Giveaway: DropIn Mac Apps

We’ve teamed up with the creators of DropIn (which you can get through the Mac App Store) to give 5 lucky winners a copy of this awesome app that will help you manage your busy Dropbox.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would DropIn be useful to you?

This giveaway ends on June 14, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jun 7, 2011


DavidC Jun 07 2011

Hi, Would love this app to help get notified when other volunteers at our local junior football club have amended files and to allow quicker and easier sharing.

I would use DropIn to manage my Dropbox, sure. I have really many folders in Dropbox, a lot of them are shared folders, and public folder is also very busy. I’m using Dropbox mostly for private and sometimes for business use also. So I think that DropIn would come very useful…

Chabz Jun 07 2011

I hope that will finally help me to pass under the 103% of my dropbox !

Ashmita Jun 07 2011

It can turn out to be life simpler for me.

urban Jun 07 2011

now i sync my diploma thesis with dropbox. so i have a backup and an svn service for free, but i really miss a detail view which files are currently uploaded.

Eugenio Grigolon Jun 07 2011

As I’m a heavy user of Dropbox, DropIn would help me keep up to date with all my files, personal and professional – and also will help me share the correct documentation across clientes.
This is an amazing app, and I really want to have this free copy on my iMac ;)

help me manage my busy Dropbox account by allowing me to filter and see important updates.

I use dropbox for work files, freelance projects, and family files. . .I could stand to make the tool a bit more efficient.

Paul Gisbourne Jun 07 2011

DropIn would be great for allowing to transfer files around between my computer and those used at work!

Ranjith kumar Jun 07 2011

Dropin would allow me to stay organized with my Dropbox account. Right now, im getting all the updates on files updated, even if those are not related to me. It would be awesome, if i could manage the notifications and manage file updation smartly and quickly.

Rachel @ Last Res0rt Jun 07 2011

I use Dropbox for all my school projects. So hey, why not get a little more efficient?

Benjamin Charity Jun 07 2011

This would be huge for me. I use Dropbox to manage all of my projects between 4 different devices and also between my team members. So multiple people, on multiple projects….Getting that more effecient would be huge for me!

J Hoye Jun 07 2011

As a recent Dropbox convert this would be the cherry on the cake.

giantJELLYFISH Jun 07 2011

DropIn will help me manage the files in my DropBox and avoid DropOuts.

Veronica Jun 07 2011

To help me sort through some client file sharing.

ElioHoho Jun 07 2011

DropIn would help me manage a little more easier one of the best tool that came to my life these last years. (I mean Dropbox, duh.)
Even better : my friends (that I invited to dropbox) wouldn’t understand HOW I can handle the beast so easily, and that would make me their master.

Joakim Runeberg Jun 07 2011

At the moment I use a combination of both Dropbox and CloudApp, with dropin to handle the automated screenshot uploading I could have all my files in the same place. Sweet.

Renee Jun 07 2011

I own an online training site and my teachers are physically located all over the country. We use dropbox all the time to share content and notes. This would allow me to manage the constant flow of information and files.

camilo Jun 07 2011

To get revisions from clients. reduce the time of attaching files.

Agile Scout Jun 07 2011

WIN WIN! Dropin would totally help me with screenshot uploading. Str8 up

It would be very usefull to order the files for my startup.

Dropbox does a pretty good job of making the usage of it pretty straight forward. But I’m definitely a Dropbox power user, and I’d be curious to see in what ways you’ve been able to make it’s use easier. I’m also quite interested in experimenting with it on local networks, that could almost be more useful for me than the Dropbox integration.

I was blown away at the whole showcase of the new features. The most used program I would have is Dropin since I use dropbox every single day. It’s one of those things where you can’t live without it once you find out about it.

Hector Jun 07 2011

To keep track on any changes that assistants could do in the scheduling.

George E. Jun 07 2011

I use DropBox to collaborate with colleagues. Although Growl does tell me a file was updated I don’t know or see all of them. This will definitely solve that problem.

Thurein Jun 08 2011

I use dropbox for my personal project and other.
It would be helpful for me

Corey Jun 08 2011

definitely will assist in workflow and manage my clouds.

Ian G Jun 08 2011

Dropin would be useful to me as I am a graphic designer constantly adding game graphics to various, categories, folders, sub folders etc so this additional level of access would make my life SO much easier!

mathan Jun 08 2011

Will make my self light in managing in managing things

lazaac Jun 08 2011

i think that DropIn will be useful for me as i use dropbox as my only backup medium… thanks in advanced..

DropIn would be a great addition to DropBox, which is just by itself, amazing. Get notification from a shared folder for development would be a good plus.

Muhammad Abubakar Haider Jun 08 2011

I use DropBox to share files quickly.

Barry Jun 08 2011

It would help manage all my data that I send to Dropbox

Dhillon Jun 08 2011

I would love to use DropIn coz I can focus on the most imoprtant folders and files..

Kavya Hari Jun 09 2011

And, it could be more useful to order the files on here. Thank you so much for given up here :)

Juarez P. A. Filho Jun 09 2011

I’m a huge fan of Dropbox and I think DropIn have cool features to increase my productivity and the main feature for me will be Smart Folders. Thanks!

Halif Saban Jun 09 2011

I heart Dropbox and DropIn will be a great tool for me to be more productive!

Gaston Jun 09 2011

To test it, share it, and sell it to other people

Leigh Hunter Jun 10 2011

How would it be useful?! I’m the kind of designer that gets hives if there’s more than 3 icons on my desktop – an unorganised DropBox is just not an option for me. You’d be saving me from basically gnawing my wrists off.


DropIn would help my bandmates and I exchange audio files and the like through a more convenient workflow process.

Josh Guerette Jun 12 2011

I deal with a lot of Dropbox-ed files, as well as multiple versions of those files. This would allow me to quickly find the files I need and get work done faster!

Ed Baxter Jun 13 2011

I freelance and back up thousands of files yet always have a problem finding what I need so something like DropIn would be extremely handy!

chunwui Jun 13 2011

DropIn will further enhance the collboaration and sharing of files.Makeusing dropbox comes closer to you.Give you smarter way toquick access the folders at your fingertip

Dropbox is revolutionary, I use it for all my current design projects and the team! Imagine if I could preview it too and organize it really really well! Dropin, would be the best add-on to productivity! SHOW AND HIDE! AMAIZING

It would be handy for file sharing.

David Ankers Jun 13 2011

I use Dropbox to keep my laptop and desktop in sync, even the desktop and documents folders by using symlinks. Simply great.

Kat Skinner Jun 13 2011

I love dropbox, but there are just some things it can’t do. DropIn would be particularly helpful.

Joshua Chase Jun 14 2011

I can’t live without dropbox. I’m about to hit my 50GB limit and will have to upgrade.. again. This app would rock though and make life easier. If I don’t win, I might just have to pick it up anyways.

Ahmad Jun 14 2011

we are currently buliding a website have to manage many files DROPIN wold be good for internal transfer of files on my mac

David Jun 14 2011

I throw rocks at parked cars. This app will help me manage my court summons more efficiently.

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