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We’ve teamed up with, a web-based app for quickly creating interactive mobile app prototypes, to give out five Pro subscriptions that will never expire.

For a chance to win a lifetime Pro subscription plan to, simply answer the following question in the comments below: What feature of are you most interested in?

This giveaway ends on November 13, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Nov 6, 2012


Chandra Nov 06 2012

Actual Device Testing will help a lot. It will cut the time for mockup to test-drive, so this will be an improvement.

Patrick Thomas Nov 06 2012

Fave feature: Rapid prototyping with touch gestures built in.

grimaldo Nov 06 2012

I really like that I can export to html, create functional protipes are great to expalin better the functions and the core

Kevin Nov 06 2012

There are several features which make prototyping with a no-brainer for me. But the one I like the best is the ability to test the prototype on the actual device. This is key to getting buy in from stakeholders. For some of my clients, seeing a prototype on their laptop, desktop or from a projector doesn’t make it as “real” and give them the usability feedback we need to make the product better. Thanks!

Brian Mills Nov 06 2012

As a Human Factors in Information Design grad student at Bentley University, having one tool for prototyping on any and all devices would be incredibly helpful. I’ve heard great things about testing and look forward to trying it!

Justin Lee Nov 06 2012

I like the gesture support. Because touch interaction is very important in mobile app design.

Craig Nov 06 2012

Export to HTML

Dante Nov 06 2012

I am interested in interactive design of

Mariusz Nov 06 2012

“Gestures, touch events, screen transitions, and animations” sounds great!

JDaludado Nov 06 2012

Client collaboration :)

Steve Schmill Nov 06 2012

I am interested in the giveway and in for a number of reasons, but the feature that stands is its handling or prototyping for any device – that is certainly worth a serious look.

Aaron Nov 06 2012

Honestly I think that I would utilize every feature of, but the one that stood out to me as being especially awesome is the ability to test your prototypes on any device. seems like an incredibly powerful tool. I’d love to try it out on my next project.

Ian Butterworth Nov 06 2012

I am most interested in the dynamic behaviours.

David Barker Nov 06 2012

Having used in the past the feature I find most interesting is actually their ability to release new features and updates regularly. When I was using and I found a tricky scenario, I had to come up with a work around. In the next release there was an update to do it!

katopz Nov 06 2012

actual device testing is super cool :)

I’m really interested in being able to test on the actual device to get a better sense of how the interactions and gestures will work.

MethodicJon Nov 06 2012

I think the feature I’m most interested in: Actual device testing – Test your prototype directly on your mobile device.

Bianca Nov 06 2012

The most exciting features of for me are the actual device testing combined with the sharing and collaborative features. PRoviding a URL-based approach to allow the prototype to be tested on the actual devices makes it so easy. It also means that using prototypes in a presentation becomes a simple matter. Combining that with the ability to invite people to review and comment in the interface itself, means that early stage feedback can be gathered quite easily. This will be invaluable too mobile app developers.

noam deign Nov 06 2012

Thanks for any other excellent post. The place else may just anybody get that kind of information in such an ideal method
of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am at the search for such info.

Iván Nov 06 2012

I like prototype test ( Captivates at first clients views

Xavier Nov 06 2012

Great & very useful contest ! :)
To me, the most insteresting feature of is for sure the fact that you can test your prototype directly on your device. Customers are really reactive to this kind of live “real-like” demo.

You know, if a picture is worth a thousand words, the value of a live demo is infinitely more valuable !

Prototyping fo any device and export function to HTML, just awesome!!

Benedikt Nov 06 2012

I’m most interested in the collaborative features, especially the comments. They seem to be a great option to let my teammates review a prototype.

Dermot Nov 06 2012 looks great – I’m definitely interested in being able to deliver prototypes with functional animated screen transitions.

barry Nov 06 2012

I’d love to try out the actual device testing.

The most attractive feature for me is the ability to preview the prototypes on the mobile device. The rest seem to cover pretty much everything I expect such a tool to do.

Michael Saganowski Nov 06 2012

Hi There Jacob,

In answer to your question, I would probably say that one feature I would certainly be interested to try out is the “Version history and rollback”. I can’t stress how significant this type of feature could be for someone that is doing wireframing on a daily basis.

Greetings from Poland,


Charlie Key Nov 06 2012

I’m really excited for the HTML5 font support and HTML export.

Kim Hjortholm Nov 06 2012

Ability to run the prototype on actual device – a killer feature IMO

Joanne D Nov 06 2012

Actual device testing.

Mickey Nov 06 2012

The PRO feature of that I look forward to is the export feature. Able to export to HTML5 and have it offline to preview and the ability to export zip files containing all the screens so that I can incorporate them into my presentation.

Ali Kamran Nov 07 2012

I love the way that we could test the prototype on the actual device.

Ryan Conley Nov 07 2012

Looks like a brilliant tool – can’t wait to play around with it!

Nathaniel Bulawan Nov 07 2012

Wow this is really great…. I am more interested in the Actual Device Testing…

Hope to win…!!!!

Yongning Liang Nov 07 2012

Some features I interested in:
– Prototype for all devices
– Wonderful UI libraries
– Share and comments
– Publish and export to HTML

Annamalai Nagappan Nov 07 2012

I like the variety of libraries used.Export to HTML is another feature that i am impressed.

Giorgos K. Nov 07 2012

Of course the HTML feature and the fact that it works for any device.

Kadir Selcuk Nov 07 2012

As I work in a bank, I plan to use to design ATM screens. I am not in the design team myself, so I plan to apply my ideas on projects and and share them with the UX people and the designers. So the best feature for me is “sharing and adding comments”.

I also have a plan to use Proto.ui for my personal Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 projects which I design, code, test and publish from end to end. So actual device testing and prototyping for all devices will also be useful for me in the near future.

Testing the prototype on a real device sounds really nice…

Vasile Catalin Nov 07 2012


All features look promising but prototyping for all devices, exporting to HTML and then testing on your own device could save a lot of precious time. looks like the greatest tool i would use for creating interactive mobile app prototypes.

Hannes Nov 07 2012

Definitely the Export to HTML.

wezyr512 Nov 07 2012

Animation, touch events! Components from multi UI libraries and works on all devices is great! That what make unique

Great UI Tools, thats what makes a difference.


I’d love to be able to create custom widgets and interactions.



Tomas Nov 07 2012

Export to HTML looks like a really nice feature.

Jon Darke Nov 07 2012

My favourite features would be the ability to use gestures, not just taps as well as add in much needed transitions to simulate a more realistic and expected experience when building interactive prototypes for clients and testing.

Oliver Nov 07 2012

Testing the prototypes on multiple devices would be awesome!

Denver Nov 07 2012

Actual Device Testing FTW! I mean, what is a mobile device prototype without the ability to run it on that device. ♥

Sajan Nov 07 2012

Actual Device Support and Prototyping is good.

Margarida Carvalho Nov 07 2012

The features that i’m most interested in are: the fact that you can invite coworkers and clientes to collaborate on the prototype; and the fact that you can run prototypes on the most popular mobile devices. Really handy too is being 100% web-based.

David VanHook Nov 07 2012

My favorite is kind of a combination of two: the ability to rapidly build stuff (with no code needed) across multiple platforms, and then to be able to export that prototype to actual HTML. And being able to see the actual prototypes working on the actual devices themselves is a fantastic feature, too. Seems very exciting.

Jorge Nov 07 2012

Only ONE feature?
I like that I can export my project to HTML5

Ivan Ereiz Nov 07 2012

The fact that supports all major mobile gestures and touch events like tap, tap-hold, swipe, pinch, and zoom is huge! It’s the one thing that has prevented me from using any other prototyping tool on the web because they lacked it.

Danielle Nov 07 2012

The feature I am interested in that will help me with my current role is ‘Realistic UI component libraries’.

Justin Edelson Nov 07 2012

I’m excited for the publish and html export options.

Gregory Nov 07 2012

The feature I’m most interested in would have to be “Prototype for any device”. Having the ability to prototype for any device that’s out there is a HUGE advantage and help!

Raphael Isaacs Nov 07 2012

Mobile device previews is probably the feature that interests me most.

Rapid prototyping with built-in gestures is fantastic!

Livne b Nov 07 2012

Sounds good.! thanks

Pedro Carbonell Nov 07 2012

Actual Device Testing is something that should help a lot our non technologically driven customers understand how their apps will actually look like and feel.

I have worked personally with HTML based mockup tools, and some are Powerpoint presentations but non of them feels like it should on a tablet or device.

Tim Elmore Nov 07 2012

What feature of am I most interested in?
It’s hard to beat the HTML export.

Hard to choose just one but I’d have to go with the preview on a mobile device ability.

David Mermelstein Nov 07 2012

To me it would be being able to have the ability to preview, test and gather feedback on all the major devices.

Sorin Stefan Nov 07 2012

It’s so fast. For me that’s a very important feature which differentiates it from other prototyping tools.

And it has everything that I need to convey the message from an interaction design perspective.

thx a lot :) keep up the good work

Valentin Squirelo Nov 07 2012

I want to use device testing with my clients to iterate fastly

Steve Nov 07 2012

Favorite feature: Leaving comments easily (and literally) on specific UI elements will reduce time and confusion when clients are trying to give feedback.

Vladimir Nov 07 2012

Greatest feature is it’s a running cloud based system, one that gets updated regularly. Can’t stress how important it is to be able to do your work no matter where you are.

Rowan Winsemius Nov 07 2012

Love the ability to test your own device, what an awesome way to show off to the bosses!

Ivan Zidarov Nov 08 2012

I must say “Prototype for all devices” is a keeper. Hope to win one of them subscriptions :)

Animations – hands down.
Until today I had never heard of After checking out the feature set and the site I would say… the ability to prototype this fast is so cool it makes me want to puke my face off.

Asep Edi Kurniawan Nov 08 2012

Interactive Design feature

Undressed Gomez Nov 08 2012

By far, my favourite is “Silly-fast mobile prototyping”, but I like almost all of them. Specially its flexibility, supporting “almost” every device.

Colin Gaunt Nov 08 2012

10 active projects

Trevin Chow Nov 08 2012

Best feature seems to be device previews.

Omar Ramírez Nov 08 2012

Device testing and components libraries, looks amazing!

Andres Arias Nov 09 2012 really is an indispensable tool for building apps that provide real user experiences, helping designers to connect their ideas with the coding. I can create prototypes and test them quickly without wasting time and money, I think what makes the difference between using over other alternatives is fluides their transitions and intuitive interface editor. is amazing!

mobile app testing Nov 09 2012

I am really excited to test my own device. Also I like the gesture support & interactive design.

Sophic Nov 09 2012

The ability to invite reviewers and have them make comments is the best feature to me.

I really like the feature that would allow me to use gestures and touch events.

Peter Nov 09 2012

Testing directly on mobile device is great.

Drew Watkins Nov 09 2012

I really like that it can be tested on actual devices!

Sanjay Nov 10 2012

Honestly I think that I would utilize every feature of, but the one that stood out to me as being especially awesome is the ability to test your prototypes on any device. seems like an incredibly powerful tool. I’d love to try it out on my next project.

Gestures and actual device testing will be extremely powerful to show to clients.

Stfan Nov 11 2012

Prototype for all devices would probably be one of best features.


Anish Nov 11 2012

The realistic UI libraries are a win

Manfred Heider Nov 11 2012

Export to HTML.

KrzysztofB Nov 11 2012

Export to HTML

Jag Reehal Nov 12 2012

Being able to prototype on actual devices is a big win.

Jacob Nov 12 2012

I would like to choose the ability to test the prototype on any device.This is key as any amount of testing on a laptop or desktop will not be sufficent.

Paul O’Rely Nov 12 2012

Publish and export do HTML!

Peter Nov 13 2012

Actual device testing, absolute best.

Fabian B. Nov 13 2012

“Prototype for all devices” is one of my favorite features! So this is a very usefull service for Android AND iOS prototyping!

Few month ago I had to design a prototype app for a presentation in the university (iPhone/Galaxy SII). It took hours build them with photoshop and other programms… unfortunately I didn’t know this service before :/
Perhaps my next prototype will be done with!

And thanks for this giveaway!

The storage space and unlimited reviewers. I have a few projects I need to work on simultaneously and really need the ability to share with various groups of people.

Angel Ceballos Nov 13 2012

I’m currently using the platform for a quick mock for a project, but some of the main features i love so far and will continue to use is the ability to Prototype for all devices, UI libraries, sharing, adding your own assets like custom UI elements, export to HTML, and all the interactions.

Hope I win and continue to use this platform like everyday :)

– Angel Ceballos

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