Giveaway: IconDemon Memberships

IconDemon, a site that has a huge library of icons, has teamed up with Six Revisions to give out five subscriptions to their membership packages. Two winners will get the IconDemon unlimited package, and three winners will gain a subscription to their limited package.

For a chance to win an IconDemon membership, simply leave a comment answering the following question: How would you use IconDemon icons if you won?

This giveaway ends on February 2, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jan 26, 2011


WPThemeInfo Jan 26 2011

will use it wisely and won’t let your work go down.

Vivek Parmar Jan 26 2011

I will use it on my client’s site while designing so as to offer them unique icons.
all the best to all the participants

olivier Jan 26 2011

I’ll use it to make my websites more pleasant to visit and adminsitrate.

Sonja Jan 26 2011

I love icons! I would use these ones for the various websites I administer as well as an online course I’m involved in. It’s so hard to find GREAT icons that don’t cost the earth :)

BrianK Jan 26 2011

I would love to use these icons on some WordPress themes I am working on. Great giveaway!

valentin guenichon Jan 26 2011

For software interfaces or to illustrate mockups. Maybe in Keynote slideshows !

Tom L Jan 26 2011

We’re looking at adding new sections to our Web application, where each section gets a unique icon. We’d definitely use IconDemon for that.

Donnie Jan 26 2011

I run a website for a TV station and we are constantly having promotions. I could definitely use them on the promotion pages. I could also use them on the homepage to link to the promotion, the area is big enough for an icon sized image.

Charlene Jan 26 2011

If I won, I would use IconDemon as a resource towards my website and mobile application development projects.

discowill Jan 26 2011

I would replace all my existing icons with IconDemon’s

BJ Hansen Jan 26 2011

We run a network of travel related websites that could use some great help with calls to action and a set of nice simple attention grabbing icons could really simplify our world. Thanks for being great Six Revisions.

Sam Hassan Jan 26 2011

I would use them in mobile and tablet apps

Marco Jan 26 2011

Good opportunity. I often search for Icons I can use on webpages or style sketches.

John Sheehan Jan 26 2011

It’s the small touches that really make the difference to a web site. When you have a great layout, a great logo and a great colour scheme, it’s the icons that always give that extra WOW factor and show clients that us web designers really do care.

I’d use it for that warm fuzzy feeling that we call the extra WOW factor!

Fabien Jan 26 2011

at start I’m gonna use icons to improve the websites I made for my clients, then maybe I could even consider to become an icon designer and contribute… ;)

Cosmin Jan 26 2011


I’d use them in some of my personal projects :)

Jörgen Gedeon Jan 26 2011

I have several projects going on that would benefit from incorporating IconDemons collections of high quality icons. The IconDemon icons would be an inspiration in the design process and will empower the final designs.

Jacob van Zijp Jan 26 2011

I would use the icons in my future projects or maybe for one of my clients.
The right icons can really spice your design up a bit, so I will be really happy if I win one of these memberships!

Manuela Jan 26 2011

I would use them for all my new projects! I just need something new :)

Kevin Waugh Jan 26 2011

This would be a great gift for my developer who is always scrounging for icons to use, and some times settles for low quality icons.

Michael Byers Jan 26 2011

If I won I would use them to improve my Android apps.

Rishi Luchun Jan 26 2011

I will use iconDemon icons in my web design, like a fat kid in a chocolate factory

Nancy Chen Jan 26 2011

If I win this giveaway, I would without a doubt incorporate the IconDemon icons in my blog to improve upon the current generic WordPress theme, thus ensuring consistency across the entire site for the benefits of my readers’ browsing experience.

Alfredo Arriaza Jan 26 2011

cool giveway man ;)

If i win i use this icon in my projects like newsletters and email marketing

Jens Lund Jan 26 2011

Sign me up. I would pimp my online projects and some mobile solutions

MarkH Jan 26 2011

I would use them to create more unique websites for my clients.

David Bushell Jan 26 2011

I would use the icons to (1) improve my desktop experience and (2) in my website developments.

munky Jan 26 2011

I would use those icons in my future projects and update some icons for old ones.

Niel Revelle Jan 26 2011

I develop web applications, I have a constant need for icon packages that have a consistent look and feel.

How would I use IconDemon icons if I won?

I would use IconDemon every time when building a professional website for my client. Icon’s really tie the room together :)

Vladi Jan 26 2011

How else? Creating adorable websites for people to admire. Or perhaps even online applications.

BennY Jan 26 2011

Nice set. BUT you can only use these icons (according to their terms of use) for PERSONAL or NON-COMMERCIAL work. That makes it not interessting for us working on client designs all the time.

Mateus Jan 26 2011

I will use to make my site better, beautiful, and shine.

\o/ XD

Daniel Pereira Jan 26 2011

I would use them to embellish the web systems I create.

Arturo Jan 26 2011

I am currently creating CMS themes and I am pretty sure this would be really useful for my projects. I would save a lot of time with this…

Joshua Chase Jan 26 2011

So we just comment to enter to win? Easy enough, I hope I win! Cheers..

Scott Henry Jan 26 2011

I am currently a BFA student and I would use the IconDemon icons for web design!!!

There are TOO many poorly built icons on the web today and I would do my best to represent the web designer by using IconDemon’s high quality icons.

Thank you,

Michael Trang Jan 26 2011

I would utilize these icons for some upcoming site redesigns. Finding a good icon set online can be hard sometimes so winning this would definitely help.

Ruben Flam Jan 26 2011

I’d put the “ummpff!!!” in mobile GUI!

Graham Jan 26 2011

I would most likely use the icons in web designs.

Antanas Antaso Jan 26 2011

Hi!I’m beginer in web design and like it’s written in this article,i would like to add flavor in my new projects! IconDemon has plenty really nice icons… Hope to win… Good luck for everybody!

Mauro Jan 26 2011

If I won the IconDemon icons 1 year membership I’ll use it to produce great web 2.0 application. They are really awesome!

Matthias Jan 26 2011

I have a new webapp and a new webOS app that could really use some unique icons :)

Lucky Sebastian Jan 26 2011

If I won a IconDemon icons, I would use it on website development :)

the koop Jan 26 2011

i’d spice up some navigation bars and section titles pairing ’em up with a couple of good related icons, sure as hell would save me a helluva lot of time and give me a better look on my sites.

might as well get some and use ’em to switch my actual desktop icons… just for the kicks XD

Nicole Jan 26 2011

I would use the icons to enhance my designs and expand my sources of inspiration.

Aaron Jan 26 2011

Sweet! I’ve used IconDemon once or twice before on projects. They have an awesome selection of icons to choose from. I’m pretty sure I have at least a few projects that could use some fresh icons.

Mondo Jan 26 2011

Always hunting for new icons

Jeremy Jan 26 2011

If I win a subscription to IconDemon it will be a huge help to kick off my freelance business. Designing anything is difficult for me but especially sharp icons like the ones they offer.

Jason Loucks Jan 26 2011

How would I use them? Easy. I for one do not have the skill set to create icons at all. Whether it be big and beauiful or pixeled and small. So I’m always looking for high-quality icons to use in mh web design projects. Looking at the samples above I belive that the icons on IconDemon are both high-quality and unique and would add the right touches to any of my web projects.

Philippe Jan 26 2011

I will mostly use the icons for mock ups and presentations.

Aaron Jan 26 2011

I would use the icons in a new web app I’m developing

David M Jan 26 2011

Will be used in my incoming first real project ;)

Matt Zimmermann Jan 26 2011

This would be great to win. As a web designer and developer, having a resource like this is a great time-saver.

Chris Ferrill Jan 26 2011

I would use the membership to icondemon when developing for wordpress and codeignitor. I would also plug their name on my twitter account everyday for being so awesome!

Always nice to find the right icons for your designs.

George Elias Jan 26 2011

I would use the icons for my personal upcoming sites and for clients.

Good luck everyone. :)

Becen Jan 26 2011


Please find my entry into your competition below:

How would you use IconDemon icons if you won?

I volunteer my website design skills to many small website projects and would use these icons to further enhance the designs of these websites.

I’m currently working two small projects that I feel could benefit from icons. The first project is a user-ran computer build ‘show off’ website which allows users to submit their PC builds and discuss with other users on how to improve or to just show off. It’s been pretty successful so far but we often get slated for our poor design, which I’d like to improve and there are some interesting icons available (yeah, I spent more time looking IconDemons then writing this ;/).

We want to make it so users can login and change the ‘theme’ of the website, which is another reason why I think I’ll need ALOT of icons in the future as we have ideas for approximately 10 themes!

Well, I’ll stop blabbing now but thanks for running the competition.

Anthony Jan 26 2011

I will use the icons to build 2 applications that I am working on.

I’d let ya know what they are, but… can’t..

Thanks for the offer!

Chris Conklin Jan 26 2011

I do better creating artistic pieces in wood on a table saw then I do with a graphics editor on the computer. I could certainly use some quality icons to spice up my web page. Thanks in advance for the consideration.

Andrew Price Jan 26 2011

As i am new to the world of web development & currently in the process of final review of my first complete site.

If i won this prize, I would use a IconDemon membership to compliment the site i am currently working on & also the site’s i have planned for the future. Having access to such a large number of high quality icons will give me a real boost to my at present limited arsenal of tools that i currently have available. I am keen reader on the Six Revisions website & always study every article published to pick up hints & tips from the experts in the field.

Its always difficult to find icon set that have a consistent feel and a broad range of icons. It looks like IconDemon has a decent number of icons in a particular feel.

Sergio Jan 26 2011

I will Use that icon to modify my desktop and take inspiration for design my own ;)

Michael Gaigg Jan 26 2011

Sure would love to have access to some awesome icons…

Canes Jan 26 2011

If I win I will print those cute icons as stickers and I will wear them on my forehead all year long. :P

Hernan Silva Jan 26 2011

I’ll use them to spice up some of my clients’ websites or even my own portfolio site (

Thanks for the giveaway

i tend to be very graphically oriented when creating websites so it can appeal to a more universal audience, regardless of what language the user speaks. i love using icons on my sites, because it means easier navigation and is going to look professional to any user, regardless of native tongue.

Windy Phillips Jan 26 2011

For web app onterface and an upcoming website redesign. Not to mention any of my for fun pet projects.

Jan Brinkmann Jan 26 2011

I would love to win the subscription :)

I’d use them in a mobile app I’m developing.

Lucas Jan 26 2011

I would use them on my projects, making the awesome even better

Rahul Joshi Jan 26 2011

The icon collection at IconDemon is cool. I would like to use this in my web-design projects.

Sherice Jacob Jan 26 2011

I would pair the icons with cute pictures of cats and kittens. This, along with funny captions like MOAR LOLZ PLZ will then give me a direct link to the minds of every computer user, enabling me to take over the world.

Get on the winning side while you can, IconDemon… ^_^

technomante Jan 26 2011

Wow, if I win, I will include them on my OS [opertative system] like default icons. Also use them to my professional/owner projects. I would try insert them on my cellphone. Greetings from Colombia.

Petra Jan 26 2011

I would be proud with nice new icons on my website!

Jenny Jan 26 2011

Love icons, I use them all the time. I hope I get chosen! Yikes…..

Michael Sinclair Jan 26 2011

I would use the icons to spruce up some of the projects I’m working on. :)

timmy Jan 26 2011

I will use it to finish this fucking site I’m coding !
(It’s the project of my entire life ;) )

Paul Rodarte Jan 26 2011

I would use the icons for personal and client websites. Good icons are tough to find and a good price.

If i win, i will replace ALL ma family n friend’s laptops icons with IconDemon :))))

Erwin Jan 26 2011

I would throw an icon at every line on my site ;-)

hurricane Jan 26 2011

Would use it for several web and desktop-application projects.

I’d use them to make a killer presentation about my software developement idea for possible investors and customers. I’d use them also for thedevelopement itself.
However I’ve got the thing for the business plan, I could use pro help as I am keen on well designed stuff, but not too gifted in design.

If I win I’ll take extra care of my web designs with some very fresh icons :D. I’ll have even more satisfied clients and put a good word for IconDemon to my coworkers! ;)

We are always looking for good icons for various projects. A year membership to icondemon would help greatly!!!!

I shall use the icons for creating superb interfaces for applications. :)

Colleen Cole Jan 26 2011

I will use it for the finishing touches on my site!

supersonique Jan 26 2011

i would implement them into various projects that i work on and would refer other designers to use your service. some projects i would use them in: creating custom wordpress themes, designing logos, information graphics for information architecture documents, and anything else that might come up where they would make the design stand out and be seen.

Jim Davis Jan 26 2011

I am making a drop-down menu and need some cool icons for the menu.

Barry W. Jan 26 2011

I would use them for several design projects now- from my church, to my cub scout pack, to my client websites. This would be a great source!

These would be fantastic for the UI of the client app I’m currently building.

Jill C. Jan 26 2011

Would LOVE to win this – I am a good designer but really hate designing icons! This is an awesome prize! Thanks for the chance.

Aaron Whittaker Jan 26 2011

I need some cool icons for a non-profit website I’m designing.

Kevin O'Connor Jan 26 2011

I would use them for the open-source projects that I work on to make a more user-friendly interface.

Canadparyl Jan 26 2011

I would print them out onto labels and use them to cover strange shaped moles…not on me, on random people I meet. And I might use them on a paper sleeve I’d make to hold all the shiny new restraining orders I’d also be sure to win!

Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi Jan 26 2011

Always hunting new icons. And I would love use it for my personal project and some applications.

Barry Jan 26 2011

I’d use it in my sites. Nice

for my personal projects !!!!

~ alli ~ Jan 26 2011

I would use them for personal BlackBerry themes, as well as on a non-profit web site I maintain. Thanks for the chance to win!

I would quit wasting time searching anywhere else for icons and would point others to your site.

Brian Jan 26 2011

I would love to use the icons for any projects I have coming up in the next year.

Mobile Themes World Jan 26 2011

If i win i would use those icons for making mobile themes

Mihla Jan 26 2011

What would I do with the icons if I won? Silly question! You mean other than lining them up and admiring them?

Adim Subedi Jan 26 2011

I can use it for my upcoming projects. I don’t have to keep searching for the right icons for long hours if I win.

yZong Jan 26 2011

The giveaway icons is a big help for my web app development, will use the icons in the app.

Danae Jan 26 2011

I would use them to save time by not making my own icons.

lazaac Jan 26 2011

i will implement it in my current blog design… thanks.. :)

John Peters Jan 26 2011

I would try to use them in all of my future projects, as already said, nice icons are always a great way to boost any design, or increase usability.

Good luck to everyone.

Mathan Vibranarayanan Jan 26 2011

Your Collection of Icons are Cool… Will use it to enhance the designs of my website.

My best wishes for all…

I’ll use it in some of my personal works:)

Thomas Mose Andersen Jan 27 2011

I’m currently working on some projects were some of these icons definitely could be useful.

Mhretab Kidane Jan 27 2011

I really need it for my joomla site currently i am building

Juarez P. A. Filho Jan 27 2011

I often create web apps and always need some cool icons.

Julian Jan 27 2011

I will use them until my eyes bleed! I am new to the web design business, this would be a blessing!

Ivan Zidarov Jan 27 2011

Will use it to update our CMS module which we provide for our customers, when they order websites.

ionut Jan 27 2011

amazing offer, thanks :)

I would update my blog and facebook with these wonderful icons, thanks Sue : )

For my websites, applications…

Zafar Toshmatov Jan 27 2011

for my featured project

DeNae Leverentz Jan 27 2011

I would use them in the interface of the web app I’m currently designing. Icon design is not my strong suit, and I would love to have some really great icons in this app.

Gouri Shankar Jan 27 2011

I would like to use them in my current project.

i will love it, to use it for some new wordpress themes :)

Well I would use some of these icons in my next projects. I’m sure I’m gonna need them eventually. :)

Sandra D Jan 27 2011

Nice idea ;-). I’ld use these icons to make my administration more pleasant and easier to use for the customers

Joelji Jan 27 2011

I’m designing Free templates. Would use these icons in it.
Good Luck Guys.

XtrimVerSuS Jan 27 2011

I would use them in the admin panel that I’m working on. It will be available to all my future clients and it will have a credits, so it’s a plus for IconDemon.

Armando E. Lopez Jr. Jan 27 2011

I will not really use it, but my little sister keeps on insisting me to get those icons, but I dont have the money to buy them, so I would give them to my little sister.

I would use it to get a great inspiration for future designs!

Philip Wallage Jan 27 2011

Very cool stuff! I would use them to improve ‘scanning’. Make people recognise an area of text before even reading the title!

Seenu Jan 27 2011

I design plenty of projects every month. I can make use of them in my projects.

Dennis Jan 27 2011

I’d use the icons for a personal non-profit Microsoft Access application.

Benjamin Charity Jan 27 2011

I’m beginning to design more UI type sites. This would be a great resource for me!

Andrew E Jan 27 2011

I would use these for UI in some portal related development I have in the works.

Carole Jan 27 2011

I would “demonize” where ever and when ever I could – there are never enough cool icons. Thanks IconDemon!

I will use it to enhance the websites I build as well as upgrade my currently built websites. A beautiful and polished icon can add so much to a website. Excellence is in the details.

Mok-Yi Jan 27 2011

I would use it on Government websites for projects at work.

Kcmartz Jan 27 2011

If I won this, I would use these in addition to the FamFamFam Silk icons I use. The Silk Icons are sometimes way to small for, say a home page or nav bar. I would use it to help give clients a better style on their web page(s).

Anchyi Jan 27 2011

Stodgy government websites need to be brightened up with these icons! I’d use them to create website layouts in effort to push the “Making Government Cool” initiative.

Souvik Mukherjee Jan 27 2011

Choosing the right icon for your website can make a difference to your conversion rate. If I win, I’d use the amazing icons from IconDemon on my client sites to make them look more professional and improve the conversion rate.

If my experiment works, I may opt for continuous membership. Thanks for the offer and fingers crossed. :)

I’d use them to pretty up my consulting decks! A good icon is worth a thousand words…

ellebelle Jan 27 2011

I would use them on client website designs. It seems that everyone wants an icon that’s glossy glossy, I’d love some more to work with. Design eye candy is yum.

I really suck at icon design so winning this would be a huge benefit!

TJ England Jan 27 2011

I would replace ALL the crummy(standard) icons for every application I use including those for file associations. I find it hard to believe that companies spend astronomical amounts on software development and then use a mediocre icon to represent it.


My husband and I are about to start our own business, so we could really use design assets like these!

I would use the icons to implement in my sites and for UI designs :)

Jayar Jan 27 2011

I will use them on my my projects!

I’d love to use these icons for both my own site and client projects!

I would replace icons on my websites!

I would use IconDemon icons in my web designs (obviously). The awesomeness of IconDemon’s collection would very nicely supplement my design skills and make my websites pop and glow and stand out (all websites must stand out if they’re to be successful).

Other than that, I’ll probably use IconDemon icons to build a (real life) batmobile. I think it’s possible.

cliff Jan 27 2011

I would use it in flash designs in fun applications while i’m building up a flash portfolio.

everlearner Jan 27 2011

I love icons. A good icon can interact with the viewers to show the meaning of it.

If I won this membership, I will surely use lovely and meaning icons in my WordPress themes, Drupal themes and some hand coded websites.

Chris Townsend Jan 27 2011

I would keep it simple and use your fabulous icons on every site I create.

I would use them in websites for clients and for web apps.

Lauren Jan 27 2011

It would be nice to know I have state of the art, trendy and up to date icons going into 2011! Awesome.

James N Jan 28 2011

I would use the membership to help me design websites and apps that do not suck, as much. I’m new to design and having access to a good collection of icons would really help. I feel I’m getting better but some good icons would help kick it up a level. So basically I would use it to be less sucky.

Abhishek Jan 28 2011

Need it for my upcoming website

Ralph Jan 28 2011

I would use the icons to produce beautiful work for my clients!

S. Levi Jan 28 2011

Would use it for development purposes.

shyamal Jan 28 2011

i will use it to my ui projects

Bartek Jan 28 2011

They look great, i will use them in my next project.

Satpal Sharma Jan 28 2011

This is so cool. I can use it on the Web Apps I design to make it look prettier and professional.

MethodicJon Jan 28 2011

I’d use to that iOS I’m going to build one day.

Peter Karsai Jan 28 2011

I would use them to build professional looking websites.

MMinksy Jan 28 2011

If I were to win, I’d use the icons for good not evil. :) Well, that and website designs, social media ad designs, email marketing designs and maybe some direct mail print items too.

Renee Jan 28 2011

I teach online video-based training classes. I’d use these icons to spice up my online “classroom” pages and content.

Brendan C. Jan 28 2011

I will use their icons to enhance my website designs.

Steve Webster Jan 28 2011

I would use IconDemon as a resource for my web design projects.

Goran Jan 28 2011

I would give them to my girlfriend for valentines day, that would be great present as she is software developer and she uses icons a lot.

Lisa Fenwick Jan 29 2011

I would use these for some personal projects, I’m going to school for design, so these would really help me until I start getting the swing of things and designing my own. Plus, its a great tool for inspiration!

Patrick D Jan 29 2011

Ah, so many icons-so few websites. Or is it the other way round? I like well made icons.

I would use them to dominate the web game in Southwestern Ontario.

Shawn Jan 29 2011

I’d use IconDemon as the primary source of icons for my web development projects, rather than having to look through many different icon sets to make sure it has everything I need.

New icons needed for my web.

Carlos Jan 30 2011

As always, any designer would greatly benefit on having an archive of design resources and so the IconDemon icons will definitely have a special spot in my treasure chest of design resources if ever I win. Count me in! :)

Matthew Harpin Jan 30 2011

Looks like a great resource, of course I’d use them in web design projects, they should really improve efficiency!!

Pres Holcomb Jan 30 2011

I would use them for many things including my personal website and computer desktop.

Mariella Jan 30 2011

I could use some icons that are different than the usual batch to illustrate a few boxes of text on a web site I’m working on right now.

I would use the icons from IconDemon for client projects, or just to gaze at in their awe.

I <3 icons so muchly…!

I’d use them to spruce up my website!

Jason Ch. Jan 30 2011

I’ll use the icons for my new webapp projects

LikeABoss Jan 30 2011

I would use it like a boss. And I mean it. One day you’re just browsing the interwebs, then BAM! you have deliciously colored icons in your face. It’s not even like you have time to prepare. IN YOUR FACE IGNORATI!

Duane Ashworth Jan 30 2011

definitely need a good icon resource , find myself having to hunt these down a lot and finding a good resource with everything in the one place would be great.

I’m a web designer and Icon Demon would make for a great resource to rely on when designing for future projects!

Sebastian Jan 30 2011

Niceeee i will use them to my projects

Rodrigo Jan 31 2011

I will use them in a bounch of new business sites and corporate image and proyects at my career.
Great !

Zoran Juric Jan 31 2011

Great icons! Could use them in my web applications and templates… Thanx!

Emily A. Jan 31 2011

I would use them to put the finishing touches on my new portfolio website.

Deele Jan 31 2011

Yay – free stuff! :D

I am always spending time looking for great icons for web projects. This would be the easy way, a one-stop-shop to save me time and get the project along quicker.

Ghassan Salah Jan 31 2011

I wont beat around the bush, So for starters I never won anything, whether online or offline and finishers it will help me to accelerate in launching my site. 2 birds with 1 stone!


I’ll use them to spruce up my website!:)

Matthew Snider Jan 31 2011

It would be for my clients. I would be able to offer them up a standard that I like to uphold when working for clients. A great standard!

Filip Jan 31 2011

I would use it in my projects(web apps etc.) and for clients websites.

Paul B Jan 31 2011

Great quality icons! I could definitely make great use of them doing web design.

W. Darnell Jan 31 2011

I’d use them on some of the sites I”m working on and to be able to give clients a wider selection of icons to choose from. They would be a great item to have in the tool chest!

Joseph Lessard Jan 31 2011

I am over half way through the full sail university bachelors degree for web design and development. These would speed up my design process immensely!

Linda Jan 31 2011

Those icons are really beautiful. I would use them on my infographics on my site and blog, as well as on the websites I design for my clients. I am always looking for just the right icon to portray a feature or offering. :)

aguilera Jan 31 2011

I could use it for the website interfaces for my clients.

Leo B. Jan 31 2011

I would love to use these icons for my future projects and use them as a reference to create my own unique icons. they will help to do great visual concepts.

luis garcia Feb 01 2011

Right now we have a project with a children with cancer where we made a social network only for them and some doctors, so the plan to use the icons is to give each children a unique feel about it.(sorry my english is rusty, im from mexico)

luis garcia Feb 01 2011

my English is rusty, and is not my main lenguage:
The plan is to built a social network for children with cancer in my state with a non-commercial organation, so the children can talk about the cancer problems, and there is some doctors in the project, the icon would be use to give a personal feel for the children.

pimeo Feb 01 2011

It would be fun to win in order to complete my website with many icons.

thx sixrevisions

Ill use it to spice up my designs with amazing icons

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