Giveaway: Subscriptions to Squarespace

Squarespace has teamed up with us to give out three Advanced account subscriptions for one year. Read on to see how you can win this awesome prize.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would you use your Squarespace subscription if you won?

This giveaway ends on October 18, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Oct 11, 2011


Peter Tellgren Oct 11 2011

I would use the subscription to move my wives blog from to squarespace and show her the light :). She currently hits around 300+ pageviews/day and counting, now one year in to her blogging she is looking to step it up and move in more customizable setup.

Hasan Mert Oct 11 2011

I am working on a web app and very close to release. It will be a website monitoring solution.
If I win a subscription, then I ‘ll make my public website with Squarespace.

Alda Silva Oct 11 2011

I would build a new portfolio and find a new, well-paid job! :)

Lauri Rottmayer Oct 11 2011

I’d use my Squarespace subscription to redo my own site and my husband’s worksite. I’ve only ever used Frontpage in the past and am interested in learning something new that will give me more flexibility and functionality. :-)

Khürt Williams Oct 11 2011

The Okay Geek theme and Square Space service would be a great way to revitalize my tech blog.

Fabien Oct 11 2011

It’s been a long time since I started looking for the right place to move all my web personalities: my portfolio, my successful food-blog, my photo site, etc. and Squarespace was already in my shortlist. Maybe this is my chance to finally try it (and a whole year is a quite reasonable amount of time to test it effectively). Thanks for the opportunity.

Vivien Oct 11 2011

I would use it to re-design my portfolio and monitor traffic so I can reach out to the audience that my folio is targeted at.

luca valente Oct 11 2011

To realize a web site better than that i have now.

Matthew Oct 11 2011

If I won I would use the squarespace subscription to show the school that I work at that content management systems aren’t all outdated, slow and difficult to use, in the hope that they might switch to something as professional as squarespace, making the management of their site (performed by me) a simpler and pain-free task. One can dream…

Jonas Oct 11 2011

I would use it to host my blog and portfolio.

MoodeyIT Oct 11 2011

I’ve had a few clients use this and out of all the on-line site builders this is the best one by far! and really nice offer, thanks for the share.

Pratik Patel Oct 11 2011

I would like to work with Squarespace to improve their interface so that people with disabilities can easily and efficiently create web sites. Having access to the interface for a year will allow me to test features, consider functional requirements, and provide test cases.

Naresh Oct 11 2011

I will use this for my next project.

Sophie Dennis Oct 11 2011

I’d use SquareSpace to create a community website for an arts-based voluntary group which desperately needs a website to help artists, promoters and event organisers work together, but has no funding to make that happen.

Ian Maragakis Oct 11 2011

How would I use a subscription to Squarespace?
Easy answer: Firs of all I will create a cool webpage for me, and help a couple of friends to improve their own.
Then I could sell easier my web design services around.

Larry Sickmann Oct 11 2011

I would us my Squarespace subscription to represent a couple of my non-profit clients better. I also have a few websites that will be in development soon!

Karl Fitz Oct 11 2011

I would create a fashion site for my lovely and talented wife to promote her sewing creations.

Andrew Miller Oct 11 2011

I would love to port my Blogger Blog about my custom 1930 Model A Rat Rod build. I’m planning on installing a Windows tablet and running a 100% digital gauge cluster. \

Having a Squarespace account would really help me to reach out to others with new content about progress on my build.

Kendra L. Oct 11 2011

This would be fantastic. I’m currently working on laying out some new sites for my personal & freelance business and this would be so helpful!

Christi M Oct 11 2011

I’d use it for a non-profit client’s needs while taking this opportunity to learn SquareSpace in order to offer it to future clients as well. For those clients that do want to have access to changing their website on a whim, this is perfect!

roger Oct 11 2011

If I won, I would use the Squarespace website builder to create a whole new website to replace the one I have that needs some work.

arnonate Oct 11 2011

I just want to see if a professional looking website could really be created with a service like this… may use it on a couple of smaller projects. Thanks.

Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos Oct 11 2011

I’m gonna use it for my personal graphic design website.

David Fox Oct 11 2011

I’m looking to move service for my site,, to something more stable.

Kymi B. Oct 11 2011

I need a new blog. My current blog is limited. I need moreflexibilty. To showcase my hybrid talents: Web Design/Development, Information Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphic Design Arts & Craft, Singing, Tutorials, etc…etc…etc…

Joe Barber Oct 11 2011

We’d use the subscription to give simple websites to some of our non-profit partners.

sarah Oct 11 2011

I’d make some websites.

Joe Barber Oct 11 2011

We’d use the site builder to build quick sites for some of our non-profit clients

I would use it as a way to advertise for some of my upcoming cooking events.

Dana Chrysler Oct 11 2011

Upon winning a free Squarespace subscription, I would immediately hop into action and build a website for the launch of my new freelance business, Bella Vita Creative. My first love is graphic design, but I took a detour into the world of high school teaching after I was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. I loved being in the classroom, but was promptly “RIFed” (laid off) after my first year of teaching due to state-wide education cuts. Three months of unemployment was enough to make me realize that I don’t want to leave my destiny in the hands of some (possibly) non-existent employer who may never call. With the encouragement and support of fellow designers and friends, I decided to re-launch and re-vamp my freelance business, this time with a more unique selling point. I’m excited and anxious to see what new adventures lie ahead. A Squarespace-designed website will go a long way toward helping me get my life and business on track. I can’t wait!

Steve H. Oct 11 2011

I would use my subscription for my offline business as well as a small non-profit that I currently run.

Justin Oct 11 2011

I’ve recently moved across the country from Brooklyn to San Francisco, and as part of my getting settled process I thought I’d created a new blog. I’d like to put together a daily list of things that I like/dislike throughout the day in my new city, post a variety of restaurant/venue reviews, and my various Instragram photos from around the city.

Thanks for considering me!

Jayar Oct 11 2011

I do freelance web work and this would certainly speed things up!

MicheleB Oct 11 2011

I would overhaul at least three of my existing sites for starts…

Ashmita Oct 11 2011

This would be nice experiment tool which may lead me to switch over.

Peter Oct 11 2011

I’m all over this! Help me re-brand!

Nyela Oct 11 2011

How would you use your Squarespace subscription if you won?

I would create an portfolio site for my art. Art is meant to communicate, teach, motivate, and inspired, but it can do none of those things if it isn’t shared.

Walter Walraven Oct 11 2011

If I won a subscription, I would rebuild my own website and then would combine by graphic design services by providing upbeat web designs for other businesses in Wellington, New Zealand.

R Michaels Oct 11 2011

I have a number of websites that were joomla based that I need to update and have someone else host. Squarespace looks like a good alternative.

Eniak Oct 11 2011

I would use it to showcase a photography website/portfolio that a friend of mine wants.

sunil Oct 11 2011

If I won, I would use my account to assess sq’s services, with a view to becoming a partner to them.

Vicky B Oct 11 2011

I’m currently setting up my own project on the Isle of Man to develop websites for local charities/organisations that lack the skills to develop their site beyond basic HTML. I am doing this voluntarily and welcome any tools that will aid me with this task. My first project will be announced on my site by Sunday so watch this space :)

I’d use squarespace for my new Ukulele Club website! :D

Alain Oct 11 2011

I would use that subscription to present my different products, as graphic design freelancer !

This just might be the one ! I’ve researched other website builders and it looks like Squarespace would be a perfect fit for my husband’s small business : D Looks good !

Kathyy Oct 11 2011

I would use my Squarespace subscription to launch my small business website for Social Media Marketing.

Michel Oct 11 2011

I am going to use this exceptional canvas to build an exceptional community around my exceptional work!

Benedikt Oct 11 2011

I am a 17 year old student with only moderate programming skills. My friend and I are building a business idea based on a special web application for educational discussions and a Squarespace subscription would help us a great deal!


I would build a non profit site to help support family’s with children born with Cleft Lip and Palate Issues. Providing a large base for information and photos and videos.

Tuline Oct 11 2011

I’ve used Squarespace before. Ad it keeps getting better & better. I have a new website to build, and I would use you guys again for my startup LightSmarter!

I would have a chance to win the client who wants their site done using Squarespace. And I could put off learning WordPress for even longer than I already have!

Happinelicious Oct 11 2011

I would use the subscription to launch a new yoga site to build greater cohesion among the community world wide–with a very different approach from existing yoga sites.

It would be my first website ever.

Currently I am in need for a website because I am close to releasing an iOS app. So I need a website that is beautiful, professional and easy to build.

I also need the blogging capabilities to be able to post up news about the product. The fact that it has an iPad app attracts me greatly because that means I will be able to update my blog from on the go.

Lastly. I am also an artist. And even tho I do artwork as a hobby it would be great to create a portfolio of my best work. Who knows when that might bring me a job in the future, huh?

Ubuntufreak Oct 12 2011

I would love to create and host my own website for long time. If i win that dream will be full-filled !

Ian lipman Oct 12 2011

I would use my subscription to replace an old and tired looking charity website I built some time ago

Amanda Moore Oct 12 2011

I’d use it for a local Lions car racing club that I currently run as it would allow the board members to be able to post updates directly to the site, such as a Presidents blog, rather than all postings going directly through me. It would also allow for more community interaction than currently is built in to the website.

I always wanted a site of my own without any complications or difficulties, With Squarespace Website Builder I believe I can easily create a site of my own.
The features of cloud hosting, 24/7 website monitoring, ability to tweak the different web design template according my preferred style and easy to use GUI based web page editor sounds like a promising and creative prospect.
Having a neat and clear blog will definitely fulfill my dream of sharing and learning from others all over the world.


I’d use to experiment and eventually rebuild my portfolio on it.

To help small companies to earn and manage their own websites with a cheap prices

FreeLancer Oct 12 2011

Good idea to create own site and to use it.

Chema Martínez Oct 12 2011

I will use it to build and host my new website to my Graphic Design and Illustration portfolio, to start to have more clients like freelance and be a professional in the future.

Good luck to everybody!

Daniel Brandon Oct 12 2011

Sounds good, liked the features, i want to make a trial hope to get a better response by creating my site from here. Thanks for the share.

Sandra D Oct 12 2011

Nice idea! I would like to use this one to offer free qualitative webdesigns for people with no money to pay this

Elizabeth Oct 12 2011

I would use squarespace to put up a minimum viable product for a baby boomer ecommerce idea I’m currently testing. Using a well-designed squarespace site, I could further test, iterate, test, iterate, test, iterate….gathering learnings to develop a more complex ecommerce and content platform. Squarespace is a great way for business savvy (but technically challenged) entrepreneurs to test an MVP idea before investing in tech resources.

I’m ready to give this kind of service a try.

Tim Randazzo Oct 12 2011

I would use the website to cure all major diseases in the world. Or for my portfolio. Whichever is easier.

Melanie Reyes Oct 12 2011

This is nice, I wonder who would won? and its worth $240 a year! wow! I’m not sure if I can still continue to afford it even if I win. :) This must be a very reliable hosting site! I guess when I win, I would host an art submission site where artist can submit and share their own graphics artwork. I trust that Squarespace can handle heavy traffics. and Yeah I must have a lot of traffic to be able to continue with Squarespace subscription should the one year plan expire.
I must have a lot of visitors in my graphic site and I must have a lot of ads. This is nice. :)
I hope I would win. :)

Darren Burgfeld Oct 12 2011

How would you use your Squarespace subscription if you won?

I’ve been doing something called the Penitence Project for the last couple of years. Basically, I pick a kid in need, and then campaign to fundraise and etc. to help him/her and the family with the kid’s needs. So far, I’ve just been doing it on Facebook and my junky free hosted GoDaddy site, but this would open the opportunity to really make it look pro, and thusly draw in some bigger donators. Maybe then, I can make it an ongoing project that helps kids all year round instead of just once a year.
I have a passion for helping kids, and realize the potential that the internet affords for anonymous donations to assist people. I think the ease and sleek design of SquareSpace would really take things to a new level for this project, and could open up new opportunities to assist more kids.

Kristen Oct 12 2011

I’ve dabbled with cargo, tumblr, indexhibit…and I’m still searching for something that will bring all of my portfolios, tweets, dribbles, blog posts TOGETHER. In ONE functioning place, to simplify how I use the internet and to make it easier for someone to see what I can do.

theimagemaker Oct 12 2011

I could really use Squarespace to build a new portfolio!

I’m due for an update!

Jon Stephenson Oct 12 2011

I am an accomplished print designer, looking to expand into web design.

Jennifer Shumate Oct 12 2011

I would use the subscription to create an online resume and portfolio.

Mihla Oct 12 2011

I would use a subscription to help my daughter build a site for her pet sitting services business.

As a designer/developer I would use a free Square Space site to see if it would be a viable CMS for my clients. I typically build small to midsize sites, so it is intriguing.

Elise Santana Oct 12 2011

I would move my plain portfolio from behance and then take the time to spruce it up. I’ll also be able to start working with WordPress themes that I can customize because I’ll have the web space.

Nathan Oct 12 2011

Would love an account!

Sinny Oct 12 2011

I would take advantage of every single tool that was created to be available and put to good use. And then turn it into the greatest portfolio before I master my BA in Web so I can show it off.

Ahmad Oct 13 2011

i would use it implement my idea for easy access to knowledge

web design Oct 13 2011

i would promote my Indonesian homemade bakery for dogs
it will be great! because my online bakery is the first in Indonesia, i’d love to spread the love to dogs with my healthy products :) yes i love dog so much!

If I won I could use the site to host my projects outputs which are mainly an individually customisable step by step guide to help people save money on their costs, reduce their carbon footprints AND reduce their exposure to unnecessary toxic chemical- all at the same time. People are also given 121 support over a year to identify and implement to best solutions for them!

Maverick Oct 13 2011

i cater to web design clients in mumbai and surely this will help me great deal in creating an amazing website for them. but i don’t know whether the client would be able to afford the charges after the first year :)

Wong Zhiwei Oct 13 2011

I can start by designing my dad’s real estate website, then maybe I can start the blog about blogging that I’ve always dreamed of starting.

Belgrave Henderson Oct 13 2011

I would host my first client with Square Space.

Jason Walz Oct 13 2011

I’ve been proposing this solution to a customer so this would definitely help my sell.

Alan Houser Oct 13 2011

I would bury Posterous, Tumblr and Flavors and use one platform. And I would use them to stamp-out child hunger and racism.

Dania G. Oct 13 2011

I’d finally build my portfolio and build up my freelance clientele! Thanks so much guys for providing this great opportunity :D Good luck to all!

Julie Oct 13 2011

I am an unemployed, experienced designer and a web neophyte. My website is designed in my head and I’m in desperate need of it. I just can’t get it together.

Jason Grant Oct 13 2011

Love squarespace and would love to have more sites.

We haven’t found a designer for our startup’s website yet. That means I have to do the website myself. Since I don’t have much experience in doing so, I could really use something Squarespace provides. Thanks.

george Oct 14 2011

Squarespace would really help me start off my career as a web developer since am about to finish my degree in software engineering, i have been admiring there work and i would love to create my portfolio using there framework.

Digital Mushroom Oct 14 2011

Looks intresting, I will definitely be looking into this:)

Scott Oct 14 2011

I would import our school WordPress site into Squarespace. The Squarespace Picture Gallery would be a great addition for sharing new activities.

Charles Caldwell Oct 14 2011

I would forgo the painful process of having to learn WordPress theming in order to make a nice looking blog. Instead I would use Squarespace to make that process quick and easy. I’ve done the 14-day trial and it is brilliant!

Bibhaas Ojha Oct 14 2011

I am a youth workers who wants to help new non-profit organisation, who have no adequate funds to spent in a dynamic website, to create website for them at very minimal or for free, and promote smooth information flow. Hence This giveaway will be a boon for me.

Sabil Perbawa Oct 15 2011

I will use it to create a website or blog.

Bobby Oct 15 2011

Will use this for my next project :)

Luke Dufour Oct 15 2011

I am a 14 year old Website/Graphic designer living near London in the united kingdom. With myself being at school a lot of the day and designing at the weekends and after school (I get back at 7 o’clock!) it is difficult to build pixel perfect sites and graphics. Ive used a square space trial before and find it very simple to create effective and modern designs therefore I would use my square space subscription to build up my online portfolio which is taking me a long time to develop as I can never seem to build a site and stick with it and to build higher quality websites for my clients.

Coast32 Oct 16 2011

I too want to build my own website so that I could connect with readers from all over the World. SquareSpace Website Builder simply offers a fantastic and a irresistible offer, making everything easy to work for us.The features are quite extensive which makes the whole experience like a wonderful dream.I would love win it.Thanks for the giveaway.

Anwar Oct 16 2011

i wanna try it, look like something worth money

Prem Bharath Oct 16 2011

I’ll use it to promote my windows phone 7 app.

If I were to win the Squarespace subscription, I would use it to create an impressive and professional looking bog for the music blog I am developing. I would also like to use it to build a community site for my hometown. Thanks

Laurie Oct 17 2011

If I won I would create the site I’ve been wanting to build for about a year. My husband and I have been growing and collecting seeds as well as selling plants to friends and family. We’d like to make both the seeds and plants available via the internet.

Joigie Oct 17 2011

Blog re-design; managing content via mobile app.

Scott K Oct 17 2011

I would use it to host the front end of a new blog/podcast I am about to produce.

Andrew G Oct 17 2011

If i won i would use it to promote myself as a graphic & web designer and set up a great and stunning portfolio showing off my work i’ve done.

Hope I win + thanks for this giveaway! :)

Anarcorder Oct 17 2011

I would use this to build a minimalistic design magazine with lots of freebies.

Kien Tran Oct 17 2011

I would move one of my non profit sites over to it so they can have a quality hosting solution without my need to manage them so much.

Eric Lalande Oct 17 2011

If I win I would host/develop my rails app

mohammed Oct 17 2011

i would like to use such great website
i would use it to make some cool looking websites

thank you

Josh Bartolomucci Oct 17 2011

I would use it to really tryout all of the amazing features! Thanks!

Davide Oct 18 2011

I would use Squarespace for my new personal website

Maggy Oct 18 2011

If I win I will use this service to design a blog for me. I’m not that good at coding :)

Suzy C Oct 18 2011

I’d love to update my portfolio!

sbl prbw Oct 18 2011

I will use it for anything related to the website.

Key Man Oct 18 2011

To make exceptional websites.

I will use it to design and host my portfolio and services website.

Jamie Oct 18 2011

Two words: Curated aggregation. Being a bit of a must-have-beta-invite and a “wait, what does that do?”, inquisitive techie/designer hybrid freak, I have spread myself very think across so many platforms. I would use Squarespace as a place to bring it all together; the photography, travel blogs, volunteer blogs, fundraising projects, inspiration, bookmarks…a place of all things I call “@jamielynn”.

I would also make it vehemently clear that I am not Jamie Lynn Spears and for Pauly D to stop blowing up my Twitter account as he thinks I am the little sis. Thanks for that.

– Jamie Despres
[email removed for privacy]

Lyanis Oct 18 2011

I am looking for a place to host my artwork. As an iPad user it would let me update my website easily from the iPad. And to easily upload the art that I do in the iPad itself. :D

I want to design a site for my college and whats better than this which comes with hosting too. Want to win this :)

Colin Oct 18 2011

I can use this to host my experimetnal web app that i’m developing right now. Count me in.

Fazal Oct 18 2011

I’m not a coder and so finds it difficult to code sites on my own. So i can use this for that.

Jayanth Oct 18 2011

I will use this subscription to kick start my blog that has been on cards for quite a while now

A win here would be the proverbial reset button for my life.
A win here would give me the needed platform to launch my web development freelancing business and generate much needed income as I recently lost my job as well as free me from office work hours so I can spend more time with my kids when I have them.
A win here would allow me to concentrate on the task at hand instead of having to worry about what is really going on behind the scenes like I have had to do in the past with other hosts.
A win here would be just what I needed.

Jorie Oct 18 2011

This will be a good option for starters like me. Want to win this.

I would use this to build and host my husbands business site and portfolio blog

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