Giveaway: CodeMyConcept Gift Cards

CodeMyConcept, a PSD to HTML service aimed at agencies and freelancers, is giving away four $250 gift cards for use on their services.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question: How would you use your $250 CodeMyConcept gift card if you won?

This giveaway ends on November 24, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Nov 17, 2010


Ed Davies Nov 17 2010

Iwould use my gift cards to assist me in making the leap from my dull SAP Consultancy role to following my dream of returning back to my first love ov design and taking the world by storm as a freelance designer….

Toon k. Nov 17 2010

Awesome giveaway i must say, tweeted it out twice to share with the rest!
I would use it to finally have my own unique portfolio website up and running and hopefully gain some kind of recognition among the others and client world.


Toon K.

Andrew Law Nov 17 2010

I would use it to create a better experience for my online presence as I have no idea where to start coding!

Sean Crater Nov 17 2010

Id probably make my site using WordPress rather than HTML because I am not exactly excited about updating HTML files every time I add a blog post.

Chris Nov 17 2010

Already having used their services this would be sweet extra-profit for upcoming projects

Lovin’ it!
Since I need somebody who’s able to turn my pixels into code I’d spend the gift card for my new fashion webstore.
Crossing fingers!
All the best,


Hi there, I’ve got a couple of cool designs to be coded … will you help me?

Tomas Varil Nov 17 2010

I am planning to build a new website about graphic design for Czech readers. I am not skilled to code my own template, so this could definitely help me to have my unique design instead of customizing some premium template.

Atulperx Nov 17 2010

Absolutely I will use these expert to get new template for my blog :P .

adechriz Nov 17 2010

absolutely for coding my portfolio site design..

I’ve never designed whole site in PSD, only a fragments of site like buttons etc. I would realy like to see how professionals do it, and becouse I don’t have large budget for that, so this would be great chance.

pceasies Nov 17 2010

I’m getting ready to build a website for a doctor opening a practice and it’d be much easier to design the site in Photoshop and have someone else put it together for me.

Matthias Nov 17 2010

Cool. Always thought CodeMyConcept was a neat idea, but never had chance to use it. Been working on a redesign for my own site – would come in handy.

Ruben Flam Nov 17 2010

I would make my site international (I’m swedish).

PremiumThemeClub Nov 17 2010

would be great if I win it. I have a fantastic PSD pending to be sliced. But all the best to all other contestant as well.

Curtis Scott Nov 17 2010

I would give the service a shot and let them code one of projects I’m working on!

Austin Nov 17 2010

I’d use the gift card to start building out my online portfolio!

Anthony Nov 17 2010

I have a design that has been floating around my hard drive. I began to code it once, but some things came up and had to give my time to something else. It’s actually my portfolio/resume site. Right now, I don’t have anything out there and am struggling to find the time to get it done.

Thanks for an awesome giveaway, again!

Sergei Tatarinov Nov 17 2010

I would order a wordpress implementation service. I need to turn my html/css into a wp theme for my blog, but I am just starting to learn wordpress ‘theme-ing’.

Wow, great giveaway! I would use the gift card to implement a custom design for my blog. I’m a designer with no time to implement it myself. I’d like to take my vegan-focused blog to the next level, and I know a more professional and customized face will help get me there.

I’d use this gift card to help me launch my new service. I’ve been stalling on actually coding out the designs.

Robert Hoppe Nov 17 2010

I would convert my project from the moment ;)

Asterios Nov 17 2010

I ‘ll use it for my future projects!

I would finally finish the site I promised to make my in-laws for!

Chris Stevens Nov 17 2010

I would use the gift card to have them code a design I’ve had as a concept for a long time that’s pretty unique but I just haven’t had the time to code myself since i’ve spent so long designing it haha.

Steve Blood Nov 17 2010

I’d fly over to meet all the Codemyconcept team and use the $250 to take them out for margarita’s

Veronica Nov 17 2010

I would use them them to get through some of my client work :-)
It would be a very welcome holiday treat.

thihanaung Nov 17 2010

I want it. That’s the really great one.

mondo Nov 17 2010

oh oh, pick me :)

I’d like to try out a shopping page. 250 goes a long way into doing that!

Amaiko Nov 17 2010

Count me in :D

Niki Blaker Nov 17 2010

I’ve been using my husband to code my designs which is unfair to him since he has a day job coding all day already, so I would love to give him a break and use CodeMyConcept for my next client site!

Mampranx Nov 17 2010

I will use it for my next project!

tvardy Nov 17 2010

I, finally, would have someone to prepare simple corporate website, which I promised to my brother in-law … and which, I personally, still did not have time to take care of.

I’d love to use the giftcard for my brother. He has a business but his site could definitely use refining and the giftcard would definitely help!

Thanks in advance!

Amanda K Nov 17 2010

I am being laid off next month and would like to begin a freelance graphic design business from home so I can be a better mom but still do what I love. Having CodeMyConcept help me with the front-end development would really fast track my plan into freelance career! I haven’t coded in over a year so with my rusty skills it would take me much longer than it really should. I WOULD LOVE THE HELP!

Uncleserb Nov 17 2010

Nicey ;) Would’nt mind using the CodeMyConcept gift card for my girlfriend’s blog ;)

Nick Plekhanov Nov 17 2010

I can get a working version of WordPress theme for my personal weblog, where I’ll share my knowledge in web development. Plus I can get a layout of a static template for studying the mark-up techniques from professionals.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Tomas Nov 17 2010

I would use it to start my new design project.

Eric Kelly Nov 17 2010

I would save this gift card for a time that I’ve got a lot on my plate and don’t have the time to write the code myself!

I would use the prize to get the design of our church site done as a wordpress theme so I could finally upgrade it from the home brew cms it is on.

David Nov 17 2010

I would give it to my girlfriend, who has a website that desperately needs to be live – she’s got the PSD, just need the $ to get it transfered to HTML – and already has CodeMyConcept on her list of people to do that transfer.

Bakhtier Nov 17 2010

I will definitely use for my new blog about marketing. It will be in local language. The address is . So it is about what professional marketers in Uzbekistan use. It will be based on wordpress platform.

Nathaniel Nov 17 2010

This company looks amazing. I’ve been shying away from web freelance solely because of the coding process. I’d promptly get back into designing sites if codemyconcept is as wonderful as it looks.
I already have a few WordPress sites lined up but don’t have time to code them. Get me in the door with a gift certificate and you’ll likely have a client for life!

Daniel Errante Nov 17 2010

I will use it as a christmas gift for a designer in need!

Justin DiMucci Nov 17 2010

Who couldn’t use some free slicing and dicing? This would allow me to put some extra time into a client’s design from the hours saved coding out the PSD.

kcmartz Nov 17 2010

I would use codemyconcept for my next client job, she wants a way to edit specials/etc on her wood art company site, DragonflyDesigns (site not created yet)

I am planning on using Joomla! or WordPress.

Brian Nov 17 2010

I would use it to start some personal projects that I am always puting off due to client projects taking up all of my time. I think this would help me alleviate this issue and get the ball rolling on these personal projects.

I have approximately a million uncoded designs and ideas that could see the light of day if I had some credit at CMC.

John C. Nov 17 2010

If I were to win one of the gift cards, I’d love to use it towards building a new portfolio website for myself. It would help this recent college graduate (myself) get some business and earn some money!!!

Ed Rosillo Nov 17 2010

I would use the gift card to help me create my portfolio site. And that way increase my online presence with the objective of getting some business and make money.

I run the PTA website for my kid’s public school in New York. I would love to revamp the site to better serve the parent community, and help the PTA raise more money for the school.

Sam De Decker Nov 17 2010

I would give the service a shot and let them code one of projects I’m working on…

S. Sharp Nov 17 2010

I have my concept 90% ready to go – code conversion is the next step – I would put the certificate to good use!

I will use it to implement a beautiful magento eStore site :)

chandra Nov 17 2010

i would use it to get my own design coded. i am trying to develop a theme for my website for which i have bought the domain and space but unable to design the theme. This would be and ideal situation if at all i get the giftcard!!

Michael Y Nov 17 2010

i could very much so use the help. :) pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!

I would use it to bring my new portfolio design to life. I am currently working on it, and have been researching for the past few months about making the dive into freelance.

Eduardo Santos Nov 17 2010

Hey, my name is Eduardo, I’m also known as edumicro, and I’m 18 years old. I started desinging since I was 15, I have designed about more than 40 websites but only just a few of them really went alive. So I think that it is time to see some of my designs coded and finally WORKING. :)


If I would won CodeMyConcept 250$ Gift Card, I would start designing a WordPress Theme and I would release it for free with a well structured interface.

You can see some of my personal works here:


Also good luck for the rest of the people that is participating in this amazing “contest”.

Paul B Nov 17 2010

I have a few websites for clients coming up and was always curious if this service could help me speed up development. If it does (and I’m pretty optimistic it does), I’ll be back to CodeMyConcept for more!

Steve Robillard Nov 17 2010

I( would lighten my workload a little; I would let them code my blog design and concentrate on writing some content.

Eduardo Nov 17 2010

I would use it to finally build a site for my business. We keep building sites for clients and never finish ours. “En casa de herrero cuchillo de palo”

fabio Nov 17 2010

To finally start my pending project… a educational game to help people learn to create a develop computer programs (programming for newbies)

Adim Subedi Nov 17 2010

I would definitely use the giftcard to launch my new wordpress based e-commerce website.

Sahan Nov 18 2010

I have my portfolio site that needs coding :)

Luanigio Nov 18 2010

I will use it for CodeMyConcept PSD to HTML service for my draft.

Aphiwad C. Nov 18 2010

Of course I’ll use it to get my portfolio template, this is just right what I need to start my first personal portfolio website.

Markgt Nov 18 2010

What a great offer!!
I would use the gift card to jumpstart my portfolio and freelance site – it would be so nice to have it done properly and not have to worry about all the IE bugs :-)

I have some CMS project who waiting the daylight :)

Abhishek S Nov 18 2010

Will finally get my website up and running, which has one of the most unique products anyone has seen, custom scale model cars that I handcraft out of wood and want to offer for sale.

We would change the CMS to something less cumbersome.

Brendan C. Nov 18 2010

I would use it for one of my .PSD designs to be coded.

Radim Nov 18 2010

I am not skilled in PHP and HTML, co I would you it for coding a protfolio based on wordpress.

Shiva Chettri Nov 18 2010

Well, I would love to beautify my WordPress blog if I won the 250$ gift card :)

jejazz Nov 18 2010

I have a few design ideas that I would like to see as a website. This will certainly help :)

Karthikeyan Nov 18 2010

To improvise my current blog and my upcoming cartoons online showcase.

Thanks for the giveaways.


cbird1057 Nov 18 2010

If I won a $250 CodeMyConcept gift card I would start sending all my code work to CodeMyConcept. I’m sick of coding!

Rahul Nov 18 2010

I am a freelancer and i am currently working on a webmaster tool (a side-project). It will help me cut down my work hours and i will have more time to devote to my side-project :)

Aaron Nov 18 2010

It sure would be nice to have that step taken care in the website process. That is the one part I dread.

seville Nov 18 2010

i would love to finally be able to have a website

JacobSmith Nov 18 2010

I would use the gift card to spruce up my online portfolio…

Arlington Nov 18 2010

We are looking to possibly hire some help with our WordPress development but would be interested in this service as an alternative. Looking for a long term relationship with someone to do multiple projects per month. Thanks!

Michael Nov 18 2010

I am tearing my out at the moment trying to find a decent developer that knows how to communicate properly and keeps thing on time (basic I know – but just soooo important!!) This sort of stuff can cause sleepless nights so..

if I win the $250 codemyconcept coupon I’ll put it towards a good night’s sleep!

Joelji Nov 18 2010

I would use it to code a wordpress theme i’m designing. GOod luck guys :-)

S. Levi Nov 18 2010

To help me out on my current projects.

Jade Elizabeth Nov 18 2010

I would love this gift card!! I would use it to create a new design for my mothers plain (yellow) and outdated website. She’s been working hard to keep a genealogy site up and the last redesign of it was back in the 90’s and was yellow… Need I say more? She helps people find their relatives and keeps her own family trees and trees that connect to it (allowing others to use it) without charging a thing. She does it for love and friendship! I would love to give her the design she’s always wanted but been unable to code. Most of her pages she coded herself with an old program I cannot recall the name of.

If I had anything left and was able to use it for another design I would either: 1) finally get my personal website done and running the way I want it! I want to have lots of cool stuff like it to scroll horizontally instead of vertically, and to use lightbox and ajax sliders for my portfolio stuff. I have the design already done in photoshop and it looks great! OR 2) Get the design I want for my new gaming site done, which is a new concept for the gaming industry (the website AND design that is) and sure to help a lot of people cure their boredom by finding the games they want to play! I also have that design in photoshop, but I’m still working on it :D.

It would be great to have something coded for me for once without having to work my butt off for months to pay for it, or spend hours and hours trying to code it myself and work out the bugs in codes I don’t yet understand and figure out how they work on the demo page and not mine lol :(.

Thanks for the opportunity!! :D

Tristan Nov 18 2010

How would you use your $250 CodeMyConcept gift card if you won?

Easy, to finally get my own website coded and online selling myself instead of just having a holding page because I’m too held up doing client work.

Dimitar D. Nov 18 2010

Awesome giveaway. This could really wage in my judgment to form my own little firm for web development, so as a start up firm i could do much more work and faster :)

hey you guys. here’s and article about a gift card that is really worth giving!!!

I would use a gift card to save time, as I would prefer to be programming the backend of a site, rather than the frontend.

I’m a medical resident looking to create a site that will help to connect people in a community with micro-volunteering opportunities, engaging youth, the elderly, and everyone inbetween in random acts of volunteering.

I’ve tested out the concept on a group of 300 users, mixed-gender and ethnicity, from 20-60 years old and it quickly went viral. I’m now looking to formally create the site and engage others in my community and across the world to start similar initiatives. The site is essentially a platform to set up these volunteering challenges.

I would therefore use the $250 CodeMyConcept Gift Card towards the payment of a CodeMyConcept designer to make this site, which I hope will add social value and increase community engagement through a truly novel platform.

Thanks for considering my pitch and best of luck to all!

Jayar Nov 19 2010

We’ve got a bunch of WordPress jobs at work; I’d use this to ease the load a bit!

jamie Nov 19 2010

I would use this service to bring some website designs I have to life that I otherwise don’t have the time to code myself.

Andreas Nov 19 2010

CodeMyConcept is really a great Service. I would use it to start my first own designer blog ;-). Good Luck!

Ege Özcan Nov 19 2010

It would be a great help for me to kick-start my English blog.

Gabriele Enoch Nov 19 2010


I will use the gift card for my incoming projects that require a fast execution. So I could work with more “calm” on prioritary ones.

How would I use this $250 gift card? I would use it to outsource some of my projects that are weighing me down more than an Icelandic volcano wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress while a trapped Chilean miner cleans up the BP oil spill…Brett Favre’s penis.

goozer71 Nov 19 2010

I would use this price to transport a template of mine from psd in a Magento’s template for the new shop that I would like to realize soon.
Thank you.

Bonde Nov 19 2010

Definitely get some proper coding done when I can’t.

Kevin Brown Nov 19 2010

I’d donate it to a ministry site that I’m working on. :)

Mariella Nov 20 2010

I’d like to try this service with a gift card, to find out whether it’s a good workflow process to incorporate regularly in my design business.

Carri Craver Nov 20 2010

I have been designing a learning site in Photoshop for a few months now. I would love to have some of it in HTML/CSS.

I like to give it to my colleague, she wants to have a private website for some months now – and hell, she really deserved it. Seems like I just don’t have the time to do it. Getting the other stuff done for rent and food must come first…

And of course – Yes, I really like to outsource the PSD-to-HTML part from my agency, but i’m afraid that the quality doesn’t meet our requirements when we talk about commercial projects.

James Nov 20 2010

I have designed my portfolio site in PS about 8 times. None have made it to the web because I can’t get my head around CSS and I don’t have the nerve to post a tables-based site. I need serious help.

Laura Nov 21 2010

I would use this gift card to help me jump start PSD template making. I could design a really cool website for myself or my client and not worry about how advanced it would be for my talents and knowledge.

Usman Nov 21 2010

i will use this for my business website

Dunlop Nov 21 2010

Cool. I’d use this to ease the load a bit.

Priyadarshi Kunal Nov 21 2010

I would get a win-name to show to my friends.

I’ll use it in my web design/development business. I think it’ll help me a lot :)

Bartek Nov 22 2010

I’m coding templates by myself, but if I won, I can work faster with more clients

Oscar Nov 22 2010

If i won this contest, maybe i will not use it for my own good. Instead i will give it to my mom so that she can start her curtain business only. As a xmas gift i think she will be happy on this.

It will help me jump start my business.

Leslie Stewart Nov 22 2010

I just finished designing my personal portfolio and blog (placeholder is at and I would love to use this giftcard to get my blog up and running! I’ve used for 3 freelance projects so far and am so happy with the outcome. The customer service is so great and the code is flawless. I would be able to use this giftcard on my new portolio and blog site and would love to win!

I could totally use this for a site I’ll be launching soon!

Thanks to the poster for the contest! :D

Vitor Neves Nov 22 2010

I would use it to code some websites projects that i developing

I would use the coupon to help code a site I just designed for my friend. She doesnt have any start up money, but she is determined to launch her doggy bakery called “The Missing Linc Barkery” named after her rescued pit bull, Lincoln. She aims to sell pet cookies, treats, etc while also rasing awareness to help rescue pit bulls. It turns out, they aren’t as nasty as their reputation. With this coupon I can get the site I designer her built so she can start selling her creations online! Think of the pit bulls! :)

I would use the gift card to have a Drupal template coded by CodyMyConcept for my Web 2.0 storytelling site idea.

Natalie Stewart Nov 22 2010

I really want to win! I am making a new personal website, and I’d like to have codemyconcept do my mark up!! I hope I win!!

I would like to use the gift card for my upcoming magazine design to be coded into WordPress theme

Satpal Sharma Nov 23 2010

I can actually use this for my personal site.

Tetiana Nov 23 2010

nice giveaway!! have an awesome disign to be coded!!

zKarp Nov 24 2010

Nice prize. Best of luck all!

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