Giveaway: Fluid UI Subscriptions

Five lucky Six Revisions readers will win a subscription that will never expire to the highest subscription plan of Fluid UI, a slick and user-friendly mobile app prototyping tool.

For a chance to win a lifetime Expert subscription plan to Fluid UI, simply answer the following question in the comments below: How would a subscription to Fluid UI benefit you?

This giveaway ends on October 2, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Sep 25, 2012


Bryan Schmiedeler Sep 25 2012

It would make it faster to get from design to completed!

André Sep 25 2012

Such a nice tool. Crossing my fingers sustained till tuesday.

The Tool would be very helpful, since I’ve started my own agency with a friend of mine and we’re going to develop mobileapps too, but with only a small budget the chance to work with tools like this isn’t pretty high.

customers really like to see very fast what the app will look like, so the benefit with fluid would be tremendous and fluid is even fun to use :)

Oleksii Sep 25 2012

Just one more good tool in collection to design new startup interfaces, and explain designer what is on my mind.

Paul Bickmore Sep 25 2012

We would develop apps to help manage volunteer crew shifts in community spaces.

Chandra Sep 25 2012

With FluidUI, we can cut down our development time immensely and communicate better with our client. Mobile apps usage is getting bigger in the future, so if I win this it will be a welcomed addition to our toolbox.


Zachary Winnie Sep 25 2012

A subscription to Fluid UI would let me mockup and test all of the app ideas I have! For a one-man developer team, this app would invaluable for saving time and getting me on the path to creating all of my apps!

Awesome giveaway!

Alex guillioud Sep 25 2012

Woops, i just read “How would a subscription to Fluid UI benefit you?”.

So, i want it to program an dynamic api ui for

This is for my members on my website, and organize in the future tournaments.

Sry for english (and double post),

best regards,

Mike Stahl Sep 25 2012

I’ve been working many artists these days by helping them create apps for iOS and Android. All of them have a different aesthetic so this would be great especially as I move into other other app development. What a great tool.

Alex Hernandez Sep 25 2012

No doubt. A blazing fast tool like this one will help me to be more productive and to gain speed delivering to my clients.

Go for it!

Felix Sep 25 2012

This subscription would definitely let my creative juices flow.

Luis Alejandro Ramirez Gallardo Sep 25 2012

Its very simple why should I pay a monthly fee when I do maybe 1 or 2 projects/mockups a month and these even take much more time to convert to real sites. I should be able to buy credits based on the number of projects I wish to set for each client I’m working with (maybe for an agency this monthly fee makes more sense).

Now, talking about the features included in the monthly subscription, I believe the tool y very complete but the most important feature I would include is a way to make user testing since we might think everything is fine and cool, still if a real users doesn´t understand the app and thinks its useful…then its a waste of time.

Its a mockup tool, but there might be a way of having users involved and not only the client so that there is no need for an indepth testing afterwards.

I would add pre-designed templates so that we can grab ideas of current sites/apps…maybe a linkbuilding with owners for both to benefit…

Nokeds Sep 25 2012

I could do great mockups for my upcoming thesis in Computer Science.

Wow, I’ve been doing lots of design work for iOS and Android lately. It’s my first time doing this stuff, and Fluid UI was one of the contenders (I settled for fireworks because my school had it for free).

Fingers crossed!

Jeff S Sep 25 2012

I’ve been working towards opening a “side project” design house focusing on non-profits. This would be a great step in lowering my monthly toolbox costs, so that I can freely help others! Thanks for the opportunity!

Karl Fitzgerald Sep 25 2012

Fluid UI would enable my company to expand into the ever-growing and ever-important mobile market. Thanks for the subscription giveaway!

H Cruz Sep 25 2012

A subscription would benefit me because it would make app mockups faster , more fluid and more fun. I’m also a sucker for drag-n-drop.

Demostenes Sep 25 2012

This project looks really interesting. We’ve been using Keynotopia for this and it works pretty well, but this actually looks great.

I would use it for our mobile apps prototypes: it would generate the expected look and feel necessary for presenting this to our clients in an easy way.

Marian Sep 25 2012

I’d use it to get a promotion, my company would love an app :D

Richard Fleming Sep 25 2012

Fluid would help me in developing stronger apps by eliminating all the tedious work in setting up a project and testing it!

Matt Zimmermann Sep 25 2012

Fantastic contest. This would be a great way to start my journey into mobile development. Good luck to all who enter.

Juan Carlos Garibay Ruiz Sep 25 2012


“How would a subscription to Fluid UI benefit you?”

Well, I have been working at company that is really afraid to the change. I have some ideas to turn some websites into mobile apps.

I think the people would work faster than currently and with Fluid I could explain the ideas I have to optimize the apps We use here and the change would be easier.

Thanks :)

Mini0n Sep 25 2012

I would love to won such subscrition because I’ve currently became unemployed and will target the mobile app development as my “work”. This would come in handy! :)

It’s a great product that would be a great tool to build better mobile experiences for customers

Alejandro Sep 25 2012

We are working on the new interface of Bazuca On Demand for mobile phones, it would be great to give Fluid a chance to run our Wireframes!

terry Sep 25 2012

Fluid UI could help me open my business to mobile world and get new customers who can enjoy a beautiful interface.

Nick Carter Sep 25 2012

This would greatly help me out in designing much more accurate mobile apps. Right now its tough to get something that is this good!

dharma poudel Sep 25 2012

Mentioning how it benefits may be quite lengthy as it has a lot of protyping features. In short it will change the way I live.

Maksim Surguy Sep 25 2012

Q: How would a subscription to Fluid UI benefit you?
A: I would design awesome simple and useful applications for my user base. As a creator of Bootsnipp I appreciate good design and re-usable patterns.


This is great timing. I am looking into developing an app for meditation, and this would certainly help!

Regginald Kembo Sep 25 2012

A Fluid UI subscription would make life a lot easier for me since a lot of our clients are moving towards mobile device apps. With the level of pressure we increasingly facing, it is difficult to learn the new technologies and deliver at the same time. With a tool like Fluid UI, I can save a considerable amount of time since I will be easily able to wireframe and test the mobile apps interfaces I develop.

Pedro Carbonell Sep 25 2012

I would use Fluid UI in my company, designing great user interfaces before we define the Actual UI Of the application. A good mockup tool is one that allows the customer and the designer to test the app flow before it is actually programmed.

We have used mockups for a while, and the initial investment in planning always pays off with great apps made in time and in budget… less surprises in the final stages.

Tony Su Sep 25 2012

I hope to use it to prototype the UIs of apps that I would like to develop on iPhone / iPad, etc. Thanks,

Grant Novey Sep 25 2012

I work for a non-profit organization in Minnesota called CaringBridge. A subscription to FluidUI would allow our organization to put more focus on our mobile efforts. I’ve been looking for a tool that would allow us to prototype and iterate ideas quickly and it looks like FluidUI is that tool.

Hassen Sep 25 2012

I really would like to get an access in order to develop quickly and beautifully apps for my clients.
Thanks :)

John Larkin Sep 25 2012

Hi guys,

I would also be happy to open up the floor to any questions that you may have. I shall check in here regularly and try and answer anything that might come up.

Fluid UI

David VanHook Sep 25 2012

I’m a developer looking to branch out more into the mobile world — getting hooked up with FluidUI would be of tremendous benefit in helping me get past many of the sticking points with mobile stuff: namely, the gritty details of design and UI. I feel like I’ve got a number of ideas for building apps that are definitely worthy, but my design skills aren’t able to keep up with my idea skills. Having FluidUI there to help me with getting moving faster would be of great benefit.

Josh Bartolomucci Sep 25 2012

This would be so helpful in designing apps for our church and ministry clients.

Naresh Sep 25 2012

I would like to use it for my next project.

Thomas Sep 25 2012

Fluid will help me to get my prototyping job done easier, faster and painless !

John Ellmore Sep 25 2012

This looks great!

My primary area of work is web development, but my organization is looking to branch out into the mobile app world. Fluid UI would allow me freedom to experiment with different design patterns on mobile devices and build an app with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Paul P Sep 25 2012

Rapid prototyping and passing on the cost savings to our clients.

Dante Sep 25 2012

I want to use this tool for a long time :)

sebastian Sep 26 2012

A subscription would benefit me because it would make apps mockups faster

I hope to win!!

Thanks :)

Sneha Patel Sep 26 2012

Perfect for my application development careeer. Good luck to all.

Justin Durano Sep 26 2012

Awesome! Great tool I’ve ever used.
Fluid UI is really great for mobile apps.
We might be utilizing their service in the future.

Thanks for great article.
Justin Durano

Linda Sep 26 2012

I’m a little eager beaver ^_^
& ths tool will simply help me learn better the user interface!

Thanks a million you guys!

Patil Makarand Sep 26 2012

We are planning to launch our own restaurant website and this UL will be best suitable for our need. Thanks for the offer

Danie Sep 26 2012

It would help me to build beautiful mobile apps quickly with it’s easy drag-and-drop interface.

Great tool and nice giveaway.


Valentin GUENICHON Sep 26 2012

Of course it would be useful… to achieve user testing before creating the app ! And what is great is that it doesn’t matter if it’s a web app or native app.

Kinda Sep 26 2012

I would be very lucky to win, I’ve been working with mobile apps lately, and this would be very helpful and will save me a lot of time.

Christopher Sep 26 2012

I would like to improve my development workflow of mobile apps and to give a good impression to my customers.

We could really use this in my my web app development group. Would be great to win

dedide Sep 26 2012

I am really keen to build mobile apps to help people who want to collect wild food safely and/or want to grow their own healthy food. I have a lot of research material but no the means to turn these ideas into attractive apps. This would be perfect for my needs.

Rod Middleton Sep 26 2012

A great tool like this would allow us to show students the possibilities with app development and let them see results quickly.

john larkin Sep 26 2012

Thanks for all the comments, I wish each of you the best of luck with regards to winning the lifetime accounts. The winners will be selected at random.

Bear in mind we do also offer a free account which is pretty substantial in terms of usage. It allows one project for up to 10 pages. It can be useful for both evaluating our product and for some initial concept development.

To Luis who had the comment about testing. Thanks for that, we do love all feedback and it is definitely something we are planning on implementing. Currently you can share your work via email and a few other sources to get feedback from users, it is an area that we are planning on improving though. We also have plans to implement some form of template saving in the future.

Also just to be aware – if you are part of a non profit organization or want to use Fluid UI within education please contact me directly. We are happy to offer substantial discounts to users within these fields.

Any other questions or comments I shall answer as they appear, thanks!

Fluid UI

Filipe Craveiro Sep 26 2012

Would be nice to have access to a tool like that when you are entering the world of mobile apps. give it a go.

Duane Adam Sep 26 2012

Wow, a very nice UI indeed. This would speed up the process of designing UIs and increase its beauty.

Sandro Sep 26 2012

I will start to develop for mobile :)

Artem Sep 26 2012

How to explain a benefit of a powerful tool? It`s not as easy, as it looks at first.
In any kind of development we have a nice bunch of collaborative tools for versioning, debugging, even making a project plan. But sometimes we have to spend a lot of time in making such a simple thing – UI!
Let`s see the details:
I have an mobile app idea. First of all, I am making some sketches and diagrams, where I am trying to explain to myself what my app should do. Easy? Not so, if you are a designer at first. For me it`s easy to draw, but it`s hard to organize and code. So I am simplifying my idea into separate parts. All that parts becomes a pages of my application (or some buttons). All that pages are well commented about meaning and design.
Huh, the first step is done, now I have to draw my pages again in code… oh, no! Ok, I have done it, and now I have to show my ideas to my friend, who will take a part of code for developing. Whoops! Should I compile it at first? Or should I show him a screenshot? How can I send him my ideas? My handwriting and sketches are extremely for private usage – I am writing a really bad hand! So I send him a source code, he is looking at it and trying to imagine, what I was meaning. At the final stage we have a colossal time loss.
Benefits? Here they are:
1) Fast sketching of application skeleton in really collaborative manner. No wasting time to draw something on paper – just making a real preview and commenting real pages of your future application.
2) Now we can involve our clients in application design. We can make a sketch, show it, edit it online even with an iPad. I hate to carry my notebook!
3) After the sketch is done – we are ready to code! Comments on each page have a guidelines, we just need to obtain data and show/manipulate it!
4) I am a workaholic. Sometimes on vacation I am generating some new ideas, and it`s easy now to bring my ideas to live after vacation.
5) Sometimes we are forgotten! Sometimes I feel, that nobody thinks about Linus users. I am a Linus user (main OS) for about 5 years. Ok, we don`t have Photoshop, but now we have a nice tool for developing mobile applications! Great!
6) It`s a matter of fact, that we have a strange world where Windows mobile still alive ))) I don`t like it! But my clients and application users wants to see my application on all three major platforms. Pain? Not with Fluid UI now!
7) The last is the best and summary: we have a great time economy, that makes us more productive and creative.

I see this type of tool really speeding up my workflow. It would also add value to my client relationships, ‘impressing’ them and allowing me to concentrate more on the solution and less on how to explain it to them!!

Kenny Sep 26 2012

The small startup I work with could make great use of FluidUI. Mobile device fragmentation is an ongoing headache for developers and this seems like it would help streamline our process.

Saska Sep 26 2012

It would make my life easier and make it faster to get from design to completed!

This would help with doing demos at the new local user group we have started.

mivajoe Sep 26 2012

It’s a cool product really interesting. I would love to won such subscrition.

Shaun Walker Sep 26 2012

I would use fluidui to help speed up app prototyping for development.

alvin Sep 26 2012

20 to 30 years from now, I would like to be able to say to my kid: This, here, is what allowed me to focus on what is more important, to be there whenever you need me. FluidUI… and it’s as relevant as ever. :)

Roberto Sep 26 2012

Will help me start with my app project.

it’s not really about how it will help me, more about how it will help all my clients! Being able to build quick prototypes to show them ideas (that they can see and use, and aren’t limited by my particularly average design skills!) will ensure that only the best and most usable ideas will get developed.

Nikolay Tchaouchev Sep 26 2012

Great service! needs some visual UI loving (simplification) but lots of potential!

Eugene Sep 26 2012

Will rock out of my pants.

Really lack of good tools for mobile prototyping. If i get one – I’ll be happy as T-Rex found dozen of cows.

Theo Misiewicz Sep 26 2012

I create apps for business that integrate to accounting and ERP software. I’m new to mobile apps and the learning curve is a bit of a constraint. My goal is to empower business to serve customers anywhere. With FluidUI I can reduce my learning curve and improve my development to compel mobile commerce to expand!

Anestis Goudas Sep 26 2012

A subscription would be a real challenge for me, as It will help me build Apps faster and in a more reliable way! Good luck to everyone!

M. T. Sep 26 2012

The fluidui would be a great timesaver and very useful for my current project which is a complete redesign of a large website.

Subscription to Fluid UI would be very helpful with design of mobile apps. Especially in the departments of time, speed, look, and overall user compatability.

InSight Sep 26 2012

A free subscription to FluidUI would let me experiment with app creation led by my own ideas, free from the need to cost-justify the subscription with paid work dictating the parameters.

I Like it. Decrease the time for building one application.

emmanuel lemal Sep 27 2012

we are about to launch a revolutionary website in Europe and are thinking of creating the complementary mobile app but we have no budget yet. Creating a mockup with Fluid UI would allow us to look for investors and have something to show them rather than just blablabla…

Franck Sep 27 2012

Wow I have a ton of websites to adapt for the mobile. I think it will be very pleasant (agréable ;-) to do with Fluid ID.

George Dina Sep 27 2012

Simple, because it’s awesome.
I’m new at mobile development and it will help me.

ThePixelGrid Sep 27 2012

A subscription would give me a fast, better tool to enable on-the-fly prototyping with clients and make spontaneous prototyping for in-house jobs considerably less time consuming.

FluidUI would make me really happy and let me accelerate my projects.

I would give it to my Mother actually. The apps I’ve made have inspired her to try her hand as an iOS developer. She’s been working on programming an app for about a year now, and she works on it just about every day after work and on weekends. When I’ve tried to teach her about Photoshop it was a bit too much for her. I think keeping her main focus on XCode would be really useful. Using Fluid UI to be able to make mockups would really motivate her, as the Interface Builder is by far her favorite part of XCode. She always gets very excited to see the very rough visualization of the UI that IB produces, but it’s very limited compared to this when you’re using it as a mockup tool. Fluid UI would really let her lay down what she wants her apps to look like, and I think it would give her enough of a spark to really kickstart the dev process again.

Thanks for the consideration!

Mihaela Vorvoreanu Sep 27 2012

It would not only benefit me, but also my students. I teach HCI & UX and I would be able to allow my students to try it and experiment with the app. It would benefit the company because the students may decide to purchase it once they become professionals.

Yadav Sep 27 2012

Will use this for my next project. Seems to be fantastic software.

Chris Alvarez Sep 27 2012

Are you kidding? Fluid UI would help me create kick-ass mobile design prototypes. It would be much faster than hand-coded HTML5 prototypes and a lot higher fidelity than sticky notes.

Mikhael Sep 27 2012

Hii :-) Since i am new to the designing it will help me greatly to accelerate all my ideas so i could be beneficial for the develpers and users comunity also :-) Thank you and have a nice day :-)

Keith Sep 27 2012

How would a subscription to Fluid UI benefit you?

How would a free subscription to Fluid UI NOT benefit any aspiring or experienced mobile app designer? The product looks amazingly simple to use and will save a ton of time. I don’t think I can say anything that hasn’t already been said here so I’ll shut up and wait to claim my prize.

This would give me free reign to explore what i’d like to build as an app. It would GIVE me the excuse to get in there and do want I keep telling myself ‘i’ll get around to.’
It’s like a free set of keys to the kingdom.

Staab Sep 27 2012

FluidUI would help me to “fail faster” on my way to building amazing experiences you can hold in your hand. Step one to changing the world.

As a small business owner, I have to wear many different hats depending on what I am attempting to accomplish. It took me a good deal of time to mobilize our websites to be user friendly and although we discussed creating an application – alas I do not have the time & tools that I would need to create a mobile application. Fluid UI would definately be able to help me accomplish the goal of creating applications for mobile users. For our industry – it is important that mobile users be able to use mapping features and get their information quickly and easily.

Janis Davis Sep 27 2012

Being able to bring together all the moving parts in a development tool is a great step in the process of bring to market new and useful tools for public use. I would love to have this tool!

Vladimir Sobolev Sep 27 2012

I hope to use it to prototype the UIs of apps that I would like to develop on iPhone / iPad, etc.

This is perfect for protoyping. Awesome giveaway!

Rachel Keslensky Sep 28 2012

As a new grad, I’d use Fluid for years to come!

mike maxwell Sep 28 2012

As a person coming from a graphic design background and diving into Javascript, jQuery & everything mobile, Fluid UI seems perfect for expressing an idea to both IT and Design types.

Nathan Graves Sep 28 2012

How would a subscription to Fluid UI benefit me?

I would be able to more quickly and efficiently mock up ideas for my clients and vendors and be able to spend more time fine-tuning the design and flow rather than spend so much time on the initial nuts and bolts.

As a newbie to the web and mobile development world, I believe this could take me to great places. Promise to share the glory if I do win (:

This could come in very handy with the new app I’m thinking about developing. Currently in planning phases for web but this would accelerate if/when we push to the mobile platform.

If I get it win! I’ll be able to create more faster my websites to devices.

Elena Sep 28 2012

A Fluid UI subscription would help me get established in building phone apps. Getting into this field has been daunting and any help we can get is great.

I would get to experience and learn the world of ui design, and considering I am in high school it would add to the list of graphic design experiences I already have.

Gregory Sep 29 2012

FluidUI would help me get started in the world of apps. I’ve just recently learned Objective C and have been playing around with making a few good apps. This would speed that up exponentially.

web design Sep 29 2012

Great service! needs some visual UI loving (simplification) but lots of potential!

Oliver Sep 29 2012


Thanks for the opportunity.

A subscription to FluidUI will no doubt help me develop better mobile interfaces, but most importantly, it will give me a platform to showcase what the web is, where it has come to, and where it is going.

It will help encourage budding developers get into the game and contribute to build a better WWW.

Ali Imran Sep 29 2012

Being a newbie Mobile Apps developer from Pakistan, Fluid UI will not only help me transform my ideas into a reality but will also help me motivate my peers to step into Mobile Apps Development.

FluidUI would help me get further into the mobile market. Would really be helpful in launching that side of things!

Nacho Marin Sep 29 2012

I have tried the full version and it promises a lot. Looking forward to receiving a lifetime license :)

Justin Sep 30 2012

Fluid UI would benefit me due to the fact that although I have plenty of experience with designing sites for regular displays, I am still dabbling with mobile UI. This would help me by being about to ‘quickly’ be able to test multiple prototypes for my projects.

magr01ino Sep 30 2012

It would give me a very good tool to design and prototype mobile apps, so far I use Adobe Fireworks but it has proven not to be the ideal tool for that so far.

Fluid looks very promising: Simple, clean, fast. Perfect for prototyping and mockups.

Ciprian Todea Sep 30 2012

FluidUI would help us presenting a “product” to our clients in no time, saving days of work just to show them the basic idea…

Tthe speed in which a high visual level wireframe could be out together would be greatly increased and therefore benefit me greatly in my design process. Thanks for the opportunity.

Stfan Sep 30 2012

Hi, using FluidUI would allow me to quickly bring an UI idea to design with minimum hassle and ease, by using their massive collection of library and the drag and drop system. This would potentially save me a lot of time in design. I would use this to create prototype of UI’s for apps, mainly for androids.


Tomas Sep 30 2012

Mobile is the next big thing in the industry and I’m sure that this tool would help me to jump into the field successfully.

FluidUI would help me to make my mobile app project more accurate and faster

Ariel Oct 01 2012

Help me organize my ideas and projects

Edmond Ko Oct 01 2012

This UI Design system will greatly improve the planning of our new apps for mobile devices! Great web app idea I love it and if I don’t win I can consider about a subscription!

Karamfil Oct 01 2012

This is a great tool. Currently we use Photoshop to do wire-frames – it is not the best tool for the job, and FluidUI will help us proceed faster and easier in our process.

web design Oct 01 2012

Will use this for my next project. Seems to be fantastic software.

Evert Oct 01 2012

I would finally be able to stop sending blurry sketches to my clients and instead start sending them beautiful prototypes.

Sorin Stefan Oct 01 2012

My clients and company are going to become more creative because with this tool they will be ready to fail better.
Thank you!

The subscription would help me design several iOS and Android enterprise App I am working on.

The subscription would help me design several iOS and Android enterprise App I am working on. Basically to present my idea of the design to the clients and partners and get the idea across, so that I can keep everyone in same page, so everyone will be in sync. This is a great help for my company as well.

I love website mockups. With Fluid ID I’ll able to develop for mobile. It’ll be super!

I really like visual rich flowcharts, with Fluid this will take less time! And I can make my wireframes and prototypes even faster :)

Electra Oct 02 2012

i’ve tested a lot of similar tools, i think Fluid UI is one of the best and it’s just at the begining..!it’s a pleasure to use it!

It’s a fantastic tool! I want it to make my life easier! Forever!

xruxru Oct 02 2012

It’s the perfect tool for the UX team(what a great gift wuold that be?), a time saver for every project!

This would be a great way to help me sketch faster and think of new ways to lay out pages!

This is amazing, im just starting with UI design for Iphone, good luck to the winners!

How would a subscription to Fluid UI benefit you?
Our company is just getting into mobile webdesign and this app would help motivate those in the process of learning – including me! – making it easier for them to prototype, gauge UI development/interaction, and gain inspiration/appreciate the capacities of mobile development.

Andreas Oct 02 2012

It would make the prototyping easier and I could show my students a great tool for develop mobile apps.

Marco Oct 02 2012

I’d love to use Fluid ID to sketch my apps!!!

Derzkoth Oct 02 2012

…because I need it!!! :)

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