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This was published on Feb 23, 2011


WPThemeInfo Feb 23 2011

I thinks as a designer >>

walott Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client?
=> as a client, i’d say, the concept behind it

Matthias Feb 23 2011

I like the idea for t-shirt and other designs, instead of just a website/logo design place. Sucks trying to design your own t-shirt when you’ve never done anything like it before.

Juanjo Feb 23 2011

What makes appealing both as a designer and as a client, I’d say is the Forum. It’s what makes them different from other “Graphics-On-Demand Contest-based sites”. Takes the idea of “Community” a bit further.

Oliver Feb 23 2011

As a designer I like the forums, it’s a great resource for a beginner.

I love that you can set your own price for the contest. That just doesn’t exist elsewhere.

Ankit Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I see the contests as a good way to brush up on my skills and get some practice in things I’m not so good at, mainly because there are other entries to compare my work with.

R Lanouette Feb 23 2011

As a small webhosting company manager, I can see myself both as a client and a designer. I always have to find inspiration for new designs and love to give a look at the communities for new ideas and trends. But this neverending search for trending designs also teaches you that sometimes, you can’t be up to date with everything. This is why I often need to hire freelance to fix up high quality work that I don’t have the time or skills to accomplish. Giving access to both the invaluable resources, inspiration and skilled designers, is what makes really appealing to me. I’ll certainly add to my design resources.

As a hobbyist designer this site appeals to me in terms of motivation. Learn more, enter contests win some, lose some its all good! It gives designers a way of getting recognition from peers. I’m also a client, and to me this adds value to a designer’s portfolio.

both as a client and a designer – the amount of ideas that can be found there

Sam Hassan Feb 23 2011

The most appealing aspect of is the ability to feedback on each design submission:

As a client: The ability to give feedback on each design will help get the entries moving in the right direction to what you have in mind.

As a designer: The fact you get feedback on your design and can see the feedback for other designs, lets you modify your design to get a better chance of winning

One thing missing – ability to have an account that is both designer and client

David Fitzgibbon Feb 23 2011

As a designer it would be a great way to see how other designers deal with the same problem, getting inspiration from these differences and also, maybe making some money out of it too!

As i designer, in South America, i think it gives you a chance to expand your client reach worldwide, and as a client, it’s a good way to find good designers when you are overflown with work.

As a client the appeal of is that my project is accessible for anybody with sufficient sqills.

Vladislavs Judins Feb 23 2011

I love the simpleness of the idea and easy of use. I really like how their home page shows everything what its about.

Chris Feb 23 2011

Chance to get ad-hoc input when we’re unable to commission larger pieces of work, and to engage with up and coming designers

Jacob van Zijp Feb 23 2011

For me as a developer would be a great source for inspiration.

As a designer is nice to find a new site like this. There are a lot of them out there but this one is new for me and for sure will give it a go.

As for the giveaway, good luck to everyone!

D. Caughill Feb 23 2011

The most appealing aspect of is how the variety of backgrounds of the designers comes through in their designs. I love how the typography and shapes used draws on their respective languages and cultures.

triin Feb 23 2011

I like the overall modern and light design of the site, but the idea of the contests is the most appealing, very useful for both sides.

Indra Feb 23 2011

It’s appealing to me as a designer because it’s an interesting way of getting new projects. Instead of waiting for a client to approach me, I can submit my concepts to to different project and clients from all over the world. Nice concept.

Karen Feb 23 2011

I think it’s a great way for designers to pick projects that fit a specific industry or niche and show off their skills in a fun atmosphere with a chance to win some cash and add to their portfolio.

Derek Brown Feb 23 2011

As a client, the most appealing aspect is the crowdsourcing component. This allows me to have multiple options while at the same time keeping costs low. This is the “silver bullet” of crowdsourcing sites. And I love it.

Gabriele Enoch Feb 23 2011

As a designer, the really accessible structure of the website and the grow-gain opportunity offered.

dumazz Feb 23 2011

The idea of this service is fine. As the customer I value his legibility for myself, easiness of the service, transparency. Apart from that attractive prices, complete into categories of services offer. I became the fan on Facebook and Twitter.

S.M.Karthick Feb 23 2011

As a designer i love the way works.Their assures 100% client satisfaction.Their ranking & points for designers works very well.Overall designcontest is Awesome!

Thiago Feb 23 2011

Being able to submit your requirements and only paying for THE ONE design you favor is absolutely amazing!

Pablo Lara H Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)? As a client, they can get the best designs with cheap prizes.

apmatei Feb 23 2011

To be honest, it’s the first time I hear about As a client, the most appealing aspect of this website is that they have 20,000+ designers. This thing is important for me because I access only one website and I can choose from different types of designers.

Phillip Makabe Feb 23 2011

As a Cleint I think it is the can really get my job of getting things done a breeze.

Judging a designer’s quality from what he chooses to show you is always a gamble. The contest format seems like a great way to leverage competition and ensure quality.

There are other sites of the kind, however I think the emphasis on promoting designers (medals and point) is the best part of DesignContest… clients can find the most appropriate designer for their need.

TheNutz Feb 23 2011

As a designer who wants to support crowsourcing :))

Antonio Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I like the concept, but I still think that the price for the service is not so high. To be a designer is hard and people, mostly clients, should appreciate the work and the service that we deliver.

Alfredo Arriaza Feb 23 2011

I think as a client the posibility of see more than 1 alternative for my request is excelent and as a designer is a excelent way to try our skills and learn whit others designs.

thanks for the giveaway ;)

Mattew Feb 23 2011

As client, it’s great website, for people like me, which are business owners not designers but they businesses need a designer work.

Vinnie Feb 23 2011

As I’m more of a developer, I probably wouldn’t participate in designing for contests, but starting a contest for a client project looks pretty easy (I’m surprised they offer live chat :O).

Saurabh Feb 23 2011

What appealed to me was the fact that it lets the designers to go for the kill. I mean, this being the form of a contest results in the best for everyone.

And the best thing is it gives a chance to everyone. Though someone is experienced, but we amateurs because of, have got the platform to compete against them…!!

David Shaw Feb 23 2011

As a Client:
Instead of hiring a single firm to do design work, I have a whole network of talented and creative individuals who can provide high quality work that meets my requirements.

Erica LaChappelle Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I like the fact that I can choose the contests that I want to enter. This way, it’s fun and doesn’t feel like a job.

Michele B Feb 23 2011

As a designer it would be an interesting challenge to see if I could come up with something unique to meet customer needs, but I would likely use it more as a client to have multiple options and designers to choose from.

Michael Byers Feb 23 2011

The most appealing part is getting a quality design that I love!

Joelji Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?
–> As a Designer I like the multiple design categories available, so that i can search for contests that i’m skilled in designing.

As a designer, if I’ve not got much on then these projects can be a welcome distraction and could potentially get me some dosh.

three Feb 23 2011

I’m interested in seeing the wide range of submitted designs.

Suhani Feb 23 2011

My favorite part of the website is the fact that it exists, to be frank! I think it inspires all types of people, who aren’t necessarily the most creative to those who have made a career out of their talent, to dig deep and find the artist within. There are a lot of facets about that make it easy for clients to find the service they need and for designers to jump on the opportunity to create.

demogar Feb 23 2011

Why didn’t I discover DesignContest before? The idea is really great.

I run a company that mostly does development and we often need design components for our development process (call it logos, websites, etc). I think this is a great solution for our needs, since we could reach good designers around the globe.

Mike Krus Feb 23 2011

nice marketplace!

Fero Volar Feb 23 2011

As a designer I appreciate the principle on which works. It allows me to compare my quality with others.
I also have the opportunity to get to work on that I would otherwise have hardly tried.

From the perspective of the client to the transparent selection of options offered by a very simple way. It would certainly be nice to extend the web well as other languages.

Seth Etter Feb 23 2011

This is very appealing because of the quality of work that would be going into the services. Typically on freelancing sites, the quality of work is the first thing to suffer. Implementing things like the on-site portfolio and community functions is going to stress a higher level of quality required to participate compared to most similar functioning websites.

Community is key. :)

Jim Cook Feb 23 2011

“What aspect of is appealing to you?”
As a designer, I’d say the constant inflow of thoughts, ideas and observations in the forum.

Anthony Feb 23 2011

Well as a client, I like the idea of getting options, as a designer the ability to give and receive feedback on items.

I really like the forums and the idea of contests!

As a designer, the possibility to expose my work to a great number of visitors and the challenging of talent behind the contests.

Paul Dixon Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client?
– As a client its the range and quality of submissions from a large and diverse pool of designers

Dario Calonaci Feb 23 2011

As a designer, the most appealing aspect of sites like this one is just to show more my already existent portfolio and get a lot of backlink.
No more, ’cause logo design contest or similar suck for both professionist and newbies…
You’re killin’ the design industry!

Geek in Heels Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I would say that’s extensive community, boasting 23k designers and an extensive forum, is the most appealing.

Lina Zaproudi Feb 23 2011

I am very glad to have found out about through this post. I have bookmarked it for future use.
Checking out the website I find it very useful – as a client.

Because of its simplicity.
It looks like a great way to receive quality work from designers, with less hassle on my part.
Plus, I can see the designs *first*, and *then* select the winner (the 100% money-back guarantee is great too).

I had recently posted an illustration job on Elance and found the selection process to be tedious and time consuming.

The system on seems straightforward and very simple.

Marcel Carabin Feb 23 2011

As designer – clean, easy to read, well structured content
As a client – appealing design, easy navigation, great browsing experience

MethodicJon Feb 23 2011

> What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

As a client, I like that I can get people to bid on a design, people contacting me, instead of chasing people down.

Claus Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client?
=> as a client, the advantage of crowdsource design – you get the best value for your money as you pick what fits your vision best, while designers compete to give their best.

Abram Feb 23 2011

As a client, I am impressed with the clean design of the site and the easy to use interface.

Bocochoco Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

as a designer, their use of colors and contrast is very appealing.

Crazyhunk Feb 23 2011

as a Designer,
we get to meet new designers, talk about design, new trends, learn from other designers, help a few designers, participate in contests – know our weakness & a way to improve on them …
wow I think the list goes on … ;)

Michał Feb 23 2011

As a client, the best aspect of using is that I get a lot of project proposals. The higher prize I offer, the more (and the better quality) proposals I receive.

George Feb 23 2011

as a client >> the 100% money back guarantee which lets me know I will get a professional design for my money

As a client interested designers come to you instead of having to find a designer who maybe interested.

Chris Feb 23 2011

As a designer, seems pretty interesting. This is the first I’ve heard of it, so I’m anxious to try it. I like the idea of this site because it give me, the designer, some control over what I design. I’d imagine it might be hard to make a living off of something like this, but for someone looking to improve their design abilities in a low-stakes way, this seems like the perfect option.

Josh Frankel Feb 23 2011

I enjoy how all the designs are placed in a gallery view for clients and other designers to view. Very cool! This allows for the client to link to specific examples that he/she likes. Feedback on specific entered designs from clients allows other designers to focus more closely to what the client wants.

adam.p Feb 23 2011

I’d say as a designer. I usually surf DesignContest.Com for inspiration… :)

Chris Feb 23 2011

I find the web design section very intriguing. May have to give this site a try.

Abdelhadi Touil Feb 23 2011

For me: As a designer, because I like very much the design: a very nice color-scheme, easy to use website, clean and professional design.
Good luck!

Oscar Ekholm Feb 23 2011

Even though I’m a designer myself I think DesignContest appeals more to me as a client. It seems to be a useful resource when not finding enough time (for icons etc) when working on a project.

Kelly Feb 23 2011

As a designer, the opportunity to get possible new contacts and feedback for my work.

I would have to count myself in the NOSPEC crowd, and thus dislike these types of sites. However, I can see some personal and professional value in these sites, just perhaps not in the way they were intended.

First, this is a huge resource for ideas and inspiration for my projects. The amount of work in these sorts of sites dwarf sites like Dribbble. And while the quality may not be as good as Dribbble, just the idea of what someone was going for might be enough for me to come up with something better.

Second, lots of people get upset about these sorts of sites taking away potential clients. But my thought on that is this: Do you really want to work for someone who would go to one of these sites? I am not a freelancer, so perhaps I am looking at this through rose-colored glasses, but knowing that the client I am working with didn’t use one of these sites could be a good indicator that they will value the effort it takes to create stuff like this, and thus our working relationship will be stronger.

So in short, crowdsourcing sites provide good fodder for inspiration, and can help increase the likelihood of finding clients who see designers as more than just machines that crank out designs on command.

Mario Awad Feb 23 2011

As a client, DesignContest is a great way to ensure the quality of the developed project. Be it a logo or a website design. Since I’m a web developer, providing quality designs for my clients is paramount. Good luck :)

Sean M Feb 23 2011

I think that seeing the various and awesome designs shown on are great sources of inspiration as a budding and potential web designer.

arCHer Feb 23 2011

The fact that it has a ‘live’ and a phone feature proves to be very helpful if there’s a problem I need resolving.

Their money back policy also is very enticing.

They also have very detailed stats of their designers which helps find the best ones quickly.

Strixy Feb 23 2011

“What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?”

As a client, it gives you the opportunity to see your brand reinterpreted several different ways with relatively little risk or cost.

Melanie Richards Feb 23 2011

Is it wise to take sponsorships from design contest websites? As far as I have heard, crowd-sourcing spec work is damaging to the design community because it drives down our value as professionals and increases the likelihood of plagiarism.

What aspect of is appealing to you as a designer or as a client?
=> I think the forums will become a fantastic meeting and exchange place.

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)? It seems an easy way to find new talent for designs.

Jeremy Glover Feb 23 2011

As a client, it’s fantastic that I can get multiple designs from completely different people so that the concepts aren’t too similar. I also love that I only pay for the winning design that I choose.

John R Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client?
as a client, I can rely on those with an eye for design to do a project in half the time it would take me.

Deanna Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I think the competition aspect is what is appealing to me. Knowing there is competition will really force me to put my best work out there. Not to mention, it’s great to view others work on the same concept, to help gauge my own skill level.

I like the idea. I could imagine to use this service as client. I need a new logo for a project and this platform seems to be a good source (anyway it is not cheap).

cedric rey Feb 23 2011

as a designer, designcontest is a great source of inspiration !

As both a designer and potential client, I like that I could dabble in a bit of freelance work in my free time, as well as return the favor (since I work in-house) if we ever get swamped and need some assistance. Sounds like a great concept!

As a designer and a client:
Designer loads of jobs and new clients
As a client loads of new designers

David Smit Feb 23 2011

as a client >> the 100% money back guarantee and getting more than one person to work on my design.

Nancy Chen Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I love the ranking system of allowing anyone to view and learn from the works of top designers.

From Design Contest: “Dozens of designers submit designs”

This is fantastic! It’s especially useful for me as I can do web design pretty well, but when it comes to logos, I fail. Now, when I need one, I can go to the website and just put in a request and it isn’t just one or two logos from the same person/company, it’s a selection of logos which can be hard to get otherwise.

timmy Feb 23 2011

As a designer.
Thanks aqain DesignContest & Sixrevisions !

Shaun Feb 23 2011

As a client (developer), I like that it’s possible to get talented designers to come up with much-needed design for apps I build.

Edison A. Leon Feb 23 2011

As a client it will help to other sides of my feature product

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client?

As a (web) designer I’m intrigued by the overall concept of the site.

Björn Feb 23 2011

As a designer, networking and competing are cornerstones for the creative process. That is what’s appealing to me.

I think the best thing about the website is the forums!! As a relatively new designer they are a wealth of information and knowledge! Love it :)

Bradley Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

As a beginner, it gives me the opportunity to practice design and have a chance of getting paid.

as a client it’s a great lowcost way to get in touch with designers and see their concepts.

Andre Prudente Feb 23 2011

As a designer. I realy like the forums. It’s a great source of inspiration too.

Joigie Feb 23 2011

Provides a great resource; the ability to have your work critiqued by a community of designers with diverse backgrounds.

Dennis Feb 23 2011

As a client i think the best thing is that i have to pay only the design, which i like the most. As a designer i have a site where many people come to look for a talented designer and where i can get new contracts.

Best regards

mziege Feb 23 2011

For me as a designer, its the chance to get inspiration and projects around the world

Mariska Feb 23 2011

As a client – with limited budget – I have direct access to creative and inspiring ideas made by various designers. I only have to pay for the design that I choose, so that’s really great. And it’s a fast and fun way to maybe get a different view of a concept. Benefits only!

Joel Besada Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I think that is a great place to show off your work to others. Instead of just creating a portfolio of designs for made up companies, you can actually contribute to existing companies while building your portfolio and also have chance to earn money from it.

ajprice Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

As a designer it is a great way to choose jobs you want to be involved with, and look around at how other designers approach the same brief. There is also a good community across a range of digital and print design backgrounds.

Christopher Feb 23 2011

As a designer I can get my creativity out and I can find clients.

Ashley Williams Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

I’m a client and I like the idea of this site because of the healthy competition part. When designers can see other people’s work it encourages them to do better in my eyes, which ultimately can leave you with a nice design.

Steven Gerson Feb 23 2011

I love the community aspect and the Forum, where I can learn new techniques and push my limits.

Shanon Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

It allows me to interact with both clients and other designers in one location.

As a designer it is great to see what others are doing and how your work stacks up – extremely useful

Michael Trang Feb 23 2011

Oftentimes being a designer in a corporate environment limits me from the new trends and innovations that are coming out of more robust design environments(ie. agencies). and other crowd-sourcing sites showcases the best efforts of top designers and gives me a great reference to what I need to improve upon personally and where I need to be as a professional in the design field.

Jason Feb 23 2011

As a designer, participating in a contest helps me to push myself to do the best I can. I like to win but don’t really care if I do. I do contests to hopefully learn something and to try and better myself in some way from the last thing I did.

Jordan Wiseman Feb 23 2011

The most appealing thing about it to me is the ability to get your work noticed and get more clients. It seems like a great tool, and I’m definitely going to start using it!

Kevin Feb 23 2011

As a client I find the easy layout to be very appealing.

Milos Feb 23 2011

As a professional designer, is a providing a great way for both beginner & intermediate designers to earn money for their great work, engage in the community, and learn the business relationship between client and designer by constantly communicating while providing mockups and reading client’s briefs.

I think the best thing about it is that it allows good designers to have an opportunity to showcase their skills and win jobs that they might otherwise not have had an opportunity to get. It’s great!

Ashish Bogawat Feb 23 2011

As a designer, the sheer thrill of going head-to-head with so many other designers can be enticing. And if you win through that, it can be such a big boost to one’s confidence.

As a potential client I love how easy it is to gather proposals from designers in one central place while helping set the expectation of what one can expect for a certain price.

Adriano Ribeiro Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I like to see how professionals solve the same problem a different way

Pavel Gerega Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you as a designer or as a client?
As a designer, it’s a chance to do all sorts of different projects. Plus the site looks awesome.

Vadim Demedes Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I like the forums! Because I think they are pretty good for newbies, like me :-) And this site is interesting for me, as a client too!

Gregory Feb 23 2011

It’s unique and great that designers can gain points for their work. Amazing feature. I think i move from related site to this one :D

Ashley K Feb 23 2011

As a client I love the idea of a community driven my competition. It not only provides more affordable prices, but much better design in my opinion!

As a designer, they help me brush up on my skills and get some extra practice.

Andrew Odri Feb 23 2011

I think the logo design section is very practical from a client’s point of view. It is inexpensive, has an excellent comment and rating system, and from what I’ve been able to observe the quality is good. I have a friend who used this for his company actually, and the revision system could be improved for logos, but I think think this is a cheap and high quality solution for businesses looking to rebrand.

Tyler Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

I love the fact that great designs can be recognized even if they aren’t the eventual winner via DesignContest point system. It provides more incentive for me to compete in a contest and create a better product.

Guillaume Hamel Feb 23 2011

To me, a webmaster, is appealing as a client.

I can find great talent to help design nice logos for my clients.

Seems like an interesting way to view the work of other designers and see how they solve a particular problem with their own style. It’s also a neat way for someone who is new to the industry to get their work out there.

As a designer, it’s another way to get in touch with new clients.

The design of the site is very uplifting… Beautiful use of bright blue, blue-green, and white in a way that is not overwhelming. The site is also very user friendly. Thank you for another great contest with fabulous prizes!

Joakim Kejser Feb 23 2011

As a client it is an awesome way to get lots of designs to choose between. As a designer it is a way to stay motivated and keep you on your edges – you need to beat the others!

And the community idea in generel i really nice!

Chris Ellison Feb 23 2011

I like that DesignContest can assist with many features of the website-creation process. Instead of having one person work on everything, some of the work can be outsourced to another with (possibly) more experience in the particular area. I also like the initial contest price options with the ability to set your own price if needed.

Niel Revelle Feb 23 2011

As an app designer I can see myself using this both as a design and a customer (for logos/icons). The portfolio items are impressive.

Hemanth Feb 23 2011

the fact that people like me who have good ideas for a out of the box design in mind but have no expertise in putting them on paper can benefit out of this tool.

Young Feb 23 2011

As much as I’ve heard these contest sites criticized harshly before for siphoning off talent for cheap, I think it’s a great way for those talented people out there without much professional training or experience.

I taught myself everything I know about web design, and it took me a long time to find my place in the industry. DesignContest seems like a good way to deal with that period of catch 22, when you can’t gain experience without a job, but you can’t get a job without experience.

The companies get design for cheap, the unknown designers get experience – sounds like a win-win to me!

Justin DiMucci Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I can see the use of this site ideal for anyone fresh out of school who has no client base to prove themselves and their work, while working on their portfolio at the same time.

zeroSignal Feb 23 2011

It looks like a great place to share ideas & get inspiration, and that’s what’s most important for a designer. As a designer myself, I’d love to be able to get feedback as well as inspiration for my work!

iHacks Feb 23 2011

This is the perfect community for webdesigners. I like to admire the work of others.

Blake Feb 23 2011

As a client, DesignContest would create a way to see more ideas from more sources because your RFP is put out into a large pool of available talent that has already, rather than the traditional method of searching for talent based on references and advertisements. More bidders yields more options and better results, this is an awesome idea!

Andrew Feb 23 2011

As a designer, it’s a great resource of inspiration, as a client – i like that I almost always find what i looking for.

Kevin Bedard Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I just discover this website because of the post and I think it’s a great concept. The most appealing thing to that is you get to chose what you want to work on! So if something inspires you, do something for it and it will turn out great than a project you have with no motivation at all. It’s a win-win for you, and for the client, who gest tons of MOTIVATED people working on what he needs.

George E. Feb 23 2011

I love the fact that you get to reach and work with so many awesome people at once.

Nancy Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I think DesignContest motivates me to continue to work on designs by submitting an entry to a contest during a slow period as a freelancer. I also like to see what other designers can come up with and get inspired by their work.

Alice Paquette Feb 23 2011 is appealing to me because it inspires my imagination and generates creative ideas as a designer.

As a client, what I find most appealing is the wealth of creativity that is available to me. The notion of “open source” is present here and when creators are allowed to inspire and, in turn, be inspired by those in this international forum, the designs that follow are something we can all be proud of–because they are a product of the world’s collective creativity and genius.

Colleen C Feb 23 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)? As a client! As much I as I would like to think I am talented – I am not that talented!

The Kindle can be shipped to me, I confirmed on the Amazon page.


As a client, having access to a competitive marketplace and potentially hundreds of different options is appealing to me. I’ll be sure to keep DesignContest in mind when I need to have some work done.

As a webdeveloper I use it as a source of insoiration an information!

Yassine Bentaieb Feb 23 2011

I think the most appealing aspect is that you learn with practice and you can build a nice portfolio of work to show.

Chris Feb 23 2011

As a client, this would appeal to me since I can have a set price and get multiple entries and choose what I like best rather then going to one person and getting something I may not like.

Actually, I’m bookmarking this for future projects.

Drew Watkins Feb 23 2011

I think the site encourages designers to push the boundaries of their expertise.

Simonas Feb 23 2011

First of all, I’m worst designer possible, so I will review this site from eyes of client.
I most of time get some requests to set up webpage, naturally, I have to make design too. For that I often look for random designers, now I will have one more place to look for them. Also I liked that Custom pricing, where you can enter how much you can pay.

I love that I can use to find designers to handle small projects like logos that I can’t find time for!

Aaron S Feb 23 2011

As a client, the options you get and the variety of designs to choose from.

Victor Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I like that has a big community, a lot of designers and a well organized forum.

Kayla Feb 23 2011

Then forums are the most appealing to me. Talking with other designers is always helpful!

noeki Feb 23 2011

As a designer, it’s a good resource to have a look at what other designers are doing.

I think the most appealing aspect of – for both clients and designers alike – is that it opens opportunities for future business relationships.

Heather Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I like the idea of collaboration. I think this would help me to hone my skills and push myself to greater creativity… thus offering my clients more value.

Delikus Feb 23 2011

As a designer I really like the forums!

I think that as a designer, it would provide inspiration and ideas when you are stuck. As a developer, I can see that this would be a great way to get a professional design at the exact budget I select.

J. Weathers Feb 23 2011

Looks like a great way to get feedback on designs.

Greg Coates Feb 23 2011

As a client, I think is great because it allows me to get logo submissions from a wide range of people…there’s more creativity involved than going to a single designer.

Michel Monen Feb 23 2011

As a client it gives me access to hundred of professionals from all disciplines which I never could have reached before.

jamie g Feb 23 2011

as a professional designer, sites like this are what is needed to keep my skills sharp!

Here’s the thing about a site like — great designs don’t always have to come from highly paid designers. I would encourage my design students to use this site to hone their skills and generate some interest in their work. It’s a great way to build confidence and to give the really talented students a kick-start in the design world.

Lewis Sellers Feb 23 2011

Theres two reasons that would be appealing to us.

1) The designers we use are mainly website designs, Logo design is not our specialism. It’s great to know that theres a website out there where people can join in a community, design for a specific project and the client can get a range of different designs from different people and pay a fair price.

2) Our core business is website design and It’s a great way to promote ourselves. Theres obviously a lot of people wanting website design on so it’s a great way of finding new clients! It’s also good to improve skills and work on different types of projects.

Good find! I’m following on Twitter and will sign up in the near future once I’ve got the next couple of jobs out the way!


As a client. It is a great way to get many takes on ideas that need to be brought to life.

Anthony Feb 23 2011

I like the designer aspect of it mostly because I can see what other people have done, and get more ideas sometimes including ones that others have already done.

The forums look like an awesome resource for designers.

Patricio Feb 23 2011

I think as a designer because i have de opportunitie of work for many people in us and arround the world and my art will be recognizep another ways of imagine the design.


Elmir Feb 23 2011

I find community of this website to be very appealing for me…since I can take up roles of both client and designer due to different kinds of projects…being able to delegate a specific design task to experienced designers is a huge advantage, while still having community that is helpful if I run the task myself.

I like to see the progression of ideas as they are developed to match the brief.

Indra Arifin Feb 23 2011

As a designer, it is always fun to see a collaboration of creative minds in one community. It encourages the growth of ideas to produce even more better designs!

stygyan Feb 23 2011

As a designer – and almost a newbie, at that – I think that what appeals to me the most, are the chances to increase my portfolio.

Daniel Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I think it’s a great place for new designers to hone their skills.

bufoXTL Feb 23 2011

I think it’s a great resource to look at graphic design trends.

Justin Feb 23 2011

As a designer I think it’s great that my work would have a chance to get noticed. Sometimes the best ideas come from the least likely places and DesignContest gives every artist an opportunity to shine!

Nimish Feb 23 2011

as a client i can get in touch with quality developers

As a designer, I think it’s a great place to identify new business opportunities.

Pushpinder Bagga Feb 23 2011

This is a perfect community for designers cum clients like myself.

I own a Restaurant in Adelaide – Dera; am usually online for getting flyers, invitations and goodies designed for my guests. As I designer I try to make them myself albeit sometimes I am just not able to get what I exactly need.

designcontest is one thing that I surely can rely upon for a great and timely design done by professionals.

I like the forum especially and would surely check out and discuss on how to make and get done great artwork for my specific needs.

Plus, I like designing everything from T-Shirts to Templates but no communities offer Designers this range of expertise. Kudos to DC for the same ;)


James Feb 23 2011

For a developer like me without really much design experience, content is very useful.

Daniel G Feb 23 2011

As a client I need some fairly custom work but being opensource I don’t have the budget to engage a large firm. Using I could contact a large number of designers and find somes specifically interested in this type of work.

Przemek Hybel Feb 23 2011

As a designer I appreciate the opportunity to have my work judged and evaluated

Hogni Feb 23 2011

I love the forums, very good.

sunil Feb 23 2011

I actually quiet like the design of the site itself.

It’s simple and beautiful.

Jason Feb 23 2011

I think of myself as creative, however, I never seem to have the ability to create a logo. I am decent at web design and creative enough to pass, but those dern logos! That is what appeals to me.

Eric Lonadits Feb 23 2011

As a designer I’m interested in the playful approach to approaching a briefing which could end up becoming an unexpected paying job.

The inspiration provided by is what does it for me. As a designer looking for clusters of content that can lead to new concepts in my designs is greatly beneficial and rewarding!

Zach S Feb 23 2011

I really the look and feel of the homepage. Nice and clean but has a splash of flare and gets their message across.

Felipe Genuino Feb 23 2011

Primeiramente obrigado por proporcionar esse sorteio conosco.

Eu creio que neste espaço é uma grande oportunidade para mostrar o talento do designer envolvido, é um perfeito laboratório de criação, e para o comprador ou cliente é sempre uma boa oportunidade de conhecer novos talentos.


[EDIT: Translation via Google Translate]
First thank you for providing us this draw.

I believe that this space is a great opportunity to showcase the talent of the designer involved, is a perfect laboratory for creation and for the buyer or customer is always a good opportunity to meet new talent.


Joyce Feb 23 2011

I would have to say the forums on designContest are appealing.

Kim Clune Feb 23 2011

As a designer, I love the healthy competition, a necessity to push the limits on creativity. It’s just too easy to say “that’s good enough” when there’s no comparison.

Armando E. Lopez Jr. Feb 23 2011

As a designer, it serves as a resource for inspiration.

As a client, it can teach us to be self-employed designer hahaha

Ronald Bien Feb 23 2011

As a designer. This will enhance more design ideas with the help of the community and earn at the same time while having fun.

Denise Feb 23 2011

As a client, I like that I get to have a whole range of designers and artists with just one click. It makes it so much easier to see what a designer/artist can offer, instead of going through the ordinary and tiresome process of selecting designs that suit us manually.

Karl Fitzgerald Feb 23 2011 makes fine use of the best aspects of the web – the ability to aggregate talent, instantly display and transmit date, and bring people together who in a quick and efficient way. It has great organization and is easy to use. I look forward to participating and offering our company’s design services.

As a designer, i like to participate in design contests, i like a kindle and i bookmarked

Cat H Feb 23 2011

I just discovered and am blown away how easy it is to use, all areas where I would need a design are covered and an enormous amount of talent available!

Thanks for the heads up on this site. I think I can find many a use for it.

I see it as a source of inspiration, and also as a good way to supplement my income. I see it as a place to showcase some of my work, and win new clients.

I also see it as a good way to outsource some of my workload, and to share the wealth with my fellow designers.

Merddin Design Feb 23 2011

As a designer it is a great way to build a portfolio when you are starting out.

I think it could be a great way to explore new ideas and grow as a designer.

Payam Rahmani Feb 24 2011

“Website Design” section, since I am a web designer!

Melonie Feb 24 2011

As an amateur designer, I am really interested in the fact that everyone has a shot at winning a design contest at And it seems a lot cleaner and more well-organized than sites like 99designs, where I tend to get lost in all of the hubbub.

Vinnie Feb 24 2011

As a client, it’s a great platform for get my ideas which need hetfy design works done quickly so I can focus on the business and technical parts.

Hermanet Lay Feb 24 2011

Simple answer (for both client and designer).. “How it works!”

I think the most appealing aspect is the fact you can get any kind of design job done. :)

iaindb Feb 24 2011

As a client it’s reassuring to be able to see potential designs from multiple designers so that I can pick the one that suits me best. Each designer will interpret your requirements slightly differently, and it’s hard to pick a design company who you haven’t worked with before. not only lets you see potential designs, but also keeps competition up and prices down!

As a designer, I use it for inspiration and I will participate in contests.

Mihaela Hinayon Feb 24 2011

As a designer, the transparency of the platform is most appealing. For one, you can view other designers’ entries and evaluate your skills against other contestants.

The prize money is also clearly identified from the beginning so you work based on what the project is really worth.

Piotr Pucyk Feb 24 2011

As a designer, I get from designcontest a powerpack of inspirations to boost my imagination… I always find fresh and unique ideas there !

Ester Liquori Feb 24 2011

As a designer, I like big communities which can give inspiration and feedback. By the way I also think that the contest method is more valuable for client than designers. This because very often contest choosing method kills the market decreasing the value of a good job based on research together with creativity.

hqdipace Feb 24 2011

As a designer. Great place to sharpen our skills/and get inspirations.

Steve O'Connor Feb 24 2011

As a designer, this website appeals to me…

… not at all. Yet another warping of the crowdsourcing idea so they get to pocket some cash while designers get to pocket some small change.

Very disappointed Six Revisions.

Robert Hoppe Feb 24 2011

interesting ideas for client and customer

As a designer the ability to pitch a design to anyone regardless of location.

Daniel Codrea Feb 24 2011

As a designer, I like the forum and the community that is there to help you solve your dilemmas.

munky Feb 24 2011

As a web developer it’s nice to see:
1. that everything is categorized;
2. easy way to start contest ( if I would need a designer, I would definetly use DesignContest );
3. easy to navigate throught all contest entries ( and search for inspiration :) );
4. easy to find designer for future projects ( like how designer’s works are displayed in designer’s portfolio ) and also that makes designer’s to stand out from the crowd;
5. forum – great way to discuss/share design related ideas/questions ( usefull for inspiration )

Alyona Cvetkova Feb 24 2011

Thats a great opportunity for me as designer to showcase work and participate in self-selected projects :)

rohit Feb 24 2011

it’s a great website to sharp design skills and to interact with other designers

Rodions Feb 24 2011

Nice site for client, so that not only one designer helps out building scheme for the corporate site, I will certainly use it in near future..

Monica S. Flores Feb 24 2011

I like the ease of the UI, including the navigation and block layout– i.e. being able to start a contest easily, and to see the featured contests and top designers right on the front page.

Nathan Chapman Feb 24 2011

As a designer, the most impressive thing about Design Content is the multiple graphic forms – tshirt, logo, business cards etc. – that contests can be run under. Previously, it’s a new site registration and ‘entry’ rules for each form.

Sookie Shuen Feb 24 2011

“What aspect of is appealing to you?”
As a designer, I would say with the collaboration of creative people from all over the world, it will drown audiences with never ending ideas and creative solutions!

Alexander Feb 24 2011

I Would say as a Designer, clearly.

Hannah Hurst Feb 24 2011 is appealing because as a designer it would allow me to push myself that little bit more with my designs, be a great community to be in and be a way of getting my work out there to be noticed.

Radek Jurzysta Feb 24 2011

2 things:
– Global coverage
– Quick and easy route of creating a contest
– It’s nice to see other people’s work (from Designer perspective)

Ian G Feb 24 2011

I like the freedom it gives you…

– the client gives the brief, you create… no interference
– The deadline is set so you can do it any time, anywhere, as long as you deliver.
– It connects you with like minded people
– the costs are reasonable and not slave labour…

Keep up the good work!

Garrett Murphy Feb 24 2011

This is actually pretty cool…I like it as a source of inspiration

Shawn Feb 24 2011

As a designer the opportunity to practice and hone my craft while possibly earning prize money is what appeals to me

Richard Blumberg Feb 24 2011

What I like best about the whole Design Contest idea is that it lets you see how other people are thinking about design – what potential buyers of design services are looking for, and how designers are thinking about various design challenges, processes, workflows, and tools.

Samuel Runcieman Feb 24 2011

As a designer now, and a previous client, I think the extra competition breeds better designs and products. More people can showcase their skills so you HAVE to be better than them.

Everybody wins from it!

Juarez P. A. Filho Feb 24 2011

As a designer I can see what other designers are doing and get inspired with it. Nice contest by the way. =D

Hardeep Feb 24 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

The fantastic layout, the color schemes, the various design ideas and the truly magnificent concept of coupled with the artistic talent from the world over.

I think the overall flexibility of the site is what makes it appealing! It get better as they listen to their viewership for ideas and suggestions in making a leader amongst its peers.

Anjei2006 Feb 24 2011

As a webdeveloper i think would be a great source.

Mark H Feb 24 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client?
As a web designer, you can utilize the many different levels of talent.

Sergio Ordonez Feb 24 2011

As I client: I would love to have 800 low quality concepts to review, 70 newbie designers to deal with, promoting unethical competition and plagiarism.

As I designer: of course, I love to work with any guarantee of being paid… the dream of every designer.

Honestly, I didn’t expect Six Revisions promote work on Spec. But the big surprise is that most of the designers here are open to promote work on spec just to get a gadget… sad.

Mat Landers Feb 24 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

As a Designer this website appeals to me in that it provides a competitive environment to induce the highest level of creativity. If you can’t be creative enough, you’re likely not going to be chosen.

As a client, I like the wide range of products available, from logos to themes, T-shirts and business cards.
I also like the fact that designers are ranked : you can quickly find examples of very professional pieces of work.

Jelani Harris Feb 24 2011

As a client, the most appealing aspect is the crowdsourcing.
I would love have multiple options for designs and keep my costs low.

Carina Pfann Feb 24 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)? => As a designer I like the possibility to have access to possible clients without having to do new business on my own and I like the broad range of requested designs.

Misael Gaytan Feb 24 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

What appeals as a designer is how the design is and how the skills are being used for a better design.

Valerij Feb 24 2011

I’d wish I knew about this site before I ordered my website from local freelancer, who creates my site for three weeks already. I already posted an offer for landing page :) thanks for information!

Nick Plekhanov Feb 24 2011

As a designer it would be a great way to see how other designers deal with the same problem, getting inspiration from these differences and also, maybe making some money out of it too!

Jeffrey Feb 24 2011

As a designer, I like the combination of being able to browse the contests, see specific feedback that others have received, and the experimental, sandbox atmosphere that can move ideas forward.

As a Client, I can get designers to work for me dirt cheap. Awesome!

Tom Dempsey Feb 24 2011

As a designer, I am always looking for tips and inspiration from others. is perfect!

As a designer, I use it for pieces I’m not yet able to make; and use those into my own work. Or just fill in some time as practice. As a client, I can easily start a contest, and get valuable entries which suit any need (same of the designer point of view anyway).
I don’t think I can give many recommendations, they seem to have it all in place already (customer reviews, clean layout, ability to leave feedback, …). The white on blue is a bit difficult to read though (maybe it’s cause I’m partially colorblind, but still).

MMinksy Feb 24 2011

As a designer it’s always gratifying to be a part of something bigger than yourself. This type of design is more of a collaborative effort by competing against other designers, not teams of suits! :)

Jessica Feb 24 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

As a designer I love the concept because of the great motivation it provides me to continually and actively hone my skills. Not only do I get to have fun competing against fellow designers but I’ll probably learn a thing or two along the way!

Melissa Leide Feb 24 2011

The most appealing aspect of, as a young designer, is the ability to expand my portfolio without the pressures of doing freelance work.

Also, offers a diverse selection of design categories that attracts a variety of design professionals. With that said, I believe, there is still room for improvement.

There are several other categories that would appeal to businesses. Granted there is an ‘other’ category but no business owner wants their design needs to be classified as an other.

So what do businesses need? What do they require along with their new identity? Newsletter and poster designs are two example categories that I think would interest a client that don’t currently have their own categories on the website.

Ryshel Feb 24 2011

I like being able to point at different designs I like and track down those designers.

Dustin P. Feb 24 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

I love the ease of use! I really enjoy their home page layout!

Scott Ogle Feb 24 2011

I love the arena it provides to practice my craft. If I do a good job there are good rewards but no sweat if I don’t come through.

Andrew Martin Feb 24 2011

Glad I found this site and I look forward to interacting in this community. I believe from either side – client or designer – this is a “win-win”, unique approach. I think I like most, from a designer’s point of view, the breakdown of categories. Also, one can easily gain inspiration and motivation as well as compare skill sets by seeing the influences of other designers.

Ondrej Galbavý Feb 24 2011

As a client I could easily get design of my ideas.
Forum title page footer could use some cleanup.

Jeremy Feb 24 2011

as a client, the number of designers you have to get ideas from.

Zanna Feb 24 2011

Its really motivating website for me as designer, which leads me to work harder and get same reaults and hopefully eventually better. But start is good for everyone, even that Im working for cheap now. Danke for sharing

Bonde Feb 24 2011

healthy competition, and great inspiration

atrebla Feb 24 2011

as both a designer and a client, the amount of inspiration and feedback given on the site is amazing.
The sense of community and the constant interaction between contest creators and designer fosters a dynamic environment which stimulates my creativity.

Johnny Feb 24 2011

Do you have any recommendations on how can improve its site design, functionality or ability to bring in more new clients?

First of all has a memorable color scene and style that makes itself stand out a lot with its vibrant colors. I can close my eyes and easily remember because of its colors. The drawback with the vibrant color is that it’s a little bright on the eyes when you want to keep focused for long periods and focus is what you want from your users especially a community. If you take a screen shot of the home page and toss it in Photoshop messing around with adjustment layers by lowering the brightness just a little it would help a lot on the eyes. Just to see what can be improved.

The home page feels a little cluttered and messy when it comes to adding social interactivity to the design (facebook and twitter share buttons on top) I feel if it wasn’t designed for the place its in from the beginning it shouldn’t be there. IMO.

The other clutter issue I feel is a big distraction for new clients is the amount of information on the “What do you need designed?” pages. For example “Logo Design” link from the home page. I Shouldn’t have to see what contests are currently going for that particular section. I feel that causes a lot of distraction and confuses people. It makes me think do I go to this contest or click the green button. What do I do? I feel the green button should be more important but at the same time provide a sense of direction to see more of the web site without the use of clutter.

These are just a few tips for the site from my own personal experience. Hopefully you can use them in someway.

Dennis Feb 25 2011

It’s a nice business model relying on reputation “points” for design contests to see who is “designing the best”. I think it is more appealing to designer to actually design something, instead of a quick mockup. Basically this method is utilizing the smart of the masses to filter out the good from the bad.
+1 is the forum – it’s always good to have an active forum (if it is active ;-)

Patrick Feb 25 2011

as an amateur designer, I find the inspiration I need to take the steps to be more.

Paweł Lis Feb 25 2011

The homepage should be simplier!
The idea of site is very good – especially for clients, that’s why HP should be more intuitive.

Yurgen Goa Feb 25 2011

The idea is great as for developer/designer, bookmarked. But UI of the actual site doesn’t really meet expectations

Ангелина Малиновская Feb 25 2011

Inspiration and opportunity to learn through real projects and clients — good job, I’m there.

Ægir Þorsteinsson Feb 25 2011

It’s a great concept. As a web programmer (client) this is brilliant. Instead of relying on one designer, I can now get many different ideas for a lower price. The 100% money back guarantee makes me want to start a contest.

One problem I ran into. When registering with facebook my name and location did not appear correctly. My name contains icelandic characters Æ and Þ.

Rhonda Brown Feb 25 2011

I think contests are a good way for new designers to get some work under their belt and build their portfolio because the contests focus on talent instead of years of experience. And by competing with other designers it helps you step your game up and produce better designs.

Mario Motta Feb 25 2011

The most appealing aspect of are:

Their assures 100% client satisfaction
The ability to give and receive feedback

Candace Feb 25 2011

* What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

– From a client perspective, it’s great to have a variety of artistic styles to choose from.

– From a new designer perspective, it’s great because you can not only participate in real-life projects to sharpen your skills, but you will get valuable feedback and possible money!

hernan Feb 25 2011

Como diseñador, es una buena manera de relacionarse con otros diseñadores por medio de la competencia. Como cliente… la posibilidad de ver una gran gama de opciones sobre su proyecto, aqui, en Argentina, esta modalidad es muy positivo para el cliente, ya que se esta valorando mucho el diseño grafico.
Ya que todos ponen lo copado de esta pagina… yo doy una sugerencia…jeje!
Una sugerencia para la web,seria que haya un mayor contraste o diferencia de los dos sectores: cliente y diseñador, en relacion a las directivas a seguir cada uno o la direccion que deben tomar al entrar al sitio web. Quizas con colores, texturas, etc. Pero esta pagina web es Genial!!!!!

User101 Feb 25 2011

You have way too much going on at once on your site. i get tired as soon as i enter it. KISS.

Tomas Feb 25 2011

I really like the simplicity of a design, it’s easy to read and navigate. Also I like creative community on forum.

Francois Feb 25 2011

Love the fact that for a simple demand, you get tons and tons of entries, all different. Way better to choose what you really like.

Jonathan B Feb 25 2011

As a designer, I think the biggest draw is being able to “compete” with other top designers to motivate you to keep improving your skill set. Also the forums are a great way to stay sharp as a solo freelance designer you don’t always have other designers to discuss ideas and possibly collaborate.

Edgaras Feb 25 2011

I am multimedia design student and I can make various type of designs and DesignContest give me great possibility to earn some money. Later on, if I would ever work on some real project alone and I couldn’t make all design stuff by myself, I would definitely take thins chance. So for me it’s either ways.

For me design and the whole idea are perfect. And in my opinion this site do not need major changes.

patricio Feb 25 2011

As a designer, its like school assignments.
Its an incentive to work on projects you might not think in the immediate.

Chris Feb 25 2011

The most appealing aspect of the site for me as a client is the ability to easily see the contest work of each designer and the designs that won them jobs. One improvement would be to add a wordpress category for theme design and theme improvements.

Matt L. Feb 25 2011

Having the client sign up for different pricing packages is a great idea. Especially the info on how many entries to expect. It’s nice that the site emphasizes the price / quality ratio.

As a designer I love the broad range of ideas and creativity available.

I have used this twice, Its good!

1. First time I am hearing of the site and the concept of contests in design. Its unique and appeals to me since as a web application developer, I can use the site to get designs quicker and in a far more efficient way

2. I believe that the How it Works section needs further improvement in both the content and the placement. As a first time user of the website, I would have loved to have a short demonstration/video explaining how it works on the home page itself.

As a client being able to quickly source multiple design concepts based on a brief makes projects much easier to manage.

Abhisek Feb 26 2011

I think has created a niche for itself in brining together best designers of the world and pitting them together to bring out creativity in a positively competitive way. It is so helpful for the clients to be able to compare a number of designs and chose the one that is the best among the rest!

I think the site is working absolutely fine. Nothing much needs to be changed. Carry on the good work. :)

I am not really happy with the idea that so many designers are practically working for free. But in contrast with let’s say “” where you can get a custom logo for as little as $30, it is a pretty good concept.

Bakhtier Feb 26 2011

as client i see it as very useful tool. I can see different views on my brand and project. I could reveal some interesting trends for future. For designers I guess it will be a challenge, if you can make a name from that contest, then you r definitely prof.

Jerome Ng Feb 26 2011

Design Contest is an good business concept , but however the following pricing should be adjustable instead of set at such a higher price.

This would increase the market base so that it can go in line with developing the next

next, the site need more professional description to appeal to entrepreneur who are willing to part with money. currently it too cartoonist and too bright for the eyes

I think design contest is great for independent designers to get their work out there and for small businesses to have a place to get designs in a competitive way where both the designers and the buyers are benefitting

Dmitriy Feb 26 2011

Design contests are an excellent chance for novices to show itself and get experience for further work:)
Nevertheless it must be interesting for most designers-someone is practicing, someone is looking for a job and a chance to earn some money, someone just search an inspiration in the great number of different designs.
As a client it is a good chance to receive many interesting ideas from the people of all over the world!

I think the most appealing aspect would have to be the forums. I love sound-boarding off other designers!

Sharon Feb 26 2011

For a novice like me, exposure to inspiration and creativity are what I like about your site.

sechd Feb 27 2011

I think it needs an FAQ section. Couple quick questions: 1) Why is there an option to hire a designer and how does that work? 2) Can the client set her own price?

Justin Edelson Feb 27 2011

As a designer, DesignContest looks like an awesome way to pick up some easy client work. Clients no longer have to find you, you can find them.

Stelian Feb 27 2011

As a designer, DesignContest is really appealing to me, by its great concept and the community(forums) behind it.

Canes Feb 27 2011

I really like the concept of the site. As a designer, I appreciate ability to choose a project which I want to work on. And if I dont win the contest, I will be able to learn some new stuff from the winning design.
In my opinion giveways like this are great way to let people know about the site.

Karen Ang Feb 27 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?

As a client, the most appealing for me is the number of designers who are members of the site. When I hold contests, there are so many entries to choose from which is really good.

Levon Feb 27 2011

I like the navigation and color tones.

Steven Powell Feb 27 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you (as a designer or as a client)?
As a “just out of school” designer, I find the concept of competing, contest style, for new work appealing. This contest approach to crowd sourced design work is great for the designers just starting out and connecting with new clients.

Mihla Feb 27 2011

I like the forum aspect, unusual for a contest-based site.

Jessica McKelden Feb 27 2011 is ridiculously user friendly, which is the first thing that appeals to me as a designer (as a client, too, I suppose).

pawel Feb 28 2011

I like how it integrates community of designers, both beginners and advanced ones.

Jason Morton Feb 28 2011

As a developer who is learning more about design, I like looking at all the different designs submitted and trying to understand the why the designer went the way that they did and if I feel what they did works or not. I figure if I can relate to thinking behind their work, then it will help me grow the design part of me.

michelle riebeek Feb 28 2011

As a designer money is obviously a plus. A chance to get your designs out there for people to view.

Sarah Feb 28 2011

What aspect of is appealing to you as a designer?: Great source for inspiration

Joanba Feb 28 2011

I think that the main page of can be improved if less information would be published. In my opinion, there are too distracting elements, specially the What’s new section and other ones that are not essential to understand the main goal of the website.

jdewitt Feb 28 2011

What I like:
The colors. Everyone knows gray/blues are inviting and they’re used well here. The green is a nice accent for CTA’s.

What I’d improve:
The initial amount of information is a little overwhelming. I’d try to consolidate or simplify above the fold. Also, I might look into making the navigation a little more appealing. The hover effect on the text could use some work.

I’m an web programmer.
It’s really hard for me to find good designer at cheap prices for my side projects.

I hope can help me ;)

Connor Slack Mar 01 2011

I like the entire concept as a whole, but mainly i like the different design skill sets that are offered which easily helps designers/clients track down the best suitable work.

As a designer I can look forward to keeping up to date with all the latest trends and developments. And it is a great opportunity to learn from other designers who may be more experienced. Very user-friendly website as well.

Arnie Mar 01 2011

This is a great resource for both client and designer. I would use this for both sides of that spectrum. As a client you can get a quality result quickly. As a designer you can get work under your belt and hone your skills.

vasikt Mar 01 2011

The idea is a very good one – it would ensure that the buyer would get the best deal possible every single time. This should ensure more buyers visiting the site again and again and hence making it a reliable place for designers to come and get money

The concept needs to be advertised/marketed properly.

Erika Sentz Mar 01 2011

Being a designer, is perfect for me because not only does it serve as a wonderful place to go for inspiration on my ‘down’ days, but also it is very user-friendly!

Arturo Mar 01 2011

As a designer, the possibility to explore different fields on different projects. I am pretty sure this is something that designers new to business will really enjoy.

Marissa Thompson Mar 01 2011

The most appealing aspect to me is the swift and efficient connection between designers and clients.

MDesigner Mar 01 2011

Although general idea of such services don’t appeal to me, ranking of top desigers and awards system are quite nice.

Marcin Mar 01 2011

As a client – I always find what i am looking for, as a web designer – it is a great resource of additional income.

Carlos Mar 01 2011

I’ve been a member of 99designs for quite some time now and have participated in some of their contests and also won some. Having been introduced by Six Revisions to (henceforth DC) with this contest, I tried the site myself to have new opportunities to join design contests. I immediately got the impression that DC seems to be stricter with how they run their contest, which is good for both the clients and designers.

For new designers, a questionnaire, which is a combination of questions about basic design concepts and DC rules, are needed to be accomplished before they can participate in any contests. It’s actually an ingenious way of a sort of gate pass for new members! The questions are really pretty basic but those about DC rules gave me some trouble as the site has no quick link to a centralized knowledgebase (somehow I missed the Help link the first time) except for the forum which is, unfortunately, a labyrinthine repository of cases and questions from the site’s users.

Browsing the forum, I read something about the requirement of 10 posts before a designer can participate in contests. Now, I really haven’t tried this yet (still haven’t got a chance to actually join a contest) but it’ll really be frustrating especially for someone who is trying to beat a contest’s deadline. I did try to click on that submit-a-design button and was forwarded to a form where I can upload a design file so perhaps the rule was temporarily suspended; but who knows if I’ll get the error message after submitting the form?

However, what I admire most about DC is the community aspect of it. The forum itself is thriving and the site’s point and ranking system is really an effective way to promote interaction between and among the designers.

One of the questions asked above is if I have any recommendations on how DC can improve itself. Maybe simplify things.

Firstly, simplify the routine for new designers. I know this would somehow be a hindrance to the perceived quality of the recruiting process, but you might be missing seriously talented designers who just want to submit their designs and skip any other (extraneous) steps.

Also, simplify the DC’s website. At the moment, some aspects of the website is a little convoluted and extraneous. For instance, the homepage has a set of contest categories with the category title and its description. Maybe you can just omit the description altogether and just put the category name and a relevant icon. With that, a client that needs, say, a logo designed can quickly see that you offer logo design services and they can just continue on with process. Also provide sample winning designs in the homepage as it is actually the barometer of the quality of designs that the designers under DC are capable of producing. More visual examples, less descriptions.

One last thing: the whole brief page can perhaps benefit from some organizing. Even just minor adjustments in the page’s typography can greatly improve its form and function.

Marica Mar 01 2011

As a designer, the most appealing aspect is the opportunity to find new clients.

Travis Mar 01 2011

From a designer’s perspective, appeals to me as a potential source of income and practice that could fill “dead time”.

They absolutely need to redesign the site, though. It’s horribly cluttered – far too many options are presented to the user (at least on the home page).

It is the best way to earn money for designers!

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