Giveaway: Next Day Flyers Business Cards

Next Day Flyers, an online printing company, is giving away three sets of full color, standard business cards (1,000 business cards in each set) and free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. to three lucky Six Revisions readers.

For a chance to win a set of business cards from Next Day Flyers, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would business cards help you?

This giveaway ends on August 30, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published. Note: Shipping outside of the continental U.S. will incur extra costs.

This was published on Aug 23, 2011


Ashmita Aug 23 2011

It would add value to my fresh web design career.

Nathaniel W. Parsons Aug 23 2011

I am building my new home based business with Vista Print products and was not aware of this company. More cards gives me the opportunity to build my business and try another company’s printing products

Shame there is no love for us Cousins from the North! But I’ll pay the shipping!!

I need the Cards for my wife’s new venture into a Cake Decorating business.. The would come in handy right now..


Jesse Aug 23 2011

1000 business cards would be incredibly helpful to me as I am in the process of trying to launch a freelance career and am just starting to do the design of my own logo/website and business cards.

Christopher Bishop Aug 23 2011

I would be finally able to promote my new site as I have yet to afford new cards. I am giving out old ones.

I’m currently working on a website for a business idea I have. Once I get it done it would be great to have some business cards to hand out to help get it going in peoples minds.

Kevin Aug 23 2011

I really need these since I have yet to get any. They would help a lot in networking.

Eddie Aug 23 2011

Business card always gives of a good first or last impression of your business

Francis Boudreau Aug 23 2011

Business cards will help me to promote the new company of my friend!

Geek in Heels Aug 23 2011

I’d love to win this giveaway, as I am starting to network more as a blogger and I don’t have anything printed with my website!

Need to promote a new ministry!

Nathan Burnett Aug 23 2011

Really need some business cards to get started

Rachel Keslensky Aug 23 2011

Business cards are some of my best fliers! I could always use more!

Alvaro Nistal Aug 23 2011

It would help me to get more jobs and be right in the mouth of everyone.

Susan Silver Aug 23 2011

Business Cards are a welcome mat. The feel, look, and design tell volumes about you and/or your business. Is it bright and vibrant, Old fashioned, cutting edge, creative etc.

As someone looking for full time work I don’t have much money to buy nice cards. I get by with free as much as I can. This set of business cards would help me move forward with my job search by giving a professional and branded card to give contacts.

Isadora Aug 23 2011

Business cards are your most important publicity items. They tell people how to get in contact with you, your business card should be smart, clean, and easy-to-read.
Business cards will help me so much since they will be an small introduction of myself to probable clients in my journey as a brand new amateur graphic designer.

Veronica Aug 23 2011

We are about to reposition our business – so this would be great timing :-)

Jeff Whitfield Aug 23 2011

Currently I don’t have any current business cards and, yet, I run into many instances where having a current business card would be handy. Very much would like some new ones. :)

Jonathan Suh Aug 23 2011

As a freelance web designer and developer and part-time blogger, business cards would allow me the opportunity to spread my name and identity, not necessarily to get me business (I’m busier than I can handle) but to help me establish and build credibility as well make connections.

It’s so important that I have business cards to hand out when I’m on the go; who knows who I’ll meet!

I’d definitely make these business cards worth their money.

David Green Aug 23 2011

I’m about to expand and branch out from computer repair and start a website design company to help bolster my income before my first born arrives in December. If I had plenty of business cards I could spread them around and get them in the hands of a lot of potential clients.

Nate Arnold Aug 23 2011

We are a startup web design company with a VERY lean budget. Our first set of cards about put us in the red (and we didn’t even like how they turned out) : )

Marc Tytus Aug 23 2011

I would promote an ambitious streaming video project with these cards!

Justin DiMucci Aug 23 2011

I’m in the works of rebranding my freelance business so some free business cards would be some pretty good timing.

Cory Cobler Aug 23 2011

I am in the process of trying to start-up a new entrepreneurial service company whose goal is to bring entrepreneurs with different expertise and/or resources together so they can collaborate on the development of new ideas. This would give the entrepreneur the ability mature the project before the need of funding, giving the project a greater chance of success.

I am at the point that I need business cards printed, and this would be a great help since I am putting this together on strict budget.

Agile Scout Aug 23 2011

Need! I have a great brand that I’d love to have business cards for!

Business cards already help me! I am a freelance web developer, so EVERYONE is a client. If I wasn’t able to reach into my wallet and immediately hand out my contact info to another, I’d never have any work.

Even better is when they keep the card, and pass it on to family or friends. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m in the middle of getting an official web dev shop (my startup!) off the ground, and a free set of professionally printed cards would go a long way to help get the word out in my area (which I’m targeting specifically; we’re not exactly sillicon valley down here in south texas)!

many thanks

Megan B Aug 23 2011

New business cards would help me get my freelance design career off the ground.

Chema Martínez Aug 23 2011

Good luck to everybody! ^^ I need more business card, always is helpful!

Mark Decker Aug 23 2011

I need to replace my current business cards. They contain outdated information. I would hand these out to prospective clients.

I would be able to stop writing my contact info on napkins and scrap paper!

Tomas Aug 23 2011

Business cards would help me to find new clients.

Edgaras Aug 23 2011

For me it would help a lot in my personal brand development, as I am a Mutimedia Design student. Plus it would be part of my personal branding when I will be looking for internship in companies after this semester. I would really like to win this one.

Sandra Collins Aug 23 2011

I’m trying to build up my freelance work. Business cards would help me provide my contact info to everyone I meet. Even if they don’t think they need to hire a designer right now, someday soon they will, and with my business card in their pocket they don’t have to try to remember where they met me, or what my name was.

Jessica R Aug 23 2011

I would use them to reach more customers and to promote myself.

Luanigio Aug 23 2011

of course… business cards help all.

Michael Youngblood Aug 23 2011

Business cards are always a good tool to have when out and about meeting potential clients and potential collaborators.

Karl Fitz Aug 23 2011

Will certainly update my own business card and then probably take care of my brother and whoever else wants a new design. Thanks for the offer!

ERPalmer Aug 23 2011

This will help me to give better representation for my company.

Good luck to all!

VK Shah Aug 23 2011

I would use it to convince people to hire me. It would be much better than writing my info on a napkin.

Justin Aug 23 2011

Nearing the launch of my freelance business I could really use some free business cards. Thanks for another great giveaway!

J Hayes Aug 23 2011

I’m starting up a new streaming video venture, and having new cards for it will help immensely.

Gregory Aug 23 2011

The business cards will help me for all those times I meet with clients and they ask for one, and I can only help but wonder why I don’t have them yet!

Matt Zimmermann Aug 23 2011

After having moved, the information on my current cards is out of data. Kind of embarrassing. Would be great to get some new ones.

Josh Hrach Aug 23 2011

It would help me advertise my services to local companies so I could make enough money to survive in this economy.

Beatriz Aug 23 2011

Just what I need for my presentations! I’m an illustrator and I really need to show my cartoons in my business cards :-D

Hector Bustillos Aug 23 2011

We have a great company, and we meet tons of great people in the US, I like to come with a cool bussines card to make a better first impression

Julian Laval Aug 23 2011

1000 business cards? Well, to be perfectly honest, my reason isn’t any more original then any others’, and I’m fully aware of that ^^

I’m looking to really network and obtain design clients in a much more professional dimension, and needless to say, great-looking business cards are definitely a must!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Roger Aug 23 2011

When starting a new business, a quality business card helps you present a more professional image as you deal with potential clients, suppliers, accountants, attorneys, etc. A good business card is designed to leave a lasting memory, one they can go back to and say, “yeah, that’s the guy I was talking to that day.” I hope that Next Day Flyers can help me achieve that.

Kevin Aug 23 2011

This would help me because I have three separate business (freelance guitarist, guitar instructor, and videographer) and zero business cards.

Danilux Aug 23 2011

It’d help me extend my brand through a static medium so clients can remember me in a professional way and come back to me when my services are required.

Austin Conlon Aug 23 2011

Business cards would help promote myself as a freelancer.

Kathyy Aug 23 2011

Because I’m looking for a fresh company with out of sight mad design and execution skills to partner with me, by creating a business card that will keep me top of mind with potential clients.

Desiree Aug 23 2011

Business cards would help me display my jewelry & hair clips I hand make with my info for contacting on custom orders as well as a thank you or similar nice sentiment. Business cards are the perfect size for small items such as these!

I am starting a new business in September and would love to have some cards to promote it

Dmitrij Petters Aug 23 2011

**Spend all summer grueling over a new site for the campus with two fellow students**
**Move into dorm**
**Get package of business cards in the mail**
**Open box**


We made it.

Just got my website and i am looking to promote my artwork :]

Kamal Aug 23 2011

It will help me so that my name can mor widely known with having business card..

Dava Bergeron Aug 23 2011

The cards would help me get out of having to buy them from a local business who sells them for much more… and well they’re business cards, they would give my business (me) visibility, which is something all startups need!

I’m a student and just starting out, so it would really help me cover some of the costs. I have a design done up I just don’t have the cash to get it done yet, so this would really help me out!

Business cards would help me spread the word so that I can get more clients, and maybe get old clients to return when they go through their wallets :).

Pres Holcomb Aug 23 2011

Would love these business cards for my new business partner starting next week.

Federico Aug 23 2011

It would help me because I don’t have one myself yet, I was just planning to print some, so I guess I’ll wait to see if I can win this :)

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Aug 23 2011

I go through business cards so fast! I’m the type of person that networks everywhere, long lines at the bank, post office or supermarket, elevators, pretty much everywhere, and my family is trained to do the same. I also need new cards, as I moved to self hosting and my current cards have my old domain. It does roll over, but I’d like new cards with my brand new domain that I’m super proud of! :)

Jason Aug 23 2011

New business cards would be very helpful for my startup!

business cards just show how much a creativist you are.

Daniel Severns Aug 23 2011

I’d love to help promote your name and what you do.

Sebastian Aug 23 2011

New business cards would be very nice for my brand

Bryan Aug 23 2011

I’d love to try another trustworthy online printing company besides Vista Print. Plus, I need more cards!

Josh Bartolomucci Aug 24 2011

We will soon be launching a new cms for churches and ministries. Would be amazing to have some free cards to get the word out. Thanks so much!

I would use the cards in social gatherings where I want to hand out a hip personal card to people I just meet, rather than a more formal business card. I think It could show people who I am, and not what I do.

Levon Aug 24 2011

I order business cards for my web design and development company as having a business card helps in getting new clients.

Alexandru Pitea Aug 24 2011

It’s the boost I need to start working as a full-time freelancer.

Daniel Aug 24 2011

Naturally, business cards can help me to market my new business. If I’m not winning this I have to pay for them. So, let me win :)

Konstantinos Aug 24 2011

Business cards are the best way to promote yourself and your work and help you reach more customers.

Customers always want one, and I always don’t have one. :)
Besides I’m about to start a big project, so some business cards will be highly appreciated.

tippi Aug 24 2011

Business cards always help…

Peter Aug 24 2011

I´m always telling my self i should make my business card! Now here is the chance! :)

Tim Miedema Aug 24 2011

Yikes! I am almost out of business cards. Free cards would really be great now. A new design and distribution frenzy may get me the web design work I need now.

Scott Bowers Aug 24 2011

I am planning on going freelance very shortly and these would benefit me greatly.

David Aug 24 2011

I would advertise to folks in person with a flyer

Duarte Nunes Aug 24 2011

cards are good for making my business your business xD

Business Cards Will help to market my Brand and create a broad business Network

Mario Awad Aug 24 2011

Would use them for a friend of mine currently firing up their freelance business. Good luck to all. Cheers.

Alex T. Aug 24 2011

We’re still a paper based world. Business cards are a must!

Michael Aug 24 2011

Perfect timing! I’m all out of cards for my Web development business, and would much appreciate winning this contest. Thanks!

Manik Aug 24 2011

I am working on rebranding myself and could really use the cards to push the new image out over the old one.

It is a monumental task so every little bit helps!!

Michael Trang Aug 24 2011

Like everyone else, I’m working on a startup that could use a freebie like business cards.

Matsku5 Aug 24 2011

When meeting people it would just make everything more easier.

Jayar Aug 24 2011

Trying to get off the ground freelancing; these would definitely help!

Bazite Aug 24 2011

When people ask for a business card for contact information and website, I don’t have any and also for my business to be heard.

Abid Omar Aug 24 2011

I’ll just give it to my clients because everyone else do. I don’t really see how useful they are since I don’t use them myself.

Ivan Zidarov Aug 24 2011

I am finishing a website about computers and it’ll help me when I am sending orders to include a business card or two with the online store URL. The second business card will be to give it to a friend!

Andy Bush Aug 24 2011

Wonderful to know that these products are environmentally friendly! I would use them to show off my new, revamped branding (which is almost completed!).

MethodicJon Aug 24 2011

Business cards would be incredibly helpful to me as I launch a freelance career

John H Aug 24 2011

I’m a recently graduated freelance web developer that just moved to a big city. I had printed business cards before I left school, but I’ve since changed my title and important information. These business cards would help me spread my name and lead to new clients.

ralookuh Aug 24 2011

Networking says it all.

They would help me in getting my name and business out to more people

Thomas Aug 24 2011

I’m relaunching my brand and could use the new business cards.

Jayne Wilson Aug 24 2011

They’re useful bookmarks and can be special place cards (with names added stylishly) and they stop people walking off with your pen.

Keith Aug 24 2011

I am launching new business and would really benefit from some nice business cards to promote my business. Thanks for the promo and hope I am one of the lucky winners.

Benjamin Kessler Aug 24 2011

I am just starting my design/marketing career and these business cards would be a huge help! Thanks!!

Brian Aug 24 2011

I would be able to allocate more of my resources towards equipment instead of business cards which is very helpful since there is never enough $$$.

Chris Aug 24 2011

Would love to have an opportunity at this! Leaving my current job and working with a start-up soon and will need the cards to get our names out :)

Small Business Aug 24 2011

Next day flyers are great. I ordered from them several times and have not been let down with their quality once.

Corey Aug 25 2011

As a marketing program can be a costly expense the prospect of allocating those funds into a different portion of the promotional scheme is compelling.

With the use of these business cards the networking process among my local market place will allow me to communicate my freelance business through out my peers. While being able to broadcast GD Studio right through a potential consumer base.

Business cards are a simple, pocket size billboard that allows me to present myself, GD Studio, face to face with potential clients. As a person of disability this is an expense that can be used in another capacity.

Micah Aug 25 2011

Good business card companies come at steep prices so this would be awesome! I could attract new clients with good looking cards.

Mi5h0 Aug 25 2011

I’m currently working on a project for a business idea I have. Business cards would be incredibly helpful to me as I launch a freelance career.

Tyler Aug 25 2011

good quality business cards would be a great way for me to network.

Monie Aug 25 2011

It helps me expanding my business portfolio to potential clients and increases opportunities.

Business cards can help me because im starting up a biz and i need business cards.

Suzanne Aug 25 2011

I’m just starting my new freelance business and need to get the word out to potential customers.

George L Smyth Aug 25 2011

My passion is photography (see website), and I have been working to maintain a traditional approach in this digital age (sure, I have enjoyed digital photography since using Photoshop 4.0, but the darkroom is more fun ), and trying to get the word out to people is something with which I struggle. Business cards are the obvious introduction and what I use on a regular basis. I would love to be able to afford cards that did not include the printer’s advertising, as they offer a more professional face.

Joigie Aug 25 2011

Promotion for our “Mom & Pop” shop.

Lucas Rolff Aug 25 2011

A friend and me are building a business, we’re both students, so budget are low, we want to focus more on our upcoming customers websites, to be fast and great, so rather spending moneys for a better server and support, and maybe be able to grap those awesome Business cards.

Brandon Aug 25 2011

They would be great to hand out when telling people about my business. Thank you.

would print some up for a friend trying to make it in NY

Leandro Aug 26 2011

I have never had Business cards, but my portfolio is good.

so, I think it would help me to promote them and to get some clients in europe, my new home since 3 months.


i would tape them together to make temporary housing for homeless people.

Karen Aug 26 2011

Business cards are a useful way to get information across in a way that people will understand immediately and then keep. They help reinforce your business’s visual identity. I am a website designer and blogger, and business cards are an essential networking tool. I could use a good set of business cards for my next conference, so I can stay in touch with the new contacts I make.

Bobby Aug 26 2011

Never had a business card (neither suitable or required in the Navy), and I think such a nicety would be helpful in my new endeavors.

Business Card is very important to generate new leads to your business. I think you should pay much attention to your business card than your website. Most people do not do it. Business card gives the first impression about you and your company to your client.

I think this give away from the Next Day Flyers will be awesome for winner !

I wish everyone will win :)

I need to update my current cards and possibly drop in a QR code this time around. I just ran out of cards so this would be perfect timing!

carissa Aug 26 2011

this would be a great promotion to win. my fiance just started his own business and I am trying to surprise him by winning this for him.With all the money that just went into the business this would be abig help for us!!!!!

setia Aug 26 2011

i’m a new startup developer
need those cards to help me in networking and branding :)

btw how much the shipping cost to Indonesia?

Amaiko Aug 27 2011

I got a new business card design and I was searching for some place to get a HQ printing and I think there’s no better place than Next Day Flyers.

My newly established business will benefit from being able meet prospect client face to face with a professional business card.

Crazyhunk Aug 27 2011

business cards would surely help me in getting my freelance business a kick up on the local market here… I can drop by to offices, firms around my locality and hand them out.

ThanQ for the opportunity

Babette Aug 27 2011

I would luv to win 1000 business cards. This would help me really launch my business!

The business cards would allow me to better represent my company business for offline clients and lead generation prospects.
Great giveaway. Best of luck to all.

Bryan Aug 28 2011

Everybody needs business cards!

carrie Aug 28 2011

Good to know there other printing companies as well. Could use some of those business cards.

Martijn Aug 28 2011

Sixrevisions really inspired and motivated me to become a freelance webdesigner. I am currently starting my own business so the business cards would come handy. I was actually planning to order them at Vistaprint, but I will have a look at Next Day Flyers before I do so!

Andy Feliciotti Aug 28 2011

More business cards = more facebook friends :)

Katie Aug 29 2011

Would love some new cards to spark some biz! Thanks for chance!

Jordan Aug 29 2011

I don’t always use business cards… but when I do, I prefer AWESOME ones.

Sharon Aug 30 2011

These would be a wonderful tool to help promote our new business venture!

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