Giveaway: SliderWall Licenses

Five readers will get SliderWall  licenses that will allow them to use this wonderful tool commercially on one domain.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question: How would you use SliderWall if you won?

This giveaway ends on March 20, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Mar 13, 2012


Amaiko Mar 13 2012

If I would win, I will use it for new e-store.
I really need fancy one like SliderWall instead of the current ugly one.

Romas Mar 13 2012

It looks like a great tool for content sliders. Would definitely use in my future projects.

benjamin christine Mar 13 2012

really nice slider!

Nick Synergy Mar 13 2012

Very nice, hope I win :-)

giantJELLYFISH Mar 13 2012

I’m gonna create amazing inviting slideshows on my wall with SlideWall!

zimbrul Mar 13 2012

Woww, this is one of the most versatile sliders I’ve seen! It is a little bit pricey but the functionality is awesome.
How would I use slider wall if I win? I’ll put it on my Homepage of my site which lacks of a slider at the moment. I’ll turn my site into a more “portal” website than it is now.

Dave Saunders Mar 13 2012

Use it to show examples of what SliderWall can do for small companies in England and Wales.

Andrew Mar 13 2012

Would use it in WordPress themes, thx.

Lu Nelson Mar 13 2012

Wow, nice plugin — especially with the addition of tabs. I would use it for just about every website I do, but especially for portfolio websites, being that the look is sophisticated enough to beat flash, which some clients have a difficult time letting go of

Dimitar Mar 13 2012

I often use sliders for different websites that I create. I don’t have any preference when choosing a slider, because some are good for images and some for videos, but this looks like it’s good with both. I have to admit I have never try it before but it looks good enough.:)

Torsten Mar 13 2012

I would use ist for my personal Homepage.

Jacob Mar 13 2012

I would use it in my new project to make the homepage stunning.

Piotr N. Mar 13 2012

I’d use it on my amateur football team website.

Chandra Mar 13 2012

I will make a showcase for my portfolio :)

Peter Mar 13 2012

Nice for one of my upcoming website! it would be very handy

Karl Fitzgerald Mar 13 2012

I would no doubt use on my own site as a portfolio viewer. Thanks for the giveaway!

grafik Mar 13 2012

I really like the option of displaying videos from you tube. Slider useful for me to blog.

Xander M Mar 13 2012

I’d probably use it in my current project for a client- currently got a bespoke slider in for it but it’s a bit of a pain to manage…this looks much easier!

Ron Sly Mar 13 2012

I’ll use sliderwall to visually share some of the most important issues surrounding people in my community.

Justine Katz Mar 13 2012

We use a similar, but not nearly as good, program on our website at work. SliderWall would allow us to take our website to the next level and have it look more polished and professional.

Ashley Mar 13 2012

I would use the slider wall to make my website look more appealing and professional!

If I won, I would use SliderWall to create a fun, interactive CV for future employers & job applications.

Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi Mar 13 2012

Nice giveaway. I would love to use this SliderWall on my project. Thanks.

Darrell Simkins Mar 13 2012

Because what could be cooler than having this on your website?

William Rouse Mar 13 2012

This would be helpful for the non-profit work that I do.

Matt O'Donnell Mar 13 2012

I would use Sliderwall to organize our content more effectively for our readers’ convenience/enjoyment.

Mitch Garcia Mar 13 2012

We are looking to revamped our church site and adding this terrific tool will make out site POP!

Patricio Mar 13 2012

I will use on my site of events

Michael Byers Mar 13 2012

If I won I would use SliderWall on a photographer’s website I am building to showcase their work.

Jean-Marc Buytaert Mar 13 2012

All the websites that I build have a slider on the homepage. If I won, I would use SliderWall for all my websites.

Jennifer Perrin Mar 13 2012

How would you use SliderWall if you won?

I would use it in my personal portfolio site.

Kirsty Mar 13 2012

The landscape slider would be a great way to showcase a photography portfolio! I like how it creates a collage of the images so that the viewer can choose what image interests them the most or decide to view them all. Very nice jQuery slider.

Shane Hollon Mar 13 2012

I can’t wait to make my new blog look as professional as the best news sites out there! The sliderwall looks easy to use, and I cant wait to give my news perspective some extra bite with images and videos that enhance the story!

Mindaugas Mar 13 2012

before reading this article i was already familiar with the SliderWall projects, as i accidentally have come across it when i was researching for JQuery img slider. If i could get a free license to use it, i would use it for one of my free/donation projects on rebuilding my daughter’s school website.


Warren Kuan Mar 13 2012

What a cool stuff!
“I’m will use it for my new site,showing my portfolios!”

Thanks for this giveaway,what a great site:)

cyrus Mar 13 2012

I use it as image slider! :D Okay, its just humor.

I would like to use it for personal image / draw … if i win one of it, i want to use as a main place of a website : )

Diana Mar 13 2012

My father is a veterinarian and he is great but need a better image for his business, so I’m working on a better image and design, starting on a new and more useful web, so I will use a slideshow for his web to show his patients, and the place.
(sorry for my English)

How would you use SliderWall if you won?

We’d use it on Orcas Island TV to show off the latest photos that are submitted to us regularly. These photos are part of the “Eyes of Islanders” project, one that is intended to produce a book each year that documents life in the San Juan Islands, through the eyes of the Islander.

Boitsov Mar 14 2012

I’m going to go with it on vacation in warmer climates and bury him in the sand on the coast.

Of course I can use it for one of my projects.

Jason Hardie Mar 14 2012

I would use this as a micro-site So to give minimal information fast and effectively.

Tomek Mar 14 2012

I would use that on my renewed web portfolio on which i am currently working. Thumbs up!

Annamalai Nagappan Mar 14 2012

I will use sliderwall on my website.I love to get one of such a kind.

Amelia Mar 14 2012

My site is a video tutorial site and this would be absolutely awesome to promote my best tutorials and new videos.

tippi Mar 14 2012

I would use it at my next project…

Tim Lee Mar 14 2012

I would use sliderwall as a featured slider for clients projects. Please pick me!

Jeff Lupinski Mar 14 2012

I would use SliderWall for my college school work.

Veronica Mar 14 2012

I have a perfect site I would use this on.
To show steps in a process. :-)

I would most likely use it for a commercial site I am currently developing for myself. I will be having an area of my site that allows the users to display a few photos and I think it might be nice to allow those photos to be done in a slider type of way.

Wesopa Mar 14 2012

I would use it for my personal “Secret Ninja Project” :)

Talley Mar 15 2012

I would use SliderWall as the centerpiece of a new portfolio site I’m building.

Robert Hoppe Mar 15 2012

cool stuff! i would use it for the page of my mom ;)

Joelji Mar 15 2012

Would use it in one of the client projects that need a featured section.
All the best guys :-)

allric johnson Mar 15 2012

Just implement the sliderwall. really awesome. Thank you.

Anish Mar 15 2012

I will use it for my newly created blog.

I would use it on my new e-com store! Very cool.

Since is so intuitive I’ll use it for baby pictures slideshow for grandma.

I’d use it on a storefront of a new website I’m building. This is a great use for all those top products people like to show off. Thanks for the opportunity.

Make sweet, sweet, sexy, organized photos all in one area.

Michael Tuck Mar 15 2012

Would make a great portfolio display.

Ahmad Mar 15 2012

i would use it to make something phenomenal

Ariyo Mar 16 2012

I would use it on my portfolio site, replacing my current slider.

I would spice up my site with it! :)

David Grajal Mar 16 2012

I will use in the frontpage of THENEXTBIGTHING(TD) :-)

Danie Mar 16 2012

Would use it in my website

I would use it in all my upcoming projects, especially for galleries

Theo Patt Mar 18 2012

I would use it to display recent completed projects on my portfolio.

Simon Mar 18 2012

This is definitely something I would use on the website I look after. I would use it to welcome new visitors, showcase the facilities, give them a ‘getting started’ slide and highlight the next two big events coming up.

Blaszta Mar 19 2012

Would like to use it on wife online shop.. still under heavy development :)

Tsusan Mar 19 2012

I would use it to publish the results of my master’s research.

Digibit Mar 19 2012

I would use it on my portfolio site.

kinda Mar 20 2012

I’m going to use for presenting important images and offers, and i’m not going to worry if it will work on mobile devices or not, because i know it will :)

Sammi Mar 20 2012

I’d love to use this to spice up several new web projects!

coderbay Mar 20 2012

Will use in my coming blog.

At first, I abstained from entering this contest so that someone who really needed the license would get it. Over the weekend, I started a new project that needs a rotating header. After scouring the web, I was unable to find a script only to find that they were far too limited for my needs. From the looks of it, Slider Wall should be handle everything with little fuss.

Cristina Mar 20 2012

I would use it on my portfolio site

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