Giveaway: JoomlArt Memberships

JoomlArt is giving away 5 Personal Memberships to the JoomlArt Magento Theme Club (JMTC), which will get the winners 3 months worth of access to the Magento Theme Club.

For a chance to win this giveaway, simply leave a comment answering the following question: How would you use the JoomlArt Magento Theme Club membership if you won?

This giveaway ends on January 19, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jan 12, 2011


Mike Manfrin Jan 12 2011

I’d use it to practice building sites with drupal :]

AYoub Jan 12 2011

I will probably have a closer look to the way JoomlArt are building their Magento themes.

Good luck for everyone

Grzegorz Jan 12 2011

Let’s try this :)

WPThemeInfo Jan 12 2011

All the demos are stunning I would switch over to the Magento from WordPress for all my ecommerce projects. This is really winning worthy giveaway.

irene Jan 12 2011

I ‘d love to win a membership.I would like to use their lovely joomla! templates.

Yohanes Paschalis Jan 12 2011

I will build some nice websites and teach people to use the JoomlArt Magento Theme Club membership.

I would Probably Use Joomlart and magento theme club membership to help me break down some solid templates and figure out how to make my own better

Hashem Alrabih Jan 12 2011

I’m newly using drupal and it seems that it needs more cool templates ..

Roger Jan 12 2011

This can give me new platform to develop fantastic e-commerce website.

Angelica Jan 12 2011

Count me in. I am a huge fan of joomlart’s themes.

Akineton Jan 12 2011

That would be great!


Fabio Lelli Jan 12 2011

I’ll use them, and I’ll try to learn how to build my own themes.

laurent j Jan 12 2011

I will create better magento site, they’ve done amazing design and amazing modules for magento

Monica Jan 12 2011

I’d use it to build Magento websites with awesome JoomlArt themes.

raybak Jan 12 2011

i may not use the templates as it is but would definitely use some of the items like sliders, menus etc.

To practice building sites with drupal

Vivek Parmar Jan 12 2011

hope this time i can get it

rvlt™ Jan 12 2011

Hmm, i will definitely improve some future clients store designs, that’s for sure :D

Chris B Jan 12 2011

This would be fantastic. Just starting Deving with Magento and to have some things would definitely spice things up!

Miguel Cabeza Jan 12 2011

This a great opportunity. I would use it to LEARN and make my sites more professional, more efficient and my clients happier.

Surendran H Jan 12 2011

I do know about Joomla. But If I won, I will build another 5 Magento website with JoomlArt themes. JoomlArt is always No.1

Milan Markovic Jan 12 2011

I will use it to learn and build online store (something like an auction) for my friend who has some great items to sell but doesn’t know how.

didim Jan 12 2011

of course setup my local news site with online shop and see the power of joomla with joomlart templates

sleapy Jan 12 2011

I always wanted to try Joomla :o

D2WebDesigns Jan 12 2011

I would use the account to learn more about how others code for Magento (in particular), but also at the same time hone my Joomla and Drupal coding skills. Ultimately submitting my designs for sale on JoomlArt.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Agile Scout Jan 12 2011

Down for the count. Sign me up!

I’d use it to save time with my designs so I can spend less time in front of a browser and more time with my family! :-)

Holly Jan 12 2011

This would be great! I’d use it to help me learn more about Drupal!

Vladucu Jan 12 2011

Will use it to kickstart and empower our new fashion ecommerce website with a great theme.

Nathan Jan 12 2011

Design a new website for my church.

Francesco Jan 12 2011

I’ve to make 3 ecommerce website next month! I will use for this!! :

Dougbowski Jan 12 2011

I stopped using Joomla just after 1.5 was released so this would be a fantastic way of picking up what’s changed over the years and moving back to using that as a cms and away from wordpress!

David Jan 12 2011

Will use it for starting new bussines.

mohammed Jan 12 2011

i would use them to make cool sites ofcourse :)

draiver Jan 12 2011

I’ve really been hooked up to web designing within a past year. I’m quite familiar with Joomla and Drupal, but haven’t really worked with the templates of these. So, if I win, I would use JoomlArt to get to know these template systems more.

Would be used for a couple volunteer sites I maintain that desperately need a visual update

amped Jan 12 2011

I would build awesome looking shopping carts using the JoomlArt Magento Theme Club membership, share with my mates how simple and easy they are to setup and teach the world wide web to sing.

Piotr Nalepa Jan 12 2011

Well, I’d try to understand how to build professional magento themes, just an inspiration.
As well as I’ll use them in some projects.

Brendan C. Jan 12 2011

I would create a website using a JoomlArt Theme.

Cliff Lee Jan 12 2011

I’ve been using magenta for almost a year now for an commerce project with a client. I must say it is incredible. Very versatile and feature filled- almost everything I wanted there was some way to get it, either through existing features or through the connect extension manager. Excellent software. Good thing I happen to try this over x-cart first otherwise I would be in a world of pain right now.

Hector Lee Jan 12 2011

I would upgrade to using Drupal.

Thierry Meier Jan 12 2011

I’d definitely use them as education resources.

I often inspect and check out high-quality themes to find out what makes them so special and good, and with what techniques do they work.

Pradeep Jan 12 2011

Magento is well architected, designed & flexible. JoomlArt provides the best design for look & feel presentation with excellent User Guide [i hope so since i see for Joomla its too good.].

Since the benefit is enormous.. It wouldnt be a bad idea to request for upgrade to Developer Membership for sure!

Coming to “How would you use the JoomlArt Magento Theme Club membership if you won?”
A:- Plan to setup Shop for their products for my clients[joomla] for free as a added benefit who comes to me for their website design. Two in One from me :)


Aditya Jan 12 2011

@mike : you do realize it’s a Magento giveaway, and not Joomla, right? :P

Nice work JoomlArt!..I like what you guys do..continue the good work ;)

Szabi Jan 12 2011

I would use these themes for client projects, whose deadline are close.

atrebla Jan 12 2011

Fantastic giveaway!
If I won the membership I would pass the goodness on. I do a lot of pro-bono/low-cost web development for organizations in my area, and would use the templates to make those organizations shine! (Saving some of my own time as well)

Simon Jan 12 2011

love this contest, if i win i just use the promotion to learn more about magento platform for ecommerce!

Hope I win this time!

nieldm Jan 12 2011

That would be nice Joomla its nice!

I will use them to learn the techniques of joomlaart. I am also huge fan and prefer my client to use their themes.

Thank you.

Steve Jan 12 2011

I do a lot of volunteer site building using drupal. I live in a small town and do our city website, help with the public school website, do the Chamber of Commerce, my church, and a parochial school site. I also do websites for a few local associations including, Knight of Columbus charity and Steelheaders fishing club. I also maintain a family website for my family of over 70 members. Some of these are static sites right now and I would love to convert them to drupal. I’m a left brain kind of guy so I rely on templates for appearance. Having access to these beautiful templates would inspire me to finish the conversion job on the sites that are not CMS yet. Of course, I would give you guys credit for all themes I use from you in the footer.

Víctor Jan 12 2011

So simple: learn to use joomla!

Wordtoyourtom Jan 12 2011

I’m looking to start an ecommerce site for my mom’s business, so it’d be great to get some help from JoomlArt =)

Yesssss, I wont this…!

Nick Plekhanov Jan 12 2011

I would use awesome Joomlart Magento themes to help me break down some solid templates and figure out how to make my own better, and of course, to learn how a pros do it.

Metin Jan 12 2011

There is an upcoming e-commerce project at the design agency I work, and as lead web designer/developer I’ll be in charge of the project. So, having access to the theme club would make my work process faster.

thanks and good luck to all participants.

José Jan 12 2011


I would use Joomla to get my t-shirt company (Contro) off the ground so I can pay for college (UCONN!!!)

lazaac Jan 12 2011

if i won this giveaways, i would use it in my client site.. it’s an awesome if get something premium with free…

Heather Jan 13 2011

I just completed my first Magento site and really enjoyed the process. I am looking forward to building more eCommerce sites with Magento, and these themes from JoomlArt look amazing!

Scott Schlee Jan 13 2011

I would love to migrate current and future clients from osCommerce to a more robust cart solution and this would be the perfect way to learn and use Magneto with some great designs.

Phillip Jan 13 2011

I would use it to build my portal.

Zafar Toshmatov Jan 13 2011

i’ll use to improve my future projects on

dumazz Jan 13 2011

I could hear a lot of positive opinions about this system being used for running the online shop. For ages I want to test him because I am intending to open a shop. Unfortunately I don’t know myself on encoding of templates dedicated to this system the e-commerce. Therefore very much I care about the victory. JoomlaArt is a great name, the victory will give to choose from me a lot of templates amongst which I will find something for myself.

Lewis Sellers Jan 13 2011

We’ve recently been looking into building websites on the Magento platform as templates and I’m sure this resource would help us to understand the framework a lot better.

Personally, I’ve never used Drupal before but I have used Joomla. This looks like a fantastic website full of resources!

Gianluca Jan 13 2011

i will use them for my client projects, thanks for the giveaway.

Scott Jan 13 2011

I am a massive Magento enthusiast and these templates would benefit me to learn more about Magento development and improve my skills :)

raffar Jan 13 2011

i should like start a new joomla project with a great theme

Juarez P. A. Filho Jan 13 2011

That’s a great Giveway. I’m in because I wanna to learn more about the tricks of Joomla.


Grant Jan 13 2011

To echo what has been said, I would use Joomla more for ecommerce clients.

Laurel Jan 13 2011

I’d use the gorgeous Joomla! templates two ways.

One to update the look of a NonProfit org I volunteer tech for (Orphan Logistics, which provides services to children all over the world who have been orphaned) and Two, as the interface for a demo I am creating that helps law enforcement officials collaborate in their extranet environment.

J© Logan Jan 13 2011

I will use the membership to further expand the websites that I am currently volunteering time to for the organization called volunteer Grass
a new Magento fan has been born……

Paulo Jan 13 2011

I would like to use one of them on my upcoming tutorial based website!

Jacob Allred Jan 13 2011

I’d use it to build a new web store.

Kristy Fifelski Jan 13 2011

Those themes are pretty awesome. I have an idea for a new Magento store every week, so I’d probably use these themes to jumpstart some of my projects.

Tiger Jan 13 2011

I would try these.

It will help me learn more about Magento theme design.

I’m starting with magento and with this I can use great themes from the start instead of trying to create one and end up with a basic one.

Emsteratx Jan 13 2011

I’d use it to make an awesome magento site!

kilinkis Jan 13 2011

id use it improve my magento skills!

Rares Jan 13 2011

What up, ribs?

Jose Adan Ortiz Jan 13 2011

Magento is the best CMS e-commerce platform, so, if i won this prize i’d be able to pick up one of these JoomlArt Magento themes to start delivering new e-commerce websites for my customers.
Luck and success for me and you!

jesse Jan 14 2011

Joomla design sure have come along ways.

Katie Nealis Jan 14 2011

Would love to have full access to these goodies! :)

Jigssy Jan 14 2011

I’d use it to make sites for me and my clients…

Hope i win…


Hiasl Jan 14 2011

I´d use the membership for my upcoming projects. I have 3 new websites to do and some nice templates would really streamline the whole project :-)

Fabiano Jan 14 2011

I’d use it to extend my current 2-themes-only library and bring some variety to my life.

Krishna Srinivas Jan 14 2011

This is a chance where I can get this. It would help me have more of the same to build quality product, which will engage the market with in its own depth. Thank you.

noriko Jan 14 2011

I’d use it for the next my project, nightclub website.

Damir Jan 14 2011


I would use it to learn how to make my own Magento themes even better

Brandan Jan 15 2011

I would use a membership to JA to improve a couple sites I have running the plain-Jane Joomla CMS template. Great idea for a giveaway!

Cyril Jan 15 2011

I’d use it: 1) to find a cool theme for my under-construction graphic design portfolio website; 2) for my new clients! :)

Definitely, I will use it for my client as they have nice and sleek themes

dementia Jan 16 2011

I will use it for our family business’ website :)

Dorian Jan 16 2011

i would probably get to know Magento Better and migrate few shops from Virtuemart to Magento

Ricky Jan 16 2011

Is there some question to win Joomla license? :D

mastersson Jan 16 2011


Carol Jan 16 2011

I use Joomla to build websites for worthwhile charities on a voluntary basis. One such charity is FoodBank South Africa [], which is attempting to alleviate hunger and malnutrition amongst the 14 million people who are food insecure in South Africa. Our existing site built on J1.5 using the JA_PURITY template is proving quite restrictive. I’m use this membership to upgrade to a better template and possibly J1.6

I use Joomla to build websites for worthwhile charities on a voluntary basis. One such charity is the enviromental sustainability charity Greenrock []. I’d use this membership to improve this site.

I will translate and customize them (my favorite) for RTL lang.

Ghazwani Jan 16 2011

I will start my on line shop

TODDMAN Jan 16 2011


Rohini Jan 16 2011

I used JoomlaArt Joomla Templates to build my website Technofunc. I am extremely happy with the design and kind of features and support that I got from them. Basically from non-website background I leaned Joomla just by chance and was able to solution my complex requirements with their templates and extensions. I don’t have any clue of Magento and this gives me a chance to explore another technology and I could be able to get some things that I am missing in Joomla.

DougP Jan 16 2011

Learning Joomla, and what better way to jump-start than with these templates.

mymyhope Jan 16 2011

i love joomlart ‘s design and i am the webmaster of,i will very happy if i am lucky to get the membership of joomlart magento club.

Chris Curtis Jan 16 2011

I only recently started using Magento for designing e-commerce sites; however, I have used Joomla for many years. I have always liked the Joomla templates that Joomlart has created.

Angel Jan 17 2011

I will use the membership to be able to study building classy templates for popular CMS and improve my design structure.

Allen Jan 17 2011

I would finally get my site updated to a pay theme after rolling my own for years. worth a try!

svoess Jan 17 2011

If I win…I will build my own business shops…thumbs up…

Daniel Ow Jan 17 2011

I’ll be spicing up my Magento portofolio, have the perfect candidate for the job – a project for a personal webstore :)

Thanks guys!

emiliana Jan 17 2011

If I win, I will use Joomlart Magento themes to spice up my blog and create a professional look for my e-commerce website.

wow, i win it would be a great help for me to continue developing website using joomla

Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi Jan 18 2011

Nice giveaway!
Hope this time I win,

Tamas Jan 18 2011

If I win… I’d improve to build Joomla and Magento themes.

webmasterdubai Jan 18 2011

Magento is my favorite shopping cart software i really like it.

xavier Jan 18 2011

I would start trying to work with joomla

I’d use the membership mainly for my Magento stores.

shiyon Jan 18 2011

I will use it to improve my joomla skills in creating premium themes.

Ive always wanted to use magento for a shop but have been scared off by the templating. This would the catalyst I need. I’d look to create a home giftware shop first.

yudiacro Jan 18 2011

I just want to build my first ecommerce site with Magento. It will be a good start if I can win this giveaway. Thank you.

rollsappletree Jan 18 2011

i’ll use it to study and improve my skill :)

Loving it!

Joaquin Jan 18 2011

I’m setting up an ecommerce for my pet store and it would be great to have your resources.

Adim Subedi Jan 18 2011

As I’ve recently started Magento theme development, winning this definitely helps me understand the advanced practice of developing magento theme. I’ll select a theme for my own store that I am creating.

Eric Kelly Jan 18 2011

I would use it to get some examples of how other people are doing things with Magento and Drupal.

Tim F Jan 18 2011

I’ve had a few ideas for CMS builds incorporating a storefront, but my shortcoming is always the design side. A free membership would be a great ticket in turning my ideas into reality.

I’ll use it for my blog!

Jessica Jan 18 2011

I need to build some websites to add to my portfolio. Joomla would be a great way to beef up my web design skills.

everlearner Jan 18 2011

I love Drupal. I can learn how premium Drupal themes are built if I get the giveaway. Anyway thanks you so much JoomlArt and SixRevisions.

Santelmo Jan 19 2011

I would use the prize to study and design my (2) blogs and my mom’s real estate blog. after that, i will help fellow bloggers by creating better themes for their blogs for free.

Dejan Jan 19 2011

I am using OpenCart for my personal (handmade jewelery) e-commerce website, but if I won one of these templates, I would consider switching to Magento

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