09 2011

I think I would use it for storage. Seems very nice to have unlimited storage.

I’d use this to host new websites i’m creating for clients – also use it as a backup server for offsite backups.

Vadim Demedes Feb 09 2011

This giveaway can give me a chance for hosting my personal website. Every developer or designer needs its own online portfolio, where he can display his work and present it to customers. I have limited budget so I it would be great if I win this giveaway! Thanks!

onioneye Feb 09 2011

Wow, I definitely don’t want to miss this giveaway, so here goes: I would use my web hosting plan to publish a couple of websites that I had planned thoroughly, including the one for my freelance web dev/design business. The only thing that I’m missing right now is web hosting, so this would be like the best gift ever!

Please Six Revisions, give it to me.

Please oh please :D

Synthetic Tone Feb 09 2011

Been wanting to build a user friendly blog/showcase of some of the finer art and photography around from talented artists with a focus on “quality instead of quantity”. This would be a great motivator.

Dominic Crook Feb 09 2011

I would use the Zyma hosting for my new web app I am currently developing. It is an online league table for musicians to compete against each other!

David M Feb 09 2011

ahh i wish i get these =D

Garrett Murphy Feb 09 2011

I’ve been looking to start up a couple new websites for different projects (nothing mind-blowing, but things that I’d like to build and see), and I think this would be the perfect excuse to do that!

Schop Feb 09 2011

I would use it to host my Euro 2012 Soccer Prediction Game application

ABARKANE Feb 09 2011

I wanna host a web site to talk about web dev and Design

Adolf Josefsson Feb 09 2011

Sounds great!

Tim Barnes Feb 09 2011

If I won this zyma hosting, I would so use it to host a blog about cats and all the crazy things they do

Claude Sammut Feb 09 2011

I would host a new joomla project I’m working on an maybe later on I will migrate existing web-apps

Oscar Ekholm Feb 09 2011

I would use my web hosting plan at Zyna for my personal website and I’d also use the unlimited space to store backups of my clients’ sites.

Craig Paterson Feb 09 2011

I’d use a web hosting plan at Zyma to set up a new blog which would be focused on hints and tips for computer users (new and old alike). The reason being that I’m getting a lot of questions about how to do certain things which are relatively easy to an experienced user, but not so for less experienced users.

Daniel Feb 09 2011

I will install WordPress and create a blog/portfolio to begin my work as a php/symfony freelance programmer.

Vladimir Feb 09 2011

About 20 my clients and domains are waiting for great alternative for my current European hosting.

Alexander Herrmann Feb 09 2011

I would use Zyma to host my own site and some other sites i created.
Also I would use it for testing new stuff.
btw: sixrevisions rocks! ;)

Gianluca Feb 09 2011

I will use it for all my creative ideas, powerful websites and others crazy experiment!! :)

David Salinas Feb 09 2011

I would love to have a place to host my portfolio (old one is on a cargo site, which leaves me with little customization options), and to host my friends’ and my own projects. Zyma looks awesome :)

Abdelhadi Touil Feb 09 2011

Zyma has qualoity services, and I like theire website design very much ^_^
As I have some personal idea for creating some websites, I’d like to win in this giveaway and I thank you very much for it.
Good luck.

amdou Feb 09 2011

now is that time for me to start that web startup for sure

kalatim kawim Feb 09 2011

Thanks for this great giveaway, and thanks to Zyma team by the way.
I want to build a website, so that’s why I’m participing in this giveway, maybe I can be winner :)

Josh Frankel Feb 09 2011

Being a relatively new web developer learning the ropes, I would use this hosting account to kick-start my freelance web development business. This would allow me to show prospective clients live websites and develop side projects of my own.

I’m starting a new design business, and free hosting for my company website would be awesome in regard to overhead.

Simonas Feb 09 2011

I would use it mainly for Piwik hosting, as I’am fed up with GA, and can’t stand idea, that my visitor info is reachable to some one else, apart me… Also I want to test their Python support.

Luca Yesupatham Daniel Feb 09 2011

I will use it to develop some of my premium .co domains :)

Simon Feb 09 2011

As a web developer, I’d have a great use for it as a testing server.


Christian Feb 09 2011

I would use my web hosting plan at Zyma for a personal blog about interesting news on webdevelopment.

Give it to me! :-)

Chris Barnes Feb 09 2011

I’d like to create a new blog about the parasail industry.

Edison A. Leon Feb 09 2011

I got tired of my hosting provider and it will be nice to try a new one for free, it will up to them if I want to keep it after that

Adam (DinnerPlanner) Feb 09 2011

I’m currently working on a startup called I’d use this hosting plan to host my startup.

The Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Yellow Pages listing would be amazingly helpful as well.

Matthew Feb 09 2011

Can I also be hosted on When I live outside the U.S.?

Chris Ferrill Feb 09 2011

I would use my hosting account to start my online portfolio and continue to get more business!!!

Vanessa Walters Feb 09 2011

I would love to create a website to showcase my photographs and specialty cakes.
I am newly unemployed and am looking at becoming an entrepreneur.
I have many passions and talents that I would love to showcase on a website.
Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this giveaway.

quddus Feb 09 2011

I will use it to help honest and meritorious people achieve their goals

Veronica Feb 09 2011

I would use them for my future clients :-).

S.M.Karthick Feb 09 2011

Hosting plans from Zyma sounds cool.If i’m one of the winner i will migrate my website from my current hosting provider to zyma rightaway.I do launch new web apps.
Thanks for the giveaway!

josef Feb 09 2011

i’d use all that space for all my personal projects and clientele.

Colleen C Feb 09 2011

I would use the web hosting to set up WordPress sites for a few friends who are stating home based businesses and need the exposure.

Actually I need a hosting plan for a project dedicated to a Moldavian Fortress Soroca.

Trevor Gibson Feb 09 2011

This is a great giveaway! I would use these to host websites for my musician clients. They would really benefit from a great web hosting solution!

Ricardo David Feb 09 2011

I’ll use my hosting for my personal design portfolio, and to offer clients web hosting!

Monie Feb 09 2011

If I win this web hosting plan at Zyma:
I would most probably use the best of it. Its like a free trial for 2 years with money back guarantee. After using it for two years, if I found it is providing a good service, I’ll continue subscribing to the service and also recommend them to client of mine.

Alan Miller Feb 09 2011

I would use the Zyma hosting to launch our brand new design blog and portfolio!

I would host one of the sets of client tools developed for all our clients at Bad Moose Media.

Jérémie Truyol Feb 09 2011

Hello !

If I win, I would use my web hosting plan at Zyma for my clients, giving them a free web hosting.

Bye !

Joel Besada Feb 09 2011

Me and a friend are two university students who have recently gotten into web design. We’ve been creating a couple of web applications that we’ve uploaded to our personal pages on our university’s network. A web hosting plan at Zyma would enable us to make a centralized hub for all of our projects and also give us better access to server configurations than what we have on our university’s network (which also only allows non-commercial web pages).

Marco Feb 09 2011

I will use the hosting for my own personal freelancer project as a web developer.

Matt H Feb 09 2011

I would use my web hosting plan at Zyma to create a wonderful new web application that changes the way car enthusiasts share their ideas, projects and photos.

Mark H Feb 09 2011

I’m looking for a host for some new website ideas.

Muhammad Abubakr Haider Feb 09 2011

I am planing to make a blog for web programmers and web designers for that I am going to choose hosting of zyma whether it would be free through this offer or by paid after this offer.

I’d pass it on to a client with a tight budget. It would give me a good chance to help someone out and evaluate Zyma at the same time :-)

Matt Zimmermann Feb 09 2011

Wow…they look like a very good hosting company. It would be great to transfer my company account to their server so I can have better peace of mind that the email will get through and the site won’t go down.

Richard Feb 09 2011

Needed for freelancing work

tebee Feb 09 2011

I’ve been looking for an alternative host for my sites for a few months now. Tried GoDaddy and just didn’t like how it worked for accessing the MySQL databases and upgrading WordPress. I would love to win this and try your hosting plan to see if it could be a permanent solution for me. Thanks!

rohit Feb 09 2011

i would use it as a community, consisting of an extensive database of how-to guides.
Any visitor can create a new page and write about how to do something.
other visitors can edit, improve, or change the page. Feb 09 2011

That sounds almost too good to be true! I transferred an old domain just to see what this Zyma is like.

Oliver Feb 09 2011

I would use it to host an exciting new Facebook application I’m working on right now.

jerry Feb 09 2011

I would use this to FINALLY get my website up and running. Being a Graphic Designer is hard to market, when you have no showcase.

Bigjoday Feb 09 2011

How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?
I will launch my locally developed restaurant reviews app in a small island in the middle east

SpinX Feb 09 2011

I would use is for my website, I’m not happy with my current host.

currently in preparation for a new startup going live in a month and actually looking for hosting services provider right now so winning one here would come handy

I would use this hosting plan form my next personal project! Awesome giveaway.

Kerry Feb 09 2011

I would use Zyma hosting to host a slew of my websites. Namely, It would be nice to have a worry free host (and two years for free wouldn’t hurt either).

Laura Franklin Feb 09 2011

I’d use the Zyma hosting plan to boost my business, as I’m just a start up with not a lot of cash it would really help me out!

Lester Hein Feb 09 2011

I am about to release a new album through my record label ( and would use the page to host a site dedicated to the artists and the album. This is where all the press releases, EPKs and media would be directed to

JB HENRY Feb 09 2011

Hi, I’m lauching a web agency with 2 friends and we really need a good web hosting for our e-commerce sites, zyma look great !
Thanks :)

Dr Zhivago Feb 09 2011 is down.

Dr Zhivago Feb 09 2011

nevermind. it’s back up.

Alex Crooks Feb 09 2011

As I already have I server of my own, I would use this one to give others a free location to put up their websites. This wouldn’t extend to only friends and clients but also aspiring developers. Everything would be free, just as long as the person provides their own domain fees.

Why a free server for new developers? I did not get to the caliber of design and programming that I am at now without a server. It is a good place to publicly showcase your work and having a server readily available — especially one with no real restrictions — is a great resource for anybody.

Marcos Feb 09 2011

I will start a crowdsourcing platform based on Drupal! :D

Sergi Feb 09 2011

For my projects and web portals

Trevor Darvill Feb 09 2011

“How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?”

I would love to create an online portfolio for my sister, who is a struggling artist and needs the exposure.

If I won web hosting, I’d finally leave GoDaddy. Need I say more?

Gregory Feb 09 2011

Finally, I would be able to organize projects, run fully professional website and start serious business selling themes and developing our WordPress Framework.

Josep Vidal Feb 09 2011

I’ll use the hosting to create a personal blog.

Pamela Rodríguez Feb 09 2011

I would use the web hosting plan for a new project me and a colleague are starting for design contests for latinamerica. We already started the planning phase, and are about to start the design process, so it would come in handy for the development stage.

Steven Crawford Feb 09 2011

I am currently in the initial phases of expanding upon my graphic/web design company and want to offer additional services including photography and weddings.

I would love this space to house a mother site that links to additional sites that are more specific to what I offer.

Prashant Feb 09 2011

I am the first to comment. I need one.

Adewale Ademowo Feb 09 2011

I have explored features on and found them interesting. I will transfer my current host to Zyma.

Wiellyam Feb 09 2011

I will use for my business, and try if Zyma hosting is better than mine, i will be the next loyal customer. First time hear about Zyma hosting. Thanks.

Esfand Feb 09 2011

I will create a state of the art website demonstrating the features of HTML5.

Alfonso Feb 09 2011

If I win a hosting plan a Zyma, I’ll use it to create a new blog about Geeks news.

Jeremy Bayone Feb 09 2011

I’d use the hosting for local artists to connect and get their work to a wider audience.

Daniel Feb 09 2011

I would use my web hosting plan at Zyma to finally upload all the offline work I’ve been doing due to not having my own webspace. Finally I could develop a public portfolio and get my foot in the door of the web development industry!

Soner Kara Feb 09 2011

I plan to use it for hosting my personal web page, in which I’m going to show off my Html5, Css3 and WebGL experiments.

noeki Feb 09 2011

I would set up my own portfolio and blog once for all…

Tomas Feb 09 2011

I’d like to start a new blog.

varroae Feb 09 2011

I’d use the hosting for what you’d expect (ie. sites). The money I would save though, I would use for coffee and ginger cookies!

Edgaras Feb 09 2011

I surely need professional web hosting, because I am tired of free web hosting. I would move my new portfolio to the new place.

I would be highly interested. My fiancee is looking to get into the programming game, this would help!


Paul Dantas Feb 09 2011

With this Web Hosting Plan at Zyma I will publish my first web-site on the wolverine world wide.

Dustin P. Feb 09 2011

Wow this is great! Hope I win! ;)

Geros Feb 09 2011

I like this Giveaway to host my website, and to spend less money.

M Hetherington Feb 09 2011

If I had hosting with Zyma, I’d abuse it as best as I could to help me develop more as a coder! Think its time to get my fingers dirty with databases…! :o)

Goran Tepshic Feb 09 2011

Will use it to host my new educational institutions directory website. hope i’ll win it :)

Paul Kane Feb 09 2011

If I win, I will dedicate each hosting plan to a unique project. Each will be designed around a unique aspect of modern web design and development. Then after I’ve launched, I’ll network the sites through blogs, forums and social media, and promote intensely to encourage feedback and promote discussion in the design community.

Ronald Bustamante Feb 09 2011

It’s time for my blog to have its own hosting!!

Thomas Feb 09 2011

I would use it as a testing and lab environment to push test new concepts and development techniques.

Camarada Feb 09 2011

I would use the host to set-up my new portafolio and blog and a micro niche blog network to promote some offers :)

Croata Feb 09 2011

I would use for my personal website !!

Micah Feb 09 2011

I would use this for upcoming projects I have!

Teo Farro Feb 09 2011

To finally put my portfolio online!!!

Xingang Fang Feb 09 2011

I will use it to host my son’s photoblog.

I would put my personal portfolio up somewhere that it could actually be used properly!

Jared S. Feb 09 2011

I would use it to revamp a site I started a year ago.
I would convert it to a cms which will make it easier to manage the comments that get submitted (right now it’s manual and takes up too much of my time). It will become a community of fans and will continue to grow as it goes viral.

I would use it to start up all of the projects that I’ve had on the backburner for years, because I haven’t been able to find a host I liked.

Nate Elliott Feb 09 2011

To become more AWESOME!!

Chris Feb 09 2011

I can’t imagine how this model is sustainable but I could always use free hosting. :)

I would use my 2 year hosting I would use this for showcasing my photography. I’m in the process of coding my website, I’m still looking for a good host.

Mohammad Aziz Feb 09 2011

I’m going to create a web application, and will host it at Zyma, if I win.

sinsdesign Feb 09 2011

Just bought a new domain. A fresh start with new ideas, and maybe some luck from you :)

Vince Feb 09 2011

When I moved I lost my hosting that I had setup at my house. It has made me realize that doing my own hosting was silly so I would use it for hosting.

Canes Feb 09 2011

I am ending school in few months so there will be plenty of time to fill Zyma’s servers with my awesome scripts and works. :)

Muhammad R. Babsail Feb 09 2011

I will:
1. build a community of Indonesian batik to introduce Indonesian batik to the world, and strengthen the network of merchants and craftsmen Indonesian batik. Indonesian batik is very rich in the type and style based on local culture (unity in diversity)

2. create the largest online shopping center (virtual market)

3. providing a free service (automated) business card creation (pick a design > enter the data > download print-ready images > print)

Bruce Feb 09 2011

Why, I’d load my site to the gills with the most demanding test apps and technologies available that will probably bring any normal server to its knees.

Go on, give me an account. I dare ya! ;)

Joigie Feb 09 2011

To host websites for small business and non-profit clients.

Steve Feb 09 2011

I will use it to get some of the ideas I’ve been playing around with in my head online.

Does it compare to the Dreamhost hosting?

Levon Feb 09 2011

Will use it for our brand-new fashion related website.

Francois Feb 09 2011

Nice giveaway ! They do offer a wonderfull price, 5 euro per year wow ! Would love to try their service and host my new project with them.

This would be perfect as a Valentine’s gift for my girlfriend who is trying to start a new wedding planning business! Of course she’ll still have me make the site but at least the hosting would be top-notch and free! Plus I’d personally love to work with Zyma as I’m always trying to find the best hosting option for new client sites.

jejazz Feb 09 2011

If i win :)
I would use it for my free tutorials blog :)

Elmir Feb 09 2011

I would use it to start blog on business and marketing oriented on quality information set in context of our regional economy situation and opportunities. Thank you in advance

I’d use it for starting a new website.

David Feb 09 2011

I would use this to host my main website/blog.

Felipe Genuino Feb 09 2011

Se eu ganhar, vou hospedar os meu site, pretendo usá-lo também como laboratório de fotografia.
Eu tenho um projeto e gostaria de hospedar em um local seguro.

jeeva Feb 09 2011

I will use it for the vfx and animation blog i’m planning to start. I already bought the domain name and want to use the wordpress platform for blogging. Own hosting would be great for it. My dream will come true.

Michael Y Feb 09 2011

I would use a free Web Hosting Plan for 2 Years at to learn about yet another hosting provider, and more importantly develop a super awesome web application to add to my portfolio.

albertgrala Feb 09 2011

I will host one of my projects I’m working on.

David Radovanovic Feb 09 2011

Fast, dependable Web hosting is the key to a successful online presence. So, I would use my Web Hosting account for one of my Web design portfolios which run on either the Hybrid or Thematic WordPress based frameworks. Good luck with this promotion!

alberta Feb 09 2011

I do a lot of pro-bono web work and host several not-for-profit websites on my own hosting account. If I won a hosting account from, I would use it for my non-profit work and to host my site.

mimwow Feb 09 2011

Well, I need a good hosting plan and another hosting provider for my portfolio and this one it seems to be very good.
Thank you!

I am sick n tired of using my university servers which are down half the time. I would love to try out Zyma hosting for my web related projects, apps & portfolio.


Marlene Wilkinson Feb 09 2011

I would use my hosting plan to host my website & a PHP rebranding app to enable affiliates to rebrand the affiliate links in my ebook as their own, & give it away on their sites.

Meantime, I’ll let my followers on Twitter & Facebook know about the give-away. I know I’m inviting competition, but the results are by chance anyway, & you deserve this much thanks.

I congratulate you on the give-away initiative. It will surely see you become well-known, virally :)

johan Feb 09 2011

I would use it to brag about the great webhost I got :)

Marcus Feb 09 2011

I would use it for my new Hotel website

Ricardo Feb 09 2011

As a new Computer Engineering, I’ll use to start my portfolio and a project I have in my mind…

Chad C. Feb 09 2011

I would use hosting service to host my web portfolio, along with a few non profit sites I am working on also.

Vicap Media Feb 09 2011

I am currently looking for a new Web Host that would be able to handle multiple domains under a single host account. I just purchased 3 new .co domains that would be hosted with Zyma.

All sites would be built with Drupal and WordPress and a healthy new Web Hist would be welcomed!

Abdullah Al Mamun Feb 09 2011

I’ll host my personal blog (my thoughts on web development, scripting languages and technologies).

Necsord Feb 09 2011

Since I have started learning / working with web applications last summer I would probably make an use of the server space by expanding my overall knowledge, test various applications in their proper environment and probably make my own project which I would host and try to improve it day by day while gaining knowledge.

Andrew Jacops Feb 09 2011

I would use it for a few blog ideas I have and a few web apps I’ve been putting on the back burner.

Monty Feb 09 2011

I would use it to host my top web hosting offers website.

MissEm Feb 09 2011

I’ve started creating Facebook Apps (example above) and I want to look into building a business around creating Facebook Apps for small businesses.
Some awesome web hosting would mean a great deal for me.

David Pratt Feb 09 2011

I will use it to host my website.

sunil Feb 09 2011

I would use it to experiment with CMS’s, and for my own scripting and design experiments.

I would also host my new portfolio site.

Jay Chopra Feb 09 2011

Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway. I think it is a good value proposition. I would like to use it to host some of my websites for nonprofit organizations who would benefit from such generosity. This seems to be a quality host. Good luck to all those who win.

David Takahashi Feb 09 2011

In September of 2010, a wildfire ripped through 169 homes in the foothills above Boulder CO, burning them to the ground. That pain was short lived but now to rebuild we are facing an insurance caused condition known as ‘under-insurance’. We are finding that 7 out of 10 homeowners will be challenged to rebuild based upon the proceeds of insurance settlements (not to mention banks cashing in all their mortgage liens as well).

In order to mitigate these unfortunate realities, we are forming a buying group that will attempt to leverage our group buying power to get discounts from local (and if necessary chain) businesses. In previous disasters, consumers have formed groups to fight back (see fired up sisters for an example).

We would use the gift to allow victims of this fire, and even the next, to view the discounts that have been committed by the businesses showing a concern.

thank you!

The Four Mile Fire Buyers Cooperative

Ben Nash Feb 09 2011

I would use my account to host my development servers. I really like the auto installs, especially Drupal. I like to recommend my host to my clients usually through that host’s affiliate sign up.

Jaspal Singh Feb 09 2011

I need one hosting account to setup my own custom web 2.0 social networking portal using the latest technologies.

Allen Feb 09 2011

I would use it to start my new application development website I plan on launching in the next month or two.

José Feb 09 2011

will use four run my sencha app

Enrique Feb 09 2011

I will use it to build a social network for interaction between people doing things in solidarity, NGO, etc. With a functionality “like” facebook” using open source, i will start involving practicioners from an university in mexico to develop following my initial design

ossama Feb 09 2011

Mighty giveaway!!
I will use the hosting plan at zyma for my new website it’s a cityguide and i’m also having problems with hosting: first i can’t buy a hosting plan because i don’t have an international visa card.Second, hosting companies in my country have expensive plans and poor services :(

Josh Bedo Feb 09 2011

I would push my blog/tutorial website up and definitely push up clients work. I would definitely be able to work more open source projects I’m very interested in open source projects, I’ve recently been experimenting with and streeme. It would help alot because I don’t have much webspace.

Joost Feb 09 2011

I’m in the process of building a personal site for a trip me and my girl are planning.

We are trying to make it overland by 550CC minitruck from Thailand to the Netherlands and need a web site to show to sponsors, a blog, etc.

Extra web hosting would be a great help.

i will use it for my IT blog for technical problem i facing & how to solve it.

I would use it for a music website

Hermanet Lay Feb 09 2011

Im going to use it as my portfolio, and use the subdomain as my products (wordpress themes) showcase. And if theres any chance, i want to use it to host my own mini project

Diomari Cervantes Feb 09 2011

I would use it to host my first personal blog.

I would use it to host my website and develop a blog.

Nirmal Shah Feb 09 2011

If I win, I could utilize the hosting to get my portfolio online as currently I cannot afford it. 2 years is a lot of time.
Thank you for this giveaway.

mymyhope Feb 09 2011

i want to get an account,i never used hosting,i don’t know if it support joomla or magento?

Mathan Vibranarayanan Feb 09 2011

This awesome giveaway would be completely dedicated to my NGO clients if i had a chance to win.

My best wishes to all participants

Good Day
Mathan Vibranarayanan

Rajesh Feb 10 2011

Thanks , would love to use it for my portfolio.

Zafar Feb 10 2011

for my drupal site

mrBee Feb 10 2011

I would use the free hosting to build ALOT of affiliate sites! :)

Matt DiNino Feb 10 2011

How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?

I would use Zyma to its fullest, by hosting my company’s website on it and willing clients. This will take my business to the next level and potentially help me pay for college. UCONN!

Hector Feb 10 2011

I like to start a new fresh project and I need a web hosting for my project, Im dont have the money to afford it, and also Im starting my career so I need a place for my website.

Msouvik Feb 10 2011

I will use it to host my personal blog which will cover anything but my professional activities.

Thanks and best of luck to all!

TO be used as an experimental playground for my new app.

If I win the hosting plan ~ I will “pay it forward”… It will be used to inspire others to list something they’ve done for someone else that day (out of pure kindness)..

If it’s something as simple as opening a door for a stranger, letting someone merge in front of you on the freeway, or paying for the customer’s mocha in line behind you…. It all adds up and makes a difference in lives ♥

John Swaringen Feb 10 2011

I would move my production clients to Zyma. I don’t host that many sites,(yet)but I have been looking to do that exact thing but haven’t “pulled-the-trigger” yet.

Payam Rahmani Feb 10 2011

I don’t know, yet! I just want to win it, I will decide later :)

Gianluca Feb 10 2011

Perché con l’hosting Zyma posso franfrullare la pulzatilla della sfantulla senza mettere a mariposo la sciantica. Inoltre posso gurpretare a follo soddicevole senza ramingare un crotone saltangello! It’s clear! :D

bobby Feb 10 2011

I would enjoy having hosting to support my new website plans for tech screencast videos formatted for cross browsers and mobile browsers to allow people to publish any type of screencast as tutorials, new technology descriptions, brief mini “courses” on products/technologies. It would be a sort of video blog for the masses. I only fear that the site would end up in digg effect and end up shut down if I try to host it on my shared hosting. I also have a site I’d like to launch as a free source for elementary kids/parents/teachers to go and enjoy elearning, offer quizzes, etc.

Luanigio Feb 10 2011

Non ho vinto mai nulla.
Sarebbe ora di poterlo vincere per qualche sitarello personale…

soulmenj Feb 10 2011

if ever i am one of the chosen winner of this give away. I will use this us my own hosting for my projects and for my portfolio. and i will share my hosting to my friends who doesn’t have their own hosting yet for free. :)

God Bless us All :)

I would move a bunch of my sites over right away. I’m pretty frustrated with my current hosting situation and I’ve been shopping around for somebody new.

What’s up guys?

Would love to host a new business venture.

I’d use it to host the backend of mobile applications I’m creating for android and iOs

praveen Feb 10 2011

I will use it to build some apps. Presently I am using free web-hosting sites for my apps which doesn’t offer much space and bandwidth. Also, I can work on more projects using it.

Will use to create latest version of our company website.

Star Trek: Association Feb 10 2011

> How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?

We are currently searching new webhoster for the homepages of our rpg association and would use our win to build a new home for the community.

How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?

to cure cancer, feed starving africans and create peace across the nations

Stromaye Feb 10 2011


if I get an account, I’ll make my portfolio and develop new web applications.

Hope I’ll get one !

Hélder Almeida Feb 10 2011

I will use it to power up my recently created project : , where I shall add weekly tips/tutorials/ideas about c# and .net

Hameed Rahamathullah Feb 10 2011

I would like to use it for my first web app.

Michael Feb 10 2011

I will move there the current project I’m working on, because Zyma Web Hosting has a very reliable service. I will also have the option to grow with the project without moving again.

Indhu Feb 10 2011

I would use it to host my blog ( on its own domain!

Jacques Ward Feb 10 2011

This would be great for my new freelance company i am just starting up :)

dumazz Feb 10 2011

I need the branded server giving me the comfort of consuming the transfer. I need safe hostingu for my developing blog about the graphics based about WordPress.

Clarissa Feb 10 2011

Having your own domain never fails to portray a sense of professionalism and expertise. Who wouldn’t want it? I sure would.

Hassen Feb 10 2011

How would I use my web hosting plan at Zyma?

I would be able to deliver the best performance for customers who use my web based collaboration tool (coming soon.)

Thanks :-)

Ranjit Feb 10 2011

I would use this for upcoming projects and I will use it for my son… Thanks to SR…

Hugo "Ginmau" Froes Feb 10 2011

With this hosting plan, I could do the impossible, keep my new online magazine ( running for another 2 years as mys hosting plan runs out later this year

I have many ideas to play around with. This would be great. The host I’m on now is not that reliable…

Ed Dempsey Feb 10 2011

With ublimited websites and databases it would let me launch a new pair of sites I am working on.

Abhishek Feb 10 2011

Will use it for my portfolio.

NFT Team Feb 10 2011

If we found your service reliable, we would use to move our site from our current provider to your services.

NFT Team

Galinos Giaglis Feb 10 2011

I will use it to host all my clients websites, and a 3 Non-profit organizations which have utter needs. Right now my hosting plan is bringing losses but I do not have the $ to expand more.

Thank you in advance!

Shashank Feb 10 2011

I’m looking to start a copywriting / design blog. Have been wanting to do this for a while now. Maybe I’ll finally do it.

Will use it for my portfolio and other sites…

I would use it for some community (non profit) sites

Agustín Feb 10 2011

I would use it for my portfolio

01walid Feb 10 2011

I would use it for my future personal wordpress-baed blog! :) , I have already a domain name! that would be very useful for me, I’m in dire need for that.

mustafa Feb 10 2011

thanks sixrevision for giving opportunities again and again.. would love to create my portfolio with this and showcase my projects.. thanks again

Lucky Sebastian Feb 10 2011

I will use it on our project, that will be so cool.

Naresh Feb 10 2011

I will use to host my Portal :)

Reece Feb 10 2011

Would love to use this for my upcoming portfolio I have planned.

lazaac Feb 10 2011

i want to use it to learn about web development especially drupal.

Dmitry Feb 10 2011

I will use it with love :)

I would use it for hosting facebook applications

dream dezigns Feb 10 2011

hi your post is very useful for hosting i will use it

TYPO3 hosting

Adim Subedi Feb 10 2011

another superb giveaway. Thanks sixrevisions :) I definitely will use the hosting for my e-store :)

Lumen Feb 10 2011

I would use it for my personal web page and portfolio, and also for some other projects that I’m developing…

Cyril Feb 10 2011

I have my 2 websites, that means each can be hosted separately!

Deepak Feb 10 2011

I’m developing a web picture gallery to upload/share/publish all of our past and future photos and tend to give it to my wife as a Valentine gift. Been hunting for a good web host for PHP/MySQL.

My way of thanking her for giving me a beautiful baby girl a couple of months back :)

Jonathan Feb 10 2011

I would use the Zyma hosting account for my freelance web design and for a project idea.

Scott Feb 10 2011

I am currently an apprentice web designer and it would be amazing to get this hosting so I can develop my skills in HTML, CSS and PHP outside of the office working with a real server and hosting package.

I would use it to host my sites as well as the two non-profits whose sites I run. Hopefully zyma would be faster than my current host and that would persuade me to go through the pain of switching.

To Expand my server knowledge, host my django sites and also migrate my client sites across to as my current host sucks!

Srikath Feb 10 2011

Would love if i’m taken!!

I will use Zyma hosting plan for non-profit organizations.

steve0183 Feb 10 2011

I would use it to help start an online wakeboard, snowboard and ski retail business to help supplement our physical location.

Mauro Feb 10 2011

I will use it to publish a drupal site about travel photography portfolio.

Heather S Feb 10 2011

I would use it to finally get my own domain for my business e-commerce website! Whoo hoo! Cheers!

Rodwin Feb 10 2011

I would use it to create website for my charitable works to reach people who have good heart and ask for support for my environmental advocacy. If I win the web hosting plan at Zyma,

Ege Özcan Feb 10 2011

I’d use it to host my personal web page (so I can expand it and maybe attract new clients) and host some of my open source projects that just wait for someone to notice them on github^^

I would use one hosting for my personal portfolio, the other one would be for a business i’m starting up.

Stacy Feb 10 2011

I would use it for my personal web site/portfolio.

Jigar Feb 10 2011

I would use it for my own website and for my other projects also.


Mat Landers Feb 10 2011

Question: How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?

Answer: I would launch a new local auction website as well as a personal freelancing/resume website.

Kestas Feb 10 2011

I would use to host one fun community based project, which I’m building for my 150+ and growing chewing gum collectors community.

Freddy de la Cruz Feb 10 2011

I would use Zyma to test CMSs

Leonardo Feb 10 2011

I would use it to host homemade pornogrpahy.

Mihla Feb 10 2011

I’d use this hosting plan for a resource site for crafters who sell their work.

Johan R Feb 10 2011

I would use it for my portfolio site and for my other personal projects.

Semel B. Feb 10 2011

I would use the hosting for my webdesign blog.

Marian Feb 10 2011

I have a website that adresses the teens how want to learn web programming and web design, but many other things related with the pc(it adresses to the teens becuase i am a teenager too((-:).I would like that hosting because my current one doesn’t offers me enough space for what I need.I would want to create some video tutorials, or to add more media related content but the space offered doesn’t allows me.

Vietus Dunus Feb 10 2011

I would use it for my porfolio site.

Dominic Feb 10 2011

I’ve got a great idea for an internet startup. A zyma hosting plan would be more than great – I would not leave it as an idea then ;-)

Rodrigo Acevedo Feb 10 2011

I would use for my blog or portafolio. :)

Ricardo Francés Feb 10 2011

I would use it to host a project I’ve had since a long time, hosting there too my blogs, lifestream and portfolio. :D

Brendan C. Feb 10 2011

I host my own sites with Zyma

James Williamson Feb 10 2011

I would love to win a hosting package because I am not very happy with my current host, too many restrictions. Unlimited SQL databases is the highlight for me.

Shawn Feb 10 2011

I’d start a blog and host my portfolio site, while giving it a trial run for possibly converting my other hosting accounts over to Zyma.

Paul B Feb 10 2011

Great giveaway! I’d use it for my portfolio website and hopefully get around to adding a blog!

Matt L. Feb 10 2011

First, I would test to make sure the hosting is suitable, then I would use it to host future client’s sites.

Katrina M. Feb 10 2011

I’ll be building my portfolio at my hosting account at Zyma. Probably, a couple of WordPress blogs, too. I hope I win! :)

I would use this for my portfolio

Halif Saban Feb 10 2011

I need a hosting badly for my portfolio!

Jeremy Feb 10 2011

I would use it to launch a new website

Carlos Feb 10 2011

This is a great opportunity for a personal project I have in my hands.

Thanks for the chance.

Joseph Gorman Feb 10 2011

I would migrate my personal blog over to the hosting so I can free myself from the limitations of my free host.

Would use it to publish my student portfolio

cliff Feb 10 2011

I would use my web hosting plan at zyma to get rid of godaddy that is a constant pain in my butt

I would use my web hosting plan at Zyma to learn Php and begin working with WordPress, Drupal, etc.

I’ve been a ColdFusion developer for years and have recently been working with a CMS named Mura, that I love. The hunger for new knowledge is kicking in… FULL FORCE! I’m hungry! (Fingers Crossed)

mohammed Feb 11 2011

i would use it to start my online business ofc:)

Neil H Feb 11 2011

I wouldn’t use it.

If you buy the product, pay with paypal, you are not redirected back to their pages on completion. You get an email from PayPay confirming payment, but no word from them.

The account still shows ‘awaiting payment’.

If this company can’t make its own site work, I certainly wouldn’t trust it with one of mine.

Shoddy company – hence cheap pricing.

I would use it to host my upcoming community project as well as my portfolio.

Jonathan Truong Feb 11 2011

I will use it for a startup that I am currently part of. We are building a large ecosystem that will require reliable hosting service, as we anticipate exponential growth in the upcoming months.

I would use the hosting for my personal time/task management website application. And also for back-upping files.

Adrian Feb 11 2011

As I’m in the midst of developing a new social App, I would use Zyma to create a company website & also host a web service within.

mizan Feb 11 2011

I would use it for my new project.

Martin Feb 11 2011

I would use it for hosting my personal blog.

Ashley Williams Feb 11 2011

How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?

I recently started photography as a hobby and currently use flickr but I am running out of space and cannot afford the pro membership, which is why I would really love to win this as I’ve already designed a template I’m just trying to save money for hosting – which would take me a couple of months for something as reputable as Zyma.

Please, please, please consider me and I will love you forever!

Gouri Shankar Feb 11 2011

I am working on new webdesign blog. I would like to host it on Zyma.

Excellent giveaway, Thanks to sixrevisions.

Bogdan Feb 11 2011

I will build an online ajax-based hobby aquarium-keeper application allowing users to exchange/sell/buy/swap/bid fish and aquarium equipment, integrated with a lot of apis for fetching pictures and infos for plants and fish.

Sugan Feb 11 2011

will host my site in this…:-)

iulianv Feb 11 2011

I will use it to finally launch my website which I postpone for some time, a lot of time. Through this I want to promote my graphic services and my portfolio.

kedar Feb 11 2011

I’ll implement my planned projects along with my own blog: !!

tippi Feb 11 2011

Free hosting can always be useful!

Kimcool Feb 11 2011

Just a gift for me.I want to write a meego blog:)

I will host my portfolio site and recommend it to my friends or clients.

Rajasekar Feb 11 2011

i will use it as host my blog,☺

kimil Feb 11 2011

I could use this web hosting plan for my portfolio, my client’s website and maybe my homemade t-shirts store.

if i get it, I’ll make my own portfolio..
It’ll be very helpful to me.

PEPY, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Cambodia, is always looking for a way to spend less money on administration and more on the projects that help in achieving our mission – which is, to empower people to be the catalyst for change in their rural communities through promoting and providing quality education. Because we are a non-profit, free hosting would help us focus more time & money on our efforts.

Walter Amaya Feb 11 2011

I would use it to host PHP web-based applications, specially to serve cellphone Wallpapers.

rizter Feb 11 2011

Will try to use it to host all my ideas as different websites. No longer losing to aol, amazon or facebook because I could not convert my ideas into websites. Shame on you twitter

Ashley Feb 11 2011

I would get my multiple blog ideas up and running, as well as various other websites I’ve had ideas about for years now.

Somewhere to publish my photography, as well.

kelly Feb 11 2011

I’d like to get Zyma for my blog and especially like the SEO tools to promote it. Thanks.

Asker Feb 11 2011

I want to create a web blog.It’ll be really great if I win this :)

Ivan Zidarov Feb 11 2011

I’ll resell it!!!

Mizan Feb 11 2011

I have been working on a cool new personal project, would definitely like to put it there. also, can get some client sites.

patricio Feb 11 2011

It would definitely give me a chance to showcase my portfolio and make a better impression to clients and job search!

I’m going to host my beta search engine. The unlimited web space and unlimited traffic are what I need :)

maddy osman Feb 11 2011

i’m a poor student who could definitely benefit from having hosting paid for! i want to create a portfolio site, and have a few other personal projects in mind

Kader Feb 11 2011

I will create a blog dedicated to the maintenance of computer

Miguel Feb 11 2011

I would use it to host wordpress and a local shop website

Victor Feb 11 2011

It is a great help on hosting and further developing my blog with unlimited resources.

For my next drupal projects :x

Bogdan Feb 11 2011

I would use my web hosting plan at Zyma for my portfolio site.

I would use it to host unfinished projects to show to clients.

sechd Feb 12 2011

I’d be using it as a test server.

Derrick Dedmon Feb 12 2011

Wooooooot! hosting :P

Arslan Feb 12 2011

I will start an inspirational blog like SixRevisions and post some quality stuff on it, Also I will publish some website showcase and interviews to introduce the popular and new websites to the world. It would be great thing for me to win this hosting via six revisions, I will definitely thanks sixrevisions and zyma on my blog.

Anggi Krisna Feb 12 2011

i wanna use it for my new startup
i hope it will help me :)

Minanube Feb 12 2011

I would set up news and “a little mini store” for food safety and healthy food as now I’m work as Quality Assurance in food industry :)

Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi Feb 12 2011

I would use it for my portfolio sites.already have new domain and looking for hosting. Thanks.
I hope this time i can win. :)

anthony Feb 12 2011

Because i need a good hosting provider :(

John Smithers Feb 12 2011

How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma: I would like to launch my site on Zyma currently I am on a free hosting platform and I dont have any of the features that Zyma offers.

iMatt Feb 12 2011

It would realy come in handy since I would use it for my portfolio an for all of my clients. And there is nothing more important than a quality hosting provider and a guarantee that you can give to a client – His page will be available 24/7!

Arunram Kalaiselvan Feb 12 2011

To host our open source projects. Our lab at school badly needs some good servers

Eldho Feb 12 2011

How would you use your web hosting plan at Zyma?

I will transfer some of my sites including my personal site to Zyma.

Its very much tempting to go and sign up before announcing the results.

Thumbs up..Targeted marketing is very effective

jamie g Feb 12 2011

i would move my site to it and set up my design company there

Kawsar Ali Feb 12 2011

Well, I would start a new design site

Farrukh Feb 12 2011

I will be updating my art portfolio very soon for which I will need a good service provider. It will nice to have Zyma web services.

Metin Feb 12 2011

As I recently had financial problems, I couldn’t pay my web hosting bill. Because of that my personal blog&portfolio site is not online any more. So if I’m the lucky one, I would use the service for my personal site.

I would use the web hosting plan at Zyma for my upcoming site which is been developed as we speak, I been working on it for a few months now and one of the things I need is a host, and Zyma would be great if i could obtain it for free.


Christian Zimmermann Feb 12 2011

I would start a blog and host it with zyma :)

PaBLoX Feb 12 2011

I’ll host my php webapps and wordpress based blogs :)

Mike Hale Feb 12 2011

I would use it to host custom single property websites for my Real Estate clients.

Well, I want to start a webdesign company so, this would be wery useful help… (guess almost everybody wants this, huh? :P )

juicypixels Feb 12 2011

I would start a brand new web design blog.

66Press Feb 12 2011

I would use it for my website, blog, as well as another business site I maintain.

Wayne Feb 12 2011

Would definitely use it to post my newest creations, a digital playground.

Hello , this is a nice giveaway , and i really wanna participate in this

Hector Lee Feb 13 2011

I have some community blog ideas that I would like to implement.

Allyson Feb 13 2011

I’m trying to get a small start-up company off the ground, and I’d use two-year hosting plan to launch the company’s website!

Ruben Flam Feb 13 2011

I would use it to host our laundry booking service for the building.

Vikram Feb 13 2011

I will use it to promote my skill and i shall earn out of it.

Michael Feb 13 2011

I,m preparing a site for my daughters school, to raise funds for a new schoolbuilding. It’s a “independent” school (Waldorf education), so the government will not aport any help. We depend totaly of the donations of the people. All donations will be named (if the people who donate want so).
An independend server would be graet because otherwise I would have to create this site with a subdomain to my own businessite. The site will be given a loy of publicity in Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.
Zyma wil be linked within this site and named as sponsor.

Toqi Tahmid Prithi Feb 13 2011

If I win, I would use the hosting to make a community site.

aguss Feb 13 2011

I will use it to host the best design studio of the year! With new creations and the best inspiration from Argentina to the world!

Jérôme Feb 13 2011

Hello everybody. I will use my zyma Account to test developpement website

I would use it to host my startup – a web and mobile app interface design site

Drew Watkins Feb 13 2011

I would use it to host the website for a non-profit I’m involved with,

Chris Feb 13 2011

I would use my web hosting to help one of my students get online.

Roshan Khan Feb 14 2011

Hello there!

Instead of simply stating that I’ll use it for my “projects”, I’ll be honest and list the following reasons why I would use Zyma’s free hosting account:

1) Zyma has already gotten good press and seems to be a rare and new company that cares about its customers. A simple search in Google proves this.

2) In just two months, I have gone from a total newbie internet marketer to working with with Chris Farrell (voted #1 internet marketing service in the world), Mike Filsaime (top US internet marketer and creator of PayDotCom), and Josh Bartlett (creator and CEO of Easy Video Player). I knew none of these people before and it’s because of my determination and excellence that secured this. I would like to use the services of Zyma to further expand my online empire.

3) In the upcoming months, I will be releasing cutting-edge software, products, and courses. To throw my websites upon a foundation of Zyma would simply be an honor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and most importantly, thank you for making such a grand offer. It’s things like this, the so-called “lucky break”, which help catapult many online entrepreneurs into success. Keep it rockin’ Zyma and a huge THANK YOU to Six Revisions for publicizing this.

Roshan K
Founder of SocialRank

Cedrick M. Feb 14 2011

I would use it to host a new web app service I’m working on that will cater to the database needs of election officials in the US…

Eldhose John Feb 14 2011

Everyone will transfer their hosting..i will not do so..bcz i am happie with my current host.Well what i do is i come up with new ideas so i can build a new site and host it thereby..

Seenu Feb 14 2011

At present my blog is hosted at blogspot with this offer I can migrate to my self-hosting.

Perke Feb 14 2011

I would use it to host my super-secret project that will conquer the world. If you want to be part of it, well you know what to do Zyma :)

Khoa Nguyen Feb 14 2011

I will use it to demo projects for my clients.

I’d really love to start a food blog or maybe a health and fitness blog about taking a second look on the health issues (mine and my family’s) ever since my mom was diagnosed with diabetes last year, or maybe an online shop…

this is great giveaway, good luck to all of us!

I’ll host my personal projects. Maybe it will help me create something bigger, a social platform.

Laura Feb 14 2011

I´m searching for a new host. It would be great to host my webpage at Zyma! Good luck

Handrus Feb 14 2011

I would use it for my personal site, some development tests and host my new clients

Karthikeyan Feb 14 2011


Love to host my cartooning portfolio site in this giveaway option. Thanks much.


Marco Feb 14 2011

It will be used to host my portfolio! :D

Daniel Feb 14 2011

Hopefully to save some money so I can take my girlfriend out for St-Valentine’s Day!

I would use the website to spread the best news, the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have religion phobia then that’s good. I don’t like religion too. Religion is all about performing and being holy and good enough. The good news is we don’t have to perform to make God love us, because Christ already did all of that. God is only waiting for you to accept that you are accepted. Well, and more of that on the site :P

pgaspartan Feb 14 2011

I would use the hosting account for my site that helps Golf Pros with learning all the things the web can do!

I would use it to host my personal portfolio as well as clients websites.

Eric Vaughan Feb 14 2011

I would host all of my idea sites on Zyma, hoping I have time to turn one of them into a living, breathing machine!

Nikolay Feb 14 2011

I would have moved to hosting a couple of sites, and by the end of testing can be, and all sites.

GothamTommy Feb 14 2011

Seems like it would make for a pretty awesome project and website sandbox.

GeekGirl Feb 14 2011

I would love to get hosted by Zyma! I would build my personal portfolio there. Setup a wordpress blog or two, and probably jumpstart our school website. That’d be cool!

Brian Rowdy Feb 14 2011

I would use it to host my wife’s blog and encourage her to do more with it. More writing, product reviews and hopefully a self published book or two. (Happy belated valentine’s day Baby!)

I might host some non-profit clients’ websites there as well!

This is wonderful and perfect timing, thank you! I’ll be creating a new WordPress site for a non-profit, women’s classical music organization. We host monthly free public concerts, provide educational outreach in less privileged area elementary schools, and host an annual competition for young artists, with the winners going on an outreach tour to small towns in the state. — you see how desperate the need is for a new site!! (Good luck to all entrants!) :)

I would use this for a sandbox/testing environment for all those little ideas i have formulating.

Abdelhafid Touil Feb 15 2011

I want to build a personnal webstie, so I’d like to have a hosting and save money :)

Florin Feb 15 2011

I would host my company and my cat’s websites on hosting account :)

Crazyhunk Feb 15 2011

Would be really useful for a freelancer.. :)
will use it for my portfolio… obviously.. & other than that will be useful for hosting clients full websites or testing purposes…. on-going projects testing would be a boon as well.. with all the space …

Nathan Reynolds Feb 15 2011

I could say that winning this would be a gift that I’d be eternally greatfull for, however that is an understatement.

I’ve been formulating and deciding the best way to take on this important community service endeavor. Now I’m to the point of putting the ideas into action.

First a little background on the lay of the land. I live in a historic suburb of Denver, Colorado. The local media (a “newspaper” ) in my mind seriously outdated. It is ran by a company who run basically all the “newspapers” of the cities surrounding Denver, so news from other cities gets into our paper. This city that has been primarily older is getting younger and needs something more modern.

Here is a brief rundown of what I’m planning. I’m going to build a online community for people to get to know their neighbors, learn about what is going on from the local government, to high school sports, and other local events. I want to grow a network of authors to cover things thst they are involved in, and grow a local ad based revenue sharing new site.

I hope you take my thought out plans into consideration when deciding the winners.

Nathan Reynolds

rafal Feb 15 2011

It is simple. I will use it for building my swiming pool (filled with my projects and ideas of course) :D and when i finish i will share it to everybody to swim :D

Web consultancy Feb 15 2011

Thanks for sharing.I will use it for my blog.

Nikos Tioutoufas Feb 15 2011

It would be awesome! I will use it to publish videos for the corporate websites I design. The cost cutting will allow me to increase CPU power on my servers!!

Brandon Feb 15 2011

I would use it for my web-portfolio. Yay!

Patricio Feb 15 2011

Hi! my name is Patricio and im from México.
I will use the zyma hosting for relaunch my web designer carreer. I will use for my portfolio, for host clients full websites and host a new (and secret) project for a crm where im working now.
For the moment, the best plans of hosting art not available to me because i have not a lot money.

If you give me one of prizes i’ll put the Zyma and Six Revision logo as my sponsors.

Gracias! (thanks)

Patricio Bustos.

Shocky Feb 15 2011

I really want to shift my blog to a new host. The existing one isn’t quite upto the mark.

This hosting would allow me to expand my current website into a dynamic photo blog featuring the different communities I belong to. While my photography isn’t professional (it is not my career and never will be), I have had enough requests for prints that I would like to keep it going. A truly dynamic website utilizing a strong hosting service would be ideal.

Stellar Feb 15 2011

Planning to finally put my portfolio online, could use some excellent hosting services. Thank you.

Juan Mendoza Feb 15 2011

I Will to use for my new personnal website and my portfolio with a few demos. Thank you!

Sagar Gholap Feb 15 2011

It would be great if I win the giveaway as it will help me move my good traffic gadget blog to another account at Zyma which will result in less hiccups for my another blog hosted on the same account.

As I currently cannot afford to buy a Vps for my gadget blog, it would be very helpful if I get the web hosting account.

Sagar G

Ishar Feb 16 2011

I’ll use it for my personal website!
Thank you!

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