Giveaway: “HTML Email That Just Works” Book

Campaign Monitor, a web-based email marketing software for web designers, is giving away five copies of Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment that answers the following question: How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win?

This giveaway ends on December 1, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Nov 24, 2010


Bostjan Nov 24 2010

I’m just in the middle in programming new web application for our company (which is a remake of a new one). One part that still must be done is mailing, and this book will definitely help me to make this as best as it gets.

Philipp Meichsner Nov 24 2010

If I win, im pretty sure that “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!” could help me creating stunning HTML Email that just works!

qalih Nov 24 2010

Help me… create stunning HTML email that just works!

Would be very nice to help me with my email-marketing. The books from sitepoint are always nice to have.

Matt Rogers Nov 24 2010

It would help me… Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!

Emarketip Nov 24 2010

Email design is pretty hard to code because of the various email providers. I hope that this book can help me to understand how to deal with that!

Coxychap Nov 24 2010

It’ll help me improve something that I know really needs polishing, and (perhaps more importantly) give me the in-depth info to clearly explain the process to clients!

Vijay Nov 24 2010

I’ve a lot to say to my customers periodically and i think this book will help me to start at a professional manner

pieter Nov 24 2010

Beside the facts that i’m always interested in everything about web, mail, servers and more, this could come in handy.
I’m planning to expand my freelance career to a new and higher level.
I was planning to inform my clients, and new possible clients, about this in a special way.. So gimme, gimme, gimme :)

nikolaj Nov 24 2010

i’m in! :))

Steve C Nov 24 2010

I would use it to make sure that all my client emails look good and work properly before they are sent!

Dries Van haver Nov 24 2010

We’re using CM for quite a long time, mind-blowing just like we want our template designs, we want to blow people out of their seats when delivering an email-campaign. We have a lot of tips and tricks ourselves, but every little extra tip would result in pushing boundaries even further.

Marco Antunes Nov 24 2010


Maybe with the book, for the first time in my web designer life, I will be able to send an newsletter “that works”.

I got the skills, just need the orientations! =)

Best regards,

Petinga Nov 24 2010

I really hate to design HTML Email! So many mail clients to test, each one with different results when displaying HTML.

Saying that, a book on how to do HTML Email that works would be great =)


jejazz Nov 24 2010

may not really help but it will definitely expand my knowledge of web technology , tnx :)

This would help me making bulletproof HTML emails!! :-)

Joost Nov 24 2010

It will help me, because I have some upcoming projects that require some serious html email styling.

And it scares me.

I am just not comfortable with table layouts, inline styles and other things I have heard you’ll need for html email.

I was thinking of outsourcing those parts, but would love to learn more about it, so I can add html emails to my skill set.

Pablo Lara H Nov 24 2010

It is always useful to impress your client from many fronts and one of them is Mailing.

Amir-abbas Abdolali Nov 24 2010

i can improve the reputation of my site through emails. having a good Email newsletter with a suitable appearance is a necessity.

Winning Stunning HTML Email That Just Works would bring me up-to-speed on best practices in HTML email design and delivery.

Vitor Neves Nov 24 2010

It would help developing better code on the newsletters that i send for my business a for my clients

Robin Nov 24 2010

Am I first?? Najs. HTML email is all new to me.

It would bring me potential customers on to my website

I’d like to learn how to create email designs so that I can offer the service to my clients.

Chantal Nov 24 2010

We need more beautiful emails! :)

Fabian Heinke Nov 24 2010

The book would be a helpful guide to create outstanding html mail for my customers. HTML mails are an useful way to inform customers about new stuff and so on and a alternative to print media for companies.

With well thought and high expertise create html mails a customer can save money for advertising with print products on the one hand and focus its adds and costumers who are interessted.

Samir SR Nov 24 2010

Like it says in the description it’s a “largely mysterious realm of HTML email”. Help is never enough!!!

Jarno Nov 24 2010

I’ve always hated creating newsletter templates, I wish I could enjoy it more, perhaps a good book would help me with that.

Ege Özcan Nov 24 2010

it would be great to have this. thanks for the chance! =)

Maarten Machiels Nov 24 2010

Nice! Can’t wait to read this one. Creating stunning cross-mail-platform-compatible e-mails is still a huge problem these days.

Markgt Nov 24 2010

This book would be an invaluable asset in my quest to creating the perfect emails that look good AND work in all email clients. Would love to win a copy!

Alberto Bartoli Nov 24 2010

We are about to launch a startup focussed on 24×7 monitoring against web defacements. I think this book could help us a lot for bootstrapping…

Mrjamesnoble Nov 24 2010

Keep it stupid, simple.

Mario Awad Nov 24 2010

Will definitely help me create HTML emails that will look the same in different email viewers (both web and desktop based). Good luck to all :D

Roseli A. Bakar Nov 24 2010

I hope I would be able to create better looking HTML email campaigns for my list :)

Create weekly/monthly newsletters for me and my clients.

Alfredo Arriaza Nov 24 2010

i think that a stunning email is better when the good practice are used. is 50% design and 50% contruction of the code.

thanks for the giveaway

I would use the book to improve my understanding of designing HTML newsletters, and thus, create more appealing designs

Damian Nov 24 2010

As part of my daily tasks I’m commited to create nice-looking pages in order to provide an easy-to-use purchase experience (I work for an important domain seller company). This book would help me to create good pages that allow customers to buy what they want as fast as they can. This is really important to me, as that is the main bussiness of the company.

Tomas Nov 24 2010

I’d love to learn as much as possible about online business and marketing possibilities.

Chris Nov 24 2010

This is a topic that is driving me crazy for years! I would love to have this book!

Joy Keller Nov 24 2010

This book would help me with all my picky clients who want the best HTML emails fast & cheap, I’m sure there are lots of tricks I could learn better.

I would use it to improve the emails I send to my customers.


Alpesh Shah Nov 24 2010

Sounds like a great book, just what we need actually. Email is working better than any other marketing effort on a dollar for dollar basis. Anything to take that to the next level will help us and out clients.

David Nov 24 2010

This would help me give better recommendations to our marketing department when they send out monthly newsletters.

Grant McAllister Nov 24 2010

I’d use the book to get the grasp I really need on HTML5. I know little bit’s and bobs but as the owner of a start up web studio I feel it’s important to get some literature I can use as a Go-To guide for when I need it.

Looks a great book, I’ll have to invest if I don’t win :)

Sam Blowes Nov 24 2010

I’ve always struggled to create a image based email that degrades nicely into “Plain Text” format. I’m sure I could put this book to good use :)

Would help us improve the emails we send to help animals find their forever homes!

Bryan Nov 24 2010

As part of my weekly work flow, I create between 2-3 html newsletters. This book would help me get beyond the Email Standards Acid Test and become more of an authority within my organization when it comes to creating our html newsletters.

Ahmad Abboushi Nov 24 2010

How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win?

I will read it , apply it in my e-mails .

First off all it would help me allot with making the hideous table html mails :) and second it would help me convince my clients that an email doesn’t look the same in every mailclient. It is very hard to convince them!

Anthony Nov 24 2010

Being the only web dev/designer in a larger marketing department that is just coming up-to-date, I could use all the help I could get to not only back up my claims, but to help me create emails that will provide results. Make me look good baby!

TFHackett Nov 24 2010

Producing html emails is my job and I would love to get this book.

Brad E Nov 24 2010

Would love to have a copy of this and see what it has to offer.

Edgaras Nov 24 2010

I’ve always wanted to try this kind of thing. So this book would give a push :)

I work for a healthcare organization that uses HTML e-mail as its primary means of interoffice communication. Guess who gets the privilege of putting them all together? Me. From major announcements to cole slaw as the cafeteria special, I’m the guy. I’d love a to learn how to design quick, beautiful, flexible emails that are compatible across all major email services.

Richard Nov 24 2010

I could finally use abundant inline css.

Adrian Nov 24 2010

The amount of times that I have made email templates that work on 3 email clients and then break on MS ones, it’s so frustrating! A lot of hours have been spent on them. Argh!

So any help is greatly appreciated on this. Thank you!

Michael Trang Nov 24 2010

definitely use it to market my startup…whenever I get off my butt and get it going, that is.

Ryan Morgan Nov 24 2010

I just recently added e-mail marketing to my job duties (I’m a former print designer) and I’m getting really into user experience and effective e-mail design. I’ve been reading a lot about it, and this would be a great addition to my library to help me in my new role!

I’d like to be able to produce consistent html email for all clients and services. Learning html email best practices would definitly be a plus.
Hope I’ll win this book !

Anthony Hepp Nov 24 2010

I have several nonprofit, “good works”-type community projects on my plate that would benefit tremendously from more effectively designed emails. “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!” would be a boost in the right direction… and could help turn the corner in the effectiveness of these campaigns. I look forward to reading it whether or not I win the drawing. Thanks for sharing this!

Chris Nov 24 2010

This book would help me expand HTML email services and break away from the norm of simplistic designs that I rely on to ensure e-mail client compatibility. Client requests for non-text, html-based e-mails are on the rise as it results in a more engaging experience for the recipient and demonstrates increased opportunities for achieving client objectives in their campaign. I also hope it will better teach me how to analyze e-mail campaign results (i.e. opens, click-thrus, etc.).

tvardy Nov 24 2010

Wow! This book is simply indispensable to improve my work. My company requires more and more elegant but also well-functioning e-mail newsletters.

Lucas Costa Oliveira Nov 24 2010

Im gonna start help my family earning money !

Nilesh Nov 24 2010

Would help me by saving me lots of time most of all. Being able to know what works and whats overdone, strike Right balance to convert users. Apply web design into email html/web marketing. Help me understand if Email marketing really works or do most people ignore it like Junk mails in post box.

Bill @ Edward Rayne Nov 24 2010

We do a LOT of newsletter marketing for clients and have always felt constrained by the design limitations of email. I would love to have a good book like this to help us create better code and design.

Dominic Leonard Nov 24 2010

Wow what a great give away.

How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help me if you won? Well firstly it’ll help me reach out to existing and new clients with what freelance web design services i’m currently offering. Also it’ll be something that I offer others as a service, because lets be honest emails can be a bit boring.

Adrian Nov 24 2010

Campaign Monitor is awesome. I’ve used it a number of times. The eBook looks interesting too.

Jason Nov 24 2010

My team could use a book like this in order to continue building visually appealing emails while being mail client and platform friendly. Great giveaway. Thanks.

Stefan Braat Nov 24 2010

They help me go from creating nice looking email to stunning email. I want stunning email…

This book would certainly help me as running a small online business with my wife and finding direct email marketing to be one of the best converting methods available I’m continuously nagged to get top quality e-commerce newsletters out to our mailing list at every available opportunity.

Whilst I’m not short of ideas and offers, the technical knowhow sometimes leaves me tearing my hair out!

Shelley Nov 24 2010

In five days, I start a new job, working for a fabulous charity, called the World Society for the Protection of Animals. This book would really help me revamp the newsletter, so that our email communications will be much more effective, both for advocacy and fundraising. My biggest goal is to ensure that all of our supporters have an excellent newsletter experience, regardless of what platform/email client/accessibility settings they have.

Abhishek S Nov 24 2010

would love to get this book, as coincedently i was searching online on this very topic today…

I’m really curious to see the secrets revealed in the black art of html email!

themisfit Nov 24 2010

It would help me send out rich subscriber newsletters as well as distribute promotions for my clients.

Monie Nov 24 2010

How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win?

That’s a tough one! Easy.. If I win, I am happy. If I am happy, I am productive. If I am productive, I become successful. If I become successful, I become a better man. If I become a better man, I won my life!

Gimme something to read for Christmas, Thank you.

Anita Boeira Nov 24 2010

With Social Media gaining more and more space every day, everyone says email is dead. I don’t believe it, though. At my organization, we send about 3 mil emails a year, and we see t he results coming in every day: website visits increase, sign up for events happen, more people connect with us on Facebook, and our recruiters receive several leads from those blasts. Winning this book would help us create even more stunning emails, and it will help our office reach the full potential, besides being a great resource to justify us to continue our work. Email is not dead!

Connor Nov 24 2010

This would help me greatly as I work as an email deployment/coordinator for a large media company in Canada, i could use book to help further my knowledge, and finally get a raise!

Deborah Nov 24 2010

Having spent time working with email newsletters in higher education, I would love a great resource for creating more successful newsletters!

I would use the book to help me build better html emails. I have your Sexy Webdesign book and love it. This book would be a great addition to my web library.

Tony Casas Nov 24 2010

We do a lot of email marketing here in house. Not enough to be pro’s or even have a dedicated team member that works on email marketing and design. But, just enough to get annoyed with the fact that our pretty web stuff will not work in email. This book would help us step up the email marketing game and learn how to do some of the prettier web instances in email. Also, how to combat against clients that “want it all” in email.

I want one .. will be very useful as I have to create an email template for the company I work with :)

Sean Hammon Nov 24 2010

Sounds like a very useful book. Thanks.

Joaquin Windmuller Nov 24 2010

I run a website for writers to publish their stories and I’m planning on launching a redesign of the site. The interest in the site has been reducing so designing a powerful email would get more people interested on going back to the site!

Harriett Nov 24 2010

I’m always struggling to come up with effective email campaigns. This book would help me ramp up my abilities.

Felipe Arima Nov 24 2010

It would help me to create best performing e-mails and to increase my mail campaign results!

I want it!

Amneris Giron Nov 24 2010

I’m a web designer. I’m working for a company that has its own software (Customer Relationship Management called Inmerx) that works with emails, newsletters, sms and others medias. I still believe that an email is a big resource to connect with actuals and prospecting clients. For that reason, I want to make my emails, newsletters, etc more impressive and useful. I think the book could give me many tips and I could learn new things about the theme. Thanks :D

Blaine Cross Nov 24 2010

How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win?
Winning this book would help me to build emails that help our students and prospective students reach their dreams.
I work at the University of Minnesota, with a team of marketers to create emails. Our audience consists of working adults, unemployed job seekers, retired learners, and even high school students. We produce email to recruit, to inform, and to inspire. I would use this book to help create more effective email, more compatible email, more stylish email. I have worked to stay current with HTML email best practices, and while I still have much to learn, I think I’ve done OK. A copy of this book would really help me do better.
I work for the University of Minnesota, in the College of Continuing Education. We help adult students achieve their dreams, maintain their skills, and learn more about the world. We host conferences and lectures, offer full undergraduate and graduate level degrees, and do all this on limited budgets.
I would love to win this book. Thanks for the chance to win!
Blaine Cross
St Paul, MN

Always struggling with the design and more the development and testing of ‘stunning’ mails. I think with the book we discover chances en opportunities to develop beter and more shiny html-mails.

AJ Webb Nov 24 2010

I would lobe to have this book, it would give me the added ability to set up html emails for my clients, my own business, and the non-profit organizations I work with. I hope I win!

ciara Nov 24 2010

Currently a hybrid designer, I started out in print and crossed over into web – but I am still learning and in our company we create best practices for html emails testing them for each email client and cross browser, there are so many rules to adhere to. I think this would help me up my skill set and be more helpful to carry more of the web production load at my work and expand my marketability as a designer. As well as understanding more about email design and layout.

Glupus Nov 24 2010

This book would be an excellent addition to our department library as we are looking to moving heavily into the email marketing realm and have some very inexperienced, when it comes to the web, old school marketers on our team that would benefit greatly from such a resource.

Ed Perez Nov 24 2010

I think this would be a great resource while I’m “on the road”! I fly a LOT back and forth from Venezuela to NYC (Sometimes 10 hours w/stops) and I try to build websites in the meantime but I’m not always able to
connect to a wireless network for references… You know the kind of questions that you may already know the answer (or may not) but you just forgot for a moment and nobody at the airport can help you =P Something like: “Excuse me sir, what was the code to align a tag to the center of the webpage?” hehe

Looks interesting. Be useful to redesign some email newsletters I’ve written for work.

Derrick Koon Nov 24 2010

If I were to win this I would be able to increase the revenue of the company I work for through email marketing. This would hopefully land me a nice raise.

Tara Mayberry Nov 24 2010

As a designer, I get asked to design HTML emails more and more often, so this book would be invaluable. Plus, SitePoint and Campaign Monitor are both great resources, so happy to support them. Thanks!

Carri Craver Nov 24 2010

I would use it to help me make a great email newsletter for myself.

Peter vanDoorn Nov 24 2010

It would save me a small fortune on (a) aspirin and (b) not having to put into the company swear-box every 5 minutes!

Rishi Nov 24 2010

It will help me create great emails that I can send to my clients and hopefully, help me win some new sales!

Sittipong Nov 24 2010

1st mainly thing. It’s will help me to design for inbox.

Because it’s different from browser.

Dan Pallotta Nov 24 2010

To answer the question: such a book would definitely help me fulfill a professional need to produce content-rich, well-designed e-mails that actually work as intended when the recipient reads them. There is more involved than simply pasting RTF into an e-mail program and pressing the “send” button.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Jason Nov 24 2010

How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win?: By providing insight into new ways to work within the technological confines of what is considered a deliverable email. New input to break the mold.

Suleiman Leadbitter Nov 24 2010

How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win?

Well, to not sound like a muppet, I am crap at HTML emails. It’s like coding a web page for 1995. We have been so influenced by good practices in regards to web design and coding that for many of us, HTML emails are a nightmare. So this would help me because, basically I haven’t a clue. I’ve been coding for many years now and for the last four or so, it’s all been about clean semantic and CSS layouts.

Maruf Yusupov Nov 24 2010

It helps me to design a better html newsletters

Javier Nov 24 2010

Winning ‘Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!’ would help a great deal at my current gig – we send out emails about twice a month and always get a few unsubscribes… It would be great to try to minimize those.

I have just started as a junior web developer and this book would help me create HTML emails so amazing the boss will give me a pay rise

This is really relevant for what I’m doing at work at the moment. I find styling HTML emails a nuisance, so this would be a great help!

Richard Nov 24 2010

I think my e-mails will be noticed and read using the techniques in Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works.


Fabiana Simões Nov 24 2010

That’s a good one!

HTML Email is always a headache for me.
All tricks and details always get me.

Hope I’m lucky today : D

Clean HTML and image slices + simple and necessary info + segmented users = Email That Works!

schadeck Nov 24 2010

This books looks quite useful considering creating HTML emails is part of my job. I am sure there is something new to discover.

Douglas Nov 24 2010

Sounds amazinggg! This is why I have you on my app edge of @rockmelt.

Zach S Nov 24 2010

“HTML email that just works” will provide a platform that will help force my company to acknowledge email non standardization. They simply have no clue, and the web isn’t really a good place to direct senior “non-designer/developers” to read more about what email can and can’t do.

James Nov 24 2010

I will use it to help out on my company’s marketing emails. After been doing them for several years already, I know a lot of tips and tricks, and limitations, but I’m sure there must be a whole lot more that I still don’t know!

I’ve just started using hand-coded HTML, not ready-made templates, in my Newsletters, and I’m not so familiar with HTML E-mail compatibility, so this would be good learning resource.

Edison A. Leon Nov 24 2010

This is what I do most of the time, though I get design part from graphic designers I want to create my own from scratch, and I think the books will help a lot.

I could really do with this I really need to get my head back into s ?

David M. Nov 24 2010

I would like to win this book, all of Sitepoints’s books are very helpful!

Clarence Hubbard Nov 24 2010

this would be great to show Art Director and editorial staff how a html email works

Marc R. Nov 24 2010

I’d love to win a copy of this Book! Optimizing html for email clients is often a pain – i hope this Book will take some pain away…

Dustin Dyer Nov 24 2010

This is a great giveaway. I’m working on a blog site right now. I would love to be able to learn to write the design within the email itself. site point puts out a lot of good stuff. I’m still working on novice to ninja as well…

Tom Gutnick Nov 24 2010

If I win “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!”, I’ll show it and talk about it during the Adult Education classes I teach on how small businesses and freelancers can use Internet technologies to promote themselves.

Sarah Cooper Nov 24 2010

I regularly create HTML emails for the company I work for, and it’s never something I look forward to! I’m currently limited to using a dated, custom CMS with an ancient version of FCKeditor to create them – a nightmare! I’ve been meaning to learn much more about creating good HTML emails, and plan to discuss the advantages of moving us over to Campaign Monitor once I know more. I’d love to win a copy of this book, to aid my own development and move my company forward.

This would be a great addition to my current Sitepoint collection of books. It will give me greater confidence to offer clients this service and deliver them to a high standard.

Alejandra Pantoja Nov 24 2010

This book will help me develop this area of the web design i don´t know very well, i hope i´ll be lucky enough to win one of the books

Sean Dooley Nov 24 2010

I can’t see the wood for the trees … this book should help

Megan Y Nov 24 2010

If I won this book, i9t would greatly help me create better HTML email mailouts which we have started at work, and I am in charge. Would just give me some inside knowledge and how to deal with all the components so I can create a more successful & designed mailout email

Clare Howell Nov 24 2010

It would help me to create class emails for Elle et Lui

nitos Nov 24 2010

It would help me a lot! I would send really good emails to my suscribers!

Chris Z. Nov 24 2010

I wish to win this book, necause we want to start providing our clients email templates.

Daquan Wright Nov 24 2010

“How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win?”

I lack proper knowledge to craft HTML E-mails efficiently and need more practice…but a GOOD guide will just make my journey a tad less painful. ;)

Mat Landers Nov 24 2010

I’m a long time fan of this blog. I would like to learn how to do HTML emails the RIGHT way… this book would help me do that.

Increased knowledge would help me better serve my clients. I would love to win these books. Thanks for the opportunity!

Pulcix Comunicazione Nov 24 2010

For sure,,,

This book will help me to become a very Best Designer. :)

Frank Nov 24 2010

The book looks interesting. I would love to get a copy.

Andrew Nov 24 2010

Looks like a great resource. Would love to learn all the tricks to html e-mail.

I would love this book. I just started a new job & I’m expected to know how to create emails. I muddled my way through the first one, but I could really use this so I can do a great job on the emails to come.

S. Sharp Nov 24 2010

How would ‘Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!’ help me? Hmm – let’s see – I am sure I will be able to apply a lot of what I learn in the book to my email marketing campaigns and email designs! Awesome!

I will use this book to start up my center for kids who can’t read good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too

Cam Stone Nov 24 2010

This is something I’ve always been interested in, and the book sounds like it would be a fascinating read. I’d like to learn for myself as well as incorporate this type of design into the classes I teach my students at the university level. If I win the book, I can do some of both!

Justin Walmsley Nov 24 2010

Email marketing is a big part of effective online marketing these days, but making effective and cross client compatable emails is hard work. Hopefully this book will give over a few gems of email marketing secrets.

Shane Holland Nov 24 2010

I work for a company that relies very heavily on online marketing, this book could help us up our game in the email marketing venue and take it to the next level.

Tom, NewEvolution Nov 24 2010

EASY ANSWER! It would help me to create a stunning HTML email.

i would finally stop bumping my head trying to figure out how to do it in yahoo and gmail.

Zach S. Nov 24 2010

Nice! I’m pretty sure I have html emails down but always could use reinforcement.

Thomas Mose Nov 24 2010

I’m studying web-developing in Denmark and right now we’re in the middle of our big e-shop project. On the site there will be the opportunity of signing up to a newsletter, and this book would help alot under the developing of that.

If I win I will use the book to create stunning emails which will be used to take over the planet. They will be so captivating that people will just want to do whatever I ask in the email.

This will bring about world peace, I promise! :P

BOCO Creative Web Design Nov 24 2010

If I won , I would be able to finally add email marketing to the list of my services – something I’ve meant to do for a long time but just haven’t gotten around to.

Send out updates on a documentary about equal rights that I’m going to make.

Veronica Wong Nov 24 2010

I’ve never really been able to find good tutorials on creating (more of the coding, less of the design) html emails, and the concept is a bit lost on me. I would love learning through this book!

Ian L Nov 24 2010

Becasue knowing that Campaign Monitors pproduct and support are second-to-none, I am sure their book is of equally as high quality

Sahan Nov 24 2010

So I can create stunning HTML email that just works!

Steven Melendez Nov 24 2010

“How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win?”

Well, my new business of course uses HTML EMail marketing. This book would benefit this of course because my emails can go from plain text or linking to HTML pages, to complete emails which will have higher turnover.

cKing Nov 24 2010

this book would be a great addition to any web designer’s library – hope it’s my library! :-)

jeremy Nov 24 2010

It will help keep my customers happy, as i’ll be creating better an more consistent email newsletters.
(I need this)

Kien Tran Nov 24 2010

“How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win?”

I don’t often have to create HTML emails in my work, but more and more frequently I have clients who want their CMS systems to send out newsletters and other assorted items for their marketing campaigns. This book would be a great reference and source of inspiration when designing their templates.

Hemor Rhoids Nov 24 2010

This will help me send better e-mails to the clan Rhoids. Crossing my fingers.
peace out.

jarvo Nov 24 2010

would be nice to help me get rid of those outlook errors!

Luis Abarca Nov 24 2010

It will help me to create a beatiful HTML emails, i will learn how to code an HTML page to send it as email, the tips and hacks like putting display: block to images to get a correct dsplay on Hotmail.

I’ll learn hot to plan an email campaing, to create scheduled campaigns and learn how to manage my suscribers list, hot get peermission and how to not send spam emails, how to levereage the permission gained and send more personalized email campaigns.

Justin Roselt Nov 24 2010

It would prove a great reference and resource for inspiration and email practices. Something everyone should include in their online strategy. The last piece of the puzzle for me right now.

Hannes Calitz Nov 24 2010

Creating stunning email marketing for our clients is a big part of our business. Having a book like this will really help us in improving the service we give them. In the end not only helping our business, but our clients’ as well.

Erik Christensen Nov 24 2010

How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if you win? Well, everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

Bradley Nov 24 2010

If I would the book, I could use my new knowledge to start offering HTML email template creation to my clients.

Sharif Nov 24 2010

Code HTML emails for clients all the time, but am still doing them the old-school table-based way… would love to learn to improve them.

Jessica McKelden Nov 25 2010

I thirst for knowledge, and since I’ve never created an HTML e-mail, this book will fill the gaping void within my cerebral hemisphere. Sounds great to me!

Steven Scarborough Nov 25 2010

Winning a copy of your new book would be great. I’ve been frightened to create HTML emails and I’d like to leave that behind me. I’m also about to have a daughter in a few weeks — YAY!!! — so saving the $29 would be huge. Thanks y’all!

Luanigio Nov 25 2010

…for good emails to my suscribers…

Hrvoje Nov 25 2010

This book would save my sanity!

Coding newsletter templates can sometimes be the most frustrating and can drive you insane while you try to make some of the 29+ different e-mail clients display the newsletter in a decent way.

Jason Nov 25 2010

This book would lessen the amount I have to pull my hair out when designing html emails!

Amandeep Nov 25 2010

I read the introductory chapters of this book (as given above). It seems interesting book. Hope it will help us more to design better email campaigns :)

I would love to be able to Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! Instead of the embarrasing dreaded white box with red cross inside!!

Criselle Nov 25 2010

The book will inspire to do more email designs and develop it properly. I will also be encouraged to do more stylish designs and make my own templates. :)

Steve Webster Nov 25 2010

I’ve often thought of designing a regular newsletter for my clients to keep them up to date with all my services, but just couldn’t face the problems involved with HTML emails. So ‘HTML Email That Just Works’ would be an invaluable guide.

This will go hand in hand with using Campaign Monitor :-)

The Wonderment inside will make me walk around town with my head held high, safe in the knowledge that my Emails are making people ‘pop’ with joy.

Sandra D Nov 25 2010

If I win the “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!” book, I’ld be able to create stunning e-mails that work for the consumers and for the customers, the perfect combination!

Joelji Nov 25 2010

Believe this would be a guide to design rocking HTML emails. All the best Guys!

Tom Skarbek-Wazynski Nov 25 2010

Campaign Monitor is an excellent service, we have been using at work for about two years, and whilst I have been here it is the best service I have worked with.

Robert Hoppe Nov 25 2010

inline css ;)

This book will help me understand html better.
Since I’ ve read the article web-designers should know html.
But not just html!
Designing html emails will be part of my profession.
So basicly, it would make me understand this a WHOLE lot better.
For the future of keeping my designing up to date!

I maintain hobby website which sends quite a few email messages, would be nice to make better use of them.

Freddy Nov 25 2010

HTML Email That Just Works, would help me keeping my job ;)

Aaron Nov 25 2010

It would help me to make more robust html emails for our church newsletter.

Darryl Nov 25 2010

I have yet to learn how to create html emails, I’m hoping this book is the answer I’ve been looking for, HELP ME!

Renaud Nov 25 2010

I would like to create Stunning HTML Email that just works ! Please help me!

Warren Nov 25 2010


I could really use the book! I create html newsletters for a client and have to redesign it for each client. This book would be great and I’d actually use the knowledge to help clients present their projects.



Rupert Ong Nov 25 2010

Our company deploys HTML emails several times a week for our clients, and the information in ‘Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!’ would help us improve those campaigns. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

Lauren Nov 25 2010

I need a solution at last that finally allows me to create an efficient and great emailer to offer clients.

Fabiano Battaglin Nov 25 2010

“Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! ” would be a great addition to my library.
I never stunned anyone with my HTML (It made a guy have a aneurism once, thou). :-)

Wilfredo Nov 25 2010

I would implement what I learn at work.

Veronica Nov 25 2010

Help my clients be their best!

Casey Nov 25 2010

I’m really interested in their strategy for building html email for x-browser,x-client compatibility and if it goes beyond building with tables and inline css.

Aslam Najeebdeen Nov 25 2010

I’m a big fan of Campaign Monitor and a regular reader of their blog. For me it’s such an interesting company like 37Signals.

If I win this book, that’ll definitely help me to create astounding email templates!

I hope I’ll win the book! :)

Wish you all the very best guys!

Paula Nov 25 2010

OK, I admit it. I really need this book. This is something I have always wanted to offer but never got around to doing. It would be a big help.

Melanie Nov 25 2010

I work for a large international website and sometimes end up editing the info on some of our email blasts. I’d love to be able to code some of these from scratch, but get kinda confused about what is really compatible across email providers, and how to get things to degrade nicely. I think this book would help a lot with that.

bianchef Nov 25 2010

Create email to parents about school activities and community participation.

Richard Nov 25 2010

Web design is quickly becoming (has become?) a commodity. Selling a website package based on price tends to attract low quality customers. I am looking to revamp my service and sell based on the value that I am providing to the customer. By providing a complete solution (design + email marketing) I can offer value to customers by demonstrating how email marketing has the best ROI of any marketing activity. There is no better way to get repeat business. I would love this book to help steer me in the right direction.

Morag Reid Nov 25 2010

Aha! This is just what I need. I’ve just started to get into this. The book would be awesome.

Francois Nov 25 2010

The answer is prettry simple, since it’s the title of the book…. Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!!!
Simple as that.

Will Johnson Nov 25 2010

I work in SEM so this book would help me branch out and add more value to my services in my company. If I could properly write inline html email that was professional, I’d be able to help more. ALSO, as I try to work on freelance gigs, I could offer high quality email messages AND build automated emails that respond from a web app to provide some extra data that the user requested… which would be awesome!

Rascator Nov 25 2010

I would love to apply techniques from the book for thousand of emails :)

Juan Mendoza Nov 25 2010

It could be great improve the way to make HTML emails for my,
and save loot of time wasted imaginating how “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!”

Nilesh Nov 25 2010

HTML emails have always been a mystery for me. This book would help clear up that.

Chris McMahon Nov 25 2010

IT would help me create better templates for my clients

DesignMeThis Nov 25 2010

I have been very interested in email marketing lately and this would be a great way to dive into HTML email methods!

Monie Nov 26 2010

Personal and career improvement!

Jonathan Price Nov 26 2010

Ooo! what a wonderful book. Would be even better if we could use it to knock some sense into MS regarding Outlook using word to reder HTML in 2007+ Not being an expert in CSS means tables FTW for me!

The Smiling Lion Nov 26 2010

And why not? HTML emails are not so popular in Russia. This book will make me a more unique specialist. May be I’ll create a new stream in home country design, who knows… Thanks for the chance.

Bartek Nov 26 2010

It would help me to create a great email templates

Markus Dan Nov 26 2010

I would use it to make sure that all my client emails look good and work properly before they are sent!

I could improve for sure my knowledges of html templates by reading this hope to win

Sundeep Nov 26 2010

As part of my work I create and monitor email campaigns. This book will help me identify why certain emails have been more effective than others and also enable me to improve the design of future emails.

Metin Ucar Nov 26 2010

As I’m in charge of a printed magazine’s website and soon will start to work on e-mail marketing of the magazine, it’d be great if I’m among the winners.

Lippe Nov 26 2010

I hate e-mail marketing and creating html newsletters. The testing is always a pain in the youknowwhat… But being employed at a company that sends out a couple newsletters including newsletters for clients we do have to hack around the common bugs quite often. Winning the book might help me to get this coding-like-it-is-99-work done faster to focus on the much more interesting coding-like-it-is-2012-work!

Marco Segreto Nov 26 2010

I once had to write a newsletter for a school non-profit group. Their design proved to be a little complicated for email and the project took way longer then expected because of display problems in mail clients. I’m sure this book would make sure this would never happen again!

Roderick Frizzelle Nov 26 2010

I was just trying to design a wonderful HTML email… This book would help immensely…

Paul Ouano Nov 26 2010

It would help me immensely as I currently maintain a website that sends an HTML newsletter to 23,800+ (and counting) subscribers each month. Every time I send out one, I feel so dirty after coding all those font tags and table td widths and background colors. (Perhaps there is a better way?) It might also help me (and convince me to) test on several email clients. Right now I usually just test on Yahoo! and Gmail among other web-based clients.

I would also like to know how I could have done better job at a past project that blasted a daily newsletter to subscribers using mainly Lotus Notes. That was just plain nightmare!

I’ve avoided e-mail marketing for fear of screwing it up. I’m a perfectionist like most designers and want to know how to do it right before I even try!

fiorella Nov 27 2010

I work for a culture & arts non-profit and i’m evaluating all our digital media efforts and I need to upgrade our platform for e-campaigns, as well as changing the strategy behind our communications. This book would help me to make a case that would support the investment for adopting a new e-campaign software or provider. plus, it would let me open my mind to new ideas and learn hoe to improve our communications.

draconiams Nov 27 2010

it will help me in creating a stunning and effective email templates for my company and my future projects. and also working on some NGO projects (volunteer). and i believe that these will help me creating email ‘that just works’

Webtaste Nov 27 2010

I believe this book will help me to improve the performance of my client’s email marketing. I can also learn best practices to create email campaign that will generate more leads/sales as well as that works across different email clients. With handful guides and examples from this book, all the best resources for email marketing can be found in one place.

Alex K. Nov 27 2010

We are in the final stages of releasing our debut album, and along with a redesign of our website, we are planning to notify our newsletter fanbase of those facts with an email campaign. Hopefully this book will help shorten the curve to manage it…

Priyadarshi Kunal Nov 27 2010

I would use the technique at my office to improve my mails visibility and arrangement.

Katie Nealis Nov 27 2010

Definitely need to up the ante with this skill set! Would love to put this one on my bookshelf!

It will definitely improved my learning & earning. Am very excited about it….

Thanks for that particular topic

Brian Nov 27 2010

I would love to use this for possibly bringing in some new clients as well as possibly peaking a new interest for my existing clients as well.

Marek Mocik Nov 27 2010

Help me, understand design & usability in mail development.

Beata Nov 27 2010

Looks great! Maybe coding for outlook wont be that painful :)

Daniel15 Nov 28 2010

I’ve always avoided HTML email and used plain-text. If I won this book, I could probably start messing with HTML email and make boring emails become awesome! :)

webbografico Nov 28 2010

Nearly 50% of my web-related work is avout html email design.. so reading this book will help me a lot improving this part

If I win one these books it would help me in my email marketing campaigns. It’s obvious, isn’t it? :)

Francis Li Nov 28 2010

If I win “How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!”, it would allow me to greatly improve my skills in redesigning the design and layout for new and existing HTML newsletters for my work.

Nick Giguere Nov 28 2010

This would definitely help me in my pursuit to expand my knowledge of effective email marketing techniques.

James Nov 28 2010

The company I currently work for’s cart sends out plain text emails. I’m trying to convince them to go to something more robust. The book could help.

We love Campaign Mon and have found our HTML Email expertise becoming in more and more demand! A book like this would be a great benchmark to read ourselves and help new employees understand the essentials.

Matt L. Nov 28 2010

I’m going to state the obvious. To learn more about HTML emails!

raybak Nov 29 2010

there are so many email clients and html emails fail on some and mostlty clients use some dead or alien email clients and make it so difficult to fix the html. I hope i can win this book and use some help.

Sam De Decker Nov 29 2010

I would use it to make sure that all my client emails look good and work properly before they are sent!

everlearner Nov 29 2010

I had used some of the free email templates from Campaign Monitor before. I also learned, how to design email newsletter from their templates.

If I got a copy, it is sure that, I can do better email newsletters for my clients and my friends.

Thanks for giving away these useful books, Six Revisions.

WebSite Developer Nov 29 2010

a french reader, who is not against the idea of winning this book

That’s awesome enough to want it.

Actually, i am a frustrated designer so ofcourse it can be very useful just to learn new things about html developing.

Thank you!

Jason Nov 29 2010

This book would be a great addition to my collection and help me to create great email campaigns that hit my email list demographic. Please, Please.

Sean M Nov 29 2010

I am currently creating a website for myself that will be sending out email updates concerning the site to those who opt in for it. I love Sitepoint books and so I believe this book would be great to have to help me out!

Adson Cicilioti Nov 29 2010

Certainly will help me build the perfect code for all mail clients. Excellent initiative. Good Luck to me! I really need.

Nicole Hughes Nov 29 2010

If I won “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!” it would push me to dig deeper into designing for email. I’m pretty advanced with HTML, but the email side of things has intimidated me for too long!

Christopher Bishop Nov 29 2010

I am constantly doing html email templates for my clients. I have a lot of pressure since those clients are HTC and LG. Having this will help me excel and really impress my clients.

Jim Gross Nov 29 2010

I can put these books to good use. I’m always looking for the latest information on e-mail marketing.

Curtis Scott Nov 29 2010

I know HTML Email That Just Works will help me to become a better designer and developer of email templates for my company and my clients.

Joel Kidd Nov 29 2010

I am in charge of our email campaigns and this book sounds like it would be a great boost in helping us build emails that look great and help get our messages across.

Jenny Lu Nov 29 2010

A poor student who always like to learn more about web design.

Usman Nov 29 2010

I like giving away “Stunning Html Email” Book to the readers of sixrevisions but i think so more then 5 copies should be offered as SixRevisions has a lot of readers who want to win this book

Brian M Nov 29 2010

Its amazing how all of web development has moved to divs, yet email html is best when created with tables!! Goes to show old techniques are still solid.

Michael Gaigg Nov 29 2010

Stunning HTML email power to me baby…

jayhan Nov 29 2010

No more broken e-mail newsletters!

Din Jee Nov 30 2010

I will definitely need this… thanks.

Satpal Sharma Nov 30 2010

I’ve been asked to design an HTML Mailer for a company, I could use the tips in this book to produce a better output.

Dwyane Nov 30 2010

How would Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! help you if I win? Let me count the ways…

1)Help me work with my clients to understand what they really need from their emails.
2)Help me add email marketing as a service for your clients.
3)How designing for the inbox is different than designing for the browser.
4)Help me in understanding why email is still important, and why we need to design for it.
5)How to tell the difference between having legal permission and being relevant.
6)Which CSS selectors and properties work for each of the email clients you are targeting.
7)last but not least….I want to save time and my hairline!!!

Dave B Nov 30 2010

I work at a non-profit in the healthcare industry. Within the last year we started using html email blasts to help communicate with our population.

The problem that I have is that this I need to help the group that is responsible for this who works with a 3rd party who isn’t helpful at all and i don’t have enough time to teach them everything i know about this topic. They are a smart group of people who could really benefit from this book.

I know that site point are fantastic books. i have several that i regularly reference for help and ideas. I have no doubt that the book would be put to great use.

If I won the book, I’d give it to the group as a gift for the holidays.

Renato Mesquita Nov 30 2010

I’m working on a newsletter for a small family business. I think this book would certainly be of great help to get it done.

Steph Yee Nov 30 2010

I’ve just started to delve into e-mail marketing. Figuring out the ins and outs of creating e-mails that work and function for a targeted audience is the bigger battle. Having a helpful guide will make it that much easier.

Could learn how to better my church’s email newsletter!

Kevin Boudreault Nov 30 2010

It would help me by saving me lots of time most of all. Being able to know what works and whats overdone, strike Right balance to convert users. Apply web design into email html/web marketing. Help me understand if Email marketing really works or do most people ignore it like Junk mails in post box. Great giveaway.

Silence Nov 30 2010

I would love to learn creating html email that works across all browsers.

jeannie Nov 30 2010

this would be useful for me so I can learn how to create better email newsletters!

Jonathan Nov 30 2010

This book would help me understand what css properties work the best so my design will look the same across the board. Thanks for the contest.

SwissWebMiss Nov 30 2010

The fact that I had experience designing and developing email templates was the reason I got this fantastic job! Before that I was struggling to make ends meet as a freelancer in a crappy economy. Now I have a stable job and want to make ironclad email templates for my new clients. I’m down to support SitePoint, but gotta love free!


I’ve created a few newsletters for customers but always run into problems … so the book could be very helpful.

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