Giveaway: Subscriptions to DesignBoost

In this giveaway, we’ve teamed up with DesignBoost to give five lucky Six Revisions winners 1-year access to all of their courses.

To win 1 year of access to DesignBoost courses, first browse through their list of courses and choose the one course that you’re most interested in.

Then, in the comments, mention the following:

This giveaway ends on November 20, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Nov 13, 2012


Alan Brusky Nov 13 2012

I’d love to take the Landing Page Design Course

Lindsey Nov 13 2012

These courses look amazing – I’d have to say the one I’m most interested in is the Glyph Icon Design Course (, with the iPhone Game Design course being a close second!

Kadir Selcuk Nov 13 2012

I am interested in “iPhone Game Design Course”. should teach me a lot on games.

Carrie Nov 13 2012

I am most interested in the iPad App Design Course.

Karl Fitzgerald Nov 13 2012

I would benefit greatly from the Designing a Successful Etsy Storefront course at:
This would get my talented wife up and running in online clothing sales.
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Anthony Nov 13 2012

I’d like a refresher with the Landing Page Design Course.

Francois Nov 13 2012

Nice giveaway ! This would be really nice for me as a programmer, I need to get better on the design side.

Glyph Icon Design Course

Simon Le Pine Nov 13 2012

I need to win the iPhone App Design Course ( I’m, relatively, good at writing backend server/app code but am terrible at user interface design.

Thanks for yet another awesome give away!

Marian Nov 13 2012

I’m interested in iPhone App Design Course:

Goodluck to me! :D

srini Nov 13 2012

I like the landing page design course – My job involves building web based applications for small and medium sized companies, I understand the importance of a well designed landing page and learning how to do it well would enhance the value I provide to my customers.
Hoping to win the access.

Vitor Neves Nov 13 2012

This would be nice to win :)

Landing Page Design Course

Danny Clayton Nov 13 2012

Awesome giveaway… I’d be most interested in the ‘Landing page design course’.

Looks like a great collection of courses at DesignBoost. I’d love to give the iPad App Design Course a go

David Powell Nov 13 2012

Looks like a great site I’ll bookmark for future use for sure.

I’d love To win access to these great courses.

Especially interested in the Landing Page Design Course at

My wife and I have an online business, she has her own separate venture as well and so do I in addition to our joint venture. Plus this course would help greatly with the direction I’m moving with my web design and development.

Gregory Nov 13 2012

I am most interested in the iPhone Game Design Course. It looks amazing and with only 3 hours a day it sounds quite feasible. I hope to win! It’s link is at

Mike D. Nov 13 2012

Definitely interested in the Landing Page Design Course @

Aiste Nov 14 2012

Landing Page Design Course ( looks like something that would be really useful for me :)

Thanks for the giveaway.

I’m interested in Glyph Icon Design Course and the url of the course is

Nathaniel Bulawan Nov 14 2012

Title: Landing Page Design Course


Hope to win this course.. Please..!!!

David Nov 14 2012

Most interested in the Design a landing page course at

Hein Zaw Htet Nov 14 2012

Wow… Great Online Course.

I am most interested in-

+ Landing Page Design Course

Lee Drozak Nov 14 2012

I am interested in:
Landing Page Design Course

Who does not want to learn how to improve your landing page conversion and simple is always the best way.

Joseph Wachira Nov 14 2012

This is awesome. I am most interested in learning the Landing Page Design Course –

David Diaz Nov 14 2012

I am interested Xcode and Custom Graphics Course. I’ve just started teaching myself Xcode and would love a structured course to learn more.

Steven Roberts Nov 14 2012

Andrew Nov 14 2012

Landing Page Design Course (, definitely would come in handy at work. Working in the marketing department, this course can only help the poor design choices our company tends to make.

rodrigo Nov 14 2012

for the designboost team: please, don’t say “mobile apps” if you only teaches design for iPhone. I would have loved a course about Android app design, but for the contest : iPhone App Design Course ,

iPhone Games Design Course

Would love to bring my game ideas to life!

Nelson Nov 14 2012

I am very interesting the course called “Landing Page Design Course”

Hernan Silva Nov 15 2012

I’m interest in this:
Landing Page Design Course

Seems like great advise.

Hi! I would love to do the Landing Page Design Course!

Muhammad Tahir Khan Nov 15 2012

I’m interested in the following course:

iPhone App Design Course

Sandra D Nov 15 2012
The Landing Page Design Course seems to be very interesting !

Pedro Carbonell Nov 15 2012

I would like to make the iPhone Design Course!

Really I think I would make all of them as we’re a iOS development studio and this is a permanent requirement and we would benefit a lot having these skills ourselves.

Patricio Nov 15 2012

I think what will be very helpfull this coruse

Mike Williquette Nov 15 2012

Would love to take the Landing Page Design Course.

Thanks for the great opportunity to win some great looking classes!


Jason Gavin Nov 15 2012

Jim Ulle Nov 15 2012

I would love to learn more about creating my own custom user interfaces in xcode! I could really take my apps to the next level.

YODISign Nov 15 2012

The landing page design course;

I’m an emerging jewelry designer/artist and a course that helped me create an alluring, informational, and interactive landing page could be my biggest asset. Handmade jewelry artists are everywhere; with a little guidance I could make my work stand out!

Brenda Malone Nov 15 2012

I would be super stoked to take the Landing Page Design Course from Design Boost!

Hermanet Lay Nov 16 2012

I’m interested in Landing Page Design Course

Maciej Szymanski Nov 16 2012

Seenu Nov 16 2012

I would like to get refreshed with, Landing Page Design Course!!

Vipin Nov 16 2012

I will choose “Landing Page Design Course”

the Landing Page Design Course would be super helpful.

Libby Nov 16 2012

I’d love to take the Landing Page Design Course

MOhamed IJas Nov 17 2012

Joigie Nov 17 2012

The iPhone Game Design Course looks interesting :)

Phong Thai Nov 17 2012

hope I can win for a course of Landing Page Design Course

Dominique Goh Nov 18 2012

I too would like a Landing PAge Design course.

Kinda Nov 18 2012

I would definitely learn a lot in the “Landing Page Design Course” Landing page is very important for a business.

Anestis Goudas Nov 18 2012

Great giveaway! I would like to win: Landing Page Design Course

Anestis Goudas Nov 18 2012

I would be interested in Landing Page Design Course, here.

Claudette Nov 18 2012

This is the first one I would take!
Thanks for the chance at some free professional development!


Aung Ko Zin Nov 19 2012

Ben Holloway Nov 20 2012

Ipad App Design Course

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