Giveaway: 5 Copies of Distinctive Design Book

Alexander Dawson, one of your favorite writers here on Six Revisions, has recently finished his book Distinctive Design: A Practical Guide to a Useful, Beautiful Web published by Wiley. To celebrate this milestone, we’re giving away five paperback copies of his new book, which Wiley will kindly ship anywhere in the world.

This giveaway ends on September 13, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Sep 6, 2011


Alexandra Jau Sep 06 2011

I would like to beacause I’ve been doing graphic design for a while know but I relaised that I’m missing some vital knowledge on how to put it all together. I want to take that next step and make rememberable designs and I think this book can help me get there.

Dieter Sep 06 2011

I would like a copy, because we are now engaged in the analysis / design / documentation of our style guide for Web applications. ‘Distinctive Design: A Practical Guide to a Useful, Beautiful Web’ would be very helpful for us.



Keiron Lowe Sep 06 2011

The reason I would like a copy of this book is becuase lately I have noticed I am getting better and better at design, but all my designs still lack a certain something. I want my designs to be deeper than aesthetics.

I would like a copy of this book because I would like to improve my knowledge of design! Thanks

Jeroen Sep 06 2011

I hardly think my posts are distinctive, let alone the websites I design.

Andrew Ckor Sep 06 2011

I love design books and I have a big library, that’s why I want this too…

Steve G Sep 06 2011

I want a copy of this book please! I enjoy reading about UX and all things “why stuff works”. This looks like a good one.

sspela Sep 06 2011

I want a copy of this book because I’m drowning in the masses here and I eat a bowl of design every morning!

plus: I need a paperweigh. =) [joke]

Jonas Sep 06 2011

…because I liked the article and the theme in general. Seems fresh.

stygyan Sep 06 2011

Because honestly, my education has several holes to fill. Because most of those holes I fill reading books like these with attention, with concentration and with quasi-lust. And because I will buy it in the end even if I don’t win the prize.

puredesi9n Sep 06 2011

I really enjoyed reading Alex his article on The Art of Distinction in Web Design and am really curios to see what he has to say about it more in depth.

Ionut Sep 06 2011

Hi there Jacob.
I think typography is a major part of the design. So, after a few weeks of trying to find a premium template for one of my future projects, instead of buying one, i think the book could help me design one of my own.
I hope i’ll be one of the lucky winners.
Best regards.

Peter Sep 06 2011

I want a copy because i believe this book would help me to improve my way of working on web and to open new perspectives in how to see the web.

I’d like to have a copy of this book to get a better understanding both on the theory and the practice of web design

Ancuta Sep 06 2011

I’m new to design and I liked the article the book is based on. I’m curious what else is there (specially in design theory)

Dan Jeffers Sep 06 2011

I am looking for a book that understands how inter-related elements such as UX, IA, and graphic design really are in trying to create a great website. Since the article on which the book is based really expresses the concept, I’m pretty sure the book will be a key addition to my library.

Alain Pauwels Sep 06 2011

I am teacher in webdesign, mainly the technical plumbing (HTML, scripts and so on), but I want to evolve in the other part too. So I am interested to have a copy and don’t want to download it illegally :(

Lack of web design that it’s supposed i was going to get in my university lessons but in the end i didn’t get at all. I’d be nice to receive a shot of that 10 years experience.

Learning is the key to success. Never stop learning. Reading what the pro’s have to say is the best way to learn new things.

Alek$ Sep 06 2011

Well, I’m not a professional web designer, my main field of interests is server back-ends for web sites and web services.
But I have several personal projects, where I am a developer, designer and promoter (my blog, and several others), and I want them to be perfect not only on server side :)
And this book is one, which definitely can improve my design skills, which I need so much.

I’d love a copy of this book because I love the web and I care for my users. I think this book would make me better in what I do and make me understand my job even better. That’s priceless.

I want a copy of this book cause it’ll help me make the world better.

Ashmita Sep 06 2011

This will enhance my knowledge.

Juanjo Sep 06 2011

Being a front-end developer I’ve always been better ad the coding part than at the designing one, and I think this book would definitely help!

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Dries Van haver Sep 06 2011

We have a beautiful place on the couch for it, when we’re done reading we will give it a nice place on the bookshelf and look into it every know and then, loan it to some friend designers so we never have to dust it. The book will be taken care off like no other ;)

pimeo Sep 06 2011

I would like a copy of the book because it looks awesome!

Martin Sep 06 2011

Why do you want a copy of this book? Because this is precisely in the area that I work and it looks like an awesome book! AND, I’m first to comment =)

Angelo Sep 06 2011

This book would help me to improve my workflow…love to have it.

Books give me inspirations.

hqdipace Sep 06 2011

This book will definitely help to enhance my skills.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Michael Sep 06 2011

I would much appreciate a copy of this book because I’m a developer who is currently teaching myself how to design sites as well as program them, and a book like this sounds like it could be quite helpful.

kimil Sep 06 2011

I want to win because I want to read it !!!

Jesta Blunt Sep 06 2011

i want a copy of this book, cause i need to expand my knowledge about the web in various ways, and i think this could be a springboard to me, pushing me way up to a new level…
peace jesta

I’ve been reading a lot about Responsive Design lately, but this book would get me back to one of the most important thing: User experience.

Hope I’ll win a copy !
Thank you !

Noah Ullmann Sep 06 2011

I would like a copy of this book because making the right information stand out at the right moment is easier said than done. I appreciate that someone has taken the time to explore this further.

Steph Sep 06 2011

Just what I was looking for some good tips to get better!

Susan Sep 06 2011

I am always interested in way to improve my work, and this book seems to have a wealth of information.

Francesco Papagno Sep 06 2011

I want a copy of this book because I think that it will improve my way of designing for the web!

valentin guenichon Sep 06 2011

Because if not I will buy it ;-)
And mainly because it’s my birthday on september 13…

Chris Sep 06 2011

Hi. I’m interested in this book because, after graduating with a business degree and having worked for years in jobs I don’t like, I’m finally pursuing a career in design. I’m late to the professional design game and feel that I need to play catch up, so any help in becoming a distinctive designer would be immensely useful.


Hey – I’m a largely self taught web professional who’s also studying Graphic Design part time and Distintive Design looks like it would be an excellent resource.


David Deskin Sep 06 2011

I too am a web designer who always has more to learn. In fact the more I know the less I know – especially about the myriad talents a web designer needs to continually hone in this rapidly evolving channel. Alex’s new book seems to smartly cover many essential bases, so I’d love to win a copy.

I want a copy of this book because I’m a self-taught designer and I need to continue my learnin’

(has the first comment ever been selected as a winner? yikes!)

To push myself with web, so I don’t stick to being so safe!

Pablo Lara H Sep 06 2011


MicheleB Sep 06 2011

I am hoping to gain more “scholarly knowledge” in the area of UX design.

Vince Sep 06 2011

Because I’m always looking for inspiration.

Andrew Roberts Sep 06 2011

Simply, I need to learn more about UX!

Nick Mersenski Sep 06 2011

I’m in the process of branding myself as a graphic designer, and I’m relatively new to ux as it pertains to the web. I’d love to get my hands on a copy of this book to help me along the path!

I’m a PHP programmer so I don’t know much about design. Reading such a book would be interesting.

Maureen Theisen Sep 06 2011

Looks like a great book, would love to win it!

Evgenia Grinblo Sep 06 2011

I want a copy of this book because it is exactly that kind of publication that can make my life GREAT right now! I am a sociology researcher and self-taught print+web designer and would love to learn from another professional who has been in the business longer. I’ve been learning about UX for the last several months and this book is perfect (really perfect) for my next project! Thanks for making this giveaway happen.

Hélder Almeida Sep 06 2011

The book is the exact size to level my desk :)

Just kidding..

This seems to be a very entertaining read for a UX Engineer like me.

Samad Yakob Sep 06 2011

This book would enable me to broaden my horizons & further enhance my skills in the web field thus allowing me to be a source of inspiration within my company.

Stuck in a ruuuuuut.

nöeki Sep 06 2011

I’m a big fan of any good web design books available! Would love to win this one!

Butch Wellings Sep 06 2011

I would love a copy of Alex’s book because I have not yet found a good, in-depth guide on usability. I am also self taught and good books about web design, programming, and freelancing have been my teacher. I would love to add usability to my knowledge base. Thx.

Alex Wells Sep 06 2011

Q: Why do you want a copy of this book?
A: i want a copy of this book so that i can learn how to design websites, i have been a junior web developer for the last year during which i have gained a good understanding of website code but i still do not have a good grasp of design so i want a copy of this book to improve my design skills

Mizan Sep 06 2011

I want to a copy of this book because, I can learn lots of awesome ideas of web design. Thank for great book.

Because It has everything I need to know ..

Lukacs Elod - Levente Sep 06 2011

Hi !

I want a copy of this book, because where i live, it’s nearly impossible to get a book like this. It’s hard to learn in this way :(

Good luck for everyone.
All the best.

Kaiserlino Sep 06 2011

Since i am mostly making new sites, working on website development and design, this book will be as interesting as the article, so that we can focus on what matters and make better sites even for our clientes, as for our readers.

Brazilian sites usually don’t have this concern

Alexandru Pitea Sep 06 2011

It would be a great way to learn more and improve my skills!

Timothy Whalin Sep 06 2011

The book looks absolutely beautiful – nicely designed and looks like it would be a great read. I always love getting new books and also share them with others. This would be helpful in my career as well as those that I mentor along the way. Thanks!

Valerie McKay Sep 06 2011

As the Lead Information Architect working for, balancing user experience and design is a huge challenge — particularly for an organization that supports many agencies, each of whom has different customers and a variety of missions/goals. Our design challenges go well beyond the top level of Mass.Gov, because they directly impact how agencies interact with their customers.

Too often I think (government) websites find a model that ‘looks good’ — and then everyone follows it, whether it meets the needs of their audience or not. I’d like to improve my ability (and that of the UX team overall) to better evaluate and critique designs with

Ann Brampton Sep 06 2011

Why do I want to win the book?

I am a Social Media Manager who also has a lot of experience in web development and design. For my consulting services it’s always a great plus that I can give advice about a company’s webpage, UX and Social Media integration.

This has been the secret to my success as I can cover both areas with my consulting services. A book such as “Distinctive Design” will allow me to update my knowledge and build onto my business!

Cheers & congrats for all the great info always! :)

Andy Buckle Sep 06 2011

I would like a copy with this book, because the way that design changes do fast this book would help me to make better designs because of the wonder which is inspiration

I need to gain a better understanding of making the most important things stand out.

Agile Scout Sep 06 2011

This would totally help me with my design on my website!

Ruben Sep 06 2011

Because web design is always changing, and I want in on the new, fresh stuff.

Andrew Margolin Sep 06 2011

This looks to be a very interesting book packed with knowledge, I am very excited to get my hands on this book. I really enjoy the theory behind webdesign, this is one of many reasons why I am interested in getting my hands on this book.

David Sep 06 2011

I’ve been following Alexander Dawson for a while and totally love their contributions to Six Revisions. It would be terrible useful to have this practical guide! #musthave :)

This looks like a great book. Im a freelance designer and would love to get some more tips and knowledge from this book.

Annika G Sep 06 2011

I believe I should have the book because I’m a passionate web-design student and I would make sure to get the best out of it in my works.
Design is one of the things about web and graphics, that gives me the most joy and getting the book will make me reallyreallyreally happy!:D

Jani-B. Sep 06 2011

Because continous learning is good.

Mike Hale Sep 06 2011

I’m a developer and I really want to improve my design skills!

Philippe R. Sep 06 2011

Because, I lack of inspiration & theory for my UI that leads to a bad overall UX for my clients. This book would help me lead the way towards a better knowledge & comprehension of what my users are looking for when the opt for my website, ie. help us to better help them!

Mario Awad Sep 06 2011

This would definitely help in taking the products we build at SOFTKUBE – – to the next level. Thank you for the amazing giveaway. Cheers.

Brian Sep 06 2011

I think design is one of my weak points and I am always trying to improve that, I think this book would help me in my pursuit of better design skills.

Christopher Bishop Sep 06 2011

Be able to get out of my design rut.

J Hoye Sep 06 2011

To help me design better websites.

I want to win because I love books. Completes its library of more interesting titles.

Jason B Sep 06 2011

I would love a copy of this book because I love web design and I would like to read more of Alex’s insights.

I am just getting into UX Design and this book would be a nice addition to my soon-to-be world of UX books! I am a loyal follower of this blog and would love a copy!

kubarium Sep 06 2011

I want a copy of this book because I think this would help my wife who has just started learning web design. We already have a lot of technical books about web design but this one addresses issues like usability, information architecture and design theories which are often neglected during the process.

Peter Rattew Sep 06 2011

I have always been a coder but for the past few weeks i have been trying to teach myself design, mainly to help at work but to also help with personal projects. This book would definitly help me learn more about design and UX.

Leanne Lunn Sep 06 2011

I would love this book i have always wanted to design my own website but haven’t a clue where to start.

I’ve always been interested in UX, and always seek to learn more. Especially from the psychologic point of view, I’d love to add this book to my library.

Joel Perkins Sep 06 2011

Why do you want a copy of this book?

As I begin to teach myself the art of web design, I continue to find myself drawn to UX as a focus. While I’m able to seek out the reasoning behind my UI choices and principles, having a resource to complement it would be incredible. Thanks.

Mikołaj Pastuszko Sep 06 2011

I am a Software Developer who pays much attention to usability issues. Because of my UX design interests, two years ago I started Psychology studies and try to combine knowledge coming from those areas. Preparing for my future work in adjusting user interfaces (including web sites) to make them more usable and attractive for ordinary people I read books written by UX designers, which is always a pleasure for me.
I follow Six Revisions blog and twitter and I appreciate the stuff being published as it’s very useful and valuable. I’m very interested in the ideas, advices and conclusions presented by Alexander in his book and this is the reason why I would be glad if one of Distinctive Design book copies was shipped to me.

Ron Sly Sep 06 2011

Great giveaway :) I would use it to hone my non-profit client’s online communications, hoping for a wider impact.

Edd Fear Sep 06 2011

As a print designer who’s been thrust into the world of web design kicking and screaming (and learning it’s actually pretty fun), there’s a lot for me to learn to get my Old Man skills into the new order of things. Plus I like the “Distinction” angle of the title. Hoping the content lives up to the title!

Justin Tucker Sep 06 2011

This book would be a great addition to my library. Would love to read more about Dawson’s view on UX.

Steve C Sep 06 2011

I’d like to win a copy of this book to have a better understanding of how some web designs are mediocre, and some are raging hits. Sometimes the most simplistic designs are home runs, and this leads me to believe that over-complication, and over-thinking, are common mistakes a web designer can make when creating their next design.

I’d like to get a better feel for how to design for the client’s needs while still following the latest design trends.

Tim Prentiss Sep 06 2011

My eye for design put food on the table during the ’90s. But that was then, and recently I’ve found myself relying on templates to make my stuff look good. I would love to bring my design game into the 21st century, and Alex’s book looks like it demonstrates its principles. I also happen to know that Alex is a very funny guy, so learning this key skill is probably going to be fun, too.

David D Sep 06 2011

I want a copy of this book because I would like to grow as designer. I’m always looking for more information and more resources to learn from. Six Revisions has always been a big resource for me and having a tangible copy a design book would be great.

Simon Alarie Sep 06 2011

Why do you want a copy of Distinctive Design?

So I can renew with the web and celebrate a ten years love story just like the author.

Have a good one!

Jennifer Simpson Sep 06 2011

I’d love to win a copy of this book so I can study up on how to create amaing and effective design!

Dennis Stevenson Sep 06 2011

Piece of cake! I like my designs, but they are not distinctive. Nobody would visit my profile and say WOW, now THAT is how it’s done. Each site looks the same as the last, and the one before it. This book could hopefully help me remedy that.

Eduardo Hernández Sep 06 2011

To adquire the experience and fresh ideas about web design. Im from Chile and here is no mucho about that!

Nate Arnold Sep 06 2011

I have just been breaking into the web design world and have a couple live projects now. I could definitely use the help of someone with more talent/experience. Thanks.

Veronica Sep 06 2011

I would love to win this book to keep learning more about design.

Ashish Sethi Sep 06 2011

Would love a copy of the book! thanks

Matthew Brunelle Sep 06 2011

I am a freshman at Umass Amherst and I am studying CS. While I have a strong grounding in software development, I’m looking to improve my design skill.

Justin Ball Sep 06 2011

I would like a copy of the book to enhance my skills as a freelance developer.

Colleen C Sep 06 2011

This looks like a terrific and very useful book – especially for me, at this point. Thanks for the info!

I want the book because it will help me become a better web designer

It’s quite simple: I’m interested in the topic of UX design, I like SR and therefore I’d like to read more about the topic from the people I trust.

Always à pleasure to read quality books :)

Kirk Brown Sep 06 2011

Having created/built websites for a number of years, I’d like to learn all those neat little UI tricks/rules to improve sites I create/build.

Karol Horowski Sep 06 2011

I am beginning my own business in Poland connected with websites. I would like to carry something new into my projects and not to copy bad patterns so popular in my country.
I believe that this book would help me create friendly sides not only for my customers, but above all for ordinary users.

I’m a developer, but I want a copy of this book to both appreciate the work designers around me create and pick up a few design skills in the process.

Tomas Sep 06 2011

I’d love to read this book to learn more about design and be better designer.

Edgaras Sep 06 2011

I would love to read this one as a multimedia designer and I would give it away for my college library after reading it.

Brian Sep 06 2011

I want a copy of this book because it looks like it would be the right size to prop up my moisture and help me avoid CTS

EDIT: Moisture? ****ing iPhone spell check. “mousepad”!

Cyril Sep 06 2011

I’m a big fan

Steve Sep 06 2011


I want a copy … Simple answer: its for free.

Thx steve

Karl Fitz Sep 06 2011

There is always space for improvement and inspiration in the world of web design and it seems as if this book will deliver both.

alian Sep 06 2011

I want win ;)

vince Sep 06 2011

…just graduate in Web&Multimedia technology…need some good resources to continue and improve all I’ve learned ’till now…I hope to win!

Sorry for my english…greetings from Italy! :)

Charles Sep 06 2011

The business and marketing skills that I possess to help my clients design a site that truly works for them is a great asset but not having a web creative bone in my body is a major hurdle. Hopefully this book will help me bridge the gap!

matt c Sep 06 2011

I recently became addicted to doing websites for folks so much so that my “real” job got in the way. So I’m “uneducated” when it comes to design theory, but every new site I do is an education in itself. I’ve been looking for a comprehensive book to describe the user experience and how I could harness my skills to optimize my sites for my clients. This book looks amazing and well needed in this new HTML5/CSS3 environment!

Hector Hurtado Sep 06 2011

As Creative director, I wish to better educate my team on UX practices. Getting this book first hand, I would make sure that we buy additional copies and I would come up with Agile games on how to implement its contents on our projects.

In any case, congratulations to Alexander and good luck with the sales :)

Chris A. Sep 06 2011

I would like this book to expand my knowledge of design. I’m a developer at heart. I build awesome applications, but they are very ugly at times.

mark davis Sep 06 2011

I am a 2nd year student at Danville Community College in the Graphic Imaging Technology and would like to have a copy of the book because I am trying to learn all I can. I love reading anything I can about graphic design! Thanks!

Darren Sep 06 2011

I need this book so I can smack the coders I work with over the head and when they come to point out exactly why the interface they’ve built are so crud!!

Spencer Sep 06 2011

I need to up my design game.

Justin Sep 06 2011

I’m still in school but am always looking for additional resources to enhance my ever-expanding knowledge of practical web design and development.

Jason Sep 06 2011

Why? I just started out in Web Design, and I know nothing! I need all the help I can get. This book would be a great help.

Monie Sep 06 2011

I want to win the book simply because I would like to expand my knowledge and skill in web design, PROFESSIONALLY!

Robby Sep 06 2011

I’d like to win the book so I can give it to my wife, who is hard at work on a redesign for her library website.

Julien A Sep 06 2011

I’m about to launch an online business. I’m flying solo and cannot afford some UX and design expertise, however I believe this book will help me achieve a better website.

I would like a copy as I am trying to improve my design skills, as right now I am better at the coding.

Megan Y Sep 06 2011

I just came back from a UX Conference in Sydney. Being new to the UX side, I am trying to get a hold of any materials that will help me progress along this path. This book sounds like a great reference point for me

Mike gaigg Sep 06 2011

this Dawson cranks me up… that’s why

I have self taught myself most of what practical web design has to offer. Since none of the schools in Ottawa, ON offer a course on UX design, I’d love a copy of this book to self teach myself the theoretical aspects of UX design. It’d really reveal a different perspective of UX design for me as well which will eventually improve my work quality.

Olivoo Sep 06 2011

I’d like a copy of this book because working in retail was okay for a while but I’m more than ready for a change. Also, $39.99 is kinda eeesshh.

erika Sep 06 2011

I´d really like a copy of this book because I´m currently studying AND enjoying UX design a lot.

Chary P Sep 06 2011

I would like this book because as a college student you only get to see the basics and not get any real life experience. However with this book, I would be able to work on my skills and see what I’m doing wrong or right, and how to work harder to get on the level of the artist.

Sahra Sep 06 2011

I’m from Syria and I need it to be better designer

Thank you

SAlly Smith Sep 06 2011

Distinctive Design: A Practical Guide to a Useful, A Beautiful Web I would love a copy of this book because since I am an artist the
Criticizer in me sabotages my designs and I could definitely need the help. Sounds like a terrific book.

lukechesser Sep 06 2011

I’d love to win a copy of this book because it looks like a beautiful book in itself. When it comes to well-put together books – the ones with nice covers and layouts, owning the real thing, the physical book, always trumps the pdf or epub version. I like the design of the cover, the yellow circle standing out above the black and grey creates a beautiful contrast.

And just once, I’d like to win a contest :(

Chandra Sep 07 2011

develop my skill further :)

Mariusz Sep 07 2011

Because I like books. And design. So new book on design would be a double win :)

Mihail Sep 07 2011

i want copy of the book because it will help me to do my job :) and i can learn things that are interesting for me :)


Chris H Sep 07 2011

I would like a copy of this book because I’m a recent university graduate who is trying to get into freelance work, but money is really tight at the moment.

Daniel Sep 07 2011

I would love a copy of this book to give my websites that extra-super-sexy -Falcon-paunching gravy sauce that they need to become truly awesome possum.

Chris Skopec Sep 07 2011

I want a copy of this book because print is dying off. As a print-based graphic designer, my future holds a dwindling number of jobs. Print will never go away (at least not in my lifetime) but the number of viable (as in able to support a family) jobs are already becoming fewer and fewer. In order to ensure that I can provide for my family in the future, I’ve already moved into the ITdepartment and begun assisting our web developer in simple tasks. This book would give me a better foundation on which to build my future.

Dario Calonaci Sep 07 2011

I want a copy of this book ’cause it really seems well made and surely will come handy for the redesign of my personal website that I’m doing right now! I can found a lot of ideas inside!

Grandfather Sep 07 2011

I’d like to have this book because I’m interested in this area and want to improve myself there. :)

Juanprimal Sep 07 2011

I want a copy of this book because It looks like a very useful tool to improve my web design skills.

Zanis Sep 07 2011

Because I have just started a small business of website development in Latvia and I would like to study some more about design to help me and my work with clients. But that isn’t the main reason. The main reason is that my girlfriend just started to study web design in university and she is very talented and I think that this book could help her a lot.

fiorella Sep 07 2011

hi, i wish i won this book because i soon will be dealing with carrying a web project and i’ll be desperately in need of such a comprehensive guideline to structure a nice and user-friendly website. i live in lima, peru and there are not many local resources to get a book such as this one. so please let me have one. i’ll be forever grateful and put it in great service right away. toodles!

I am too a self taught web professional but with only two years experience. So this book will help me learn from someone who has been in the same position as me.

Ester Liquori Sep 07 2011

Books are the bread for the mind and feeding our brain is important to train creativity. That’s why I would like to have it! ^__^

Hermanet Lay Sep 07 2011

im a passionate web developer, and still have so many to learn about web design, this book will surely gave me more knowledge about web design

Melanie Grant Sep 07 2011

I am busy working on a site but feel out of my depth, I think this book will give me the edge and the understanding to create a website that is effective.

Josh Bartolomucci Sep 07 2011

This would definitely help me design better website for the many churches and ministries we work with.

matthijs kleverlaan Sep 07 2011

I love to read about the web, and love to implement new insight in some projects of my clients.. Would be great to read this book, especially because I always want to learn more about ux design.


I’m a german student and would love get a copy as a research resource for my bachelor thesis which begins in a couple of weeks :)


Toqi Tahamid Sarker Sep 07 2011

I always wanted to be a successful UX designer. Hope this book will help me to upgrade my level to a better position.

Mica Knibbs Sep 07 2011

Because I don’t have it and I expect that it is good. Thank-you.

Hein Zaw Htet Sep 07 2011

I want it. Because I am still learning about web design and web programming to smart. So, I read almost all post in SixRevisions. I dream of reading ebook who written by a professional all the time. But I don’t have chance to buy it because there is no online payment service in Myanmar.So, I just want to get it and I don’t want to get that ebook from warez site. I hate it and never done it.

karki Sep 07 2011

to learn more about desinging

Baraika Sep 07 2011

I would love to have it because it seems very useful and inspiring. Its hard to find some really useful book about UX and things recommended on Six Revisions are the top for me!

Steve Robillard Sep 07 2011

I want to win this book because as a one man show (and developer first) I need to develop my skills in many areas to maintain and improve my business and my self.

Truly inspiring. This book is a good idea generator, with page after page of projects organized by different graphic elements employed: materials, die cuts, add-ons, embossing, formats, bindings, graphic devices, text, and inks.

martin Sep 07 2011

I want his book, because I’m addicted to all design related book ever written :s

I’m a graphic designer, programmer and artist. I soak up every piece of information I can and tranform it into valuable content. Thats why I need this book.

Vincent Sep 07 2011

I’d love to learn more design skill from this book.

Maarten Sep 07 2011

I most definitely would like to have this book, most likely because I want to empower knowledge in my life… ;-)

And I can read, so there u go

I would like to have this book so I could get better at what I do – freelance web developing and design.

Margaritis Malioris Sep 07 2011

I am very interested on UX and as the article that this book was based on, was really good, I can’t wait to get it in my hands and read it all through!

Webáruház Készítés Sep 07 2011

Because this book could help me to make better websites :-)

Terry Sep 07 2011

I live as a developing websites and will die developing websites. Do let this book be a part of my life journey. :)

Sarah Sep 07 2011

I think smart design is vital to the web, more then looking great everything has to be arranged to achieve the websites goals. This is something I always aim to do and I think this book would really help me hit the bulls-eye for using design to support the content.

I’ve never won anything so if you were to send me a copy I probably wouldn’t even read it because I’d be too busy showing off and generally shoving the book in people’s faces.

Indeed I may not be a worthy winner but maybe I’ll create some word of mouth and you regain your invest. Think of me as a really tiny marketing budget.

Oh and I also feel crippled by working with pre-made templates and need to become a more flexible web designer as well. Thanks.

John M Sep 07 2011

I want a copy of this book to use as a reference when my clients say they want their designs to ‘pop’…

Scott Bowers Sep 07 2011

I have been working as a web designer for just over 2 years now at a small company that ‘gets by’. With this book I will be able to expand my knowledge of design and get some much needed design knowledge.

Ahmad Sep 07 2011

I have been following the sixrevisions website for a long time and this giveaway is one of the few that interests me allot as we are a start-up in the website industry it would help us.

Tom Starks Sep 07 2011

Thank you for this opportunity. I am an old ‘notepad’ HTML-1 developer who is desperately trying to catch up with the times. I develop SQL Server powered Cold Fusion intranet websites for a large corporation that is rather ‘behind-the-times’ with regard to web technology. I hope to use this book with others I have purchased and am purchasing to teach myself more modern web development techniques in an effort to move my organization into the 21st Century. In general, I am a sponge, and I’m hoping to use your book to get soaked! Thanks again, Tom Starks.

Daniel Sep 07 2011

I would like to win a copy, because I never won anything in a giveaway before.

Rohit Chadha Sep 07 2011

Design and Creativity are so inspirational for me that it helps me to grow both personally and professionally. I love to get more into these fields and believe that this book will be of great advantage.

Thanks in Advance !!!

After our annual review I need to ‘stay on top of new design techniques’ and keep up with what the kids are doing. What better way of doing that than winning this book!

Shelly Sep 07 2011

I want this book because I am a recent design school graduate trying to further my education in UI design and would love to win a free copy since I am up to my eyeballs in debt and will be buying the book anyway if I lose.

Ray Scott Sep 07 2011

The book looks like a great starting point to learn web design.

Alex T. Sep 07 2011

It’s always useful to read up on new techniques and keep your skills sharp!

After winning the adobe illustrator CS5, i would love to win this book too. These books are really interesting!

Marky B Sep 07 2011

As soon as I saw what this book was about I knew I had to have it. Over the years I’ve been building websites without fully knowing how a layout of a site would greatly improve the user’s experience. I’ve got the skills to create a nice looking site, but its often through chopping and changing layouts without having complete knowledge of why it works or how I should approach it in the early stages. I believe this book will save me a lot of time!

tvardy Sep 07 2011

I want one because I want it :)

I’m great with code, but only just beginning to learn how design theory. Would love to add this book to my library.

Delik Sep 07 2011

Because I have not read it yet.

I’ve always meddled with web design – I know a bit of html & css, however I never designed a website theme from end to end or anything like that. Mostly I made minor corrections to things that were already built.

By the description you gave to the book, it seems it touches on subjects deeper than the first-contact visual approach I usually take with design. You made me curious about it :)

Jason C Sep 07 2011

I was working on a website recently but i’ve run out of ideas so i hope it will “enlighten” me.

Michael Kelly Sep 07 2011

I love front end development and would love to improve desinging for it

Jimmy Sep 07 2011

I would like a copy of this book as it would be my first book about web design.

Scott Schlee Sep 07 2011

Have you seen my prior work? I need all the help I can get!

Peter Sep 07 2011

I like webdesign books, and a free copy would be nice;)

Michelle B Sep 07 2011

I’d love to have this book, because I love reading every design/development book I can get my hands on :)

Les Parker Sep 07 2011

Looking for ideas for upcoming client website redesign, never hurts to try and win something influential!

Manuel Tomasir Sep 07 2011

I have been involved in several start up web design and development companies over the years. Throughout this time I have worked with many different people on many different projects. No matter what the design is that I am working on, I can’t seem to get to the level of satisfaction and sheer amazement that I get from other websites on the web. I strongly feel that having this book will help me develop some long overdue knowledge and allow me to create more inspired and meaningful designs. I am very big on structure of a website and the psychology behind every design. I feel this book will allow me to learn more about these topics and apply them to my future designs. All I want to do is make my new start up successful in an industry full of “template” start ups. Custom work is hard to pitch as valuable, it has to speak for itself. Without this book I have issues creating work that can truly do that.

Thank you for reading my pitch, for lack of a better word…

See! Even my choice of words isn’t as inspired as it could be!



I’m responsible for our web group and I’ve been reading a lot about Responsive Design lately, and need to be able to explain and teach this to the rest of my group. This book seems to geared toward the ‘golden egg’ of design: User experience.


It would be interesting reading. And different point of view, described by experienced person in that field.

Robert Hoppe Sep 07 2011

i wanna have it because its awesome!

Bernardino Lima Sep 07 2011

I want this book to offer my wife which is an excellent graphic designer!

Jake Paris Sep 07 2011

I would love to have a copy of this book in order help rethink our Public Library’s web presence. We often find it difficult to communicate to our patrons exactly what we offer. There are so many features that we subscribe to for our patrons to access for free, yet they can’t find them on our site. We’d like to rethink our whole idea of what we’re presenting on the site (and why). This book could really help us tighten things up and serve the community better. Thank you! (plus, we could put it in our library’s collection when we’re done with it, allowing access for our whole community)

Freebiesbuzz Sep 07 2011

we have posted your giveaway on our popular blog so that you can get more participants as well as visitors. Hope so it works fine for you.

Please do take time to check out @

Cory Lievers Sep 07 2011

I would like to win this book because I am looking to redesign my website and am looking to build up my knowledge in this area.

Jake Denham Sep 07 2011

I would like to receive a copy of this book because I love to read, like to design things, and like free stuff…

Natasha Sep 07 2011

I’d love a free copy of this book because I think it would be very helpful to get best practices and advice on image and content placement when laying out pages. I haven’t found many useful blogs that cover this important topic.

Indra Sep 07 2011

I just flipped through the book on amazon and it seems really interesting. Good stuff!

Benjamin Sep 07 2011

I am eager to learn more about web design and UX design. I love reading books about web design and wish to educate myself more in the field. I’m too young to start studying but would love a chance to get a head start in this field, in which I plan to get a degree when I get older!

Crysfel Sep 07 2011

Because I want to start a career as a web designer :)

I’ve only recently decided what I want to do with my life and that’s to build usable, beautifully crafted websites. Through work and research, I’ve learned a ton of skills, including standards-compliant XHTML and CSS3. However, one area where I’d really like to improve is design. I consistently demand the best of myself and I think your book will help me take my design skills to level I desire.

Nancy Sep 07 2011

I am new to the design field and am learning as much as I can as an interaction designer in the corporate world.

Anthony Sep 07 2011

I would like the book to not only re-enforce my own knowledge, but to have written proof of UX concepts and the psychology behind UX/UI to my non-believing employer

Tyler jefford Sep 07 2011

I am interested in learning more about design. I am primarily a web developer

Joigie Sep 07 2011

Always looking for ways to improve user experience.

Nirmal Sep 07 2011

Hello, I would love to win this book as I’ve recently been appointed as a UI designer for a private company. This book can be very helpful to hone my skills.

janet Sep 07 2011

I’m a design student about to graduate and start my own business. I would LOVE this!!! I am trying to expand my web design/development knowledge and this would be a great help!! Thank you!

Irshad Ahamed Sep 08 2011

I am an experienced and learnt a lot. still I am hungry to learn the missing knowledge. i need a copy of this.

Kevin Bedard Sep 08 2011

Im leaving for South Africa early october and I need a new design book for my loonnngggg flight :D

What is distinct in this design? wats the differentiator? we all ask this question while designing but suppress it when it executing everyday work. I think this book will help me understand how to pick the right – small or big differentiators and take them forward. :) looking forward to read it.

Rochelle Sep 08 2011

I want a copy of this books because designing, web design in particular, is what I love to do and as a fresh grad I would like to have strong foundation and resources. And this book will definitely be a big help! :)

Ihab Shoukralla Sep 08 2011

I want a copy of this book because i recently was introduced to the concept of user experience and as i work as a Brand Auditor/web designer i want to ensure i fulfill all what is required from my side regarding this concept.
Unfortunately in Egypt, where i live, only few have heard of this concept thus resources are scarce, my only source is the internet and it is that easy to get reliable unified information to learn from. I recently visited USA and tried to look up books that talk about UX however failed.
If i get this book it would be a first step into the world of UX, i even established a hashtag on twitter #uxegypt trying to promote that concept in my home country but so far i am the only one.
Thank you for this initiative anyway and best of luck.

Antonio Sep 08 2011

I would like to have this book becouse I think that it covers onw of the most important aspects in web design: information architechture. How to organize everything is even more important than just an election of colors and typos.

Suresh Nepal Sep 08 2011

i want to provide good content for people to read…without hurting their eyes and pleasing their senses…

Working as an internet marketeer in a web development agency requires me to keep track of all changes in UX Design. This to improve the user experience for the visitors of our client’s their website and thus improving their conversion rate.

Sabil Perbawa Sep 08 2011

Because I need new knowledge to live on.

Dhiraj Sep 08 2011

I want this book because I am passionate and I will definitely do something big with the help of this book.

Sophie Sep 08 2011

I would like to have this book because I’m a web developer and I’m ashamed of my designs.
I like beautiful site but I don’t know how to do one

Younes ADIL Sep 08 2011

I would like a copy of this book is becuase i love design and i want leran more about it..

Eric Londaits Sep 08 2011

It’ll fit perfectly an empty space I have in my bookcase. I’ve been filling it with a pop up version of Saint Mathew’s gospel, but I’d rather use that to balance my table… as it has the perfect height.

Matt Barlow Sep 08 2011

How many pages is it? my coffee table needs to be propped up on one side.

Seriously though, the article the book was based on is a great read, I’m certain the book will be too.

Comptrol Sep 08 2011

I am a developer who is learning design thanks to Alexander Dawson’s great articles, especially here at sixrevisions. so I wonder if that book might contribute to me further along this path. Regardless, thanks you so much for your articles Alexander Dawson !

Charity Sep 08 2011

I have been looking for a no-nonsense approach to design that I can apply to creating my own sites. Additionally, I am currently an eLearning Designer and am always looking for inspiration to make training modules more engaging. Applying the knowledge from Alexander’s book would increase the appeal of my creations. Thanks for the opportunity!

Lippe Sep 08 2011

I want one because the desk I’m working on is loose. Maybe this book will fix the issue and maybe I get something interesting out of the book as well! ;)

I’m always trying to add value to the services I provide my clients. Understanding the nuances of psychology and usability would let me add ‘distinction’ to the websites I design.

Tristan Sep 08 2011

I have been designing websites for some time now, 2+ years.. what started as a way to help pay for University has turned into somewhat of a passion.. Unfortunately however, I’ve come to recently learn that I am terrible at web design. Just terrible.. That’s not to say I don’t love designing, from the bottom of my heart there’s no better feeling than getting down to a fresh project. So far I’ve deceived my clients into thinking I’m competent with a crafty blend of grunge brushes and helvetica Ultra Thin. My feedback is great and I have been getting referrals but alas I am terrified that people will soon realise I haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m doing. I have so much to learn it’s embarrassing. Furthermore because I’m so terrible I’m also poor, hence the grovelling. Alex’s article on the art of Distinction was genuinely very useful, his points about spacial awareness and attention to detail helped me realise how much more I need to learn as a designer. I want this book. I need this book. Help.

As a dual web design & developer, copying the look and feel of webpages is often an easy task. However, giving it that look and feel that is uniquely yours can be difficult.

Eventually, I’d like to be where the author is and mentoring others… able to pass along these skills. We have enough designers and developers that can make site clones already.

Renee Sep 08 2011

I’d really like to have this ebook because I want to learn more about design and I know it can help me improve my web design skills.


Stewart Ritchie Sep 08 2011

I’d love to get my hand on this book. I’m about to start a web design and development company in Scotland and have just graduated from University here so I’m pretty poor right now, so poor that I can’t afford the books to help me out. Getting this would be a great help.

Benjamin Kessler Sep 08 2011

I would like to beacause I’ve just started doing graphic design and I want to take that next step and make great designs and I think this book will help me!

Paul Gilbery Sep 08 2011

I would love this book as I love filling my dorky head with all kinds of computer literature and feel this book would help greatly.

Dennis Sep 08 2011

I would like a copy of this book because it will save me money (on buying the book) and make me money (because I can make better websites.) Not trying to be greedy here…but honestly…this isn’t my hobby, I have mouths to feed. I just quit my full-time accounting job to start a small business doing web design & web apps. This book would be a great help.

Levon Sep 08 2011

I release WordPress themes to some of the more popular marketplaces and the book would help me improve my design skills and as a result have more satisfied clients.

Brandon Sep 08 2011

I think, and hope, that it will make me better at designing websites and writing code.

Sydney Miles Sep 08 2011

I want to have this book on Distinctive Design because first, I just want to know that I have won, because I have never won anything in my life except my husband!! ha-ha! Kidding aside, I think I like to have a book that is full of insights and valuable information, especially if it is written with passion and dedication, written by a person who has done extensive research and has had various first-hand experiences on the subject. Definitely, this book will enhance my knowledge of design, and will open up my eyes to information I have never known before.

Edgar Cornejo Sep 08 2011

I’ve been in web design bussines for a while and I want to learn things that help me to give solutions of the highest quality, that means thinking beyond html and css, I want to apply psycology and experience aspects that give the users the solutions they want, I’m pretty sure this book has something special to teach me…

John Farrar Sep 08 2011

I would like a copy of this book because my first skill is development and we all know that is a place where help is commonly needed. I speak at Design to Developer Workflow conference every year also so relating with designers better and helping other developers to do the same is a priority for me. Of course understanding better design is a passion of mine so please send me a copy because I am not perfect yet. :)

Mauricio Sep 08 2011

I want the book because it’s THE book

I need this because I don’t know what I’m doing!!!

Help me!

Emilio Espinoza Jr/OMEE Marketing Sep 09 2011

It would be my hope that I get randomly selected to receive a wonderful work such as “Distinctive Design”. Not only will I enjoy this piece of work, but it will compliment my seo (search engine optimization) skills. I believe search engine optimization best practices should be implemented from the beginning stages of any website design. Hence the reason why I would love a copy of this marvelous book, so that it could help me expand on my basic design skills.

NiniGeek Sep 09 2011

I would like this book to improve my webdesign skill that is as close as my ability to use photoshop

RDL Reyes Sep 09 2011

Anything from Six Revisions is manna from heaven.

I want this book because the information provided will help me jump start and continue a freelance career.

I am always looking to learn more about the theory of design…this book could be a step in the right direction!

I want this book because I am a recent grad who has been teaching myself as much as I can about web and UX design for the past year and would love this book to help propel my knowledge and skills to the next level.

David M Sep 09 2011

I don’t know much about design, so this book would be a great place to start.

Stefano Bossi Sep 09 2011

Because I really love to read it but I have very limited funds right now so I can’t buy it. All the best.

Kevin Sep 09 2011

I think it would be great to learn about design and improve my knowledge and skills with UX.

Nicha Sep 10 2011

I’m interested in UX design and any web design knowledges. I want to improve my skill, learn more and share them to my friends who are work in the same field of mine.

Paul K Sep 10 2011

Because I want it :D

Victor andrei Sep 10 2011

because information is power

This book would help me to learn more about design and usability. I would also to borrow it to my fellow-student.

clarens Sep 10 2011

I’d like to have a copy, because I love web design, at the time I have some knowledge about design, however I fell that is not enough, and I think I won’t never stop learning about this awesome field. Also I am thinking of doing a course of design, next year, so this book would be an useful tool, as it is this blog, cheers!!

Michael Sep 10 2011

I always enjoy reading perspectives on design and seeing how others tackle certain issues.

Jayar Sep 10 2011

Always looking to sharpen the saw!

mei1i Sep 10 2011

because i simply want it NOW!

Brendan C. Sep 10 2011

I want this book to help enhance my design abilities.

Tsuyoshi Sep 11 2011

I would like a copy because I want to read genuine book about web design.

I’d love to have a copy of this book, because I believe that it would give me the firm foundation as I’m walking into this creative field. Thanks for organizing this Giveaway and wish the best to you, Alex. Thank you, SixRevisions, too :).

bharat khiani Sep 11 2011

hi, i’d like to participate and win cos i want the book to let me improve in web design and current work just includes some basic sites and very little design elements…i’d like to learn the elements that go into a web page design…transparent portions, shaded areas, attractive borders, clean and neat typography …i know they play important role, but i need something to lead me to the results in a simple manner…

Cees-Jan Sep 11 2011

I would like a copy of the book cause I want improve my UX skills.

George L Smyth Sep 11 2011

As a webmaster, I can code without a problem, but the design aspect is my weakness. I will use all the help I can get.

Gabriele Sep 11 2011

Learning, learning :)

Jason Sep 12 2011

I would love a copy of this book because I am currently in the process of moving from the world of programming to hopefully a freelance career in the front-end design world. This would be a great learning tool to help me on my way.

jeremy Sep 12 2011

I’m a desktop and back office application developer with a moderate artistic talent. I am trying round out my knowledge by branching out into a more user experience and design realm. I’ve been reading a plethora of tutorials and articles along with some solid books. Anything that can help chissle or shape what I am gathering is welcome!

Duarte Nunes Sep 12 2011

For getting more advice in beautiful and clean web

Oliver Nagy Sep 12 2011

I’m a pretty experienced backend developer who is interested in web design, but knows next to nothing about it.

stefano Sep 12 2011

I’m a developer,I want to improve mi front-end skill, on two step
1 – reading a very important book about design (like this)
2 – learning to draw

Rachel Sep 12 2011

I recently finished reading Robert Mill’s Designing The Invisible and it has completely ignited my forgotten love for the psychology behind design, how the choice of colours, typography etc can affect a users experience on a website or when reacting to a piece of design. Wiley’s book looks like the next book I could get completely absorbed by and with such a beautiful design it would also be a joy to read and admire :)

They say that “The moment you stop learning, you start dying”.

As a web designer, learning something new everyday is very important. I need to keep up with the latest trends, web languages, and techniques that are brought by new technologies every year.

I believe that there is always room for improvement and having a copy of “Distinctive Design: A Practical Guide to a Useful, Beautiful Web” book by Alex Dawson will definitely help me improve my web design and development skills in so many ways.

“Learning something new today will help me to become a better individual tomorrow.”

George Dina Sep 13 2011

Because I’m a snob and I like to buy all these kind of books even if don’t have time to read them all.

Sierra Sep 13 2011

I am a student of graphic design and I have learned over the last year of being temporarily out of school how hard it is to make it on the web, by simply watching others and reading about others. There is a lot of stuff they don’t teach you in college in my major and the coin of graphic design is somewhere between creativity and spreading knowledge. I’d like to get a hold of this book to see where I and a lot of other people are going wrong.

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