Giveaway: Monitive Subscriptions

In this giveaway, we’re giving away five subscriptions that will never expire to Monitive’s Platinum subscription plan. Monitive is a site uptime monitoring service that will notify you when your websites go down and/or are back up online.

How to Win

For a chance to win a Platinum subscription plan, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would you benefit from Monitive’s Platinum subscription plan?

This giveaway ends on October 9, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Oct 2, 2012


Sebastien Tremblay Oct 02 2012

Awesome post Jacob ! This looks like a wonderful service, thanks for sharing. I would benefit from Monitive’s Platinum subscription plan to check out uptime of our client’s websites and detect malware, so we can make sure that their website are always up and safe.

Brian Whiting Oct 02 2012

Since I been getting more and more clients lately it has been a major problem with checking each site individually whether or not they are all up and running like they should. I have been dealt with being told that a site is down but not able to really see it beforehand and fix it before it happens. With this membership I could check all of the sites that I operate for clients in real time and not be out of the loop if it goes down and fix it instantly via my phone or laptop. A great help for someone that really needs to keep up to date on clients and make sure nothing is going wrong with their site at the same time.

Cameron Oct 02 2012

My company and I make websites for nonprofits to help them spread their cause. Having a top-tier monitoring service will help us make sure that their message is always there when a potential supporter visits.

I’d use the platinum subscription to keep an eye on my assorted sites, ensuring that if (when) they go down, I know quickly enough to prevent significant downtime.

Andrew Ensley Oct 02 2012

Nice! I could really use an Android app for monitoring my sites. Sounds awesome. The performance monitoring and malware detection would also be really nice.

Gonzalo Robaina Oct 02 2012

I would use my Monitive account to help me improve the performance of my web-based applications so I could guarantee a better service for my customers.

Kirsty Oct 02 2012

I would benefit from Monitive’s Platinum subscription plan because I would never lose traffic again because of my website being down. Thanks for hosting the contest!

Andreas Oct 02 2012

Given that I don’t visit my own sites all the time, this service would allow me to get the same impression of my sites as my visitors. It would also provide a good indication for whether or not to change web hosts. Lastly, Monitive seems to offer a lot of features that other similar services don’t offer: like a mobile app. Sounds super handy!

Joseph M Oct 02 2012

It would be great to have close/local alerts and information provided to me about the status of my websites. The details available here with the service would be totally awesome.


I would use Monitive’s keyword checking to make sure the proper content is showing up on all of my client’s websites. Other monitor services just let me know if the site is up or not, but that doesn’t really help me when there is a big runtime error on the page. I would also use Monitive’s performance reports to justify my hosting fees to my clients, and the public reports on my hosting marketing page. Plus, Monitive’s website just looks nice!

Martim Schnack Oct 02 2012

I’ll use this awesome tool to monitor the websites my company hosts.

I will definitely use the Alerting Options to send me emails, the Automated Diagnosis to automatically check what is wrong, the Custom HTTP Code Check to verify if the server is returning any 5xx error. Again, I’ll use a LOT of this amazing tool.

Obviously I care about my website, but unfortunately I’m not there monitoring it 100% of the time. Obviously I want to keep my users satisfied and keep the site up (just like any other webmaster), and this would be the perfect tool to do so!

Micah Oct 02 2012

Since I have many clients who I regularly work with and track, this would be essential for me to notify them of outages and other problems with their hosts. I’m also very interested to know about the uptime stats.

Shaun S Oct 02 2012

I would benefit from Monitive by being able to know within minutes if any of my websites go down.

simon edwards Oct 02 2012

Checking from somewhere close to Australia is good, up to once a minute is great, html content check Is excellent and malware checking….that’s bloody awesome.

Chandra Oct 02 2012

With Monitive I can monitor all my services and my client projects,If anything bad happen, I can responded in few minutes thus greatly mitigated harmful effects. My client will love me to :)

Keyword checking, tests from multiple locations, server uptime and malware detection are some pretty wild features that are worth paying the price for this service. Getting it for free would be awesome, but nevertheless, good job there, gyus.

Veronica Oct 02 2012

We have a lot of sites with 100,000+ visits/week and expect 100% uptime. Monitive’s service looks perfect for us.

Alexander DiMauro Oct 02 2012

As a new startup, anything that can be done to save time and money is always essential! Besides the detection and monitoring that is always a good thing, I love the idea of being able to provide public reports to customers.

Pavel Gerega Oct 02 2012

I would benefit from Monitive’s Platinum subscription plan because of their performance monitoring and their malware detection. There are also many other useful things that they have that I would benefit from.

Mayur Oct 03 2012

Great Giveaway on SixRevisions again !!
Using Monitive I can monitor all websites of my clients and mine too. Public reports let me displays uptime information to my client easily. One another feature that might help me is unlimited SMS alerts and twitter alerts. I can monitor all websites of my clients even in office or on travel, by using it.

Ivan Zidarov Oct 03 2012

Nice post.
I have developed some major web apps and sometimes they tend to crash – so in order to keep them up and running this will come in handy. THank you for this opportunity

Giorgos K. Oct 03 2012

I will use for my clients benefit. Thanks!

Asher Charles Oct 03 2012

As a freelancer and small business starter amazing monitoring products like these seem a little out of the budget to really warrant the expense, it would be amazing to be in touch the with the server through a beautiful interface and not have to find out when that angry client that sits there all day refreshing their site contacts me first. You know who you are!

With Monitive, I will monitor all my and my clients website and recommend it everytime to my customers as well.

James Oct 03 2012

I love this kind of service, I would use it to monitor my dozen sites and some of the clients too. Hope I win!

Artur Ejsmont Oct 03 2012

Time to resolution = time to issue discovery + time to escalate + time to inform the right person + time to fix the problem. From my experience resolution takes about 15% of the total time so good monitoring can massively improve your SLA!

I am an engineer my entire life and i have quite a few pet projects, and a couple of startups in progress. Tons of my friends are building startups as well and monitoring is something all the young companies should consider.

For me getting notifications early because of constant monitoring is the biggest win. Monitoring of timeouts, DNS issues and HTTP calls are key for me but monitoring for malware is a very interesting idea :) cant wait to try it out :)

With monitive i should sleep safely with no more finding out that a site was down for 6 hours. Monitoring tools are just too much trouble to build yourself, so signing up for an external service is a dream :)

Tom Davis Oct 03 2012

More than just knowing a site is up is knowing how fast it responds. Performance monitoring insures you know what visitors to your site are seeing – an if they are waiting.

Lauren Oct 03 2012

This is the most useful tool for providing the PEACE OF MIND for you that your website and your clients’ websites are ok. This will ensure that there is no embarrassing downtime nor any loss of business due to the site going down or if destructive maleware takes over your sites. This would be a huge help!

Shaun Walker Oct 03 2012

With Monitive my team and I could monitor our servers for client uptime

Chris smith Oct 03 2012

In working with small companies and other brute agencies, I offer a maintenance plan to help ensure clients’ websites are up to date and secure. Monitive would help me not only with uptime but performance and security testing this network of sites.

Zachary Winnie Oct 03 2012

I would benefit from Monitive’s Platinum subscription plan by being able to monitor my website 24/7. The text alerts would be awesome to have! Great giveaway!

David Oct 03 2012

I would use the service to monitor not only my websites, but my clients. Great Service!

Informative service to help diagnose issues quickly.

Josh L Bartolomucci Oct 03 2012

This would be an amazing win. Thanks for the opportunity. Monitive would help us monitor the 30+ ministry and non-profit organization websites that we work with. We strive for excellence when it comes to customer support. Monitive would help us do this even better.

Patricio Oct 03 2012

Because i’ll give better service to my clients responding faster in case o down of my servers.

I help with numerous noon profit organizations that run on super tight budgets. these guys do not have the resources or the know how to monitor these sites themselves, let alone track performance. this would let me help out some really worthy groups with first class services.

fraakz Oct 03 2012

Through using Monitive I can easily monitor my websites right through my Android Phone. I will be using it to check my website uptime, any malware intrusions or other issues with convenience.

Sandro Oct 03 2012

I will use the uptime report to claim the SLA with the web host :)

AzzePis Oct 04 2012

It has cool features – 1 Minute Interval Checking

Rohit Jain Oct 04 2012

This is an amazing giveaway Jacob.
I have tried Monitive and found it to be a very handy and useful service.
The platinum plan offered here will help me to boost the overall monitoring of my projects with all major features which are not included in the basic plans.
Really looking forward to know who gets it. Good Luck.

This would reduce my problems from being unemployed to getting my project up and constantly running from a thounsand to at least 999…

Rıza Selçuk Saydam Oct 04 2012

I would like to use the uptime report to give my visitors better experience. Thank you.

I would most benefit from the keyword checking; knowing a website is up is great but knowing it hasn’t been hacked is equally beneficial.

ElectriCity Oct 04 2012

We would use it to monitor the websites of our clients.

Naresh Oct 04 2012

Need for current projects monitoring.

I would be able to better serve my clients with a cool app like this! Oct 04 2012

Quite the timely post. With over a hundred WP installs, I’ve been looking for a better way of managing plugin and core updates. I’ll definitely have to check these options out – thanks for posting!

Zach F Oct 04 2012

I would benefit from a subscription to Moitive by checking my websites uptime on the go. It would also help me in checking my site, for malware, and tracking uptime and performance, which would assist me greatly with my websites. I would also use the uptime report and performance report a great amount.

I could definitely use this service to make sure my client’s websites stay up. Mobile apps are a big plus.

Pramod Oct 05 2012

I have a large number of clients who have servers I need to monitor. I was going to build myself a nagios based solution, Monitive looks great! I might just end up using this instead.

sophic Oct 06 2012

As part of an emerging company that does much more than websites, the various options for service monitoring is optimal for our future plans.

Stfan Oct 08 2012

Hi Monitive is a wonderful service to have to allow you monitor in real time any website you manage. One of their features which is particularly interesting is the ability to detect malware. By using this service I will be able to managing and receive reports from several sites in one page.


I’d definitely benefit as I’m a small business website management and design company and would love to have a way to monitor my sites!!!

Knowing as early as possible when a site goes down, can help you prevent receiving client calls and act on it before the client even realizes their site is down.

Your sites being monitored for malware… that is a really cool feature, because infected sites will suffer in the search results and you can again respond as quickly as possible to act on it.

Definitely something I’m interested in.

magr01ino Oct 09 2012

I would really benefit from this since I am running a small website company and this tool could help me monitore my clients’ sites without manual hassle..

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