Giveaway: Dot Grid Books for Designers from

We’ve teamed up with the founders of — makers of dot grid books for sketching and wireframing — to give out 3 dot grid books (A5) with free shipping anywhere in the world.

For a chance to win a A5 dot grid book, answer this question in the comments: How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow?

Giveaway Details

This giveaway ends on December 20, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed and you will no longer be able to leave a comment. Please leave a valid email address when filling out the comment form so that we can contact you if you’ve won. Please only comment once. The winners will be randomly selected. The winners will be announced on a separate post.

This was published on Dec 13, 2012


Patric Dec 13 2012

I would use it for aided Wireframing & Sketching in my Process. Its a toolfor developing the next project!

Alexander Dec 13 2012

As the wonderful dot grid book ain’t available in Germany, I’d use it instead of my ugly ordinarily gridded writing pads to wireframe websites that would eventually become showcased on Viele Grüße.

Matias Vad Dec 13 2012

I draw everything I create for the web, and am currently doing it on normal paper. Transitioning to more and more mobile-friendly websites a dot grid book would fit perfectly in my current workflow, replacing good old-fashioned paper!

marbie design Dec 13 2012

How I would use a grid book?

I would finally have something good to replace all the napkins, envelopes or anything else I can find to draw on when I0m on the phone with clients, and save myself a lot of time collecting all these when I create a mockup ;o)

Gershom Charig Dec 13 2012

I’m a UI/UX designer, so i’d often use it to sketch down wireframes of web apps. But i also like to sketch logos, gadgets and typographic compositions! So, i just love sketching ;)
I think that a dot grid is much more comfortable than a regular grid for designers like me.

Oh, i would also upload shots of my sketches on dribbble, since there are a lot of “wireframe feticists” out there! (i’m one of them, of course)

Nick Phillipps Dec 13 2012

I’d use dot grid book as a place to sketch rough logo ideas and UI wireframes before further refining them in the book and then moving them on my computer for polishing.

[Editor’s note: Email removed for privacy]

Kam Banwait Dec 13 2012

How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow?

I’d use it to design my responsive websites as well as my new mobile application. It’d be used on the London Underground on the way to my full time freelance gig’s as a Creative Developer :)

Francesco Dec 13 2012

Don’t know yet… but I will surely find a way to use it in full…

I would use the dot grid for my wire framing, for which I’m currently using a cheap pad of grid paper.

Jonathan Lupo Dec 13 2012

These books would be a welcome addition to my Creative workflow, given Empathy Lab’s Design process for multi-device and Responsive Web Design. Because the goal of web design, in the multi-screen, multi-context world that we now live in, is to “get to the browser” as quickly as possible, sketching is extremely important part of the Design process. No longer is the goal to have a pixel-perfect, Photoshop painting, prior to front-end development to prove an experience concept, but to be able to quickly engage with the Design across multiple viewports, and iterate over the Design fidelity, once the Experience is right.

Fero Volar Dec 13 2012

To move the idea on paper :)

These look great, think I’ll buy some of these either way to bring my pen and paper designs to a new level of awesomeness.

David Dec 13 2012

>How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow?

Here’s an answer that isn’t directly web development-related. I write games in my spare time, so a dotgrid would be fantastic for me when doing level design, sketching out interface ideas, and working out pixel art. Dotgrid books aren’t just for web designers!

Amanda Dec 13 2012

I’d use this to replace my current wireframe sketchbook. I like to start on paper, but my current solution is a 1.5″ binder filled with gridded/graphing paper. The dot grid looks so much cleaner than the lined grid I currently use, and a notebook like this would be much easier to tote–and to work in, I bet–than the binder.

These types of note books are really great for wire-framing and also logo design. You can get the sketchs done then scan them in with out the dots showing up. they work great! You can never have to many.

I will create all of my wireframes in dot grid book.

Matt Hall Dec 13 2012

The dot-grid book would change my designing life. I would use it to sketch out wire frames for the web projects that I currently have going. It would make my life simpler.

I always like to have an organized workflow, so this would help me keep things neat when I’m designing layouts. The bonus is that it’s more robust than a Moleskin notebook.

Srecko Dec 13 2012

Well, It would be the first thing I would use before i switch to pc. I’d also use it as a todo list since I like to have my steps on paper beside my monitor.

Mariella Dec 13 2012

How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow?

Definetely at the wireframing stage. I’m used to have meetings, and while plain paper works fine, the dotted grid would be awesome to keep proportions :)

I don’t start any project without sketching it out first!

There’s just a certaing freedom with a pen & pencil that you just cannot recreate on a computer!

Having a grid notebook will definitely enhance my abilities to cretae designs that are more relevant a screen!

Nathan Graves Dec 13 2012

I would use this book to sketch out my app designs for our mobile apps department. I could use this very classily along with my POP app and build some solid prototypes without having to invest much time in visual design up front.

Razvan Dec 13 2012

I`ll be nice to have for sketching wireframe ideeas on the moment that I got one or more ideea, for the moment i`m sketching on every piece of paper that I found and very offten i loose them. It will be awesome to have a book on my hand.

Ashley Dec 13 2012

I’ve been eyeing those for ages!

I’d love to incorporate them into the early stages of design work – to organize my process a little better before just jumping into things.

Josh Weinstein Dec 13 2012

I would love one of these for wireframing a mobile layout for our site.

Eric Lakich Dec 13 2012

This is a really cool product! I typically use software like SwordSoft Layout for concepts, but software utilities fall short for quick conceptualization and brainstorming sessions. I think this book is perfect for sketching out the rough idea before using software to create clean wireframes. I would mainly use the book for iOS app and web application concepts.

Hector Rodriguez Dec 13 2012

I’ve been searching all over the world for a book like this. I find their design to be the most unique and best for the job.

I will gladly use it to make Wireframes for my web site designs. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of this.

Even though I’m not the best at logos I might use it for logo sketches since the notebook is so inspiring.

Kelly Lawrence Dec 13 2012

I’d definitely use them for creating wireframes during the initial design process. I don’t do that currently, and I’d really like to add that to my regular process!

Andy @ Tadpole Dec 13 2012

These sound perfect for me. I’m in the middle of a site re-design, and I’ve been drawing my layouts very crudely on blank paper. Finally, I’d be able to draw straight lines easily.

Joe Joiner Dec 13 2012

Dot grid books provide the ability to keep sketches clean and straight, without the need to use a ruler. I’d use my book to neatly wireframe sites and apps, both responsive and fixed-width.

Wireframe – wireframe – wireframe.

The time you save up-front by conceptualizing your interface pays off down the road. I’m starting a project that one of these pads would be perfect for.

Rommel RB Dec 13 2012

The first step in my design process is very much like many other designers in that I like to sketch out my ideas on paper before going to the computer. The problem that I have is that sometimes the lines on white lined or regular grid paper really distract me from what my ideas when I am looking at the sketch repeatedly. This notebook is a perfect solution since it doesn’t have those distracting lines and yet provides the small dots to help maintain an order and precision in my sketches!

Peter Steven Dec 13 2012

I would certanly help me to “connect the dots” i usualy miss :)

BenjaminParry Dec 13 2012

Hey Six Revisions!

I usually have a graph paper pad for taking notes during meetings, brainstorming sessions and for doodling. The grid is great for adding geometry to sketches and I often find create the basis of a great icon or a UI wireframe. Sometimes though, the square grid is a bit of an overkill and gets in the way of the sketch.

I think I’d use the DotGrid book to develop some of these initial sketches more precisely with the freedom to add more detail where I couldn’t otherwise with graph paper.


David Dec 13 2012

I started developing all of the websites that I work on using YUI CSS Grids. I’m guessing this grid book will help me understand the real estate and ratio of webpage components visually? Thanks!

Jonny Evans Dec 13 2012

I’d use it mostly for sketching, but may occasionally use it for wireframes.

Alice Dec 13 2012

I would use them for wireframing. There is nothing like doodling your designs, before you put them into pixels.

I’m not the best free-drawer, so some dots will help get those lines nice and straight.

Melissa Dec 13 2012

These will be fantastic for on-the-fly ideas. Often, the best ideas come when you’re halfway through a ping pong game (popular in my office), or in the middle of a pre-pitch meeting. This is allow all of the designers and developers neatly organize their thoughts and layouts – maybe neatly enough that these original sketches can be used through the planning stages, saving us time because we won’t be redoing them!

I would like the dotgrid books to better wireframe and sketch ideas for my new projects while they are at a braintstorming level.

Kyle Reed Dec 13 2012

I would use the DotGrid to help layout websites for the company I work for.
I say company, but really it is a church. We are currently rebuilding our whole website and this tool would be an amazing asset to allow sketches, ideas, and dreams to have a place to live.

So I would use this product to dream and plan

Shannon Dec 13 2012

Love these books! I always start my design process with some sketching, especially for websites, logos, business cards, brochures, etc, and this would be really handy to have for that!

Pavel Alekseev Dec 13 2012

Hello!I am student of Graphic Design Academy in Latvia. Its my first year, and its very challenging. I have to work and study at the same time. I dream to earn money using my design knowledge, so when I have free time I try to design website themes, always starting from sketches in my notebook that turn in to mess most of the time.

I think will help me produce more readable and clean sketches, that will lead to better design results.

Brian Dec 13 2012

How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow?
I would use the dot grid book to create more accurate, easy-to-read wireframes for my clients. This book would ensure my wireframes are to size and aesthetically the best they can be using pen/paper.

Taylor McCaslin Dec 13 2012

I’d love to use a dotgrid book for sketching my newest wireframes! I’m one of those designer that continuously sketches with a ruler, and if it’s not a straight line I start over. Small forest of trees = decimated.

Michele Dec 13 2012

This would definitely help me keep a cleaner and tighter design flow.

Love the wire bound. I can keep it fully open and visible on the desk to improve usability.

Gustavo Dec 13 2012

I’d use them to sit around in the middle of nowhere and start sketching away.

Jennifer Dec 13 2012

I would use the dot grid book to sketch GUI ideas for the applications my company develops.

David Westbrooks Dec 13 2012

I am working on responsive designs for a few different websites right now, and I think the dot grid book will be very useful.

Francis Githika Dec 13 2012

Really dig these Dot Grid books. Would be awesome to use them to sketch out app ideas and quick wireframes in brainstorm sessions. Nice Post btw.

Andrea Dec 13 2012

I’ve actually been pricing grid books lately, so I was super excited to see this giveaway! I’m planning to create some mobile apps in 2013, so I’d love to be able to sketch out my ideas ahead of time.

Rachel Keslensky Dec 13 2012

I need a dot grid book to make my wireframes their best!

Jennifer Williams Dec 13 2012

I’m a web-design student and part-time web-designer. I’ve been using plain white paper for wireframe and logo-design sketches, but it can be frustrating to translate my ideas to the computer when the proportions are inconsistent in the sketches. I’ve often thought I should try using graph paper, but dot grid paper looks even better; consistent proportions without grid lines getting in the way. I want to try it!

Robert Dec 13 2012

I’ve been looking for a sketch-book that I can actually show clients! Using the cheap options from the local office-max type chains looks unprofessional, but more importantly, showing a client mock-up work on graph/grid paper subconsciously forces them to evaluate the design with respect to “how things fit into the boxes.” There are just too many lines on normal graph paper; this is a clean and elegant solution I would be proud to display to any clients.

I’d use it for initial sketches and mocking up designs

Jeff Boyus Dec 13 2012

I’ve been looking for the right journaling book to keep all my ideas in. I have used everything from standard graph paper to Whitelines books. This looks like a fantastic option that I would love to try out!

Jay McCallum Dec 13 2012

How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow?

I would use these to map out my artwork before using Illustrator.

Brendon Kozlowski Dec 13 2012

I’d use a dot grid book as a starting point to sketch out and flesh out ideas for web design and development. I love dot grid books for that!

Michael Thomas Dec 13 2012

Hot to use is pretty easy. I always Wireframe on paper… It’s the second step after working through an inspirational flow with the team and with the client. So that we have an idea what the client really wants.

Then we start wireframing on paper. These books would be just perfect for it ! Grid patterns like those are much better than the “math”papers for geometry ;)

Tom Dempsey Dec 13 2012

How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow? – Wireframing on-the-go!

Dan MacKinnon Dec 13 2012

I would love one of these Dot Grid Books so that I could layout quick designs and show interactivity of websites we propose on the spot. This would give me a nice landscape to present ideas and concepts to clients as I travel all throughout New England. I have no crazy way of using this other than our usual work and a better presentation.

Well to be honest drawing a straight line has always been a weakness and graph paper reminds me of 8th grade Math too much so it would be a step up from crazy lines that make me look like I am still in 7th grade!


Darren Burgfeld Dec 13 2012

This would be great for wireframes, esp. in the field. Being able to quickly illustrate a client’s ideas right in front of them would be critical to the whole process.

Alain Dec 13 2012

I would love to try and use dot grid books by drawing for graphic design, web design, and even game levels design! It will be useful as I love square, edgy designs!

Simon Dec 13 2012

I’d probably end up doodling too much, but I’d use this at the early stage of a site design, when mocking a concept with a client before getting stuck behind a computer.

This is SO cool… Wireframing, storyboarding, flowcharting and good old doodling – including planning layout grids and box models for css. I’ll look for my prize in the mail!

Carlos Guajardo Dec 13 2012

Id use it for story boarding ideas, concepts/designs and at the end of its life raise the height of my monitor or steady my wobbly old chair.
I could be sinister and line the bottom of my canaries cage to see exactly how long it takes him to realise they’re not seeds (muwaahahahaha) But most of all it would be used for conceptualising my clients ideas… really.

Amanda M Dec 13 2012

This would be awesome when planning out courses for ice races, and when working on website overhauls; also would be great for when rearranging furniture at home! I suck at straight lines but dots would help with that issue!

Joseph W. Dec 14 2012

I would use it for drafting layout ideas before starting the design process on the computer.

Great books. I would user them out and about for capturing great ideas on the go.

Tejas Dec 14 2012

Would love to win one so that I can sketch out mobile app designs cleanly and also maybe use it to sketch logos. The grids will help in all of this too!

marjolein Dec 14 2012

i would never leave home without it
take it to clients internal meeting
and connect some dots along the way

Richard Moss Dec 14 2012

I’d use a dot grid book for designing layouts and workflows of the EDC system I develop. Normally use graph paper for this sort of thing if I’m not using Visio, dots sound better than the blue graph grid!

I would like to use it for my Android App UI design.

I would use it to sketch out initial ideas with stakeholders and clients.

Oh, and doodle … ;o)

Aleksei Dec 14 2012

This grid book is perfect to make templates and mockups in sketching, on this grid you can draw such as straight blocks on page and also various design things with shapes.
So, it’s multifunktional book, that helos to create…

rollsappletree Dec 14 2012 dot grid book is simply the perfect mockup/sketch place.
Other than this it’s really awesome designed book ;) really trendy and perfect to carry out with me :)

Ian Hurst Dec 14 2012

as a dyslexic i find the style really usefull especially for mindmaps and organising data. it also make designing my new site easier as i do that on paper first. before i go to drupal to create it.

Hi, after a blank paper rapid sketch that seems good, I would use paper to make a better sketch with element proportions in mind. Since the grid book looks so cool and professional, I would also bring it along to customer meetings and draw freely there. Because clients will see the sketches, that’s why I chose the blank paper first, ugly or too sketchy don’t deserve a valuable sheet of the grid book.

David Dec 14 2012

All my work starts in a notebook (or a scrap of paper…) so these notebooks would fit neatly at the start of my workflow for all my projects!

Yuvaraj Dec 14 2012

If i get the book, I would like to do all my project mockups and layouts in that paper before designing it in Photoshop. Dot Grid paper will give better impression on my layouts when compared to plain white sheet. I sure that i can impress My Manager by showing the layout in Dot Grid paper.

Thanks in advance.

Dave Lim Dec 14 2012

I do a mix of print and screen design, but either way I’d usually be using a dot grid book for sketching concepts and ideas that crop up while I’m doing research, and then later for wireframes and mapping workflows.

I’m facing a major redesign project and this notebook would be perfect for the wireframes I’ll need to create!

Fraser Dec 14 2012

I would use the dot grid book in two ways:
1) as a constant aid to record ideas (non-specific to projects) wherever I am to create a resource bank of design elements that can later be brought into a particular project where appropriate,
2) at the wireframing stage to get free from the mac and back into good’ol pen and paper – but with the super duper bonus of a handy dot grid for helpful constraint.

I would us a dot grid book to draft rapid prototype designs for websites in client meetings. very cool looking books!

I would use them for just about anything from mock-up designs to small sketchs. From what I’ve seen on Dribbble, they seem to work out really well for those who use them.

Tyler Murphy Dec 14 2012

After seeing someone use one of these online, I’ve been looking everywhere to find someone who makes them! i would use these in all my wireframing and designing of my apps and websites!

Sonali Agrawal Dec 14 2012

I would use the Dot Grid Book by sketching out ideas for a mobile app, which would make it easy to move forward.

As a developer first, designer 2nd, this looks like it’ll help me getting my ideas out of my head fast enough to be realized… no dinking around with photoshop/

I’ll answer the question with a question, “how wouldn’t I use this?” But honestly, taking clear notes, visually and textually combined would be infinitely easier.

Craig Sosonko Dec 14 2012

I would use it for wire framing and concepting new marketing campaigns.

Peter Dec 14 2012

I would use the book for mock up designs when having introductory meetings with clients. I would also use it for sketches when planning a concept to show to developers.

I am working on big non-profit project as a UX designer and would help me in rapid prototyping. That’s for sure!

Dustin P Dec 14 2012

This would be awesome to win! I am having to draw mockups and concepts for approval and I have heard such great things about these dot grid books. Pick me!

Pablo Herrera Dec 14 2012

Always good to turn ideas on paper before you start designing. I hope to win ;)

Jordan Dec 14 2012

I’d use the sustainable grid book as an essential tool for sketching out rough drafts of my website designs. I’m always thinking about designs for my clientele on the go, and lined paper or (even worse) plain paper just doesn’t cut it for me. The book would be perfect for me!

Anthony Schultz Dec 14 2012

I would use it in the planning stage for sketching concepts, as well as to demonstrate user processes to business leaders prior to committing time to prototyping. Time saver!

Viken Dec 15 2012

As this is a grid book, I will use it in my drawing process. I will use it for drawing mockup and to draw conceptual ideas of our products in this book.

Kamal Dec 15 2012

I will use Dotgrid book to create concept for projects I’m working on

Would use them for wireframes, mockups. Thanks for the deal.

Making Design Dec 15 2012

Nice books to sketch while in meetings!

Chris Dec 15 2012

With a high risk of stating the obvious, I would use the dotgrid book to sketch out different interface mockups so that I could evaluate them (by talking to other people, prefereably users). Having the dotgrid would probably be useful for doing different screen sizes as well.

Filipe Craveiro Dec 15 2012

I would definitely pull the wires on my frames with a dot grid book.
Would be an plus in my organisation process.

Matthew Dec 15 2012

I would use a dot grid notebook as part of my initial wireframing and sketching at the start of my projects

My workflow is pretty lacking and haphazard at best, which has been okay up till now with the work that I do. The projects I’m taking on now demand that I implement a more rigorous way of working and I’m putting together a framework that will facilitate this. A dot grid book from will definitely help with wireframing early on in my design process rather than going straight into Illustrator. Bring on 2013!

zaher Dec 15 2012

as a web developer i tried many time to improve my visual presentations for what am doing especially for the administration section.
this will help me to improve my experience to have the visual layout and how to visually express what the user must do.


Ondra Henek Dec 15 2012

I would use it obviously for some mockups of web apps and maybe some naked lady attempts. :)

Ronalds Dec 15 2012

I would use it for wireframing web apps, seems that’s the best use for this notebook.

I would use it to help my learning and understanding of the web design process

hcabarcas Dec 15 2012

I would use it for sketching concepts for print related projects.

Josefo Vega Dec 15 2012

Hi! I would like to use the book as a Web planer. Me and my friend are planingo to start a blog, and a book like this would be awesome as a place to capture all the new ideas, and design the blog!
Thank you for everything
You really have a nice blog!!

Thomas Dec 15 2012

Seems like it’d be a great way to layout design concepts for clients.

Marten de Haan Dec 15 2012

I like would use it for sketching functional designs.

Prakash Ghodke Dec 16 2012

Love to use it on all of my web projects!!

Ericka Dec 16 2012

As a web designer I’m constantly doing mockups to represent what I’m trying to communicate in the office and with clients. However, most of the time my sketches look a little ‘sketchy’ in the colloquial sense. My lines are more curvy/wavy than my pride would like to admit. I have a hard time working with grid paper because the lines inhibit my flow, but I think the dot grid would give me the flexibility of freeform drawing while also giving me the structure necessary for straight lines to represent my ideas with bosses, coworkers and clients. I do hope that even if I don’t win this contest I will have an opportunity to really test out this sketchbook and see if the dot grid is more helpful than line grids.

Ashok Dec 16 2012

I am thinking of getting a grid book. I need it for font design. I am suggested to use grid book to design quick and excellent fonts.

Ludwig Königsberger Dec 16 2012

I would use it for mocking up some of my new iPhone App ideas !!

Misha Dec 16 2012

My CEO doesn’t believe in story based design. He’s more into screen based design. We always sketch during meetings, but he focusses on single screens, not a story. But UX _is about_ stories, not screens. Design is the way it works, not how it looks. I would use this in all my meetings with him, so I can easily convince him about the benefits of story based designs

Allen Dec 16 2012

I’d use the dot grid books for my day job of building dashboards as well as my side hobby of building web pages. Need to update my personal page so this would be a great way to sketch out the new layout!

Sonny Dec 16 2012

I would use a dot grid book in planning app, web designs, flyers etc to show in my university critiques of project work. At the moment I use layout paper and draw a grid on a separate bit of paper that I put underneath which has its limitations.

huncyrus Dec 16 2012

Hmm, its an interesting giveaway!
If i win, i use for my projects, and write everything what importatn. I draw some arty, then create some sprite-sketch. I think with this cool stuff, i dont loose any single page on the desk :D

Peter Dec 17 2012

How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow?

Much of the design work I’m involved in requires quick ideas before going into digital production, making sketch pads ideal. The Dot Grid system significantly sets itself apart from other options since it allows the subtle guides for design sketches that would require more precision than free hand, as well as a more calculative approach to line and scale by using the grid system. Sometimes taking a picture or scanning the sketch page is necessary for sharing with colleagues, so the precision also helps with clarity for others.

Stratos Dec 17 2012

I really like grid books. I will use it designing interfaces or elements. The grid inside is very helpful and it will help me get my work done nicely.
Thanks for giving me the chance to participate, Stratos.

David Dec 17 2012

I would use the dotgrid books in my wireframing process with my clients.

Kaloni Dec 17 2012

The dot grid book would allow me to organize ideas, sketches, doodles, tic tac toe games when I’m stumped, icon attempts, website designs as well as all notes floating in my head into a perfectly gridded, yet freeing & open format on the page. As a fan of the grid page, the dot grid takes my inspiration and creativity to another level of excitement from the geek within that loves paper and a pen in a technology-driven world. I’d love the chance at a win to add this notebook to help streamline ideas and schedules to paper. -Kaloni

Carrie Dec 17 2012

I would use a dot grid book to help plan and sketch new site designs. Thanks!

Malik Hinds Dec 17 2012

How would I use a Dot Grid sketchbook? Well, if I had named all of my ways of usage then I guess you guys would have a long read. But anyways, as a 16 year old kid, I do a lot of things that you wouldn’t see an average kid doing today. I fumble around everything, sometimes I pick things up for 2 minutes and put it back down. I’m proud of my interest in a lot of things, but I’m not proud for the fact that I never finish anything. I tried tons of programming and scripting languages and out of all of them I can say that I know only two of them “fluently”. The thing is: I don’t know what to do with them. I lack creativity for some reason. If I start a project with or for someone, I jump on the computer and try and do it out of my head. I’ve had sketchbooks before, but never liked drawing on a blank canvas. But not a Dot Grid sketchbook in which I’d surely fill with ideas.

I’d mainly use my Dot Grid sketchbook to design logos, GUIs, UI elements, and basically concepts for everything I’ve ever wanted to do in life… computer-wise. I personally think that I can’t call myself a designer or programmer until I possess one of these sketchbooks.

-Malik H.

Nikolay Dec 17 2012

I would definitely try this sketch book for mobile apps and sites sketching and wire framing.


Berni Torres Dec 17 2012

I would use it every time we need to add a new feature to our mobile apps! It looks awesome to make quick sketches, and write feedback immediately next to it

Matt L. Dec 17 2012

I appreciate the problem that the dot grid is trying to solve.

I love using grid paper for mockups / sketches, but it leaves thick (and irregular) blue lines through my sketches. I’d replace my cheap grid paper with this, if it’ll provide the same structure to my sketches.

Or I’ll play giant games of Dots and Boxes ( :)

Mayur Dec 18 2012

If I get this book, I would like to use it to make some offline wire-frames for my clients websites. While representing my idea to them using wire-frames they can understand what i mean.
Well, I’ve done all step. Hope i win.

Noe Araujo Dec 18 2012

With a dot grid book my drawings are not so out of place :) perfect for me a web designer

– Noe

Alicia Dec 18 2012

I would use these awesome books to help me design products for my business, and they would definitely increase my productivity by providing me with grids to work with, instead of having to sketch lines.

Robbert Wolfs Dec 18 2012

I’m a webdesigner-webdeveloper and I always make wireframes of my websites online because I’ve never found a good designer book. I would make my work better if I had a dot grid book

Tomas Dec 18 2012

I’d use it to sketch out some rough wireframes for my websites.

Hriday Das Dec 18 2012

I am a web developer and designer. Dot Grid Books would help me to create stunning wire frames and mock ups to serve my clients better.

Tomek Dec 18 2012

That notebook would be useful for designing logos and web elements. Can I have one? :)

Paul Stevens Dec 18 2012

How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow?

Answer: The way it was meant to be used!

Designing for Web and Print, interactive or print – we all need a grid. This will help keep a smart tidy notebook and become our standard notebook here in the studio.

Yes please, I’d love one!

The dot grid book would help me turn brainstorms, images and words into awesome real life design concepts with power to change in the world.

Kate Leyland Dec 18 2012

I would use to create square based patterns to be scanned and reduced to make prints and cards :) hoping to start a business where I can work from home so I can spend more time with my new baby boy.

Jeremy Dec 18 2012

I might actually be able to space things in a decent format the first time with my sketches and not after I bust out the green lined graph paper.

McClain Dec 18 2012

I always have a pencil to paper. It’s how I operate. These books would be used for concepts and ideas; my future successes first iteration.

Shovan Sargunam Dec 18 2012

Currently I use lined note pad to sketch website wireframes or any other design. Dot Grid Book will definitely help me up-my game and improve quality of my work.

It would help me mockup responsive design quicker without need or any other additional drawing material.

Ben P. Dec 18 2012

How would you use a dot grid book in your workflow?

With my growing folder of sketches I need a good place to draw and keep them organized. Dot Grid would be just right! I’d mainly use my Dot Grid sketchbook to design logos, GUIs, UI elements, and sketch wireframes for my clients.

Hope I get the notebook!

John Frazee Dec 19 2012

Redesign the internet.

I would carry it with me all day and draw any idea if it pops in.And of course in the office, to draw all the designs i draw now on normal paper.

Tom Mayfield Dec 19 2012

I would use this for coming up with new page designs, for which i’m currently using boring old plain paper. Its a neat idea – getting some idea of scale in the sketch/wireframe stage would be very useful. Also would be good for the times when adding new features is required.

Also in total agreement with Matt L. – could be an epic game of boxes for those idle moments in the office…no that i have those :)

Tom Jepson Dec 19 2012

The dot grid book would move me away from fat-fingered logo sketches on my iPad and get me back in touch with that lovely feeling of pencil on paper. If all design work fails I could make a living a dot-to-dot puzzle creator for children’s publications…

(Would love a book, thanks!)

Ivan Zidarov Dec 19 2012

I will use it for mobile app UI designing.

Dave Hines Dec 19 2012

I need this sketchbook. I literally cannot go on without it.

Before I sit down to work, be it designing or coding, I 100% NEED a grilled cheese sandwich.

The dot matrix notebook will be incredibly valuable in helping me diagram and process the workflow that I use to make this grilled cheese. I will do no actual design work in the notebook, only grilled cheese work. It will save me valuable time, and make my sandwiches more delicious. Also, once I finish the grilled cheese, it will make a tremendous plate.

No really though, I’m a broke-ass freelancer and I could use the free equipment for obvious reasons.

Cliff N Dec 19 2012

What couldn’t I do with the dot grid book in my workflow? I’d use it to create some unique awesomesauce in the flavor of sleek wireframes for clients. I’ll toss away those wannabe graph books in the newly found freedom of the Dot Grid books.

Is that a blue line? Is that part of the sketch? I dunno! But with the new Dot Grid book, I won’t have to worry about those kind of blunders that can sometimes be a pain.

I’m thinking about making a pretty bad ass site about connect the dots and this would be the perfect prototyping tool to get the job done.

Eric Malcolm Dec 19 2012

The dot grid book would fit perfectly into my workflow for wire-framing websites, flyers, ads and all the other good stuff a creative professional would use it for.

Currently I just use plain paper, I usually just draw out my own grid system because I can’t stand the horrible blue lines that are on regular graph paper. They interfere with the creative process.

Also as Matt L. said above: Giant Games of Dots and Boxes, awesome idea!

Stevie Black Dec 19 2012

I am pushing everything in my life toward responsive web design; the gallery/boutique I help run in the summer season on Rocky Neck, the interactive presence for the surface and textile design company I recently started, and the art colony at which I recently became the Marketing Director. I don’t think in digital – hey, I’m old school – I think on paper, I think in maps, I think in strategies. I think out on one page and resolve on the next (or a page or two later!). Dot Grid sketchbooks would help with my process, keeping it all together in one physical space, that I can encounter again and again, far away from the desktop, in the real world where my ideas and inspirations are usually found.

Paddy Fernandez Dec 19 2012

I would use it to draw beautiful axonometric illustrations of architectural details in my projects :)
Great looking sketchbooks

Shawn Dec 19 2012

Would be a great tool for me to sketch logos concepts and wireframe sites and UI.

Sam Jasper Dec 20 2012

nice i want one aswell for my wire frames

Ellie Dec 20 2012

I will definitely use it for wireframing and sketching!
One of my wishlist for Christmas :)

Phebe Dec 20 2012

I would use it to make my wireframes for the websites i have to make for school projects.

Tasha Dec 20 2012

I would love to try this with my wire frame work and sketching logo ideas.

Andrew Dec 20 2012

Great way to conceptualize mobile ui and ux designs for responsive sites and help clients visualize their projects.

Nick M Dec 20 2012

I would teach my twin boys how to sketch out their ideas on how to save the world and create life saving inventions/apps.

Steven Dec 20 2012

I would use it for wire-framing, logo, and character concepts. I would probably play connect the dots from time to time.

I would use it for everything. Sketching and drawing out ideas, wireframe, user interfaces, logos concepts, typography. I”d probably carry it with me everywhere.

Paul Nevin Dec 20 2012

The first thing I’d do is use it to begin wireframing the responsive redesign of a website I about to start working on.

Good luck to all ;)

verpixelt Dec 20 2012

I’m a web designer so scribbling is always a part of my workflow. With this sketchbook it would be a lot more comfortable.

Simon Duck Dec 20 2012

I would use my book to plan out my next ventures, writing, drawing and generally noting everything down so that I have it all prepared.

xiaomei Dec 20 2012

It would be great for my graphic design sketches!

Diana Caballero Dec 20 2012

As designers, we are constantly looking to improve or make people’s life easier in a certain way. Sometimes we also need tools to make our job more efficient;’s product is the perfect example.
I would use my dot grid book in my everyday to sketch logos, wireframes, UI elements, etc.

Shankarsoma Dec 20 2012

wireframe Sketch & architecture is new to me as i am Digital Marketeer i would tell that this (The Book) would be the next Scope of the Responsive Design which would wipe the market with its views

Izzy Helianthus Dec 20 2012

I would use it to connect the dots.

Anton Dec 20 2012

I think it will be nice to use it for site sketches, mockups and wireframes

Sarah | @MadysonDesigns Dec 20 2012

Dot Grid books are so useful for sketching and wireframes, but they are also great for illustration work- the grid makes it really easy to digitize.

Kevin Dec 20 2012

I always found easier to wireframe a site/UI on paper. The dot layout help with elements alignment and scale with a minimalist touch.
Thanks again for a great giveaway.

Jorge Dec 20 2012

I’d use it for sketching and for wireframes.

Isa Amistad Dec 20 2012

These grid books are great for sketching ideas out quickly before committing to something digital like Axure.

Adrian Vincent Dec 20 2012

I would use it for drawing

i’d use it mostly for wireframing and sketching out some quick ideas on the go

Paul Glowiak Dec 20 2012

I would use it for lettering, wireframing websites and logo ideas and sketches.

Cruzmandesign Dec 20 2012

Definitely would be used to show off my illustrated note taking skills and idea processes.

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