Giveaway: Concept Feedback Premium Concepts

Concept Feedback, a feedback tool developed specifically for designers and developers, is proud to introduce premium concepts, a new feature for users who want to get maximum exposure and feedback for their design project. Your premium concept goes live instantly and will be featured on their home page for 1 week, giving you maximum traffic and reviews.  They’ll also personally invite top-rated members of their community to review your concept, ensuring top-quality feedback.

For a chance to win, leave a comment about your desire to use the service to get your designs rated.

This giveaway ends on December 28, 2009 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Dec 21, 2009


mahdi Dec 21 2009

i want to participate

Michel Tel Dec 21 2009


I really like the way Concept Feedback is giving you reviews on your design en development projects. I hope to win that feature so I can get more out of my ux concepts.


Michel Tel

Brian Wangila Dec 21 2009

I would really like the premium feedback. Am a web designer in Kenya and its really hard to get quality feedback here since people have not yet embraced good design on the web

I wan to try premium concepts to compare with basic service.


Frequently make iterative design changes and would like feedback from fellow professionals…

Konstantin Dec 21 2009

That’s pretty sweet, count me in ;) I have a few project I’d like some feedback on.

~ K

Chathura Dec 21 2009

Count me in. Dec 21 2009

I would love to try this out. I’m a beginning freelancer and wondering how people think about my designs. This could help me. + I can use this to let customers pick a design by simply rating it. Nice!

Jonathan Dec 21 2009

I’ve just started out in design, after years doing development so the opportunity to get feedback on my (hopefully) evolving design work would be awesome!

Kelly Dec 21 2009

I’d love to win one of these premium concepts as a way to get exposure for my designs. I’m just finishing up my second and last year of a Web Design course at college, and getting my “concept” exposed like this would really help my portfolio!

Richard Fleming Dec 21 2009

I’d like to participate in this promotion :)

Chris Dec 21 2009

I’d love to use something like this to get feedback! Design is an iterative process and I’m totally all for operationalizing feedback on my designs. Thanks!

Stephen Dec 21 2009

I’m really itching to get a start on my portfolio design and it would be great to get some high quality feedback before I start coding.

Tara Deschenes Dec 21 2009

This is a great idea, very cool! I would like a chance to use this service.

Feedback was always my favorite part of any project.
I would like to win one of those Premium Concepts.

Cory Smith Dec 21 2009

As the owner of a small web design and development firm having access to a tool like this would be fantastic for both our team and our clients to communicate and collaborate!

Chris Dec 21 2009

I am looking to take my designs to the next level, and I enjoy constructive criticism, especially from fellow designers. I would love to use this

Innova Web Design Dec 21 2009

Count me in…

Scott Buchanan Dec 21 2009

You can never go wrong with more feedback…

Subhadeep Gayen Dec 21 2009

Oh wow!! this ones a really great and unique idea, lets try my luck

SpookyET Dec 21 2009

I have never heard of it before, but it looks very interesting. Love to win.

Lindsey Dec 21 2009

Wow! What a neat site, and very useful for designers that don’t have the resources for targeted usability testing — like me! I would love to have a chance to try out the premium service.

Me and my team are planning to launch web design and flash animation and would I’d like to some outside opinions so we can produce the best work! :)

Michael Szczepanski Dec 21 2009

I’ve always wanted to try Concept Feedback, hope it’s on par or better than!

This is a great idea!

this thing has too-many-chefs-itis written all over it.

mironov Dec 21 2009

I am a web designer, but i dont have any friends that are interested in my work. so it will be an awesome Christmas gift for me ;)

Twice Dec 21 2009

Ooooooh, I’d love to win! I’m looking forward to get objective feedback, where my friends ehm.. aren’t. :)

Steve Robillard Dec 21 2009

As a one man shop I would love to get some feedback from the professionals. It would definitely improve my designs before demoing to the client.

Viktor Dec 21 2009

This would be great, feedback and promo for a new web/graphic design services platform which my team and I are planning to launch in the beginning of January. Nice one, cheers! :)

That really sounds interesting for a project I’m working on and really would like to have feedback on.

dragyn Dec 21 2009

this is such a great idea as I agree with Tim:) critiques and reviews are the best ways to grow and learn.

Kishore Mylavarapu Dec 21 2009

I just want premium concepts to get more knowledge.If i am selected on this one,,i am so happy..Thank you for this wondrefull gift..but not for everyone..only for selected..

Count me in – sounds like a great idea!

Steve Roach Dec 21 2009

I would love to have my concept reviewed on Concept Feedback. I have been working on our concept for over a year and it is hard to get real user feedback. Please include me in the contest. Thanks

Lauren Wolff Design Dec 22 2009

This type of feedback would be highly useful to me as I alone from a home office without the benefit of having colleagues around me to give me feedback on my work as and when. Concept Feedback would be valuable to me.

Alex Flueras Dec 22 2009

I am always open to new ideas of promoting my layouts. That would be yet another great tool.

Jigar Chauhan Dec 22 2009


I would like to use it.

Dries Dec 22 2009

It would come in handy, I think every graphic company would like to get feedback on their work just to make it even better.

Magentoua Dec 22 2009

I want to participate :)

I am getting some feedback on work, which is awesome, allowing me to think globally and to understand the audiences. Having a premium account would allow me to grow as a designer and professional.

Martin Dec 23 2009

I am always second guessing my designs, and I usually have someone look them over anyway. The more eyes the better!

RM Harrison Dec 23 2009

I’m working on my brand redesign and would love feedback on a few concepts!

Jay Carlson Dec 23 2009

I’m also redesigning my portfolio and would love some feedback. this would be an awesome opportunity.

I would love to use this service!

We have a number of designs we’re going to submit in January- would totally love the premium service!

Metin Ucar Dec 24 2009

Though I’ve been exhibiting my work on concept feedback and receiving really valuable critics, taking advantage of premium service would be something I cannot say no.
Definitely one, if not the best, of the best services to get critics on your work. Highly recommended!

Drew Watkins Dec 26 2009

This will really help me out doing UI Design research for the new webapp I’m building!

Mario Awad Dec 26 2009

Count me in :)

Michael Dec 26 2009

I’d like to have my designs rated. Thx.

David Dec 28 2009

I recently put a music website into beta and Concept Feedback’s service would offer a great opportunity to get pointers on how I can improve the UI. Fingers crossed!

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