Giveaway: Avactis Licenses

In this sponsored giveaway, we’ve teamed up with Avactis to provide five readers with Avactis licenses.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question: If you were to win, how would you use Avactis?

This giveaway ends on March 9, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Mar 2, 2011


Patrick DiCaprio Mar 02 2011

If I were to win, I would use Avactis to launch my own online t-shirt company. I’ve been planning out the business for a year now, and this would be a great start to get me going. I have actually researched them recently while comparing carts and I really like the features that they offer.

TheNutz Mar 02 2011

I’m about to open an e-store for selling my work. This is right on time for me :)

Alexandru Pitea Mar 02 2011

Great software!

delikus Mar 02 2011

If I were to win, I would use Avactis to launch my friend online laptop company.

Lay Chin Han Mar 02 2011

Im going to open a store for selling my own wordpress themes

I get a lot of questions (being a webdesigner) from people to design a webshop for them but I have to disappoint these clients. I ‘don’t do webshops.
But perhaps your system can change this……….

Pablo Lara H Mar 02 2011

I want to have my own store.

Ege Özcan Mar 02 2011

I’d start selling those candies online, for which I can just take phone orders now.

I would upgrade from shopify

Chris Conklin Mar 02 2011

This software looks to be much more professional than the one I’m currently using and would look forward to switching to a solution that offers better support than I’m currently getting.

Dimitar Tsonev Mar 02 2011

If I were to win, I’ll launch my small e-shop for the stuff my Social graph may need and I can give to them.

Ivan Zidarov Mar 02 2011

Nice product. I did test it and found that it will suit all my needs, so for the upcoming project (opening an online store) is a must-to-have software solution!!! Recomend it!

Nicole Foster Mar 02 2011

I want to be able to have a reliable ecommerce software solution to provide to my clients.

Yoosuf Mar 02 2011

if i win, i will start instantly the store

JB HENRY Mar 02 2011

I would use Avactis to open an e-commerce for my growing web-agency :)

Simon Mar 02 2011

Let’s see if it’s an interesting E-commerce solution for my clients !

Mark H Mar 02 2011

nice software. hopefully I win it.

If I win I would use it on a few of the projects I have going for their ecommerce solution.

Dobhavesh Mar 02 2011

I would start an online gift store if I wins this. BTW thanks for bringing it to great giveaway.

Kimcool Mar 02 2011

Cool Software,I win,I’ll show some my tee.

Robin Burks Mar 02 2011

A lot of my clients want e-commerce options for their sites but don’t want to pay a lot for it. So, unfortunately, this means that they end up getting something that’s free, but not exactly what they’re looking for. Avactis seems to be something that I could offer to them that would make them much happier with their e-commerce solutions.

mogmismo Mar 02 2011

I would move over one of our legacy clients that are due for an upgrade but are gunshy (zencart, opencart, shopp, etc…) to this newer system and see if we wanted to start moving over all of our other existing customer base to it.

It would really help me with future business, hopefully making it easier to implement ecommerce sites

Nikos Tioutoufas Mar 02 2011

I would use it to create new stores for my customers and ditch Cs-Cart

Galinos Mar 02 2011

I would use it to create a new webstore for my online shop.

Diana Mar 02 2011

Wow, awesome giveaway! I hope to win one so I can start up a new website about motorcycle rides with products on the side.

Joigie Mar 02 2011

Wow, I’m all for low cost deployments!

If I won I’d use it to sell personalised gifts, make millions and take over the world…muahahaha!

Looks like it’s a software I am looking for!

sebastian Mar 02 2011

i want to offer a ecommerce solutions to my clients

wpdestek Mar 02 2011

if I win, i want to store my own website’s promotion cup, t-shirt etc.

nicksp Mar 02 2011

Avactis is a great E-commerce Software as i can see. If I were to win, I would use Avactis to launch my local city online eStore.

Christopher Mar 02 2011

I would use it to set up my wife’s quilt store online.

I would put together a site so our educational organization could offer our publications and related books to the students.
I need a reliable and easy to use tool, and this seems just fine.

dawebmark Mar 02 2011

It is really nice to learn that another company has joined the market to provide ecommerce solutions. hope,it will do justice to its name.

i would start a small online store

if i win i will start selling website themes

Robert Lane Mar 02 2011

I would sell pre-designed InDesign and Photoshop templates for print and make them available for download.

Omar Duque Mar 02 2011

If I win, I’ll open an online store of handmade crafts from Colombia.

WiseClicker Mar 02 2011

My first option would be to use it for my fragrance store, which I have been planning to redesign for a while now. Another option would be to use it for a customer project.

Leonardo Mar 02 2011

I will start an e-shop for my girlfriend to sell her crafts.

luis garcia Mar 02 2011

I will make a software eccomerce page

webbografico Mar 02 2011

I will use this software for a client ecommerce site he asked just hours ago… what a great opportunity

Brian Rowdy Mar 02 2011

I would use it for a good friend’s store to sell his ‘moobtoons’ character products. He’s got printed products, like shirts, hats, posters, calendars, and soon even little guys to stand around on your desks making you chuckle when you look at them.

Jayar Mar 02 2011

Will use it on my next Ecom project at work!

the REAL Patrick DiCaprio Mar 02 2011

the above comment on t-shirts may be spam using my name and if it is let me know what i can do. if it is someone else with my name then hello!

Erwin Mar 02 2011

Nice! will be setting up an organic produce online shop

Karan Mar 02 2011

this is a great software, the right one i was looking for.

if i win, me and my sister we will make a site with handicrafts from indian culture, that will reach every corner of world.


Dawn Reel Mar 02 2011

I would love to use Avactis to upgrade from what I use now, PayPal shopping cart & and hand coding or Amazon store. I’d use it to take my best friend’s Amazon store on a stand-alone site with the more interactive/social media features she needs to grow. The review module, ability for coupons/discount codes, product management & CSS editor are most appealing. I’d be happy to do a “How I used Avactis to Easily Upgrade My Site” tutorial.

If I were to win I would use it as leverage to get my girlfriend to finally launch the pet supply website we have been talking about.

She has been wanting to start her own site for her handcrafted pet toys and such.

I think this some free software would be a great way for me to push her into finally taking the next step.

Daniel Mar 02 2011

I would use the software to assist my daughter in setting up an online consultancy and storefront for customized whigs for chemotherapy patients.

If I win it would be used for a jewelery shop. This would be perfect!

Juan Mendoza Mar 02 2011

I would use this software to start-up my own virtual store.

athena dadiz Mar 02 2011

I would sell some of my art and or t-shirts.

jessika Mar 02 2011

I’d use this to sell DVDs / products for kids (

Brendan C. Mar 02 2011

If I win I may start a business!

April Mar 02 2011

If I were to win I would use the software for my online store to replace my lame paypal buttons :D

Cheryl Mar 02 2011

Tried their demo, and it looks really promising. If I were to win, I would be able to confidently turn to this as an e-commerce solution for clients instead of giving myself a headache using an unreliable one.

Eniak Mar 02 2011

I would use it on a clients e-commerce site which is due for a revamp. The back end looks like a greater user experience to what I am currently using.

Edward Ten Eyck Mar 02 2011

I would use this to sell my upcoming audio tools.

If I were to win I’d setup my own online store for my tshirt business.

Ryan Conley Mar 02 2011

I’d use the Avactis platform to rebuild my dad’s old shopping cart. We originally pieced it together using PayPal buttons as a temporary patch to get his site online, but we never had time to go back and fix it before he passed away.

I still have his site online and his books for sale, and this would be an ideal way to continue distributing his work via digital download as well as in print.

Mathan Vibranarayanan Mar 02 2011

Will use it to sell all my crafts and paintings.

KostasNi Mar 03 2011

I recently did a client’s online store that had to be done in osCommerce and which ended up to be a total pain. Avactis looks like a pretty solid e-commerce solution that I could offer to my clients. I would love to try it first hand.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Luanigio Mar 03 2011

For my small future online store…

I will use for me and for my clients.

Scott Mar 03 2011

I would use the software to make a quick method of buying template websites.

Learn the software then convert my friend’s business based on another clunky eshop across.

Ricardo Mar 03 2011

If I were to win, I would use Avactis to launch online my record company.

Ricky Mar 03 2011

I’d like to win! Of course, I’ll use for my shopping website.

Vladislavs Judins Mar 03 2011

I would use it for selling premium web site templates on my own.

Ari Arsyadi Mar 03 2011

I would love to use this to sell my digital artwork. There is too many of them and now is the time to get organized.

If I win I would use it on a coffee project.

adventureswithben Mar 03 2011

I am most looking forward to using the digital downloads feature to sell e-books on my site.

Petra Mar 03 2011

If I were to win, I would use Avactis with gratefulness to the maker to start-up an e-shop for one of my clients websites.

Juarez P. A. Filho Mar 03 2011

I’m gonna use it in my project to sell gospel related products. =D

Claudya Mar 03 2011

If i win, it´s a perfect place to sell my digital art stuffs, templates and digi scrapbook. xx

Regent Yuri Mar 03 2011

I will start an e-shop for my friend to sell his crafts.

Matt M. Mar 03 2011

I have a site that could use a store.

Erika Sentz Mar 03 2011

If I win, I will use the license to start up the business I’ve been planning for awhile – an Equine Marketing & Sales company.

Vitor Neves Mar 03 2011

great software, that i could use to creat my online shop to sell my products

Nibbler Mar 03 2011

I would like to use avactis for my new e-commerce website!


Craig Wann Mar 03 2011

I would use it to start my online store (sorry my business plan is top secret)

Craig Paterson Mar 03 2011

If I was lucky enough to win a copy of Avactis, I’d give it to one of my clients and help them set up their new web store. I used an earlier version for another client and it was good back then, so I would imagine it is even better now.

Dwayne Mar 03 2011

Wow, the timing could not be better. If I won this, I would use it for a stealth start-up I am about half way through developing, it would be useful for the store component most definitely.

Choose me as a winner, or I’m going to whoop you.

Nigel Mar 03 2011

Having used an earlier version of Avactis on a few client sites, I would love to see how it’s grown since then and try it out on our next Ecommerce project.

sechd Mar 03 2011

I’d be using it for auto parts store

Jennier R Mar 04 2011

I’d test it for my next customer :)

I would replace my wife’s oscommerce site so she would leave me alone :)

Cristian Zwierzynski Mar 04 2011

I would use it as an alternative to trading platforms that use generally.

I would like to use this to sell applications and web related tools that I build.

Aryen Mar 04 2011

If I were to win Avactis, I would use it to launch my first e-commerce site to sell products related to my cooking show (i.e. cookbooks, aprons, “How-To” dvd’s, etc.). This software looks phenomenal and would increase my business revenue completely.

Levon Mar 04 2011

This is a quite good piece of software which I would probably use for my handmade goods shop.

Monie Mar 04 2011

I am going to sell my second hand stuff online with a cheaper stuff or perhaps sell some of my simple php code/script.

Mihla Mar 04 2011

If I were to win, I’d use Avactis instead of Zencart in a site I’m developing targeting creative professionals.

Susie Mar 05 2011

If I were to win I would use it in our website we are redesigning for our non-profit meditation center to sell book and CDs to help people live their life better.

Kavya Hari Mar 05 2011

Avactis has an superb features with the best support.So, almost of the peoples are willing to use this software without any doubt.

Stuart Mar 05 2011

If I won a copy of avactis, I would learn how the new site integration works properly and write a decent guide on how someone can actually inegrate the shopping cart into their own template design. The new 2.* branch has changed the setup since the 1.* series and there is no real information on the new system for templates and how it works!!! The manual is very un-helpfull in this respect. It’s supposed to be easy to integrate into your own templates!!! Very big downer on what is otherwise a GREAT piece of e-commerce software.

Melita Mar 05 2011

I would use it for my friend’s online book selling website i’m designing.

Would use it to help my clients.

Elisabeth Mar 05 2011

If I were to win, I would use Avactis to start selling my arts and crafts online.

noriko Mar 06 2011

I would use Avactis for my next project!

Matthias Mar 06 2011

Nice. Heard good things about Avactis, and need something for my girlfriend’s crafts and stuff.

I would use Avactis for a client.

Brian Renew Mar 07 2011

I would love to have this for a few of my current projects! Please consider me.

Bongo Mar 07 2011

If I were to win, I would start design a custom template and start selling my own posters and craft.

Daniel Tiziani Mar 07 2011

I’d like to replace the current e-store I have (custom in php), and it seems like a great solution!

Avactis looks like excellent software, very keen to give it a go. I would use Avactis to sell Aboriginal artwork on a charity website I am putting together that will be used to raise money for remote Aboriginal communities in Australia.

Mariam Mar 07 2011

For a long time I was thinking of creating a website where I can sell my hand-made batik scarfs. So Avactis will be really handy. Thanks.

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