Giveaway: iTunes Gift Cards from Digiarty

Our friends at Digiarty Software have teamed up with us to give away 10 $15 iTunes gift cards (valid on the U.S. iTunes store) for everyone in celebration of their two new products: PetsWar and MacX iPhone Mounter.

To win, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would you use your iTunes gift card if you won?

This giveaway ends on April 12, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published. The iTunes gift cards are valid for use in the U.S. iTunes store only.

This was published on Apr 5, 2011


itsmartie Apr 05 2011

is that app not just the same as plants vs zombies? is it by the same people or different company?

and i would just buy all my missing marilyn manson songs to complete my collection and if there is anything left look at sports apps

I would buy more apps for my iPhone!

How would you use your iTunes gift card if you won?

I would download individual song from different music albums that I’m actually considering to buy.

It would be great.
Thank you

Florian Taltavull Apr 05 2011

I’d love to win the giftcard, because I’m from Austria (with a second US Account for free apps which are not available in Austria) and would love to use it for apps I’d like to get but can’t because of the availability :(
I don’t know why there’s a bunch of apps they just don’t have in the Austrian store…
btw thanks a lot for sharing the ‘free’ software :)

Anthony Apr 05 2011

My family is headed to Disney World. 3 kids, all girls. This would freshen there iPod’s up for the flight!

Taylor Apr 05 2011

Flight Control HD + Garageband for the iPad2!

Michael Trang Apr 05 2011

I’d use it to buy more games and be less productive in society. D@mn you iPhone…

I could use the gift card to feed my Angry Birds addiction!

Josh Frankel Apr 05 2011

I would use the gift card on some sweet music! Hollywood Undead, Minus the Bear, and the new Foo Fighters album.

Matthew Apr 05 2011

I would download some of the latest “Simpsons” TV Shows, because we don’t have the last few episodes yet in Switzerland.

Bryan Staggs Apr 05 2011

I will use my itunes gift card on porn J/K… do they even sell that on itunes? I would most definitely use the gift card on the scrabble app! And then probably some music.

Matt Zimmermann Apr 05 2011

What would I do with an iTunes card…try out some new music.

First things first… purchase petswar. Looks fun.

Then 1password for the iphone, and some music as filler. Just purchased the apple tv, so wouldn’t take me long to find something to buy. :)

Janifer Apr 05 2011

Apps apps and more apps! …and maybe a few tunes. :-)

Josh Bartolomucci Apr 05 2011

I would buy some tunes for creative inspiration in the office.

Patricio Apr 05 2011

I will sale it to some os my friends =)

Robert Hoppe Apr 05 2011

i’ll buy my first app ;)

I’d use the iTunes Gift card to buy music for my wife. I’m way behind in getting her some new music to listen to.

I would use the iTunes gift card for more development apps of course!

How would you use your iTunes gift card if you won?

I would give it to my girlfriend because she just got her iPhone last month and she is jealous of all the sweet apps I’ve accrued over the 19 months that I’ve had mine.

Nancy Chen Apr 05 2011

If I win the iTunes giftcard, I would buy PetsWar!!! as well as Apple’s iWorks products.

Allen Apr 05 2011

If I could get the desktop version of ‘Things’ on the Windows Platform… I’d download it’s mobile counterpart… but… since thats a pipedream… I would probably just try out the new PetWars (tower defense genre ftw) and a slew of obscure house remixes.

I’d add some freshness to my music collection!

Andrew Apr 05 2011

So many apps to try, so little vitamin.

Erika Sentz Apr 05 2011

Hmm… definitely download more apps for my MacBook to better my productivity!

Elaine Lombardo Apr 05 2011

I’d use the giftcard to pick up some ipod touch apps for my two sons since they’re always hounding me to get this-or-that! Not sure what exactly they want, there are just way too many, lol.

Well, maybe I’ll get myself one, too…you know, just so they don’t feel guilty I’m left out, you know? ;)

Puneet Aggarwal Apr 05 2011

I will use it to purchase various Discovery Science episodes and various other videos related to Computer Science.

I’d mostly buy music, and maybe some apps.

Ashmita Apr 05 2011

It would help my son to get his liking stuff.

I’d get music by Bruno mars

Tom Dempsey Apr 05 2011

I would buy iPhone apps!

James Apr 05 2011

I will buy all upcoming Angry Birds games and in-game addons.

Jethro Apr 05 2011

I would buy apps ranging from Rock Band to WolframAlpha.

Matt Pritchett Apr 05 2011



Andy Crofford Apr 05 2011

Can always use iTunes gift cards.

Cleta Apr 05 2011

I would give the gift card to my friend who has been very sick it would make him very happy :)

Development Apps! :D

Agile Scout Apr 05 2011

#win for the win!

Chris Apr 05 2011

My golf game is in serious need of an overhaul now that spring is here. I’d spend the $ on apps to improve my golf game.

Karsten Apr 05 2011

I would fill up my fake US iTunes account so I can keep watching movies not available in Europe on my aTV ;-)

Justin DiMucci Apr 05 2011

I would use the gift card to get my hands on some new productivity apps that I have been thinking about picking up.

Morag Apr 05 2011

Well, duh… I’d buy one of those games and spend the rest on music.

Gift card goes to the gf, along with most of my paycheck anyways.

Sam De Decker Apr 05 2011

buying PetsWar games fcourse!

I would buy more Widespread Panic music!

luis garcia Apr 05 2011

get a google app… o thats free…get some sweet music to get laid

Download, download, and download:) songs?

Brandon Apr 05 2011


First I’d like to say that i love the MacX iPhone Mounter software, great to get it now while it’s free.

Now, how would I use my iTunes gift card if I won? I would definitely purchase the new PetsWar app, as it seems very fun and addictive to me. I’ve always been a fan of the Tower Defense games, and would really like to try this one out.

After that, I’d buy a few web browser apps, Particularly Mercury Pro and Atomic Web Pro as I’ve been using the lite versions of those for awhile and would like to get the pro versions. Then I would use what’s left to purchase anything that I really need or want.

Best regards.

windhamr Apr 05 2011

I would download Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes by Social Distortion

jennifer Apr 05 2011

I would download more games or books for my son. my phone keeps him busy!

Back to the Future, episode 2 on my iPad

Eric Londaits Apr 06 2011

I’d get Grand Theft Auto for the iPad!

Vladi Apr 06 2011

I would definitely use it to search and buy a productivity app. Maybe one that has to do with keeping your budget under control.

Apps,games,music woot!!! 70’s music :-)~~~

R. Ma Apr 06 2011

I would give card to my dad to buy the news and dictionary apps he loves

Cyril Apr 06 2011

To buy the best apps!

It would be so great to win a gift card!
I’m in need of some fresh music and apps! Thanks for this contest!

Marcus Apr 06 2011

I would buy more games!

Alex Racanelli Apr 06 2011

Would buy more cool apps!

Brian Apr 06 2011

I would use it to buy me some good music to listen to.

Danny Apr 06 2011

I would buy your apps. Twice.

kkdishin Apr 06 2011

I would give the card as a gift

Denny Apr 06 2011

I would put it towards getting a nice pair of black mic’d earbuds from the Apple Store!

Jason C Apr 06 2011

I would buy more apps for my iPhone!

Carrie M Apr 06 2011

I would add to my Reggae collection.

Cheryl Apr 06 2011

If I won it, I’d pick up a few songs for my wedding!

Sara Zielinski Apr 06 2011

I would buy more apps and games for my iPod touch

Carol P Apr 06 2011

I would get me more apps and songs.

Shirley Apr 06 2011

If I got an iTunes gift card, I would use it to buy apps for my iphone with my US iTunes account.

Thanks for the contest!

MethodicJon Apr 06 2011

I’d get some apps and music.

I would buy some apps and review them.

Cindy Apr 06 2011

I would give to my kids so they can buy more apps and music!

Allen Apr 06 2011

I would get me some new tunes!

Marina Apr 06 2011

I would buy the other Angry Birds apps – Seasons and Rio!

Rondo Estrello Apr 06 2011

I would give it to a kid in need of some great new music.


PCbasics Apr 06 2011

Thanks for the contest. I would buy games like Petswar!

I’d download some decent guitar – y music!

hqdipace Apr 07 2011

to buy the best apps in itunes store.

Sarah Apr 07 2011

i’d use it to get more music OR more apps for my iTouch!!

Chance Apr 07 2011

I would spend it on my brother justice. He’s only five so I’d buy him a book or movie for him to enjoy.

Jason Apr 07 2011

If i won i would buy some cheap 99cent games and fill up my iphone 4. Don’t have many games so this will be awesome

traci Apr 07 2011

I would buy a musical I dont already own. cause i love musicals and they are so expensive so i only buy them every once in a while.. so it would truly be a treat.

saeed Apr 07 2011

I am a copyright Fan. In IRan it is very hard to find original Movies so I use iTunes to rent movies.
If I win this giftcard I will use it for movie renting.

smithon Apr 07 2011

i will give to my friend because i need some change in his life

bryan Apr 07 2011

I would try music from artists that I’ve never heard of before. I would also try apps that seem interesting but are not well known.

Ed McFadden Apr 07 2011

Definitely buy PetsWar for my ipad and then more apps………

I would buy Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and some songs.

Yanni Apr 07 2011

I will buy more apps,now almost 5k apps in my itunes …:)

Margaret Apr 07 2011

I’d definitely buy more apps. Probably transit tracking things.

Brittany Linger Apr 07 2011

I would use the gift card to buy songs from my favorite bands!

I would buy some new apps and some music!

aleea Apr 07 2011

Lots of new apps :)

Pedro Henrique Apr 07 2011

I would buy the new Britney Spears album, because that’s some hot music! (Oh, and the Instapaper iOS app, because it’s pretty expensive, but well worth it!)

Giant Sis Apr 07 2011

I’d use it to get some new TV shows! We ditched cable, so we have to rely on online content!

Deb Stewart Apr 07 2011

I just turned 48 and got my first ipod, would use to load it up.

I would use the iTunes gift card to purchase some music.

KostasNi Apr 08 2011

If I win, I will get PetsWars and leave a very very good rating! :) Then I will get some more apps and games.

Shawn Apr 09 2011

I’d use the gift card to buy the MLB At Bat app.

Bakhtier Apr 09 2011

donate that money to Japan earthquake victims

mastersson Apr 09 2011

A down payment on future episodes of AMC’s excellent Walking Dead!

kevin Apr 09 2011

Buy some apps and stuff

Deanna Apr 10 2011

If I won the iTunes gift card, I would spend it on TV shows.

Apple Apr 10 2011

I would use the iTunes gift card to purchase some music.

Elisabeth Apr 10 2011

I’d use the iTunes gift card to buy the PetsWar game and other apps.

More music! I’m completely music obsessed :D

görüntülü sohbet Apr 11 2011

I would use the iTunes gift card to purchase some music.

daisy Apr 11 2011

i would use the itunes gift card to download music books tv shows or to buy more apps for my 12 yr old cousin so he can use the ipod to:)

jim g Apr 11 2011

i would get some eps and an album from this one band i like from band camp…

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