Giveaway: UPrinting Custom Letterhead and Envelopes

UPrinting is back with another giveaway! One winner will receive 500 letterheads and 500 envelopes.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would you use your custom envelopes and letterheads if you won?

This giveaway ends on April 19, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Apr 12, 2011


Jens Lund Apr 12 2011

I would totally put a stamp on it and mail in, Bam!

Peter Joseph Apr 12 2011

This is an awesome giveaway,
I would use the letterheads and envelopes to promote my online business. If i decided to send something out to someone, then I’d make sure they got the message about what my website and online services are about.

Hope i win :D

Nice service

I mostly send my invoices by mail that’s why I never bothered to make a letterhead / envelope for my own (small) company. Too busy with my clients I quess. Perhaps this giveaway changes that……..

Garrett Murphy Apr 12 2011

That’s a silly question…as a fledgling company, I’m trying to get my brand out EVERYwhere, so using it on envelopes and letterhead would just get me that much more exposure.

Dario Calonaci Apr 12 2011

I will use it to promote my freelance logo and identity design business, for wich I recently designed all the stationery pieces…but now I need to print them!
And this will come handy!
Thank you for the opportunity!

Awesome – Jacob = Hero!

Tim Lee Apr 12 2011

I would use them to promote my business. Please pick me.

Mario Awad Apr 12 2011

I’ll use them to send amazing invoices to our clients instead of the current black/white versions we use :D Good luck to all :D

I would use them to promote my studio and mail the rent with my own envelope.

I would use it to promote my startup.

Invoicing and then post-sitelaunch thank you notes!

Benjamin Charity Apr 12 2011

I would use them to give my freelancing business a beautiful step up on the competition!

I would use them for sending proposals and contracts to new clients!

MethodicJon Apr 12 2011

I’d use it to mail pitches to start-ups for this idea I have.

I would use the custom envelopes and letterheads to help expand my new business and get repeat customers who like the way their letters were customised.

Ivan Zidarov Apr 12 2011

As I stated before – I will use them for my company’s web site for business needs (selling computer parts and laptops with licensed software).

Wow! First! Can’t believe it…

JD Weagley Apr 12 2011

I would use the letterheads & envelopes for all correspondence related to a non-profit organization I work with.

Richard from Purplest Apr 12 2011

Being the wedding business (invitations + photography), I would use the letterheads for personalized quotes and contracts. I would hand these in the custom envelopes. They will be great additions to the business!

@Meela312 Apr 12 2011

As a giveaway to clients to promote my brand.

Dewayne Dodd Apr 12 2011

I would use the custom envelopes and letterheads to get the services of my company out so that hopefully I can quit my day job and realize the dream of running my own web development / software development company.

Would be perfect for my small business. Used for the obvious day to day mailings of invoices, proposals, randomness and free stuff.

Steve Apr 12 2011

I would you use my custom envelopes and letterheads to make my business look professional to my clients :)

Mufasa Apr 12 2011

I would of course use the custom envelopes to send notes on custom letterhead to all my friends about how great is!

Timothy Whalin Apr 12 2011

I am starting my freelance design business and these envelopes and letterheads would assist me in that.

Troy Peterson Apr 12 2011

I’m just starting a new business and need some good (free) letterhead and stationary :)

I would use them for our local farmers market. I’m on the board and our budget doesn’t run to printed letterhead.

Justin Givens Apr 12 2011

I would take my freelance image to the next level with the Envelopes and Letterheads. I would use the Envelopes and Letterheads for quote and bill mailings. Make myself looks more professional.

Big Buddy Apr 12 2011

I would use them to send Thank You’s to clients.

I’d use those custom envelopes and letterheads to mail out to all of my wedding guests, since I’m getting married in just a couple months.

Jonathan Truong Apr 12 2011

I will use it for my business!

Hexfire Photography Apr 12 2011

I would use them for my upcoming mailing for my business!

Chris Ellison Apr 12 2011

I’d use them to make my letters more fancy. Make my clients interested in seeing what I can deliver to them.
Also be nice just to promote my business with my logo on an envelope.

Jason Apr 12 2011

I will probably use the magnets to promote my new website that will be launching in a couple of months.

Stephanie Apr 12 2011

I’m starting a new business that specializes in the pet industry and would definitely get use out of these letterheads and envelopes if chosen!

Anthony Apr 12 2011

I would use the printing to generate some letters to local business discussing the importance of a good website and who they can call to get one of them!!

Livne Apr 12 2011

i would use the envelops to send quotes to my customers :)
my new baby business need this!

Matt L. Apr 12 2011

I could definitely put those letterheads to good use. Branded letterheads sure beats regular old paper any day!

Lauren Apr 12 2011

I’d use them for business!

Pasqual Facundo Apr 12 2011

I could use these to mail to as many potential clients as possible.

Oscar Apr 12 2011

I always mail thank you notes to my clients and I would love to have them on custom letterhead in envelopes!

Levon Apr 12 2011

This would be an excellent addition to the promo materials of my web design and development company.

Brooklynne Kennedy Apr 12 2011

I often write letters to clients touching base with them and seeing how they are… professional letterhead and envelopes would definitely help out with that!

Chase Willkom Apr 12 2011

I would use them to send offer letters

Colleen C Apr 12 2011

My business is being launched this month- and at this point, I do not have any letterhead – this would be an awesome thing to win!

Stefanie Apr 12 2011

I’d use them to email local event planners and city planning boards about the event production services we offer.

Invoicing ;)

Karl F Apr 12 2011

Would certainly launch a promo campaign with letters and recent samples to existing clients and to potential clients. Thanks for the generous offer!

Just what my husband needs for his Commercial Photography Business. I’ve been trying to get him to update his stationary for ‘ever’.

GothamGal Apr 12 2011

I would send out grand opening notices of my website, use them to solicit giveaway materials for my readers and harness the power of the written word once again. As much as I love email and such, getting physical mail is AWESOME.

Kim Phillips Apr 12 2011

I do a lot of mail to promote my business and these would come in handy!

Lee Driscoll Apr 12 2011

These would be ideal for my freelance business!

We just launched a new business so this would be perfect to complete our marketing collateral!

spencer Apr 12 2011

I would use these to promote my company.

Catalina Apr 12 2011

That’s a nice giveaway to find right when we were looking for a printer that could help us with custom folders and letterheards!

I would send my invoices in those envelopes! They would look awsome!

Kelly leeson Apr 12 2011

I would use it to reenforce what my brand stands for. Marketing isn’t about juat promoting your business. It’s about building a brand that is instantly recognizable not only for what it does but also the way it does things. Letterhead is just a small tool in a much larger picture

Brandi Lea Apr 12 2011

I would use these as a head start for promoting my new business. I would make every single sheet worth it! I hope I get it. :)

Andy Feliciotti Apr 12 2011

I would make letter heads for a web design company I’m trying to start, it’s also nice to see a giveaway that isn’t business cards

David Apr 12 2011

I would use them to send Invoices and Thank you letters to all my clients and vendor partners.

Michael Tuck Apr 12 2011

I’d use them to promote my one-man design firm. It would be a tremendous help!

Monie Apr 12 2011

I’ll use it to impress my boss :)

karen Apr 12 2011

They’d be perfect to send invoices and inventories on

Young Apr 12 2011

If I won it couldn’t be better timing because I’m about to join forces with a few friends to start my own agency!

Ariel Apr 12 2011

would use it to attract more customers and clients. send out a mass mailing with some great designs

Heather Apr 12 2011

I would use them to launch my new yarn company! Thanks!

Andrea Apr 12 2011

I would use these envelopes and letterhead to apply for jobs! I’m currently on the market!

Margaret Apr 12 2011

I just started my own fashion business, and I could definitely use these for that!

Rohit Chadha Apr 13 2011

This is so great.. I have recently launched a website about learning Excel.. and what a best way to promote the same with
UPrinting’s Letterheads and Envelopes !!! Thanks

Chris Apr 13 2011

Win contest > ??? > Profit!

Seriously though, I’m finishing a rebranding project and this would be icing on the cake to surprise my client with! Just had some business cards printed by Uprinting, and they loved them.

Thomas Apr 13 2011

I’d use them to send a thank you letter to Six Revisions and UPrinting.

Luanigio Apr 13 2011

I want to give it to my wife for your site

Joshua English Apr 13 2011

If I win…I would use these to reward a great client of mine that I have been working with over the last few months. He has been a dream to work with. He is a small businessman just starting out, and free letterhead and envelopes to get him started would be a great thing for him.

You can see the work I did for him here…

I would use them for my design business

Lydia Apr 13 2011

I wouldn’t use it for myself but for my best friend, who has her own company but no money to get a proper printing done. All because of a disease…

Sihaya Apr 13 2011

I would send a letter to my former web clients and tell them my company now does print jobs as well !

Kuan Kit Apr 13 2011

I would use my custom envelopes and letterheads to send out snippets and newsletters regarding about my upcoming books to acquaintances and friends.

GEORGE Apr 13 2011

I would use the letterheads and envelopes to create a consistent visual promoted image of my IT company for my aspirinh customers…

Adeelq Apr 13 2011

If I get this free stuff then ethically I will market Uprinting in my business circle :) It’s all about give and take.

kenshin Apr 13 2011

I will use them to bribe people >:)

Jordan Axtman Apr 13 2011

I’d use it to present a more professional look when contacting potential clients.

Mathan Vibranarayanan Apr 13 2011

I Would use it for my promotions among my clients

Erika Sentz Apr 13 2011

I would use my custom letterheads and envelopes by sending out letters to clients with information about my business.

andrai Whitted Apr 13 2011

I will use these to mail things to customers by snail.

Brian Apr 13 2011

I would use this to make my small business look a little more professional.

Diana Apr 13 2011

I would love to have these for project proposals.

Aaron Whittaker Apr 13 2011

This would be perfect for an IT company that I’m designing a logo for.

Cheryl Apr 13 2011

These would be great for my freelance work, but I think I’d use them for writing my personalized Thank You notes after my wedding in a few months!

Cosmin Apr 13 2011

I will add a stamp and mail it.

Justin DiMucci Apr 13 2011

I would use these custom letterheads and envelopes for my contracts and invoices.

Chad Misselhorn Apr 13 2011

I am a freelance webdesigner… but I wouldn’t use the letterhead and envelopes to promote my brand or be more professional. I would use them all for origami because I am an egomaniac and would like to see my own logo on hundreds of paper cranes.

I’d use them to send invoices

I sure as heck wouldn’t wait so long to send out my invoices!

I have a brand new logo that would look just perfect on a letterhead / envelope.

cj rox Apr 13 2011

I would use my custom envelopes to finally send out a mailing I can be proud of – to promote my business. Not the lame envelopes I had made when I had to file my DBA and get my business going right when I got laid off.

karen Apr 13 2011

I would impress my clients with a whole new visual identity program.

Jeff Booher Apr 13 2011

I’d love to win!

I have my my letterhead and envelopes designed, but put it off because I couldn’t afford it at the moment.

I’d use them for thank you letters to my clients.

My business cards were done at Uprinting and they did a great job.

I’d use them for letterhead for my web development business :]

Asmita Apr 14 2011

I would use it in my official business communication. This can be handy for brand building.

Launching a business now and we need to get letterhead and envelopes anyhow…definitely use these for the business and probably continue to use them!

Vladislavs Judins Apr 14 2011

I would use them to impress my clients :)

Rhonda B Apr 14 2011

I would promote my graphic design business with them.

pamela Apr 14 2011

I’d put them to use sending out a big mailing to potential clients!

Just starting a ministry, and need letterhead for correspondence!

V.K. Shah Apr 14 2011

I would use them to promote our non-profit Kiwanis club. We are a community service organization in Los Angeles that serves children and the elderly. We are a small group of a young professional volunteers entering our 5th year as a club and we are looking for more tools to market our club and cause.
PS – Six revisions rocks!

Chris Apr 14 2011

I will use these to hand out to potential clients. :)

i would send them out – for generell purposes, invoicing, marketing purposes …

Rodion Sidney Apr 15 2011

I love customized crafted things, I’m still big fan or regular mail letters, would definitely use them to send to my gf :)

Jan-Pieter Apr 15 2011

How would you use your custom envelopes and letterheads if you won?
Just to get more exposure.

Elisabeth Apr 15 2011

I would use the envelopes and letterheads for my business

Wack a fat juicy one (stamp) on them and stick it (in post box)

nestor rojas Apr 18 2011

I can’t believe this, but my cousin in Colombia just asked me to design a letterhead for her non-profit start up. A single mom in Colombia South America this will be so great for her. I hope she’s this lucky. Great Giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

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