Giveaway: Blinksale Subscriptions

Blinksale, an invoicing and payment-tracking web application, is giving away six Silver plans for 1 year.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment answering at least one of the two questions:

  1. How will a Blinksale plan help you?
  2. What features of Blinksale are you most excited about?

This giveaway ends on November 17, 2010¬†after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Nov 10, 2010


Steven Nov 10 2010

I love the PayPal integration the most!

PremiumThemeClub Nov 10 2010

Feeling very great after the use of the demo.

1. Make my invoicing process a lot easier.
2. Instant payments

Richard Moss Nov 10 2010

Their site seems to be broken :)

Ahmad Nov 10 2010

Awesome count me i think you sould edit the signup link as its show error for me

farazq Nov 10 2010

1. I’m hoping it’ll allow me to get my money faster and more efficiently. Plus it’ll be a whole lot more professional than sending out PDF’s and managing my accounts receivables on a spreadsheet!

2. the Pay with Paypal feature. Can’t be easier than that to get paid!

david Nov 10 2010

Seems interesting!
1/I thins Blicksale could help me save a lot of time! I actually write my invoices with Open Office!
2/The recurring payment function is awesome, and will allow me to save MORE time!

Unyouzed Nov 10 2010

BlinckSale will help me to have a more professional image, and of course, save time! I’m also excited about the Paypal integration!

pceasies Nov 10 2010

I’m helping someone with a business and currently they are using Quicken (before they were using an Excel document). I think an online system would help them out with invoices. The ability to manage them and keep records in one place, stored safely on a server is a huge plus.

Micah Nov 10 2010

Blinksale would be awesome for invoicing and I love the automated invoicing feature!

paypal integration is the best for me and my costumers!

D2WebDesigns Nov 10 2010

How will Blinksale help me? Too easy…. I currently generate all of my invoices by hand using a spreadsheet I created in 15 minutes. It looks ridiculous and Blinksale would be a great way to do invoicing and billing.

Karissa Wingate Nov 10 2010

1) I would love to use Blinksale because I am a college student just getting started and don’t have the resources at my disposal to do professional invoicing. Blinksale would be a really easy way to me to manage my clients and invoices all in one simple program.

2) I’m really excited about the PayPal feature. I think that’s a great addition. Seeing as I do a lot of freelance work, I really would rather get paid through PayPal than anywhere else. Its simple- fast- and reliable.

Gabriele Enoch Nov 10 2010

1) It can help me to simplify my works.
2) Paypal Integration. An immediate and simple way to end a bargaining

Andrew Roberts Nov 10 2010

I hope to get some freelance work started after I graduate in December, and this could be very helpful for me! :)

mondo Nov 10 2010

1. I don’t have to write this app myself
2. Estimates and Invoice customization

Justin DiMucci Nov 10 2010

Would like the free year of Blinksale to help organize and invoice clients while looking professional and providing an easy way for them to pay me.

Matt Zimmermann Nov 10 2010

Blinksale looks like a great way to keep everything in one place and not have to rely on spreadsheets to control everything. The PayPal integration seems like a great feature.

Veronica Nov 10 2010

This looks like a great way to keep on top of my billing. I like that it would all be in one place. (Proposals, invoices)

Frankie Nov 10 2010

Both the RFQ and FRP seam pretty cool but paypal integration would make wonders speeding things up!

Matthias Nov 10 2010

Sweet. I’ve been using another invoicing service, but they’re raising their plan prices. The pay online feature is a must-have for me, as most clients don’t like to write checks (and I don’t like to wait for them!)

Jared Nov 10 2010

PayPal integration = love! Gotta love instant payment :)

Ben Goheen Nov 10 2010

Blinksale would help me keep track of all my invoices much easier. The old notebook trick doesn’t work too well when I’m busy and forget to add an invoice. :)

Michael Tuck Nov 10 2010

This is more software than I need, so don’t pick me out of the hat :) but this is a really nice piece of billing and financial tracking software. Generous offer. If I were a full-time freelancer, I’d be all over this.

Michel Nov 10 2010

With the Paypal intregration I can send invoices to my foreign customers.

Roy Vergara Nov 10 2010

1. It will help streamline my freelance invoicing work flow.
2. Curious to see how this compares overall to Freshbooks, which I’m currently using.

Bryan Smith Nov 10 2010

Great timing I’ve been wanting to ditch my ancient copy of Quickbooks!

Matt L. Nov 10 2010

I’ve been looking for an invoicing application! Looks like this is good timing :)

James Rasmussen Nov 10 2010

The PayPayl Integragion is teh Sick! I want and need this.

Jose Filion Nov 11 2010

The workflow for invoice is “WOW” makes me wanna do the “Dougieeeee”, if you pick me thank you so much.

Jose Casanova Nov 11 2010

I have been looking for a complete online application for my NEW online web design business and this definitely would complement the package. It’s exactly what I’m looking for.
Thank you for the opportunity to have it.
Jose Casanova.

Curtis Scott Nov 11 2010

I am most excited about the paypal integration functionality and look forward to testing it out!

Jason Nov 11 2010

I have been using blinksale for a while. it’s really solid and makes the painful process of invoicing super easy. they have implement some solid changes over the past year or two. the pricing model works out perfectly for me.

Mauricio Nov 11 2010

Wow. Paypal integration will make my job simpler

Hoo Kang Nov 11 2010

1. How will a Blinksale plan help you?
Blinksale will help organize my invoices.

2. What features of Blinksale are you most excited about?
I can get paid instantly.

KostasNi Nov 11 2010

I would love to win a plan to organize my business better. Filling out and sending PDF invoices easily, keeping track of invoices sent and overdue, sending thank you notes will all save me a lot of time and effort.

I’m just starting out on going after more freelance business and this would be a big help to make life a little easier. The payment integration is a great benefit and would allow my clients to pay faster, and for them, easier.

Vijay Nov 12 2010

I like the recurring option very much , it saves my time and most importantly i dont need to remember creating invoice..

clara Nov 12 2010

I have an old free/trial version right now. I love it, but would love an upgraded account for more flexibilities in manging invoices as my business grows. I particularly love Paypal and estimates. I love the simplicity of Blinksale.

Brian Rowdy Nov 14 2010

OK, Make me look professional, keep my billing organized and easy to maintain, offer customers instant payments, paypal integration and . . . Wait, what? It does all that out of the box? Sign me up!

Hector Lee Nov 14 2010

I like the instant payment portion. It makes a world of different for the client. And the great look of blink invoices means I can finally stop tweaking my designs and get on with doing paid work.

How will a Blinksale plan help you?
I will finally have an invoicing system. Currently I use Office, and it’s not that great, tbh.

Colleen Cole Nov 15 2010

This will help me start my business off right, right from the start!

Bartek Nov 16 2010

1. It will help me in my every day work :)
2. Paypal Integration! :)

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