TheAdStock Giveaway

In this sponsored giveaway, we’ve teamed up with our friends at TheAdStock to give five lucky Six Revisions readers each 100 points of credit.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would 100 points on TheAdStock be useful to you?

This giveaway ends on May 29, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on May 22, 2012


for my web sites :)

Jennifer May 22 2012

“How would 100 points on TheAdStock be useful to you?”
They would be useful for me by passing the savings on to my clients in offering the best stock images.

James May 22 2012

Time for a site refresh… Some good photography would be very helpful!

Dominik May 22 2012

I’d love to use it for my upcoming web projects. First is a Website for my own little webdesign/programming company (which is… er… just me ;) ) and second for our project, where we’d love to add some cool stock photos especially for the music section (complete redesign starting at june).

By the way: Thanks for your well done articles, Jacob! :)

verpixelt May 22 2012

This awesome giveaway would help to enable my ideas. There so much funny projects I think about but always i need some stock photos and I’m not able to shoot them on my on. So yeah, this giveaway would help my rly well =)

Zach Winnie May 22 2012

This giveaway for 100 points to TheAdStock would let me find some awesome stock imagery that I wouldn’t be able to find on iStockPhoto!

AndyW May 22 2012

100 points on TheAdStock would be useful to me because they would help me make my website and email campains more human and would save me a fortune on the overpriced iStockPhoto prices!

I’m right in the middle of a site-design … back-end is coming along, but it’s time to work on the splash pages. Some stock photos would be incredibly helpful in pulling it all together.

Hector May 22 2012

I would love to win this giveaway. This credit would help me build promos for my new startup.

Carlos Ferreira May 22 2012

To develop new websites with great and original images :)

schwooba May 22 2012

I would use the 100 points from TheAdStock to speed up my website development by utilizing the graphics and vectors available to me. Awesome!

Rafael Fiori May 22 2012

So i can Spend then!

Kacey Liles May 22 2012

I create local tv commercials and web ads and am always having to buy stock video and pics, would love to have a freebie for once!

Justin DiMucci May 22 2012

I would use the stock images for future website projects for clients.

Jon Gunn May 22 2012

It would be great for my two large projects.

Wow, I’d use this in all my design projects!

Bryan Donihue May 22 2012

I’m a graphic designer who does design work for small to mid-sized companies. I use stock photography all the time in my work. Any free credits would be very useful.

Ole Ingemann May 22 2012

I would use them on a financial website I am creating, where I am in the need of stockphotos! I see they have many great ones that would suit my needs :) Thanks SR !

muthukumaran May 22 2012

I am new to web design world. This stock images will be one of valuable asset for my upcoming projects. Thank you..

Christophe May 22 2012

I would use those photos for a personal project: a solidarity network website!

Joanne D May 22 2012

I will use 100 points to purchase additional images that we need to beautify our new website.

Darlene Motley May 22 2012

I would be able to help my NPO clients with lots of great stock photos!

Pedro Lopes May 22 2012

It would be useful for all my dozens of blogs! :D

Darren Burgfeld May 22 2012

How would 100 points on TheAdStock be useful to you?
As a web design company PM, I’m always hunting fresh imagery. I know I would find $99 worth of awesome at TheAdStock. :)

Tina Cook May 22 2012

The timing of your post is perfect! Been searching for photos of “real” people for a project I’m working on. This is going to save me time and 100 points (if I’m lucky!)

John Richardson May 22 2012

I’m working on a new book called Relevant Light. I need awesome cover graphics for the front and rear covers. The content of this book is one of a kind… I need graphics that are as unique as the story within the covers.

Dave Taylor May 22 2012

I can always use some fresh stock photos to freshen up my print and web projects!

Hi there,
As an aspiring web developer/designer i am currently doing a bachelor of media arts at uni and find that I’m constantly needing quality photos for print projects and web sites. Only catch is that I’m living on a menial student income and cannot afford to buy quality stock photos this would be a god send. Cheers

derek May 22 2012

the 100 points will be useful because it would finally give me a resource for quality images that would bump my designs to another level. and winning anything rocks!!

karansinh May 23 2012

How would 100 points on TheAdStock be useful to you?

Useful to me in using the stock images in websites, brochures and banner ads made for my clients.

raffar May 23 2012

for web development

Prayag Verma May 23 2012

These 100 points will be help me buy awesome and high quality stock ages for my Blog posts and other projects

Prayag Verma May 23 2012

These 100 points will be help me buy awesome and high quality stock image for my Blog posts and other projects

Dennis Schulz May 23 2012

Hey this would help us to build the website our startup. We’re searching for a nice image for the big teaser area on our startpage. It would be great. We try to build a great service! People should enjoy this. From the virtual to the real world out there with their friends. Hope we get this giveaway! Fingers crossed for us! :)

TServ May 23 2012

Well,well,well! I’ll use it for my amazing blog :))

Harry May 23 2012

Using these images would be a real help for me, as they help me come up with an idea for a web app and can really help shape what a design will turn into. Would be chuffed if I was able to win!

Angelica Costa May 23 2012

I really need some quality images for my websites…

Maicon Sobczak May 23 2012

I could use high quality images to create shocking websites and compelling ads for my clientes.

ChrisK May 23 2012

Winning the AdStock would allow my web design and development to look more professional and allow my portfolio to attract a higher level of clients. I like the variety of formats they offer and the quality and diversity of their models.

Amy Donahue May 23 2012

We are about to embark on our rebranding journey, and we are going to need new images. I love that many of your images are offered on transparent backgrounds.

Adverse May 23 2012

As a web designer, we use stock photography almost every day. I would love to have some free stock photography. Posts such as this make me a happy reader, haha. Thanks for the post and the chance to win.

Andre May 23 2012

I will use the points for my web design projects.

I’m just getting started transitioning from full-time drudge work to full-time freelance, and having high quality stock photos is KEY. Paying for those out of pocket when just getting starting out stings a little bit, this will really help catapult me in the right direction. Thanks for the great blog and contest!

Andrew May 23 2012

Hi, after being made redundant in March i have now started my own website business. I have been part-time and very casual for a few years. Now it is ‘go’ time and I have 6 sites to complete in my first month. I have invested in various templates and software and whatnot, I could really do with this resource (and would plug it on my blog). :)

Stelian Subotin May 24 2012

I would use the images as preview files for my templates.

Raoul May 24 2012

I will use it for my company.
It would be great, it would be very usefull for the new ads that are in the making.

Philipp May 24 2012

Especially the iPad pictures would be useful for my website

Annamalai Nagappan May 24 2012

I would use the 100 points on The AdStock Account to get high quality stock photos for my website.

Kopiarki May 24 2012

I wouldn’t have to pay :)

How would 100 points on TheAdStock be useful to me? Love the clean background and fresh images. Would probably use on a new project promoting a charity race

Howie Nguyen May 24 2012

I would use the 100 points to get images to design awesome email signup forms for my blog.

I would use this for several of my clients to better advertise their business.

Ervin Ter May 24 2012

It would be useful to use the photo on my site with different background color.

100 Credits would definitely help me get my design business going

Danie May 25 2012

Will use for my website.

Stephanie May 25 2012

High quality photos for my websites.

To save money of course, since it’s about earning free credits, and at the same time allowing me to have resources for prints like brochures.

Jorge May 25 2012

I will use the points on a couple of webs I’m working on.

Azamat Fayziev May 25 2012

I’d like to use stock photos for my upcoming web development projects both personal and commercial:)

Joelji May 25 2012

In need of high quality images to use in my website banner images.
All the best guys…

Because the AdStock sounds cool

Albert May 25 2012

New photography to use for upcoming projects.

Matt Zimmermann May 25 2012

This would be a great resource for me to use for client sites.

Jason Carbo May 25 2012

I’ll replace all images in my old websites design.

100 credits would make it much easier to find quality images for my articles

Dylan Phillips May 25 2012

“How would 100 points on TheAdStock be useful to you?”
100 points would provide some great images for our Non-profit clients. We do most of the design work for free, and this would give them access to high quality images that may normally be out of range for them.

Ryan Vars May 25 2012

I’m in the middle of a Brand Identity project and desperately need some quality stock photos!

100 points would be almost 100 pictures, so useful for 100 reasons!. Good luck all!

Alejandro May 26 2012

I’ll use them to offer better websites to my clients and avoid asking them to bought their own!

Looking forward to win!

“How would 100 points on TheAdStock be useful to you?”

For the presentation of my graphic design projects. Anyway good luck to the winner ;-)

Copito May 26 2012

The 100 points of TheAdStock would let me find some awesome stock imagery that I wouldn’t be able to find on other places of stock photo.

Daniel Swan May 26 2012

Freelance works or personal project betas :D I’d need some cool stock!

Ellisa Barr May 27 2012

I’m incubating a new blog. I’ve started writing articles and now it’s time for some great imagery. Thanks for the contest!

Yuni Ardita S.D May 27 2012

Sweeet! I would love to use for my projects. Definitely useful. Hope for the best. Thanks.

This would help me create more beautiful stuff = my work would prosper = I’d be closer to my dreams:)

Chris May 28 2012

I’m getting a small mobile advertising agency started and I could find this very useful. Funds are tight at the beginning for this industry but passion is great :)

Christian Sanchez May 28 2012

Behind a creative work, there are tons of dedication and quality materials like these awesome stock photos. Hope I could have a chance. :)

bilal May 28 2012

would love to have stock photos as I can use them in my photo manipulations and my side projects. Hope that I win :)

Vitor Neves May 29 2012

i would use on new projects that i’m working :)

Masoud May 29 2012

I’d use this in all my design projects!

Abbas Malek Hosseini May 29 2012

If I have 100 pint at there, search for find best stock about any ads works and use them at my work for sell better and most rich to companies

Colleen C May 29 2012

I am designing two sites right now, and could really use some snazzy photos!

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