Giveaway: DX Themes Bundles

DX Themes has teamed up with Six Revisions to give out five bundles containing 20 responsive web templates.

How to Win

Browse DX Themes’s themes library and look for the theme you like the best. In the comments below: State the name of the theme you like the best, provide the URL of your favorite theme, and tell us why you like it.

This giveaway ends on November 6, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Oct 30, 2012


Wesley Warren Oct 30 2012


I will actually be buying this theme, whether I win or not. It’s incredibly elegant and simple – perfect for a client of mine that needs such a site with reservation/booking capabilities.

Patrick Thomas Oct 30 2012

I like starlight hotel.

The fullpage background is great to show off a gallery of pics.

Rahul Joshi Oct 30 2012

I like the Black Photo Portfolio WordPress theme:
I really like the black color of the theme and would prefer using this for my website.

Muhammad Tahir Khan Oct 30 2012

I liked the Kids website WordPress theme.

It has everything for kids, the colors, the dashing menue, beautiful slider & above all responsive.

I’ll be thrilled if I can get my hands on it, its just a pure class.

Muhammad Tahir Khan Oct 30 2012

I liked the Kids website WordPress theme.

It has everything for kids, the colors, the dashing menu, beautiful slider & above all responsive.

I’ll be thrilled if I can get my hands on it, its just a pure class.

Dante Oct 30 2012

My favorite theme is TOUCH.
Touch URL:
It’s my favorite theme for its clean design, beautiful interface, and because I love minimalism!

Alfredo Arriaza Oct 30 2012

i like this template
Creative portfolio HTML5 responsive web template

Is beatiful and work youst fine for my portafolio idea.

Thanks for the oportunity

Designemo ( – It seems flexible, and has some great hover effects.

Sandro Oct 30 2012

I like Designemo because of the full screen background images, quite cool!

Sean O'Driscoll Oct 30 2012

Bravia ( I like the boxes and small snaps of color. It has a “Standard Theme” feel, but with a little more pop.

Karl Fitzgerald Oct 30 2012

Verona Creative Portfolio
This would be high on my list to start my wife off on a successful clothing design business.

Dan Phillips Oct 30 2012

The best theme is “inspired”.

The design is simple and clean with a lot of flexibility in page style choices. This site could be used for a lot of versatile sites.

Well Done!

Maurizio Domba Oct 30 2012


I like this theme because it’s clean and simple, yet with a lot of content

Carolyn Zack Oct 30 2012

Star business WordPress professional theme

This is my favorite theme because it is organized and more of the minimalistic style that I like to provide for clients. Clients need properly organized information—not clutter, which this theme provides.

Achim Baur Oct 30 2012


It’s really clean and minimalstic and looks great on a tablet. Love the typography as well.

Zalando Gutschein Oct 30 2012

I like the design – since it can be easiely changed for a landing page

Anthony Oct 30 2012

I liked Modern Church Design the best. It has a lot to do with what kind of work I do, and I could see it working with different church sites.

Jordi Oct 30 2012

The theme I like the best is Inspired.
I like because is a clean theme but very complete and well structured.

Tony Moura Oct 30 2012

As a UX Architect this theme is IMO, the cleanest in it’s simplicity.

Chandra Oct 30 2012

I like Inspired, it’s a simple and clean theme.

Ramnath Oct 30 2012

Theme: Inspired stylish responsive WordPress theme
Why: I need theme for my portfolio and blog. It suites best for me. And another reasons are cleanliness, four columns and simplicity.

MethodicJon Oct 30 2012

Clean corporate WordPress theme

It’s a good clean Corporate WordPress theme.

Gabriella Rozsahegyi-Mayer Oct 30 2012
Good idea is my favourite template, because it fits my simple desig needs for my portfolio.

mohamad farid Oct 31 2012

Star business WordPress professional theme

I like the theme because of it simplicity and cleanliness. The 3D feeling of looking at the whole design of the website are stunning. With white colored base, one cam simply add any color that are eye-catching to the visitors.

Ivan Zidarov Oct 31 2012

I like Titan
It’s a great theme for project coming up … and I may save on designer’s fee :)

Mathias Oct 31 2012


I also like this name for a girl, but seriously, this theme is just perfect. Clean, minimalistic, the typo seems simple but nice, and it would be great for a portfolio!

Anestis Goudas Oct 31 2012

Inspired stylish responsive WordPress theme.
It’s nice to have a responsive modern layout and even better if it’s designed for a WP Theme!

Guppu Boss Oct 31 2012
I need city press to change my blog design it is a good theme :)

Annamalai Nagappan Oct 31 2012

Simple Good premium responsive web template
I like this theme because it contains fast loading sliders

Mark Kanninga Oct 31 2012


This is a clean cut and no fuss theme that will look great no matter what the content is.

Alejandro Ramirez Oct 31 2012

It’s actually very hard to find a good responsive layout for a portfolio, that does’t mess with the photographs when resizing for a width less than 320.

Nice work on the themes, still I would recommend the use of a framework to get the best user experience for Mobile devices.

David Oct 31 2012

I like Titan the best: it got a great menu and a simplistic clean layout.

Jakub Oct 31 2012

I really like Simply Good

It’s clean and graceful and works really well with color.

Schwooba Oct 31 2012

I like Touch responsive Wordpres theme because it responsive, has great hover over and colapsable menu effects and has a clean, grid based layout. Nice job! -Schwooba

Damian Oct 31 2012

TOUCH is my favorite theme.
TOUCH is clean design, UI is beautiful and elegant. Minimalism at its best!

Alessandro Oct 31 2012

Business Gear!
It would perfectly fit for a project I’m developing for a Corporation in my town.

Subin Varghese Oct 31 2012

Simple Good premium responsive web template:

I like a theme which is light colored and minimalistic. This theme is just that. Also loved the simple colors used here.

Steve Oct 31 2012

The theme I like the best is: – Touch response is so important these days, with more and more customers using mobile devices, non touch websites just don’t cut the mustard. As a UK agency, we use themes and these are some of the best, and very well priced. We also use

I like the Striking Theme verry much
it is simple and modern :-)

Barry Oct 31 2012


Love the “old School” web 2.0 look and clean feel of it all, and it also looks like it could be easily adapted to a SharePoint install.

Chufang Oct 31 2012

I like Striking – clean style responsive website template

It’s pretty similar to the other responsive themes available on the site, but I like this for the overall look and feel.

Brian Oct 31 2012


I like it because it’s one of the most minimalistic of the designs. It’s very clean and organized.

Francois Oct 31 2012


I like this worpdress theme, clean and simple !

Nicole Oct 31 2012

I like the Gloria Theme. It’s found here
I like it because it’s not too busy.. very clean design and with minor tweaks can be used for various business scenarios.

Matt McNamara Oct 31 2012

I really like Business Gear theme. It is clean, modern, and has many areas that would allow me to showcase different features pretty well.

I like the video tutorials as well.

Hands down I like the “Verona creative portfolio WordPress theme” the best
The URL is
I love the way the pictures tell the story and the text provide the additional information. It really stands out. The sliders are excellent. Great theme.

Thanks for hosting this contest!

Nathaniel Bulawan Nov 01 2012

I like this photographer’s site… :P

Danie Nov 01 2012

Simple Good premium responsive web template

I like this template. It is simple and clean. I’d like to use this as my portfoilo.

Gav Pritchard Nov 01 2012

Euphoria is my favourite theme.

It’s clean, slick and professional with all the feature you could need. Nice typography too.

Brandon Nov 01 2012

I dig Hotel…

Great way to show off a gallery of photos. BG is cool too.

Vanilla Nov 01 2012

Favorite theme : Euphoria Responsive.
Why: I like this theme because the color scheme is my favorite, also the layout is functional and attractive.

Aynex Nov 01 2012

I like Hi There.

I like the way the photo gallery is presented. Looks very cool.

Copito Nov 01 2012

My favourite is Simpla

Clean and minimalist; it looks great for any kind of project!

Patricio Nov 01 2012

The theme what is liked for me is called Simply Good.

I like this themes because is obsolutly clean and for my style of design is the right.


I like Calisto. Minimalistic, clear and simple to focus in content.

Sandra D Nov 01 2012

Euphoria !
Because it’s a professional theme with possibility to use for portfolio.

Ganesh Maharjan Nov 01 2012

I like the theme Star business WordPress professional theme

I’ve checked checked in live preview and it’s features are as suitable for me which is I’m searching for..

businessfied Nov 01 2012

Well I loved City Press theme the most
This theme has a very good responsive blog like design that is eye catchy and grabs my attention.

Copito Nov 01 2012

My favourite is Simpl. This is the url:

It`s clean and minimalist; it looks great for any kind of project!

stautem Nov 01 2012


I love the subtle textures and navigation on this one. It’s clean and has a good layout.

Joelji Nov 02 2012

The best: Hi there – responsive portfolio for creative artist or photographer
Very well suited for Photographers or Graphic artists to showcase their works along with their blog articles. +Responsive, which is really great.

Gowebbaby Nov 02 2012

The theme i like the most is Touch Responsive WordPress Theme.

Reason :- Nature, ideal theme to write on global warming.

Peter Steven Nov 02 2012


Very clean and nice template, with very usefull utilities! Love it :)

Kerstin Nov 02 2012


Simple, responsive and easy to customize as needed.

Andrew Nov 02 2012


It’s a built on twBootstrap bundle of responsive WordPress goodness.

Jorge Nov 02 2012

I like this theme:

I like the small slider at the top and it has the two words I was looking for: responsive and portfolio

Max Long Nov 02 2012

Well, The themes are good. They plain and simple. Just the bring the class on the web design factory. Very nice, I appreciate it gladly.

Steve Nov 03 2012

My favorite one is,

Reason: The design and presentation is so pleasing to the eyes that you just can’t stop yourself from looking it.

Veronica Nov 03 2012

The theme I like best is: Euphoria

I like how all the navigation and top bar are separate from the content and it is clean and simple.

My favorite theme is Pasilin sport responsive website template
Touch URL:
It’s my favorite for its clean design, because I love minimalism!

JHawes Nov 03 2012

I’m going to have to go with the Clone theme on this one –

I liked the extra features throughout the layout, such as the pricing tables, google map, and in the navigation panel the short descriptions below the links. Also, when fit to smaller screens and mobile devices I like how the slider crunches with the text below it – very clean.

Even if I don’t win I’m buying this for a project :)

Linda Hawes Nov 03 2012

Love the Euphoria theme.
Love the top navigation and how everything is organized very well. :) Definitely the perfect website for a beautician.

Darren Nov 03 2012

So many great choices, but of them all, I’d say Touch is the one that has the best look for my projects.

The look is clean, and the responsive aspect is really important. It gives you a classy look and only takes one step to get your site to look like the demo, now that is important!

You can check the theme out here:

Anuj Kapur Nov 04 2012


Being a photographer myself, i find that the template is built engeniously to make the photos the centre of attention. Moreover, I tried the site on my iPad, and it functions as an online app, controls being very easy to understand and manage. But the best part is that the template has enough room to accommodate additional changes, if required, due to its minimalistic approach.

stooni Nov 04 2012

I like these theme


I like TheClever

After watching several of the themes available, this one of the best, I found.
It has a clean design, business-oriented, with blogging option and all the different page layouts available, is an interesting point that means flexibility.

Thanks for the giveaway.



arditasari Nov 04 2012

Inspired just awesome. Sleek and clean.

Count me in please. Thanks!

The theme I like best is Concordance Vintage.
I think it looks very inspiring and very well-coded. It would give my portfolio a boost with more satisfied readers. Thank you.

Ankur Gupta Nov 06 2012

I like Euphoria Theme
Because it supports Reponsive webdesign, Has multiple layouts for portfolio and useful shortcodes.

Emille Nov 06 2012

I like hardrive
simple and elegant, but have strong touch


Offers everything you’d need for a creative portfolio.

Ángel M Nov 06 2012

My favourite theme Hardrive:

This theme has the features that I’m looking for. It’s clean, simple and elegant.

Thommy Nov 06 2012

I think your most modern, forward-thinking and aesthetically pleasing theme is Euphoria. I particularly love the hover on portfolio images and how elements of the design glide seamlessly when changing viewport sizes (portrait to landscape). Did you make it this far? Last night I dreamt I was standing on the top of a pyramid, looking down at thousands of beautifully robed women while they threw pickles at me.

Intergor Nov 06 2012

I like these theme
I liked it because:WordPress theme built with Twitter Bootstrap.

Maciej Szymanski Nov 06 2012

I like Construct theme the best.

It’s clean and classy. I like the colors and typography. And it would suit the needs of the project I’ve been working on recently. I wish I had come to see this earlier. It would save me tons of work

sebastian burton Nov 06 2012

I`m leaning towards the creativefolio theme
I love the color accent details and the robust footer.

Jeeva Nov 06 2012

Ariel photography WordPress theme

This one is really cool and stylish. It has lot of gallery variations. And I love the home page layout with the sliding option. I don’t know this one is included in the package. If not I will buy this one.


Alvaro Echeverria Nov 06 2012

The theme I like best is Hi there – responsive portfolio for creative artist or photographer

The look is clean,they plain and simple.

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