Giveaway: 3 Subscriptions to Depositphotos

Depositphotos, providers of royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector art, has teamed up with Six Revisions to give away 1-month stock photo subscriptions to 3 lucky Six Revisions readers.

For a chance to win, simply answer this question in the comments: How would you use your Depositphotos subscription if you won?

This was published on Jul 12, 2011


Roberto Jul 12 2011


I would use it to get the best pictures for my site, and then show them off :)

Good luck all!.

I have my favorite photographers. They share their photos on sites dealing with their sales. Their images I like so much that I started collecting them. These authors use the Deposit Photos. So I want to win, to be able to get some new pictures of their authors.

Harrison Jul 12 2011

Having a subscription rather than a pay-per-asset account (which I have with iStockPhoto at the moment) would mean I could be more creative with my web designs and help the client choose the right images.

Suresh Jul 12 2011

I will use this subscription for my web design photo need. Even suggest my client to subscribe for depositphoto.

Pixel2Pixel Design Jul 12 2011

If i wan i will use this subscription for my blog image need…..

Sunpietro Jul 12 2011

Id use them in my projects.

Peter Steven Jul 12 2011

A 1 month subscription would be really helpful to make some niece pieces photo manipulation / illustration with high quality photos!!

Hey, i will use them for client’s websites. Thanks for this giveaway.

Rahul Arora Jul 12 2011

I would love to use the stock photos in my next project (revamp of UI)

TheNutz Jul 12 2011

if I won 1-month subscription I will make my customers happier and I will be more succesful. What do you think? Can I win this? :)

great news about photo subscription

simona Jul 12 2011

great photos! i hope to win…

Joel Emberson Jul 12 2011

Wow – cool contest, thanks SixRevisions!
I would totally use this to make my client’s sites look even better! :-)

Probably for my own personal portfolio/”design a day” web site which I’m in the process of developing. In addition to my normal design work (but that’s boring!)

Abel Mourão Pinto Jul 12 2011

I would drain it the all month! :D

Ratzo Jul 12 2011

Hi, I’d like to win a subscription, regards

Sittipong Jul 12 2011

For health website. I’ve plan to create health website with my friend who is Pharmacist. It’s should be good, to teach people how to eat, how to care them health, how to have a healthy life with the beautiful photo.

Tim Lee Jul 12 2011

I would use my subscription to help during development of my many web development clients, and possibly in developing my own projects.

Leandro Revestido Jul 12 2011

I will use it to do some freelance jobs or to my personal portfolio, I have to move to europe in search of an oportunity (Im Argentinian) and I cant find a job here, because I cant speak german very well, so it would increase a lot my portfolio if I do some Experimental projects and at the same time I were looking for a job here.

Thanks SR!

Mauricio Dottavio Jul 12 2011

Nice stock, I want a subscription :D

Jorge Lima Jul 12 2011

If i won, it will be a great addiction for my websites

Ron Sly Jul 12 2011

Great contest. I would use the subscription to support the organization I am working for which advocates for youth employment issues.

Andrei Jul 12 2011

I will use in their daily work on the projects and sites.

I’ll create an enchancing retouch collage…

Sahaj Jul 12 2011

Waow! if I would win 1 month free subscription to Depositphotos, I will boost some of my projects and enhance my photo collection about topics I’m often working for. This would be great!

Andres valerio Jul 12 2011

HI! Just wanted to participate on the giveaway! yay
thanks in advance!

Andres valerio Jul 12 2011

I guess I missed my answer hehe.
I do digital art, and would love some huge size pictures for my textures and other art stuff, i guess thats how I would use my sweet Depositphotos 1-month subscription! XD

b3tzi Jul 12 2011


This is a great opportunity! As I am actually working on a new project, some stock pictures would really help me. Meanwhile I will also be able to see how Depositphotos works.

Thanks for the giveaway. ;)

dashes n dots Jul 12 2011

Really useful post thank you! We will be having a good luck at Depositphoto as we are finding other sites more and more expensive to use. We will keep our fingers crossed we are lucky with entering.


I would use the contingent to illustrate one of my new upcoming webblog.

I will be using the vectors available on DP for my design purposes. Would like to win this. Thankyou.

Jayar Jul 12 2011

We use stock photos at work, so it will come in handy!

sinsdesign Jul 12 2011

I will use it in my 2 personal projects that I am working right now, and I will definitely use it to make a great photo manipulation :)

Michael Jul 12 2011

I’d source some images for a book cover I’ll be working on.

S.M.Mahmoodi Jul 12 2011

So I Would Use The Photos for Practicing my Designation. :)

James Jul 12 2011

I have a few non-profits I do free work for. They could really benefit from this. Also, I have a few very small business clients just starting up that cannot afford much. They could benefit too.

Colleen C Jul 12 2011

I would use the subscription to download some stock photos for my website. Thanks for the chance to win!

Aaron Jul 12 2011

I would use it for my freelance designs.

I would use the images for an illustrated children’s book, to be published in iBookstore.

Juarez P. A. Filho Jul 12 2011

In some banners we are going to do for a Education product. :)

lazaac Jul 12 2011

i want to complete my gallery with fresh collection of people especially pretty girls.. :)

Shawn Jul 12 2011

I would flood my website and designs with whatever images I can use. If not, I’ll try it for free. -Cheers!

How would you use your Depositphotos 1-month subscription if you won?

I would it in a variety of ways – photos for my blog, personal projects and upcoming client projects.

For collages!

Brigitta Rae Trauntvein Jul 12 2011

How would you use your Depositphotos 1-month subscription if you won? :
I would promote world peace through my art and web development, using the subscription only for non-profit clients and my own outreach programs. Through my use of this subscription the world and it’s web would be a better place.

Haha, just kidding! I would totally take advantage of it the best that I could and use it for absolutely everything, necessary and unnecessary. In fact with my home page, I’d probably have to add “Why do you have so many stock photos on your website?” to my FAQ.

vietnam rum Jul 12 2011

Just recently found the sixrevisions website, great source of information.

I have just started looking for royalty free photo websites and not heard of Depositphotos until this article.

Considering building some websites so if i win a 1 month subscription i can rekindle my interest in photography with
downloading relevant photographs.

Many thanks

ranjit Jul 12 2011

Vow.. Interesting.. I can use those images for my future projects and I will recommend to other my friends. Thanks to SixRevisions…

afiq aiman Jul 13 2011

How would you use your Depositphotos 1-month subscription if you won?

Just give me that, and you’ll be known among Malaysian bloggers

Juan Mendoza Jul 13 2011

I will use the photos for add great visual content for my works on websites.

Find more relevant photos!

For my sites.

Pedro Jul 13 2011

If I won the 1-month subscription, i use the downloaded images to make a image base to future works.

Mario Awad Jul 13 2011

I’ll spice up a few of the current website designs we have developed in SOFTKUBE :)

Orifjon Jul 13 2011

I would use them for redesigning my website.

Black Tulip Jul 13 2011

I would use it for my company’s website

Cyril Jul 13 2011

Would be great for my graphic design clients!

Hi. I am trying to get my webdesign business off the ground and am trying to save money wherever I can. I would use the subscription to create a protfolio of various sites that I want to display in my portfolio section with full advertising credit to your site.

Alex T. Jul 13 2011

I would use the subscription for web design and development. A good stock image can add a nice touch to a design.

You know freelancers love free stuff. :) If I won the free month’s subscription, I would download some high quality images for use in my design projects.

David Jul 13 2011

I volunteer for our local junior football club and am working on a relaunch of the website – getting some professional images would help with the new design!
Nice competition, good luck everyone ;)

Delikus Jul 13 2011

I’d use them in my future projects.

Jamil Velji Jul 13 2011

Hopefully I win :D

Mathan Vibranarayanan Jul 13 2011

Would use it for my company’s website

Marius Jul 13 2011

Wow, this is nice.
I’ll use the images for a personal project.

Elisabeth Jul 13 2011

I’d use the images for design works.

robert Jul 13 2011

This would be perfect, I can definitely use this to update some sites.

Brigitta should win! That was a great answer and provided the laugh I need this morning!

Jigar Jul 13 2011

I would use them in my projects and for client also.

Bryan Jul 13 2011

I’d use it in my web and graphic design projects.

Yuriy Jul 13 2011

I will use it for all my commercial sites.

Francois Jul 13 2011

I would use it for a new web site I’m building right now.

Audrey Jul 13 2011

How would you use your Depositphotos 1-month subscription if you won?

believe it or not, it would actually be the biggest help in getting me back to blogging. I have ideas but I’m camera shy and well, stock photos would be just the ticket.

Nick B Jul 13 2011

For my site

i’d use them to save more time at work!

Dustin Jul 13 2011

I would use them to spice up my designs!!

Arlathan Jul 14 2011

I’d like to use them for my web projects.

Haffey Jul 14 2011

I’ll use images for design of ours company new business cards.

Ole I Jul 14 2011

Would use it for a website I am creating here in Stavanger norway. Thanks!!

Jackie | Sweet Little Thrills Jul 14 2011

I would use them for my blog and a few personal projects that are in development. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Christian Rogers Jul 14 2011

I would use it for my blog!

Brian Johnson Jul 14 2011

I’d use a free 1-month subscription to deposit photos to assist me in giving my clients top-notch web designs!

would use them for the new website …

Coderbay Jul 14 2011

I will use them for my website coderbay.

Jenni Jul 14 2011

Well, I would like to use these image for my own blog post.

masoud Jul 15 2011

i’d like to use them for my project

karan Jul 15 2011

I would like to use the subscription to use photos in the websites i develop for clients.

Jan-Pieter Jul 15 2011

I would use them to spice up the webdesigns I create.

Ian G Jul 15 2011

I would print out a million of them out and roll around in them laughing maniacally!

no, I would use them in a plethora of projects from our online community engagement projects to our high end luxury developments.


Well what a nice offer, I just have to check out the site.

Priyadarshi Kunal Jul 15 2011

Give my creativity new flight.

Jose Depaz Jul 15 2011

I would like win a subscription and use the photos for my website I’m redesigning. :D

Erin B Jul 15 2011

I’d love to win a subscription to help with my clients web design needs. Even if I don’t win, I’m going to get the free trial, it looks like a great stock site!

Thanks :-)

noekidotcom Jul 15 2011

Quality images can make the difference in a project, so I woud make good use of them im my designs.

I’m already using and will be using the pictures in the future for client brochures and websites.

If i win i will use the photos for my clients works.

washiflory Jul 16 2011

I would download deposit photos :).

Charles Jul 16 2011

if i won, i will use my subscription to get picture and use pictures to create tutorials and back link as source.

Angel Jul 16 2011

I would use some retro style photos for desktop wallpapers.

I would enhance some of my websites with nice pictures.

Melita Jul 18 2011

i would use it in my wordpress themes i’m designing. :-) Cheers!!

hqdipace Jul 19 2011

Would love to win, to use in my sites.

Joelji Jul 19 2011

Wud use it in few websites i’m designing.
Good Luck Guys :-)

verpixelt Jul 19 2011

I’m working on a blog about Photoshop basics and advanced tutorials in german. I would use this account to fill this tutorials with a little bit of more awesomeness ;)

Tasha Jul 19 2011

I would use photos for graphic design projects

Amos Vryhof Jul 19 2011

I would use them for innovative web and print designs.

I would use the photos for client work in magazines and websites.

Karl F Jul 19 2011

I would certainly have a lot of use for fresh images in my daily design work.

Leon Vaughn Jul 19 2011

My site needs work. I’d use the photos to snazzy it up a bit.

Timmy Jul 19 2011

I don’t know where to begin. I’d use the photos for websites, both my personal one and for clients, I’d use it for brochures & ads, as well as for drawing references, for photo manipulations, and for digital painting including matte painting. Stock photography is immensely useful in most of the projects that I work on.

Suzanne Jul 19 2011

I would use the Depositphotos 1-month subscription to create better designs for customers!

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