Giveaway: Adobe InDesign CS5 Books from Focal Press

In this giveaway, we’ve teamed up with Focal Press to give 10 copies of Interactive InDesign CS5.

To win a copy of the book, simply answer the following question in the comments: How can Interactive InDesign CS5 help you?

This giveaway ends on April 27, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Apr 20, 2011


Rahil Apr 20 2011

from this book i will learn the tips and tricks

Mark Petherbridge Apr 20 2011

How can Interactive InDesign CS5 help you?

– As a student who hates the fact that the course books I am required to buy are outdated and for products that came out in the days of Macromedia. I think its important to stay up to date with awesome programs like InDesign. However affording those isn’t justifiable considering fees, loans, and everything else that seems to make a student poor. This would really help me get to grips with the latest version of InDesign and allow me to succeed in ‘current’ skills.

John Polacek Apr 20 2011

I’d love to win a copy of this book. As a web developer, I’m interested in how InDesign is used as a publishing tool in actual production (not just demos) and the best practices for doing so. I’m familiar with many of the features, but it would be nice to be completely up to speed with the latest.

Christian Apr 20 2011

I work with InDesign A LOT and am working closely with interactive design studios. And while there is a ton of information on everything available online, a comprehensive reference in the good old fashioned form of a book would come in very, very handy.

We have been developing interactive pdf’s for use as Electronic Press Kits for our field representatives/speakers. Interactive InDesign CS5 would be a great way for us to finally get a handle on this huge project.

Raoul Apr 20 2011

It will be more user-friendy and people can see more.

Jason Apr 20 2011

As a mostly print and publication designer I feel that this book will better enable me to use my favorite page layout program to expand my skill set even further into the realms of interactivity and design. Great giveaway. Thanks!

Justin Apr 20 2011

Nearing the completion of my web technologies degree I could really use this to expand my skills and offer more options to future clients. Thanks for another great giveaway!

J Hoye Apr 20 2011

I am hoping that it will give me a springboard to creating and publishing an interactive museum tour guide eBook targeted at the iPhone/iPad.

Brussells Apr 20 2011

How can Interactive InDesign CS5 help you?
Having only just delved into all that is Adobe, an extensive, comprehensive guide such as this would be worth it’s weight in gold. There’s only so much I can remember, so having a book such as this, to hand would be awesome!
Also, winning something is always a nice feeling :D

Joelji Apr 20 2011

I would like to create interactive ebrochures that could be published in web too as swf. And also PDFs. Hope this book would help me to learn them.

Dario Calonaci Apr 20 2011

How it can help me? Makin’ me aa better print designer, makin’ me learnin’ Indesign!
Sadly, for print design I always used AI…now it’s the time to change!

It could definitly help me to bring interactivity in documents that I produce. Pretty amazing stuff you can do with InDesign.
Export to flash, …

Chris Apr 20 2011

Hi! I’d love to win! My email address is included above. Thanks! :)

Nancy Apr 20 2011

Interactive InDesign CS5 can definitely help me become familiar with Adobe InDesign, which I am very interested in using for designing things for my User Experience team.

Dennis Stevenson Apr 20 2011

I purchased the CS5 suite at release and have used every piece of software within the suite. InDesign is an under-utilized gem and I hope that, with this book, I can take advantage of more of it’s features!
Thank you for the opportunity.

Alexandru Pitea Apr 20 2011

Working in webdesign, InDesign CS5 new capabilities could come in handy, especially for creating SWF documents. Interactive InDesign CS5 is here to show us how to harness these awesome new features!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Alexandra Apr 20 2011

This book would be helpful so that I can learn how to be more productive when it comes to InDesign. I think it has much more to offer than what I know and what better way to learn than with the book.

Vinicius Santana Apr 20 2011

Interactive InDesign CS5 can help me create brilant publications.

Michelle Apr 20 2011

Love your blog…I’ve been following it for a while. Keep up the good work !

Jamie Apr 20 2011

I use indesign to create client brochures and product catalogs on a daily basis. I have not used Indesign to its fullest potential because I am unfamiliar with the interactive aspect of it. This book may help show me how else indesign can help me improve projects for clients.

Brush up my skills… help me feed my baby!

Billy Apr 20 2011

Speech is a linear form of interaction, with the arrival of books, everything get sectioned and well divided, so we can skip through part that were not interested in. In a non physical world, INTERACTIVITY can leverage about our experience to gather information, if we can integrate better interactivity in pdf document, the user or reader can find informations faster.

Megan Apr 20 2011

I create PDF’s all the time for my clients, learning how to use the capabilities of InDesign to further my knowledge will help me save time and my clients money.

Lorenzo Morales Apr 20 2011

I would better understand how indesign could help me excel in my daily work of publication.

It can help me to increase my skills, great giveaway!

Kevin Apr 20 2011

I’ve always wanted to learn more about InDesign, but never made the commitment to use it. I work with pdf files at work and it would be great to learn more about interactive docs.

Oliver Apr 20 2011

As a web developer and aspiring web/print designer, I would use this book to broaden my perspective.

Stacy Apr 20 2011

I’m a graphic designer and I’d like to use the book to learn how to make interactions with web designers go more smoothly. I would also like to use it to increase productivity in my work flow..

Brian Apr 20 2011

I am working on a family tree and I am thinking about turning the project into an ancestrial book about my family and I was contemplating doing this using indesign, but I am an inDesign noob and this would put me on the right track. This would allow me to add another skill to the list.

Alex W Apr 20 2011

As a self-taught graphic and web designer, free time isn’t something I’ve had the most of. I’ve always wanted to learn more about InDesign, just haven’t had the time to sit down and play around with the program. There is so much to learn about print, and I think this book would be an awesome start to a skill I know I would use in my future!

Veronica Apr 20 2011

To really learn all the ins and outs of the tools – I don’t use many shortcuts.
I would also like to learn all the new features that are available in the latest version of the products.

Jonathan Apr 20 2011

I want to push the normal expectations of InDesign in its current usage at my company.

Erika Sentz Apr 20 2011

I’d love to win one of these books because I have been hoping to work in InDesign, but have never been able to learn how! This would be a wonderful opportunity.

Deborah Apr 20 2011

Learning how to create interactive PDFs and SWFs will broaden my skill set and services I can offer to my clients.

This looks like a really interesting book.

Patricia Apr 20 2011

I want to learn more about interactivity in InDesign.

Robbiego Apr 20 2011

I just started using InDesign last year, and now I wonder how I lived without it! I watched a few tutorials to get me going, and I’m using it to create a variety of documents for print. But I haven’t begun to scratch the surface of its abilities to create interactive content, and I can’t wait to get my hands on “Interactive InDesign CS5” so I can start using its incredible interactive capabilities to enhance the websites I design.

Lucas Apr 20 2011

How can Interactive InDesign CS5 help you?

I think the future is interactive, so, as I’m trying to stay up to date with the new trends on communication, that’s vital for my improvement.

Kristine Apr 20 2011

This book would be very beneficial in helping me utilize InDesign to its fullest. I am a visual communications student and a budding designer eager for resources and any teacher willing to help me.

Timothy Whalin Apr 20 2011

PDF creation is a part of our design field – I create PDFs every day. And more and more PDFs are being viewed on the computer instead of through print. I have dabbled a bit in the interactive side of InDesign, but would love a book that could teach me the full aspects of it. Thanks for hosting the contest.

Ester Liquori Apr 20 2011

Indesign looks like it is easy to learn but it conceals a lot of useful features that it could be useful to know. A good book on the software is definitely the best way to do that. I hope to win ^__^.
Thank you!

Peevo Apr 20 2011

Did all the design for my wedding in Indesign. I’d love to see what is in the book

DEGUSIGN Apr 20 2011

I’m familiar with InDesign CS4 but it’s old at the moment, so it would be a great opportunity for me and my clients, that i was up to date with the latest, and this book would take my work at the higher level.

InDesign is my favorite program and I consider myself to be pretty good at it. I know more tricks and techniques than most. To maintain this status, I’ve got to stay on top of it. So really, I need books to keep my ego supported.

George E. Apr 20 2011

Definitely an awesome book to have to get started with InDesign.

Sean M Apr 20 2011

I’m definitely new to InDesign but I believe that the book could help me to learn InDesign better so that I could create some things for a website I’m currently finishing up.

Pablo Lara H Apr 20 2011

Because PDF are the way we send everything in these days. As well as PDF are a extended format and it is a must to develop the necessary skills to enhance them.

Frank Mooren Apr 20 2011

As a Desktop Publisher and Webdesigner, I love the possibilities InDesign delivers to the new world: cross-media publishing.

Aaron Apr 20 2011

I’ve been using Photoshop for years to design print pages…I know it’s not the perfect tool, but it’s what I know. I’d love to learn InDesign so I can start using the right tool for the job.

This book would be awesome! I do web development, and would love to learn how to use InDesign as a publishing tool.

I’m stuck in a rut with InDesign and would love to learn some new tips/tricks to get out!

Marcy Apr 20 2011

I have just started using InDesign, and it would be a great help to have Interactive InDesgn CS5 to help me work through it all. Thanks for this great giveaway.

PS. I love your tutorials; they are always just to the point. I read nearly all of them. Thank you! :-)

Andrew Apr 20 2011

I want to explore the Flash capabilities of ID.

Jayar Apr 20 2011

We use InDesign CS5 at work all the time for our proposal booklets for prospective clients; we could put a copy of this to good use!

Michael Apr 20 2011

We use Indesign CS5 for all of our layout work here at the library. In the past we have had to take that content and reformat it for the web. With this book it appears that we can streamline that work.

Steve Apr 20 2011

I routinely use Photoshop for all my design needs but I’d love to learn InDesign and expand my toolset.

I started using InDesign CS4 last year and I have learned quite a bit. I am hoping that this book will allow me to expand on that knowledge and prepare me to transition to CS5 when we upgrade later this year.

Clarence Hubbard Apr 20 2011

This would help with my department. We publish several magazines, but are looking how to them more interactive for the web.

I have been using InDesign since V3 but for print only. I would love to learn how I can use ID CS5 more effectively for my interactive projects.

Paul Kyrejto Apr 20 2011

The most interesting thing about interactive publications is their ability to bring interactive content to user through iPad and similar tablets. Adobe announced that most improvements of CS 5.5 will touch InDesign and particularly that direction. I work mostly with traditional media so I’d like to learn the other side of InDesign though.

First of all it’s a great source to learn from and second I want to win once.

Our print and web team will be merging. Most of the print project for magazines, and annual reports will be delivered electronically in order to save costs. This tool will be undispensable for us.

Farzeen Apr 20 2011

Interactive Indesign CS 5 is a useful page layout application which can be implemented into covering and presenting a wide variety of media. It makes it possible to create animation, without writing code, as well as export documents as a Flash project. Multiple page sizes and balance columns allow expansive interactivity.

mastersson Apr 20 2011

I think will give me a better understanding of the principles of ID.

Heather Apr 20 2011

This book will help me to work more efficiently… plus I’m wanting to learn more about creating eBooks in InDesign.

Henry Apr 20 2011

I need to stay up to date on changes to software I haven’t used in a while. Especially since my employer won’t pay for classes and wants to get back into print advertising.

Kathryn Apr 20 2011

I’m a web designer and have used InDesign a few times. I’m really terrible with it and consequently hate working with it! I’d love to actually learn the right way to use the program. Thanks!

Stephanie Apr 20 2011

How can Interactive InDesign CS5 help you?

I use InDesign for print design commissions, but I feel like I’ve only really scratched the surface of what it’s capable of. I’d love to use this book to really master it!

pradyumna Apr 20 2011

Id5 would help me further explore and inprove my ‘flashing’ abilities.

Jocelyn Littlefair Apr 20 2011

I use InDesign to build print publications for a non-profit organization. We would like to make these print publications available online, and learning to add interactivity to the PDFs would be amazing!

i hope this book improves my skills of interaction design

The Yo Apr 20 2011

Getting my head back in the “game” after a 2 year hiatus is rough… Trying establish my rep as a freelance designer and with this book, I could learn to take my current skills and work with a whole new program.

Jeremy A Apr 20 2011

Just picked up InDesign CS5 as a matter of fact. VERY excited about the new features, and this book would be the perfect tool. I currently assist a few online Colleges and Universities in marketing to prospective students. This would allow me to utilize the interactive features to make Brochures, Course Guides and other collateral more appealing.

Lambiris Apr 20 2011

It will help me to get introduced in the digital, 2.0 & 3.0 capabilities of InDesign: it’s not a tool just printed books, magazines and newspapers anymore!

Tom Collins Apr 20 2011

We’ve been publishing print books, using InDesign, since 2004, with the first Creative Suite. I’m the design/layout guy and upgraded to CS5 last summer and have barely scratched the surface of its interactive features.

Figuring out how to integrate interactive with out print books is a survival level need … and Interactive InDesign CS5 seems like a lifeline to me.


Phil Stringfellow Apr 20 2011

I’d love to win copy of Interactive InDesign CS5 to further my knowledge of print design after using FreeHand and Illustrator respectively to design adverts, brochures and magazine layouts. I’m looking to start-up an interactive design-based e-mag and this would surely help me develop a better understanding laying out designs for all sorts of reasons! Good luck to all who entered!

Chris Skopec Apr 20 2011

I work with InDesign nearly everyday at work and at home. Learning the new interactive features means I can keep my skills applicable as the world continues to move away from the printing press and towards tablets.

Pierre Apr 20 2011

This book would be a big help for me as I’m a webdesigner and I’d like to know more about magazine and text design, to maybe move into a print agency. Photoshop and Illustrator are my great friends, but I’m not used yet to this huge machine called InDesign!

musman Apr 20 2011

According to my job nature, I create a lot of PDF daily using ms word. but its very time consuming when there are lot of images and differnt graphics. With the help of this book I dafinatel add one more tool in my tool sets.

Stephanie Apr 20 2011

I love love to learn more tips and tricks with this InDesign book.

Brittany Rubinstein Apr 20 2011

Throughout my education I have become pretty proficient with the other design tools in the Adobe Suite. InDesign is the one where I really feel my skills are lacking and this book would really help bring me up to speed. I am also fascinated by the idea of interactivity. In fact at the moment I can’t even think of how that would be applied in InDesign, but I would love to find out and see what I can create!

MArko Apr 20 2011

I’ve been using Adobe products since the early 90’s and have loved them all!
Anyone remember Pagemaker?… thank God for the evolution of products!

Nugraha Apr 20 2011

I’ll definetely mastering indesign with this book!

miumiu Apr 20 2011

How can Interactive InDesign CS5 help you?

In the past 4 years I have used interactive PDF predominantly to add navigation to my PDF ebook. I am looking forward to learn more about interactive PDF and enhance user experience of a multimedia-rich ebook.

Naresh Apr 20 2011

I want to move away from limited functionality iWeb, which is what I used for my website. I already have CS5 and this book will help me in my objective of moving away from iWeb.

Sharon Apr 20 2011

to help me with my eBook “how to move from Blogger to WordPress” — I used Word because I didn’t have the training in InDesign! But the next one, maybe?!

Michael Trang Apr 20 2011

i’d use it instead of googling my questions since it’s obviously more reliable.

Cynthia S Apr 20 2011

I’d like to keep my CE up, this would go a long way in doing that, especially for no $$$ output = huge bonus.

Asmita Apr 21 2011

It will teach me those features that I completely don’t know.

The book would show me opportunities of upgrading from CS3 to modern way of designing with CS5. How to create iPad designs, how to embed video to designs, …

Andre' Apr 21 2011

Obviously a book of this caliber would take my knowledge of inDesign and send it to the next level of professionalism and computing bliss….

Cause, at the en of the day, thats where we all want to go, right..? Up up and farther up n stuff… What are the odds of winning this book anyway. Back to work.. thanks for the post. :)

Mathan Vibranarayanan Apr 21 2011

Would make this opportunity to enhance myself.

Mitul Apr 21 2011

CS5 it is..the best app suite ever for designers

Lorenzo Apr 21 2011

Simple: it will help me transforming my current corporate general presentation made in powerpoint into an effective presentation AND high-quality booklet ready to print.

Bingo !

Levon Apr 21 2011

I work really often with CS5 Suite and this would be a very nice and useful addition to my skill set.

I’m new to indesign and have been brought up with quark when I was in school many years back. I still would like to learn indesign as it’s what everyone uses now.

A. Fayziev Apr 21 2011

This book will give a great opportunity for self-study and advancement for me as a web developer helping me to embrace the area of print design in particular.

chuck Apr 21 2011

I’m ready to put new techniques to great use with this book! Interactive Indesign CS5 .. I’m calling you out, it would be greatly apreciated if I won this.

Mariam Apr 21 2011

InDesign is one of those applications that has a lot of hidden features. Every time I have to do something, I do it one way, and then learn that there is shorter and easier way. So having an actual book will help a lot while using this program. Also, today is my birthday and I would love to get such a gift =))

Lucas Rolff Apr 21 2011

How it can help me?

Hmm, I don’t know, I just like the software :)

I will extend my skills hopefully so I can acquire more clients :)

mizan Apr 21 2011

I want to learn InDesign.Thanks in advanced.

cpnewmark Apr 21 2011

I need to learn more about publishing on the iphone and the ipad, and so far I use InDesign for print only. I would love to win this book.

Jens Lund Apr 21 2011

Please make me smarter!

kelly Apr 21 2011

I want to learn more & expand my knowledge in design so I hope this book can help me with my endeavour. Thanks.

Robert Hoppe Apr 21 2011

It helps me to create brilant publications and save my life ;)

rohit Apr 21 2011

form this book i will learn tricks and tips

Fraser Boag Apr 21 2011

I have a friend who does packaging and graphic design work for clients and is, at the moment, learning to use inDesign. I would give this to him!

Brian Apr 21 2011

This will help me develop better instructions and forms to be sent out to clients and potential clients for my business.

Mizan Apr 21 2011

This is an amazing offer.Thanks for sharing.I want to learn InDesign for DTP.

No more bloated books about features of program I use everyday. Interactive PDFs are definitely something these books could help me streamline. Thanks for the opportunity.

Rachel @ Last Res0rt Apr 21 2011

Making books of my comics is necessary for my survival — knowing how to actually use all the features of InDesign would help me a lot!

I’d like to learn about new feature of ebook funtion of indesign cs5. Thanks.

Billy Apr 21 2011

It can speed up lecture by creating an interface like software where the user canchoose informations. And i really do need to learn it for creating dynamic pdf or ebook

Vincent Apr 21 2011

I’m a graphic design student and god indesing Cs5 is a hard software to learn, this book would help a lot! thx :)

Andrea Ness Apr 21 2011

Short and sweet. It will teach me the things I don’t know.

As someone who is interested in design and InDesign particularly CS5 edition, this is will greatly help me a lot especially in the creating interactive PDFs for real world use.

This book can help me learn InDesign. I’m familiar with Illustrator & Photoshop, bu I’m an InDesign noob.

sonmanutd Apr 22 2011

I really want to learn inDesign for my work

I would love to win this book. I would learn a lot of it.

By making my work faster.

Kavya Hari Apr 22 2011

I have to learn more tips as well as tricks through Adobe In Design CS5 book. Thank you so much for sharing here :)

Jan-Pieter Apr 22 2011

How can Interactive InDesign CS5 help you?
It can help me start to use the program the right way.

As an Adobe Certtified Instructor, I’m always looking for useful information about the software I teach. I already bought your Photoshop 3d book and it’s been very usefull to my classes.

As a regular InDesign User i hope that the book will help me to publish better interactive documents which is a completely new challenge for me.

I haven’t used InDesign yet so this book would be a great way to start. Thanks.

Amber Apr 22 2011

I want to learn!

Carlos Apr 22 2011

Being a web designer, I usually work with relatively low resolution images and is already accustomed to the quirks and eccentricities of the medium I work with. I am sometimes asked to do designs for business cards and brochures but I always turn them down since I don’t have an experience in the print medium, even for personal purposes.

I think Interactive InDesign CS5 will be big help for me now that I am planning to “cross over” to print medium and is starting to educate and train myself with the quirks and eccentricities of this one. Honestly, InDesign is just sitting here in my computer, unused, and winning this book would definitely be a push for me to finally explore it :)

aAnioz Apr 22 2011

Interactive InDesign CS5 will help me in learning new techniques and will enhance my knowledge in interactive design.

Elisabeth Apr 22 2011

Interactive InDesign CS5 can help me speed up my work.

Sandra D Apr 23 2011

As webmaster, I would like to specialize me also to the print, therefore I need to the interactive indesign cs5 to learn the good using of indesign to work on the right way directly ;)

I want to learn!

SteffenS Apr 24 2011

I wanted to spend some time in InDesign for a while now and maybe going through that book will give me the right motivation. Interactive InDesign also sounds like an interesting candidate for wireframing/mockups.

I have just recently started working with indesign. This would help me immensely in learning the ins and outs of indesign.

Bratu Sebastian Apr 24 2011

It would be great to learn some Indesign too. I’m currently launching my tutorial website, so a bit of printing and magazine design programs would help a ton.

How can Interactive InDesign CS5 help you?

This book will improve my skill with efficient technique in design and layout.

krystal Apr 25 2011

i have been interested in learning how to design websites and the elements that go alone with this but haven’t been able to find/choose a book to begin learning it! i would love to win this!

Melita Apr 25 2011

I’m looking for various sources to create interactive learning materials, primarily published via Flash/swf. Believe this would be a great learning opportunity.
Good luck you all…

Bilal Apr 25 2011

I would love to explore its flash capabilities.
i am an engineering student and very passionate about technology and stuff and recently i started my website and i am still trying to get the looks that i want. I think that Indesign will help me with what i seek :)

Matias Apr 25 2011

I`d love to win the books… Nowadays I´m using InDesign but intuitively, a little of knowledge wouldn`t hurt me…

When you are trying to stay a step ahead of the competition, every little advantage gained can mean the difference between winning and losing…

With this I’ll be able to get leverage into the interactive elements of InDesign taking my skills into another area and expanding my abilities to solve problems.

OK – so enough of the foamy stuff…
I’ll grab a copy, please :-D

Joseph Apr 26 2011

This will be a great tool to use to refine my InDesign skills. I do all the publishing for my company and would really like to have this resource.

As the communications coordinator for a large organization, I am responsible for the design and creation of our Annual Reports. As of last year, in a response to audience feedback, we have made the jump from print to interactive pdfs for our reports. I believe this book will provide excellent tips and advice on how to best unlock the potential of interactive documents, a medium I am just beginning to explore!

egiova Apr 26 2011

Part of my work is to design interactive manuals and presentations for my clients. I feel I have still a lot to learn about InDesign capabilities.

As a mostly print and publication designer I feel that this book will better enable me to use my favorite page layout program to expand my skill set even further into the realms of interactivity and design. Thanks

Pavel Valencia Apr 27 2011

In the last two years I have diagrammed and designed with InDesign, including two books, but in general I have used it for different projects … There are many things I love in InDesign in particular the management style … but with new tools for interactivity and animation the creative possibilities increase significantly, I think the book will help me to discover this new “universe” of tools.
Apologize for my bad English … Greetings from Peru

Hardeep Apr 27 2011

This will really help me in my day to day web needs. I use adobe products and getting great tips and ways of utilizing the tools of adobe would be a big help.

I once worked myself through an indesign-learning-book, but most of it already forgotten; this would be a nice new impulse for me!


If i have Indesign i dont want to go for Corel Draw and other softwares.

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